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Diary of an NA Fan - I Hate Cats

Dear Diary, It's me, NA Fan. I hate cats. After a 1-2 day for NA that felt worse in some ways than an 0-3 day, Cole and Jordan reconvene to try and identify what’s salvageable amongst the wreckage of our 2019 Worlds hopes. Here’s what we find: the cat will continue to haunt our dreams. If these were the easier games I don’t want to see the hard ones. At least we aren’t FPX today. Timestamps: 1:06 - Intro (Dear Diary,) 2:57 - TL vs IG 8:16 - CG vs FNC 14:51 - C9 vs HKA Listen...


Diary of an NA Fan - 10/12/19

Dear Diary, It's me, an NA fan. My heart beats fast for Team Liquid. I'm not sure Clutch even HAS a heartbeat... Cole and Jordan are having so much dang fun watching Worlds 2019 that they’ve decided to talk about it. In this new series, “Diary of an NA Fan”, your favorite dads explain what it’s like to grasp desperately to optimism in the face of unfathomable historical underachievement. Today’s diary entry covers TL and CG’s opening games of the tournament. TIMESTAMPS: 1:03 - Show start...


Surprise Show - 2019 Worlds Group Stage Pickems

100T didn't qualify for Worlds, and now Riot's servers are down so the boys can't enjoy a nice refreshing block of #RecLeague. So Cole and Jordan are bringing you an impromptu Worlds Pickems show for the Group Stage. We have no idea how this is gonna work, but we hope you enjoy it. Listen here. Follow 100Talk on twitter: https://twitter.com/100talkpod Subscribe to the 100Talk podcast: Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/100talkpod Spotify:...


KEEP IT 100 - 100 Thieves Roster Call-In Show

You've asked endlessly about it, so we're giving it to you: finally, a call-in show for 100T fans to play fantasy GM. Cole and Jordan talk with callers about their proposed LCS rosters and grade the results. This is a genuine limited edition version of 100Talk that won't last long, so act today! TIMESTAMPS: 6:27 - Jaret87 (Sign college talent) 22:14 - ShadowWing (Full aggro squad) 45:07 - YaBoyGraff (Importing an aggressive support) 1:03:15 - Ferjo0724 (5-alarm hot take) 1:20:15 -...


How to Fix 100T - End of 2019 Off-Season 100 Thieves Roster Show

Despite an encouraging push for playoff in the summer split, the 2019 season failed to live up to expectations. With the dust settling and the summer split officially in the books, it’s time to look ahead. Cole and Jordan assess each of the starters from the end of the 2019 season and discuss what changes might be needed to return to winning ways in 2020. Plus, we announce the winner of our 100 Thieves Championship Jersey Giveaway! Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 5:45 - Fantasy GM ground rules...


Close But No Playoffs - 100T Trips at the Finish Line

After forcing a tiebreaker for a chance at playoffs in dramatic fashion, 100T dropped their tiebreaker bid against OpTic Gaming. After two days, Jordan and Cole finally crawl out of their darkened bedrooms, wipe off the tears, and discuss what went wrong. We also assess FakeGod’s performance under pressure and what two splits out of playoffs means for 100 Thieves. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 3:45 - Red Rivalry Bet Update 6:43 - 100T vs Clutch Gaming 12:04 - A disjointed team effort 19:20...


100T and the Sweet Smell of Playoffs - Win Lane, Win Game - 100 Thieves Summer 2019 Week 8

The penultimate weekend of the summer split is in the books, and our ticket to the playoffs still isn’t punched. While Froggen’s champion ocean frustrates us again, FakeGod’s rematch against BrokenBlade lives up to the hype and more. Join Cole and Jordan as we summon the strongest 100Talk buff yet to deliver the team to playoffs. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 4:27 - 100T vs GGS 7:05 - Golden Guardians’ goofy draft 11:44 - Hard countering our pick and poke team comp 19:24 - 100T vs...

100 Thieves On The Razor's Edge - Crushed by C9, Crushed FLY

After tasting the high highs and the low lows this weekend, 100 Thieves have only two weekends left to sneak into an LCS playoffs spot. We’re tied for 6th now, but do we have enough gas in the tank against a decently strong set of opponents? Jordan and Cole convene a meeting of the masses to discuss all this and more. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 4:27 - 100T vs C9: Bad news 9:42 - Counterpicking for FakeGod 14:12 - Playstyle notes: Ryu’s power picks (and not-power picks) 17:54 - Scouted:...


100 Thieves Pushes for Playoffs, Wins Against Optic and Echo Fox - 100T Podcast

The turnaround is real. LCS Summer Split 2019 has gotten super spicy as 100 Thieves look to make their push into playoffs after starting the split in the proverbial abyssal void. The boys are close to a .500 record and are looking like they're in fine form. It's not going to be easy as the margin for error is slim. After a 2-0 weekend featuring wins over Meteos' Optic Gaming and "Is This Guy Serious?" Solo's Echo Fox, Cole and Jordan are here to talk about 100T's chances at salvaging the...


Can 100 Thieves Still Make Playoffs? If We Dies, We Dies, FakeGod / BrokenBlade Beef

We’re already on the second half of summer split and as time slips through our fingers, Cole and Jordan ask - can 100 Thieves still make playoffs? Will BrokenBlade ever take a chill pill and leave FakeGod alone? Will 100T lose game win playoffs? AND HOW WILL TEAMS DEAL WITH THE FULLY ACTUALIZED RYU??? All this and more with your favorite dads. OH, AND WE ANNOUNCE THE WINNER OF OUR 100T ORIGINAL WINDBREAKER GIVEAWAY! TIMESTAMPS: 2:55 - 100T vs TSM 7:17 - Lose draft, lose game 12:22 -...


