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#41: The First Cut Is the Deepest

There's no love like your first love, and this week we're talking about our early board game crushes. These are the games that first got us into the hobby, that made us want to shout our love for board games to all who'd care to hear. Before we walk down memory lane, we also talk about Key to the City: London, Empires, and Guards of Atlantis. 03:31 - Key to the City: London 09:14 - Empires 15:48 - Guards of Atlantis 29:49 - Our First Board Game Crushes 30:34 - Connect Four 31:33 -...


#40: Bling It On

We're doing some upgrades this episode, because we're talking about improving and enhancing the board games we already own through accessories, new components, and fancy inserts. Before we sleeve our cards, we also talk about Keyflower, The Palaces of Carrara, Welcome To...'s Halloween Expansion, and That's Not Lemonade! 01:41 - Keyflower 08:46 - The Palaces of Carrara 12:17 - Welcome To ... Halloween Expansion 15:22 - That's Not Lemonade! 18:50 - Component Upgrades 27:56 -...


#39: Essen SPIEL 2018 Preview

Essen SPIEL 2018! Okay, we're not technically at Essen SPIEL, but we've got that Essen FEEL. We're each counting down the five games that we most wish we were in Germany to play this weekend. Before we hand over our Euros, we talk about SPQF, Le Havre, and Scythe: The Rise of Fenris. 02:09 - SPQF 07:17 - Le Havre 12:31 - Scythe: The Rise of Fenris 17:06 - Essen Preview 17:49 - Magnastorm 19:11 - Futuropia 20:27 - Big Shot 22:41 - Gùgōng 24:21 - Shadows: Amsterdam 26:41 - Smartphone...


#38: Six Things I Hate About You

Board game dealbreakers, we all have them, and they're enough to dissuade us from buying or even playing some otherwise great games. This week, we go around the table and talk about two things each that put us off in board games. Before we start looking elsewhere, we talk about Illusion, and Food Chain Magnate. 02:16 - Illusion 04:46 - Food Chain Magnate 18:05 - Too Many Steps for Simple Tasks 18:35 - 1st & Goal 19:42 - Blood Bowl 21:04 - Baseball Highlights: 2045 21:36 -...


#37: Origin Story

How do you meet other board game enthusiasts? Just loving and owning board games isn't enough if you don't have anyone to play them with! It's not always easy to turn your friends into board gamers, so what are your other options? Well, sit back, as we cast our minds far, far back into the past, when the Board Game Barrage trio was just three separate unos. This is where it all began. Before we gather round the campfire, we talk about Crypt, Fool's Gold, and War Chest. 01:01 - Crypt 03:22...


#36: Your Unfulfilled Potential

What’s your white whale? The one game you’ve been itching to get to the table for ages, but for whatever reason, just never have? Well, call me Ishmael, ’cause we’re counting down not just one, not five, but ten games each that we haven’t played, but really want to. Maybe this’ll be the kick in the pants we need … but probably not. Before we dust off our shelves of shame, we talk about CIV: Carta Impera Victoria, Raxxon, and Scythe: The Rise of Fenris. 01:36 - Carta Impera Victoria 04:49 -...


#35: The Power of Balance

Asymmetry is a powerful tool for game design, if done right. There's a lot of replayability right out of the box, and finding a playstyle that works for you can be very satisfying. But this dark alchemy has a darker byproduct: imbalance. When so much is different between each player, how do you ensure that things stay fair? Before we nerf plz, we discuss Container, and more Root. 01:40 - Container 12:28 - Root 18:08 - Scoreboard Update 20:04 - Balancing Asymmetry 26:49 - Vast: The...


#34: You Know the Rules and So Do I

Board game rules, unlike other rules, were not made to be broken. They're to be strictly adhered to, trust me, this is going to be totally fun, there's just a few more things to go over and then we can start. Sometimes remembering and teaching rules can feel like a burden, so where's the line? Before we explain the turn structure, we discuss Dairyman, Riff Raff, and Lords of Hellas. 03:30 - Dairyman 07:12 - Blue Lagoon 09:00 - Riff Raff 10:49 - Lords of Hellas 20:24 - Board Game...


#33: You Can't Win 'Em All

Look, sometimes we lose games. I know. It's weird. It's hard to talk about, to be frank, but it's important to realize that your heroes can have flaws. So, this week, we're counting down our top five games we're bad at! Before we admit defeat, we also discuss Yogi, Orléans, and Blue Lagoon. 01:38 - Yogi 05:25 - Orléans 11:56 - Blue Lagoon 18:28 - Good games we're bad at 20:26 - Santorini 23:50 - Spyfall 26:30 - Captain Sonar 27:45 - Avenue 30:01 - Incan Gold 31:31 - Deep Sea...


#32: Are We Having Fun Yet?

In this week's fun episode, we talk gaming etiquette, or the unspoken rules that surface when you're playing a board game. They often have nothing to do with the game itself, but what's appropriate? Should you deliberately help and hinder others at the table? Before we let the Wookiee win, we also discuss Let's Make a Bus Route, Sailing Toward Osiris, Fleet, and Founders of Gloomhaven. 01:45 - Let's Make a Bus Route 06:06 - Sailing Toward Osiris 10:10 - Fleet 15:30 - Founders of...


