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PI’s Declassified! lets you listen in as authentic private investigators discuss their real-life cases. Every week, private detectives spill the beans, -- discussing investigator specialties that you wouldn’t even imagine exist! You’ll hear stories about lies and false confessions… tracking down missing persons… forensics… workplace violence… innocent people freed from prison… human trafficking… and other tantalizing cases. Tune in to PI’s Declassified! every Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.


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PI’s Declassified! lets you listen in as authentic private investigators discuss their real-life cases. Every week, private detectives spill the beans, -- discussing investigator specialties that you wouldn’t even imagine exist! You’ll hear stories about lies and false confessions… tracking down missing persons… forensics… workplace violence… innocent people freed from prison… human trafficking… and other tantalizing cases. Tune in to PI’s Declassified! every Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.




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Encore Surveillance Is Not For Sissies

Surveillance is both an art and a skill. It requires planning, flexibility, quick decision-making, and most of all patience, patience, and more patience. It is definitely not a task for sissies! Are you a surveillance investigator who wants to learn more tricks of the trade? Or…are you someone who wants to hire a competent surveillance investigator and you don’t know where to start. Pennsylvania Private Investigator Matt Grotkowski says, “Surveillance is able to cut through the layers of fraud and trickery and provide you with clear-cut answers. When it’s done properly, surveillance is able to counter someone’s false claims with their factual actions and behavior.” Tune in to hear Matt Grotkowski discuss this vital investigative tool.


Encore Mexican American Gangs: A Look from Inside Out

It is unusual to find a man who has experienced the life led by Dr. Jesse De La Cruz and lived to become a positive influence on others. From the time he was 12-years old, Dr. De La Cruz pursuits were checkered with gangs, crime, heroin addiction, and prison. Caught in the criminal lifestyle, it was the only path he knew. Twenty years ago Dr. De La Cruz was released from prison for the last time. Today, he is an author and a man who possesses a Sociology Degree, a Masters in Social Work, and a Doctorate in Education, an immense accomplishment. His critical viewpoint provides a needed insight into the ever-widening gang culture, particularly Mexican-American, and those who become gang members. Join PI’s Declassified! to hear Dr. De La Cruz discuss this important inside-out look at street gangs from his personal perspective.


Encore Depositions: Tips for Testimony

Whether you are in a court of law, an administrative hearing or a civil deposition, testifying is not an easy matter. It requires knowledge of your topic at the very least, but it also requires confidence as well as authenticity. Depositions are an integral part of the legal discovery process and are not to be taken lightly. It is the “other side’s” opportunity to gather information and do as much damage to the opponent’s case as possible. Often the success of the case for the prevailing party rises or falls on the results of a deposition. Cincinnati, Ohio Private Investigator, Adam Visnic, is discussing his deposition experiences and share the key elements he uses to make sure his testimony is well received.


Encore Suspicious Suicides

There are few life events more painful and far-reaching than a suicide. A suicide not only brings suffering to loved ones, it brings shame and guilt to those with the closest contact to the victim. But . . . what if the suicide isn’t a suicide? Can this same sad event be interpreted in another way? Can it be an accident? Can it be a homicide? Who decides? What factors are considered? What are the pros and cons of either determination? Then there are the myths surrounding suicide that leave grieving family and friends with questions. These questions and more will be included in the discussion with seasoned private investigators Dean Beers and Don Johnson, both who been involved in conducting investigations.


Encore The Ins and Outs of Medical Malpractice

An alarming statistic from The Journal of American Medical Association (Jama)…medical negligence is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States right behind cancer and heart disease. What do you do if you believe you have a medical malpractice claim? How is a claim investigated? What are the components of a valid claim against a medical practitioner? What is necessary to be shown for a claimant to prevail? How has tort reform impacted this area of law? Tune in to hear Paul Freidman, one of the premier personal injury attorneys in the United States, discuss the ins and outs of medical malpractice.


Encore David v. Goliath: One Man Makes a Difference

After a 2 ½ year battle with the Pima County, Arizona County Attorney, Private Investigator Richard Robertson prevailed. New case law was created in Arizona in support of public access to government records, an incredible win for the news media as well as for the citizens of Arizona. As a result, the Arizona Newspapers Foundation honored Rich with their Freedom of Information Award. Tune in to hear Rich Robertson tell his remarkable story of how he fought the county Goliath and won.


