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With more than five million miles flown on 6 continents - Seat 1A is a journey into how to use this experience to your flying advantage. Join Geoff Dahl and Vinod Viswalingam as they share travel experiences, tales, tips and interviews.

With more than five million miles flown on 6 continents - Seat 1A is a journey into how to use this experience to your flying advantage. Join Geoff Dahl and Vinod Viswalingam as they share travel experiences, tales, tips and interviews.
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With more than five million miles flown on 6 continents - Seat 1A is a journey into how to use this experience to your flying advantage. Join Geoff Dahl and Vinod Viswalingam as they share travel experiences, tales, tips and interviews.








Experience 021. Screening and scanning. Getting through airport security. The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this experience we look back on that fateful day on 11 September 2001 and how it changed the world of airport security forever. Geoff and Vinny share their experience of that day and a story from Operation Yellow Ribbon at YXY. Vinny had a university project suddenly change in focus due to incredibly long wait times at YEG security. Geoff later joined him in YYC. What exactly is pre-board screening and how do different airports do it around the world? Vinny shares his luxurious...


Experience 020. Go or no-go? When Vinny and Geoff's rail travel plans went sideways. The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this experience we look at two rail travel adventures from Vinny and Geoff from their recent round the world adventures. In both cases they were left with a go/no-go decision point to determine if they should go on. Vinny's took place on the North-South line in Vietnam – on a trip between Hue and Da Nang. He utilized the resources available to him with local population to help him with the issue. Geoff's took place at Frankfurt station in Germany – on a trip to Dusseldorf in the midst of...


Experience 019. On the RTW road with Vinny and Geoff. The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this very special experience, we join Vinny and Geoff while they both are on the road. Vinny joins the experience from the Super Lounge at Istanbul Airport (IST), while Geoff joins in from Kuala Lumpur's Sentral Station. We share some of our experiences that we have experienced while on our RTW adventures. Vinny shares initial impressions of the brand new gleaming white airport at IST and its massive lounge. He also lets us know about his unique arrival taking an airport bus from a...


Experience 018. Around the world we go! Vinny and Geoff's separate RTW adventures. The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this experience we look at Vinny and Geoff's separate round the world (RTW) adventures - Vinny's will already be underway when this experience is posted. We look at the world of booking an RTW with points travel, with stopover and mileage rules, but also how to maximize your layovers between stopovers. Vinny shares his geeking out with reviews and videos to ensure he maximizes his in-flight and lounge experiences. Just because you have an RTW ticket doesn't mean you can't supplement it...


Experience 017. Looking in the bag again. A re-visit to the theme of baggage on flights. The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this experience we build off a key component of the previous experience and re-visit the theme of baggage. We look at where your checked bag ends up in a plane and why it is there, along with how bags are loaded with narrow-body and wide-body aircraft. We look at what's happening when you see your bags being loaded. Why is there different weights used by airlines – 32 kilos, 23 kilos and more. Vinny looks back at how many times people tried checking in overweight bags at YYC with British...


Experience 016. South by Southw...wait what's happening with our flight and bags? The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this experience we are doing something a little bit different. Fan of the show, Debbie shares her nightmare travel experience from YVR to AUS. She shares the nineteen-hour saga – complete with one cancellation, one delay, one changed flight, three airlines, three changed connecting cities, dead checked bags in the bowels of YVR, and the determination of her and her husband to get to Austin along with their bags. Vinny and Geoff analyze what happened, and review how they handled the...


Experience 015. Railway to Runway - your train and the plane. The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this experience, we look at railway to runway, using train services - that are often tied into the booking of your flight - to get to and from your airport. How does it work? How does it affect your baggage? Are you able to check in your bags at other airports besides the airport? What happens if your plane or train is late? Make sure you're catching the train at the right station. Vinny shares his city check-in experience at HKG. Does anyone still do curbside check-in? Shoutout to train...


Experience 014. Inter-European flights and what does Schengen mean to travellers. The Seat 1A Podcast.

With summer flights coming up to and from Europe, we look into the world of Schengen and non-Schengen flights. What is Schengen and what does it mean to you as a traveller? How will you have to handle security, customs and immigration? How does the physical layout of your airport affect your connection? Vinny shares a very tight timing experience flying from IBZ-MUC-YVR on Lufthansa (LH). Geoff shares experiences having to re-jig his schedules twice through MUC on LH. What do you want to do...


Experience 013. My airline has gone bankrupt. The Seat 1A Podcast.

Condolences from Seat 1A to family and friends of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 along with those in the industry. We were all ready to go with a new experience and then WOW, it went bankrupt. What was WOW's business model...ask Valentine about a free ticket? Vinny shares his story of showing up at work in YEG and finding out Jetsgo (SG) was bankrupt...and then having to tell the pilots they were out of a job and deal with the craziness of spring break travellers. Once wasn't enough though...


Experience 012. The magical world of upgrades and the infamous oversold flight. The Seat 1A Podcast.

