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We discuss everything that's nerd culture. From video games, anime, comics, manga, and movies and everything in between. Come fly with us we don't know where we're going but we know it wont be boring. Support this podcast:

We discuss everything that's nerd culture. From video games, anime, comics, manga, and movies and everything in between. Come fly with us we don't know where we're going but we know it wont be boring. Support this podcast:


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We discuss everything that's nerd culture. From video games, anime, comics, manga, and movies and everything in between. Come fly with us we don't know where we're going but we know it wont be boring. Support this podcast:




Amerime Junkies: Reboots The Good, The Bad and The Hell nah!

This episode the Tony_Newport, XII The Almighty, Basick_D_B and Salty Truth. Discuss reboots The Good, The Bad and The Hell nah! What video games, movies, anime, comics, and manga would you want to be rebooted? More important which ones do you think should never be touched! --- Support this podcast:


Video game movie adaptations, good and bad.

Junkies Discuss video game movie adaptations how they should be handled, produced, as well as which franchise could work. Team Insta: --- Support this podcast:


Black Creator Love

Last Podcast of Black History month so we dedicated this podcast to the whole month. 29 Days of Black Creators we show love and pay homage to the people who got us here. So tell me who was your favorite black creator? Whether it is from comics, music, design, etc... Donate to Jamal Comic Book Epitaphs Subscribe to the FB fan...


Marketing and Art with Mike Shirdan

Wassup Junkies on this episode we're having a nerd session with Mike Shirdan on the business of being a artist. How to market yourself. How to possibly make a fulltime living as a creative. Click the link below and watch his video on Why You Should Market Your Artwork | Marketing Tips for 2020: Artists Guide Special guest: Team...


International Nerd News with James Halmer

Amerime Junkies is going international baby! We kidnapped... I mean, we invited James Halmer to nerd out with us and it was awesome. --- Support this podcast:


Useless Characters

Heyyyy, how the hell are ya? Welcome back to the show. In this episode the junkies ramble on about useless characters in movies, shows, comics & video games. Thanks for listening please feel free to follow our shenanigans on and --- Support this podcast:


Retro Games

This podcast has that #tbt and #fbf feel because we dedicated the episode to retro games. What games from way back would you like to see get remade or continued for the next gen consoles? We believe ya gotta look back to have a better gaming future. Follow us --- Support this podcast:


Toxic Characters we know and love

ON this episode of Amerime Junkies we are talking the most Toxic characters in our industry and the toxicity that comes from the fans. Help us reach 10k on facebook: IG; Twitter: Read our latest blog: --- Support this podcast:


Star Wars the end of a saga

In a galaxy far far away a lot of nerds were not happy about the direction Star Wars went in and 4 of them decided to do something about it they made a podcast. Here are our loves and hates about one of the best sagas ever. If you want to keep in touch: Watch our latest video: Amerime Magazine: --- Support this podcast:...


Shows & Woes of 2019 (GOT)

This episode is supposed to be a rewind on all the shows and movies of 2019 but it turned into a gripe session! --- Support this podcast:


Best and worst games of 2019

In this episode of Amerime Junkies, we start our wrap up our year in review with Games Death Stranding, Star Wars, Overwatch two, the best and worst and what we're looking forward to in 2020. Also our take on the VGA and the new Xbox. don't forget you can leave us a message on and appear in an episode of Amerime Junkies. --- Support this podcast:


Who watches the Watchmen

On this episode of Amerime Junkies, we discuss Bethesda cash grab for Fallout 76, Cloak and Dagger getting canceled, and HBO spinoff The Watchmen. Be sure to share and let them know how cool you are for discovering the Junkies before them. Read our thoughts on everything geek: Subscribe to our Youtube: --- Support this podcast:


Endgame Predictions with the Amerime Junkies

In this Episode the Junkies try to fortale if Earth's mightiest heros can save us all from the unyielding beast that is Thanos or will all hope be lost once more Become a supporter of this podcast:


#DemThrones with Amerime Media

The Amerime Junkies talk about Game of Throne madness and try to see just how cold winter is gonna get --- Support this podcast:


The Junkies talking the Indies Pt 1

As we're coming off of Pax East we're talking about more Indies. From video games, comics, movie and shows. So what is your favorite Indie game or comic let us know.. --- Support this podcast:


Episode 55: PAX East 2019

Hey fellow Junkies we had so much fun at Pax East we played over one hundred games these past four days. Don't worry we won't talk about all of them. Just the indies up to the triple A titles. Some hidden gems like The Forgotten City, The Hidden island, Eagle island, and Bio Mutant. We got a chance to see some Goodies from Gearbox, Justin Roiland, and Obsidian. So plug in your ear buds and...


Episode 54: Love, Death +Robots w/ Niko Smith

Hey Junkies on this episode were talk Netflix new show Love,Death, and Robots. A 18 episode anthology of scifi. A complete mind screw from start to finish. Enjoy --- Support...


Episode 53: Women's Appreciation w/ Niko Smith

Hey Junkies special guest and friend of the family Niko Smith is back. We are talking Women Appreciation, Alita Battle Angel and so much more. --- Support this podcast:


Episode 52: The state of the blerd Culture with Z Best

Hey gang we sat and talked to blerd and local rapper Z Best about the state of blerd culture. Politics, favorite music scores, and anime sit back and...


Episode 52: The Four new members of the Umbrella Academy. The Amerime Junkies

On this ep of Amerime Junkies we time travel to a time where 43 kids we're born on the same day by parents where weren't pregnant before hand. But, seven of them where bought to the Umbrella Academy to save the world. And, were going to critique the fuck out the first season. So spoiler warning ahead. We're talking about everything past present and how bad of a father was Reginald...