#31: Logged and Loaded

Just when you thought we couldn't get nerdier, this episode is all about logging plays and collecting statistics on your games. It turns out it's actually a pretty fun way to look back on your gaming history. We also discuss Fast Forward: FORTRESS, The Captain Is Dead, and Schummel Hummel. 02:38 - Fast Forward: FORTRESS 06:57 - The Captain Is Dead 12:57 - Schummel Hummel (Cheating Bumblebee) 16:22 - Logging Games


#30: Party Party Party

We're staying up all night to count down our favourite party games! You know the feeling. Everyone's at your place, no one's talking, it's a little bit awkward ... but then you break out some of these fifteen amazing party games, and suddenly everyone's back in, talking, laughing and shouting until the early hours. We also talk about JamSumo, Isle of Trains, and Root. 02:24 - JamSumo 04:05 - Isle of Trains 06:17 - Root 17:43 - Party Game Countdown 19:10 - Deception: Murder in Hong...


#29: Cult of the You Do You

Shiny and new! Everyone online is talking about the latest, greatest thing, and you can't help but feel that you're missing out. How important is it to keep up with the cult of the new? We also talk about Cthulhu Wars, World Championship Russian Roulette, Kubb, and Word Slam. 01:38 - Cthulhu Wars 04:56 - World Championship Russian Roulette 07:47 - Kubb 09:35 - Word Slam 14:53 - The Cult of the New 32:25 - Alien Artifacts 33:25 - Patchwork 34:32 - Space Base 34:45 - Glorantha: The...


#28: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

In the wake of Gen Con, we return home invigorated about just how grand and diverse the hobby is. We celebrate the games that we might not otherwise have thought to play, and encourage you to do the same! We also talk about Lift it!, The Estates, and Cat Lady. 01:57 - Gen Con Final Thoughts 09:30 - Lift it! 13:00 - The Estates 20:42 - Cat Lady 22:47 - The Breadth of Gaming 24:27 - Sushi Go 26:45 - Zombicide: Black Plague


#27: Gen Con 2018 Day Three

Day three of Gen Con is over, and that's a wrap for our coverage from Indianapolis! Enjoy our final thoughts from the show floor (at least for this week), while we trudge back to the west coast with as many games as we can carry. We talk about Istanbul: The Dice Game, Wendake, One Week Ultimate Werewolf, Show & Tile, Coimbra, and Trade on the Tigris.


#26: Gen Con 2018 Day Two

We're halfway through Gen Con, and we wrap up day two of the show with our thoughts from the floors and tables and beds (?!) of Indianapolis. We talk about Crusader Kings, Scarabya, Petrichor, Zogan, Flotsam Fight, Welcome To..., and Dice Fishing: Roll and Catch!


#25: Gen Con 2018 Day One

Gen Con! It's here at last, and we run through our quick impressions of the first day of the show. We talk about Exodus: Paris Nouveau, Reef, Nyctophobia, and Illusion.


#24: Gen Con 2018 Preview

Gen Con 2018 is almost upon us, and we're counting down the games we're most excited to check out! We also talk about Vikings, and Navegador. 01:43 - Spiel des Jahres 03:10 - Vikings 07:45 - Navegador 10:15 - Gen Con 2018 Preview 13:50 - Piepmatz 16:13 - Welcome To ... 19:01 - Dice Fishing: Roll and Catch 20:26 - Ultimate Werewolf Legacy 23:18 - Coimbra 25:24 - Lost Cities: Rivals 27:19 - Pikoko 29:29 - Wendake 31:30 - Nyctophobia 34:03 - Yellow & Yangtze 36:27 - Detective: A...


#23: Are You Feeling Lucky?

Luck is an element of almost every board game there is, but it's still a major point of contention. Whether it's the roll of dice, or the draw of a card, randomness can make or break a game. We also talk about Lowlands, Bilder, In the Year of the Dragon, and revisit Space Base. 00:54 - Lowlands 07:32 - Bilder 11:03 - In the Year of the Dragon 16:14 - Space Base 20:12 - Luck in Games 23:40 - Cthulhu Wars 31:24 - Guards of Atlantis 36:06 - Lords of Vegas 42:42 - Rising Sun 43:33 -...


#22: Baby's First Social Interaction

Multiplayer Solitaire doesn't have to be a bad thing! Sometimes we're just not always looking for high interaction, high conflict games, and that's okay. We break down some games with low interaction, and what makes them great. We also talk about Joraku, Impulse, and Wyatt Earp. 01:36 - Joraku 06:25 - Impulse 16:34 - Wyatt Earp 19:29 - BGB on Twitch! 21:18 - Low Interaction Games 28:32 - The Godfather: Corleone's Empire 29:31 - Karuba/NMBR 9 34:05 - Agricola 38:55 - Cooperative...