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Commentary on all things to do with 100 Thieves' League of Legends professional team.

Commentary on all things to do with 100 Thieves' League of Legends professional team.


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Commentary on all things to do with 100 Thieves' League of Legends professional team.








FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - Hoodie Org (100 Thieves) 13-0s Serious Esports Team Envy

It's a great time to be a 100 Thieves fan. The past week's Valorant action for the JBL Quantum Cup was all an exhibition, right? I mean the outcomes didn't matter because the teams weren't trying, right? The 13-0 of wannabe hoodie org Envy doesn't REALLY matter, right? Jordan and Cole come together to enjoy what has been a great finale for the Valorant year and assure all 100T fans that yes, this is the team to beat in NA. They also look back at the five critical points of the year and what...



It’s official - 100 Thieves are your VALORANT First Strike NA Champions. We’re on top of the world with the news. Jordan and Cole are joined by Simo to revel in the glory. The dads (and uncle) discuss a potential rivalry with TSM, banter between teams, the identify of the champion 100T squad, and address a couple of listener takes during our incendiary segment. Drink it in, fans. History has been made! Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week! Follow Simo, a god among...


Reviewing 100 Thieves' Jam Collection Apparel Drop, General Apparel Direction

100 Thieves latest apparel drop is The Jam Collection. Cole and Jordan go through the new line from 100T piece by piece, analyze the strengths and shortfalls, and express some difficult truths about the direction of the once white-hot brand’s apparel. The dads also hearken back to previous 100T drops and designs and contrast how the current apparel approach differs from what we’ve seen in the recent past. This one is a banger. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 0:00:00 - Intro 0:02:06 -...


100TALK - 100 Thieves Becomes Golden Thieves - LCS Free Agency Opens

Roster leaks have hit the interwebs and it appears 100 Thieves is grabbing 4/5 pieces from Golden Guardians. While some of that is great (poggers, for you zoomers), some of it doesn't feel that great (monkaS for you zoomers). Either way, things feel a little...different...this year. Cole and Jordan gather the 100Kids around to have a family council and decide how we feel about it. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 0:00:00 - Intro - we are the Golden Guardians now 0:04:34 - Ssumday: still our...


FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T Is Certified Good(TM) at Valorant

100T places 2nd in the First Strike Closed Qualifier and appears to be an actual Team To Reckon With. Jordan and Cole debate the statement we made as a squad and if we have rivalries developing. Friend of the show Simo comes on to play all-time quarterback, throwing bombs all over the field as he takes every question we pitch him. It's a good time to be a 100 Thieves fan! Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week! Follow Simo, a god among men: https://twitter.com/simowastaken...


LA THIEVES ARE REAL - 100Talk Celebration and Call-In Show for 100 Thieves Call of Duty

The boys are back. So are your dads. Jordan and Cole are elated at the official announcement of 100T's foray into the CDL, and that's the newly-minted LA Thieves. 100Talkers call in to discuss the excitement and their reactions to the branding, the content, and the return of the greatest COD franchise ever created. Listen here. Follow 100Talk on twitter: https://twitter.com/100talkpod Subscribe to the 100Talk podcast: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/100talkpod Spotify:...


FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T's First Strike Qualifier Performance Nets Top 8 Finish

100T turned in a solid but not earth-shattering first performance as a roster in the First Strike open qualifier and landed in 8th place. Jordan and Cole give a roadmap for the team's progress, parse the meaning of a razor thin win over Moon Racoons (under weird circumstances) and a stinker against TSM, talk about our new hired young guns in Asuna and Dicey, plus bring in everyone's favorite VALORANT caster Simo to give some perspective on how far along 100T's team chemistry is in this short...


DIARY OF AN NA FAN - 10 Days to Live - Worlds Play-In Stage Finished

Dear Diary, It’s me - NA Fan. When the seasons change, I often find myself lost in reflection. I think about the past, present, and future. I ask myself the tough questions, even the darkest ones. And with the group stage of Worlds approaching, I find myself tackling this: What would you do if you only had ten days to live? Well...I’ll tell you what NA is doing... TIMESTAMPS: 01:05 - Diary Entry: The Final Moments 07:40 - Recapping TL’s final 3 games 18:12 - Looking ahead to NA’s group stage...


100TALK - A Conversation About 100X with Raafaa and Hyper10sion

The dads are high on 100X - and so is everyone else, quite frankly. They join forces with amateur LoL scene experts Raafaa (@raafaacasts) and Hyper10sion (@Hyper10sion_) to hear their takes on 100T's success with the squad, the challenges of an unstructured amateur environment, and what the lasting impact of 100X will be on the development of NA talent. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 0:00:00 - Intro 0:01:47 - Raafaa and Hyper10sion join 100Talk 0:04:51 - What was the biggest change the...

DIARY OF AN NA FAN - Bug Juice - Worlds Play-Ins Day 2

Dear Diary, It’s me - NA Fan. Worlds is finally here. It’s sad that the only team worth cheering for didn’t make it, but during this competition, you know the drill - NA over everything. So yeah, I woke up early to watch some Team Liquid games. They went exactly as I hoped for. Strong victories. All of the analysts got it wrong. Maybe EU isn’t actually that good. Yadda yadda. But instead of feeling optimistic, all I can think of right now is Bug Juice... Jordan and Cole bring back a 2019...

FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T Fortifies Valorant Roster with Steel

Technical difficulties delayed us, but NOT ANY LONGER! The dads are finally back to talk about 100T adding Steel to the Valorant roster. And while this roster rebuild has been no walk in the park, now we’re cooking with the Bessemer process. Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week! TIMESTAMPS:0:00 - Intro 01:08 - Topics starting with: Does 100T Now Mean Business? 04:19 - Are we going to have IGL conflicts? 07:48 - Will Steel catching up to Valorant be a problem? 10:54 - Who do you want to...

100TALK - Keep It 100 - Your 100T League of Legends Takes, Rated

Now that the season is over, the dads officially welcome the 100Kids on to the show to give THEIR takes on this squad - and to be rated by Jordan and Cole. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 0:00:00 - Intro 0:03:41 - Joel: We should use some of those VC bucks to buy a star midlaner and change our meme-team designation 0:18:02 - Punisher: Bring in Sneaky and Smoothie to entice Jensen into leaving TL for 100T (don’t call us Old C9) 0:28:47 - DREC: Positions feel pretty solid outside of jungle and mid,...


100T's Kelsey Moser on Rookies & NA LoL Scene

100 Thieves Academy Director and Head Coach Kelsey Moser joins the dads to 100Talk player development, the NA LoL fan ethos, and how the league might change as our signature talent ages. Special thanks to Kelsey for speaking with us tonight. Follow Kelsey on twitter: https://twitter.com/karonmoser Listen here. TIMESTAMPS:00:00 - Intro 02:50 - Measuring success in 2020 - no trophy but multiple player promotions to LCS 07:35 - The impact of 100X on fan awareness and hype for new Academy...


FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T Valorant Releases Highground, Adds Nitr0

100 Thieves announced this week the signing of Nirt0, former TL CSGO beast, and also released the entirety of the roster from Highground, leaving just Hiko and his former teammate to build a brand new squad. The dads take on a bevy of topics in rapid-fire fashion about this roster reboot and how it will change the future of 100T Valorant. NOTE: This episode includes a long clip of content that audio listeners may want to skip. You can watch the whole vid here:...


100T Eliminated, 2020 Confirmed Worst Year Ever - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Recap

It’s official: 2020 is the worst year ever. 100T is bounced in embarrassing fashion from LCS playoffs courtesy of banger-tweet-slinging Evil Geniuses (#LIVEEVIL). 100Kids are left feeling underwhelmed by this year’s results and scrambling for answers to some obvious problems. We’re still rebuilding and it’s still going to be rough. Jordan and Cole come together to talk about toxicity in the NA scene, reasonable expectations for player development, teams “solving” our squad, and the...


FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - 100T in the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational

100T bombed out of the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational, and from what little we were able to see, things are not looking good. The dads come together to discuss Hiko's own criticism of his team, JasonR's opinions on Hiko's leadership, and weigh in on how soon we can expect roster changes. They also contrast 100 Thieves' approach to entering this new esport with Team Liquid's, and the comparison is not a favorable one. NOTE: This episode includes a long clip of content that audio listeners...


100T LCS Finishes 7th - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 9 Recap

100T submits perhaps the most 100T weekend of League of Legends ever, by losing a must-win in a heartbreaking way and then going on to absolutely stomp in an inconsequential match the next day. It’s official - we’re a 7th place team and will be battling through playoffs from the losers’ bracket (with our dear friends Dignitas). Cole and Jordan have a meeting of the dads and complete the 100T picture as we prepare for whatever our crew has in store for us in the postseason. Whatever happens,...


The 100T LCS Experiment Nears Its End - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 8 Recap

As we collect more data on the latest 100T LCS roster, it's becoming clear that making Worlds may just be out of reach. Cole and Jordan talk about which parts of the roster are working and why it seems that we've already been pegged to a single playstyle despite the shakeup. 100T fans are getting frustrated with inconsistency, and decision time is looming. How will Papa proceed? Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 00:06:02 - 100T vs FLY 00:09:50 - Santorin is mean, targeting...


Fast Peek Last Week - The State of 100T Valorant - PAX Arena Recap with Simo (@simowashere)

Your dads are back with a new show exploring #100T's VALORANT squad. This faster-paced and shorter podcast will emphasize the fan perspective over analysis, and will be a super fun time. Despite some production issues that literally appeared out of nowhere, we have an excellent time launching our first episode and are fortunate to have the already-legendary Simo (https://twitter.com/simowastaken) join us for our Neural Theft segment - where we steal a smart guy's knowledge. Community...


How Long Is This Rollercoaster? - 100 Thieves 2020 LCS Summer Split Week 7 Recap

The only consistency is inconsistency. After a bipolar week 7, Jordan and Cole feel like we’re finally starting to have some solid takeaways about how this team operates, and the prognosis is...alright. Despite some flashes of brilliance, drafting mistakes have robbed this team of a couple of wins and we find ourselves looking like the team with the highest ceiling of any 8th place team, possibly ever. The dads debate why this is and whether we can duct tape this thing up in time for the...