When Vinny was a kid, somehow he always ended up with an upgraded seat when flying YEG-LHR. How does an airline manage fares related to yield...and what happens when the math doesn't work out for the airline? What is a GTE? How does the airline re-jig the seating of a flight? Geoff's experience with snow delays at YYZ that got him an upgrade. Involuntary and voluntary upgrades – what's the difference? How do airlines determine who to upgrade – what's the prospective checklist? What does the...


Experience 011. Flight delays, cancellations, diversions, and the airline's obligations. The Seat 1A Podcast.

In this episode big thank yous for your likes & support of our social media launch! We share a story from one of our followers about her cancelled JFK flight. We look at delays versus cancellations and diversions, and discuss the airline's obligations. Listener Isabel lets us know about her story about her cancelled late-night flight at JFK with American Airlines (AA) along with her husband and toddler. The journey to the closest available hotel and time for her next flight was extremely...


Experience 010. Who are we? Some background history about your hosts. The Seat 1A Podcast.

Vinny shares how he was already in an aircraft traveling globally at a very young age and his boyhood wonder of jet travel staring at an Air Canada (AC) L-1011 at the terminal window. Geoff shares his experiences crossing Canada with Canadian Pacific (CP) and AC as a child and watching final approaches of numerous planes in his backyard. Geoff and Vinny met up in university in Edmonton, Canada. A big shout out to the global student association AIESEC – which provided both our hosts a chance...


Experience 009. Our first deep dive into two different flying experiences. The Seat 1A Podcast.

Geoff shares his delay experience with delays and a cancellation on a Swoop (WO) redeye flight from YXX to YHM. What went wrong on the flight, and what could Geoff have done better to prepare? What can one possibly expect with a ULCC carrier versus a flag carrier – particularly with landing in smaller centres? We share a shout out to listener Trevor Hamilton. Vinny shares a story about Trevor's experience with Air New Zealand (NZ) return flight from LAX-AKL-MEL booked with Expedia. Did the...


Experience 008. Who is the flight staff working my flight? The world of crew duty and rest periods. Seat 1A The Podcast.

In this episode we look at the world of crew duty time, flight duty period, and crew rest periods. What is the generally accepted length of allowed duty time, how is this defined, and when does the clock start? How long is the minimum rest time? How is the time allocated when at home or a remote downline station? We hear that crew time has expired...what does that mean? What are the different options for replacement crews? How does crew scheduling work? Minimum crew requirements...what is it...


Experience 007. Winter is coming - the frosty world of airplane de-icing. Seat 1A The Podcast.

It's that time of the year again in northern climates. Why do we de-ice? A couple of key tragic crashes changed de-icing focus. A quick review of surface contamination. How to get clear the wings of ice – everything from a bucket of hot water on a small plane to glycol on larger planes. What's the difference between de-icing and anti-icing? Three main different types of de-icing options used by airports. and how it's cleaned up after use. How is it determined if the plane is going for...


Experience 006. Grab your passport - what to do when the passport is lost or misplaced. Seat 1A The Podcast

Vinny misplaces his passport the first time - and it ended up where? How did it get reconnected to him? Have you ever misplaced your passport at the airport? Vinny did at FRA - and what happened after that is absolutely bananas. What should you copy and keep with you and checklists if you lose your passport. Your passport expired but what happens with active visas? Say cheese - passport photos. It's not just lost passports that need to get replaced. How many American passports are...


Experience 005. Lounging Around. The world of airport lounges - Seat 1A The Podcast

Exploring the world of airport lounges. What's in them, what lounges are available for whom, and are there ways around the restrictions? Getting a Thai massage at BKK before your flight. Comfortable beds for sleeping at FRA Lufthansa HON lounge. Accessing the lounge – there are many different ways. First and business ticket holders, flight status holders, certain credit card holders. The multitude of lounges available with both airline/alliance lounges and third-party lounges. Consider...


Experience 004. It's all in the bag. The journey of your checked luggage to your destination - Seat 1A The Podcast

The world of baggage from the check-in counter to the airport's internal maze of baggage belts to loading on the plane to getting it off the plane and back to your hands when you arrive. But what about non-perfect days? A not-so-nostalgic look back at the old T4 baggage capacity issues at LHR. Your bag is misplaced – here's the chart – is it a BK 22 or something else? Just what is WorldTracer and what does have to do with your lost bag? How does your airline compensate you for a lost bag?...


Experience 003. Welcome aboard Vinod; Canada to Brazilian Carnival on two tickets - Seat 1A The Podcast

Geoff has read Vinod Viswalingam's travel writing in previous episodes, now Vinod comes aboard to join the podcast. Travelling from a Canadian winter storm to Carnival in Brazil using two separate tickets. Nothing can go wrong...right? Welcoming back the world's longest flight. New Transatlantic leaders from the New York market. Support animals in the news again - no it's not a peacock or snake, any guesses what kind of animal this time?


Experience 002 - International Megahubs and Flight Ticketing - Seat 1A The Podcast

In this episode Geoff Dahl looks at the 2018 OAG International Megahubs Index. He also reads an excerpt from a piece on flight ticketing by Vinod Viswalingam.