Encore Policing: A Daunting Responsibility

Law enforcement policies and tactics have landed directly under the nation’s microscope of late. Many wonder what happened? Most individuals who sign on as sworn officers do so because they want to make a difference. What happens then? Is it their training or is something else afoot? A 34-year veteran law enforcement officer, retired police chief, and multiple award recipient, Dr. Norm Stamper, has much to say on the subject. He is the author of Breaking Rank: A Top Cop's Exposé of the Dark Side of American Policing and To Protect and Serve: How to Fix America’s Police. Join Norm Stamper for a thoughtful discussion on policing in the United States.


Encore Audio and Video Enhancement: Myths, Facts and Benefits

What can be done when a video or audio recording is poor quality? What if the image is blurred? How about background noise that overrides the spoken word? What if the sound transmission obliterates vital background noise? Does it matter if the photo or the recording is from a cell phone? Is it possible to discover a cheating spouse by detecting voice stress? What are the myths concerning what enhancement can be done and what can’t? Video and audio recordings are often critical pieces of evidence in a myriad of legal proceedings. Forensic examiner Doug Carner will be available to answer these questions and practical applications and procedures such as image analysis, filtering, enhancement, restoration, authentication, identification, extraction, isolation and other topics. Joining Doug will be Private Investigator Jim Allard to talk about cases he has worked on involving these topics.


Encore Protecting Yourself from On-Line Dating Scams

On-line dating has become a popular method to locate that once-in-a-lifetime prince or princess charming. Whether it is an on-line dating service or a social media site, it is a convenient and accessible way to meet others. It is no secret, however, that the internet can be fraught with scammers and fraudsters, ever-ready to prey on the vulnerable and unsuspecting. The idea that “it can’t happen to me” is common but, unfortunately, it can happen to anyone! What are the red flags? Tune in to hear DL “Diana” Garren, author of Who is the Real Man Behind the Screen? Diana will provide insight on the predator’s tools of deception as well as report on the inner workings of the scamming world as told to her by the fraudsters themselves.


Encore Interviewing the Document

Seasoned Journalist Don Ray has spent a life time tracking down a plethora of documents to pursue leads, check for accuracy, gather background information or verify information provided by other means. He has a wealth of knowledge about tracking down source documents and scrutinizing their content that he calls Interviewing the Document. Tune in to hear Don impart critical information needed to search and interpret documents, from gathering background information to conducting genealogical research or working to locate a birth family.


Encore Losing it at Work: Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Have you ever been a target of violence in the workplace or been fearful of a co-worker? Do you know someone who has? Have you felt bullied or threatened? When are words more than “just words?” Is there physical violence or a restraining order involved? What about a weapon? Is there escalating agitation or aggression? What is happening in the background? What are you to do when you perceive a threat? Do you report it? What is your employer’s responsibility? Is intervention needed? Are there legal issues? PI’s Declassified will discuss these questions from experts who specialize in identifying and addressing violence risk prediction? Violence assessment experts’ psychologist Dr. Michael Corcoran, private investigator James Cawood and attorney Sue Van Dermyden will speak to this stressful societal dilemma and focus on recommendations for addressing and reducing threats in the workplace.


Encore: Keys to Uncovering Fraud and Financial Misconduct

Leah Wietholter, a former FBI employee, certified fraud examiner, forensic accountant, and the author of Data Sleuth: Using Data in Forensic Accounting Engagements and Fraud Investigations will detail what is involved in finding fraudsters through the process she developed. Tune in to hear Leah provide a comprehensive blueprint and critical tips to understand the foundational data sources and logical analyses used to quantify losses and uncover financial misconduct,


Product Dversiom - Fraud is Everywhere!