100T Resurrection, 2-0 Weekend, Show Anniversary Spectacular

And after the third week, 100T rose from the tomb in a glorified, perfected state. 100 Thieves are BACK after the first 2-0 weekend since week 3 of last split (and origin of the 100Talk buff). With things clicking, Jordan and Cole talk through just how many of this team’s problems are ‘solved’ and how many of them are ‘getting better.’ Will the 13-5 meme become reality??? Also, the dads take some time to celebrate 100Talk’s first birthday and reflect on some of their favorite moments of the...


Loss Streak is OVER! New look 100T improves with Amazing, Ryu, and FakeGod

100 Thieves rolls the dice with the roster and it pays off as the LCS record futility streak comes to an end and 100T finally gets their first win of the split (and now we’re on a win streak, right?). Amazing lives up to his name while Ryu and FakeGod put in rock solid work. Now the fans are asking if THIS is the new look 100T. Will we continue to play FakeGod? Will Soligo return? Is Bang at risk for getting benched? Cole and Jordan dive into these questions and more. TIMESTAMPS: 4:24 -...


The Big Sad, Loss to Clutch Gaming, 0-2, A̶t̶l̶a̶s̶ Amazing

Can Amazing Save 100T??? It’s too early to make any sweeping conclusions, but the outlook on this split is dire for 100 Thieves. Jordan and Cole break down another 0-2 weekend that included losses to TL and CG, talk about who’s pulling their weight, and debate whether A̶t̶l̶a̶s̶ Amazing can carry the burden for 100T (as he seems determined to). Reasonable Takes™ incoming. TIMESTAMPS: 4:10 - 100T vs TL - Soligo MVP? Bang Throws? 20:47 - 100T vs CG - Does Heroic Defense Matter? 31:35 -...


Red Rivalry 2: Electric Boogaloo - Zach from League Leaders Banter Show

Since we last spoke with our friend Zach from League Leaders, 100 Thieves is STILL undefeated against Clutch Gaming. For some reason, he thinks they can win this weekend. He comes on the show to attempt to make his argument before CG’s inevitable loss, and we pretend to listen… (Producer’s Note: Zach is an awesome dude and this is all in good fun) Follow Zach: twitter.com/zlindsey01 Follow League Leaders: twitter.com/League_Leaders1 Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 1:07 - Zach “Pennywise”...


Xing Li talks Amazing & Soligo, start of The Split of Sorrow - 100 THIEVES LCS Summer Split 2019 Week 1

We’re not going to lie to you: that was not the way we planned on 100T starting off. Week 1 saw the Thieves go 0-2, and Cole and Jordan are stuck asking themselves if this is going to be The Split of Sorrow. Fortunately, friend of the show (and crackerjack journalist) Xing Li is here to shed his perspective, plus share some of the juicier bits from his recent interviews with 100 Thieves’ new jungler Amazing and rookie midlaner Soligo. We’ll answer the tough questions: Is Soligo going to...


LCS Returns! 100 Thieves Summer Split Preview

The anticipation is killing us - LCS Summer Split 2019 starts this weekend. We're all eager to see the new (and hopefully improved) 100 Thieves. This week, Cole and Jordan get together for a quick show where we dissect the preseason content we've been given, analyze the analysts' predictions of 100T's season, and sacrifice a goat so that we can somehow still make it to Worlds. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 3:15 - The Heist: Did Bootcamp Korea Work? 19:27 - Summer 2019: Bang Becomes the...


THE COD JOB - OCTANE + CROWDER talk CWL London, 100 Thieves' first championship, and prepping for Anaheim

Well boys, we did it. CWL London CHAMPIONS Octane and Crowder join 100Talk to discuss what this one means both personally and to the organization, the significance of adding an MVP trophy to the case, how this win changes things for the rest of the season, a look ahead to CWL Anaheim, and a run it up tatoo update. HUGE thanks to Octane and Crowder for joining us. Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 3:46 - Octane’s Intro 8:26 - The Reciprocity Venue Fire 13:38 - The London Crowd 17:04 - Octane...


Amazing Acquisition, Drop Day, Soligo Starts, and Ryu Returns

100Talk is back and it's time for a family meeting. We'll talk about today's apparel drop experience, Amazing joining 100T, Soligo getting the starting nod, and the return of the man, the myth, the legend - Ryu. And did someone say...giveaway? I dunno, maybe I misheard... Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 3:34 - MSI MEGA PREVIEW 5:18 - Drop-Day, Apparel, and A GIVEAWAY 19:49 - Amazing Joins the Thieves 36:13 - Soligo Returns at Mid 41:50 - Ryu Returns Also at Mid 46:41 - Summer 2019 Roster...


THE COD JOB - Enable & Crowder - 100Talk Interviews 100 Thieves CoD Stars

For the grand finale of our COD coverage leading up to CWL London, Crowder and Enable join 100Talk to discuss their path to this point, highs and lows of a wild season, the secrets behind 100T’s success both in COD and as an organization, predictions and expectations for London (and beyond), and which member of the squad is most likely to get a neck tat. Huge thanks to Crowder and Enable for joining us before heading overseas! Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 2:47 - Intros and Path to...


THE COD JOB! Interview with Eric "Muddawg" Sanders - 100 Thieves Head of Esports Operations

100Talk is embarking on a new adventure, this time into the world of competitive CoD. Eric “Muddawg” Sanders - Head of Esports Operations for 100 Thieves - will be our guide as we look to educate ourselves (and our audience) on how we can be as good at watching CoD as the 100 Thieves squad is at obliterating the competition. Is this the first #CODJob???? YOU decide! Listen here. TIMESTAMPS: 3:27 - Muddawg Intro/Background 6:38 - Qualifying for CWL 17:54 - “Positions” and...