If you are a producer of specialty products - particularly name-brand products, chances are you have faced product diversion or will at some point. From hair care products to purses.to specialty foods, product diversion is a practice where merchandise intended for a particular distribution channel is shifted and sold elsewhere without the knowledge or permission of the company. Diverters go to great lengths to entice suppliers with shell companies and elaborate presentations - all sounding too good to be true. The practice erodes the brand, interferes with a company's revenue and distribution channels, causes problems with existing customers, and creates difficulties with product authentication. Listen to Florida Investigator Reginald Reggie Montgomery explain how he tracks and exposes these diversion fraudsters to protect a company's image and brand.


Encore The Role of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner

The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner or SANE, plays a significant role when a report of a sexual assault has been made. The sexual assault nurse examiner conducts forensic examinations on reported victims and suspects of sexual assault events and has special skills to assess patients, identify injury, and collect evidence. A SANE nurse must be objective and a good listener. The forensic nurse will memorialize the examination both through documentation and photography, all which will be incorporated as part of the criminal discovery file. Forensic Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Cari Caruso is just the person to ask about the examination process and serves as an expert examiner and an objective consultant for both prosecution and defense. Tune in to listen to Cari discuss the kinds of evidence she looks for during an exam and hear her experiences while performing these important protocols.


Encore Bugs Anyone? Defeating the Snooper

The more sophisticated technology gets, the easier it is to spy on another. The use of electronic bugging equipment crosses many boundaries. From board rooms to politicians to cheating spouses, no one is safe from prying eyes and ears. Enter Charles Patterson, an expert in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and advanced technology threats. TSCM refers to a process of protecting private communications against electronic eavesdropping and other technical reconnaissance. Charles Patterson will offer insight into technical eavesdropping and what is required to counter these threats.


Encore Law Enforcement: Transitioning to the Private Sector

After retiring from the Orange County Sheriff Department as a Lieutenant and becoming a Licensed Private Investigator, Bill Hunt is often approached by those from federal, state and local law enforcement looking to make the same transition to the private sector as he did. Bill has successfully mentored numerous aspiring PI's who now operate profitable private investigation businesses. Tune in to hear Bill Hunt tell of his experiences and offer ideas and suggestions for those who are moving from law enforcement to the very different world of private investigation.


Encore Returning Vets: Horses for Heroes

With increasing numbers of veterans returning home and scores with physical disabilities, therapeutic horseback riding is getting attention. Wounded service personnel and veterans who have fought to preserve our freedom are being offered a process called Hippotherapy or Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy. Tune in to hear Private Investigator Dave Townsend tell about his new passion and this important horse therapy program.


Encore Video Evidence Unplugged

What is the process of extracting images from a video? With the advancement of technology, there is video evidence everywhere you look. It is on street corners, inside and outside stores and other buildings, parking lots, on highways and at toll stations buildings. It is unusual not to be video recorded, particularly in an urban environment. There are Smartphones and police officer body cameras. Cameras are watching us, and they become a critical component of a criminal, and even a civil investigation. Tune into PI’s Declassified! to hear former NYPD Detective Eric Grimes discuss his work as an expert witness and a video extraction specialist.


Encore Global Investigations from Israel

Israeli based Jacob Lapid has tales of intrigue to tell. From investigating the Dutch connection to the Enron Corporation fraud to exposing a secret association between managers, clients and a Swiss bank involving 90 million pounds to finding two abducted American children in Tunisia, Jacob has experiences spanning over 30 years. And, he is an acclaimed artist as well, often chronicling his experiences of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. You will definitely want to join in to hear the adventures of Jacob Lapid.


Encore False Confessions: Fact or Fiction?

Do people really confess to crimes they don’t commit? Why would an innocent person incriminate himself and accept responsibility for breaking the law? What is it like to be falsely accused? And, w/hat would you do if you were the suspect? Fifteen-year-old Jacksonville, Florida’s Brenton Butler knows. Brenton was arrested for murder and confessed to the crime. His case was chronicled in the award-winning documentary, “Murder on a Sunday Morning.” Hear Brenton’s attorney Patrick McGuinness and private investigator Brian McGuinness talk about Benton’s case and their experience with confessions and police interrogations. False confessions and police interrogation expert Dr. Richard Leo, author of the multiple award-winning book, Police Interrogation and American Justice, has examined the practice and structure of police interrogation and will provide enlightening details about this fascinating phenomenon when an innocent person confesses to a crime.