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#115: Gone But Not Forgotten

There's only so much space on our shelves, so games don't always stick around forever, but that doesn't always mean that we don't like them. There are many reasons that a good game might get the boot, so let's talk about them. We count down our top five favourite games we got rid of! Before we pay our respects, we talk about Through the Desert, Lords of Hellas, Troyes, and Watergate. 01:48 - Through the Desert 07:51 - Lords of Hellas 13:13 - Troyes 20:45 - Black Angel 22:01 -...


#114: Let It Grow

Some games put their best foot forward on the first play, eager to have most players feel good right out of the box. Other games are content to take their time. This episode we're focusing on the latter, games that we've only come to appreciate as we've given them more time and more plays. Before we grow together, we talk about Ginkgopolis, Time Chase, and Food Chain Magnate. 01:31 - Ginkgopolis 08:46 - Time Chase 15:22 - Food Chain Magnate 26:58 - Games that grow on you 30:35 - Brass:...


#113: Trust is Good, Area Control is Better

Area control is the first subject of our new recurring feature, "What we love, what we hate", where we deep dive into a single mechanic and describe ... well, exactly that! We tend to enjoy games that have you fighting over territory, but what is it that specifically gets us excited about them? And what are the downsides? Before we assume direct control, we talk about The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, Stay Cool, and Mezo. 02:00 - The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine 09:03 - Hanabi 11:55...


#112: We Played a Bunch of Games!

Let me set the scene: It's a late night at a hotel in Nevada, we're sprawled on the floor around a microphone, and we're flexing our tired hands after three days spent playing so many board games. Coming at you from Dice Tower West, we report on what we've been up to, and all the games we played. Before we're leaving Las Vegas, we talk about Don't Get Got!, Kemet, Master of Respect, and Nova Luna. 03:54 - Don't Get Got! 19:44 - Kemet 25:23 - Master of Respect 30:50 - Rumble Nation 35:07...


#111: Conventional Wisdom

We've learned a thing or two about game nights and conventions over the years. The hobby has changed, and we've had to change with it! This episode, we talk about what's different with how we approach large meetings of board gamers in 2020, and offer what advice we can. Before we pack our game bags, we talk about Fast Sloths, Birdie Fight, Sorcerer City, Electropolis, and Isle of Cats. 01:44 - Fast Sloths 10:05 - Birdie Fight/Songbirds 11:03 - Sorcerer City 11:44 - Electropolis 18:07 -...


#110: One Small Thing

Apologies for those who previously downloaded this file and didn't hear any audio. As some already guessed, Mark found a "great" trade involving our audio equipment for a rare copy of Biblios, but we thankfully were able to get it called off. Sometimes a game is hitting all the right notes, and you want to recommend it wholeheartedly ... but there's just one tiny blemish you can't overlook. It's not enough to make a great game bad, but, man, just imagine if it someone had fixed that. This...


#110: One Small Thing

Sometimes a game is hitting all the right notes, and you want to recommend it wholeheartedly ... but there's just one tiny blemish you can't overlook. It's not enough to make a great game bad, but, man, just imagine if it someone had fixed that. This week we're looking at games that almost nail it. Before we smooth the last crease, we talk about Chaosmos, Subtext, On a Scale of One to T-Rex, and Empyreal: Spells & Steam. 01:26 - Krass Kariert 03:22 - Chaosmos 11:40 - On a Scale of One to...


#109: Harshing My Buzz

We're gluttons for punishment this week, because we're talking about harshness in board games. These are the sort of games where big moves or bad mistakes can be hard to recover from. Harsh games aren't for everyone, so when and why do we find them appealing? Before we grit our teeth, we talk about Wavelength, Genoa, Krass Kariert, and Oceans. 01:02 - Wavelength 05:39 - Genoa 07:30 - Krass Kariert 14:55 - Oceans 23:48 - Harshness in Games 24:24 - Biblios 24:48 - Arboretum 25:52 -...


#108: We Have to Go Back

We're reflecting on the past this episode, looking back at the things we said - never wise, by the way. The games of 2019 had a lot of promise, but how young and dumb they seem to our aged eyes. Where are they now? Join us as we cast our minds back to last decade, to reflect on the games we were excited for so many months ago. 02:11 - XCOM: The Board Game 06:41 - Living Planet 13:55 - The Voyages of Marco Polo 14:47 - Heaven & Ale 18:06 - Mystic Market 19:49 - Essen 2019 Look...


#107: Get It Right the First Time

You only get one chance to play a game for the first time, but sometimes events conspire to make that debut ... less than ideal. We look at some first plays that could've gone better, examine what contributed to them not delivering, and offer advice on how to make sure your brand new game doesn't stumble out the gate. 02:34 - Rumble Nation 10:16 - Neuroshima Hex 12:07 - Macao 14:05 - In the Year of the Dragon 21:24 - It's a Wonderful World 23:46 - Carnival of Monsters 25:51 - 7...


#106: Popcorn Time with Mike DiLisio

Mike DiLisio (of The Dice Tower, and Sporadically Board) makes his BGB podcast debut as the Fandango Tank! Mike's trying to sell us on popcorn games. These are games that may or may not be ... critically sound, but nevertheless provide fun experiences that we find ourselves returning to. But why wouldn't we just play something more substantive instead? We investigate. 00:16 - Mike DiLisio, the Fandango Tank! 07:10 - Fresh Fish 14:23 - Sanctum 23:59 - In the Hall of the Mountain...


#105: Resolutions and Revelations

We're in a post top-fifty world, and it's about time we take this whole 2020 thing seriously. No more looking back, we've got to start looking to the year ahead, and what better way than making promises to ourselves that we're totally going to keep. It's board game resolutions time! 01:33 - Deep Sea Adventure 05:13 - Point Salad 08:48 - Sushi Go! 10:37 - Atelier: The Painter's Studio 14:52 - We're Doomed! 15:22 - The Menace Among Us 16:04 - Wavelength 23:25 - Board Game Resolutions...


#104: Top 50 Games of All-Time 2019: 10-1

Here it is, the episode you've all been waiting for, the grand finale, the culmination of five weeks of episodes. These are our top ten favourite board games of all-time, games that we absolutely adore, and would happily play at a moment's notice. Heck, we'd even play the games on each others' lists ... on, you know, birthdays and special occasions. That's how good they are. 08:41 – Mark #10 – The Estates 11:29 – Neilan #10 – Pictomania 13:46 – Kellen #10 – Coloretto 15:23 – Mark #9 –...


#103: Top 50 Games of All-Time 2019: 20-11

A new year, a new decade, a new podcast, and a new batch of games that we love talking about. It's the fourth in our five part series of our 50 favourite board games of all-time, and appropriately, we're kicking off 2020 by breaking into the top twenty. Synergy. 01:01 - Neilan #20 - Blue Lagoon 03:14 - Kellen #20 - Startups 04:33 - Mark #20 - Imperial 2030 06:00 - Neilan #19 - Taj Mahal 07:41 - Kellen #19 - Genoa 09:09 - Mark #19 - Dominant Species 11:31 - Neilan #18 -...


#102: Top 50 Games of All-Time 2019: 30-21

It's the season of giving, so our gift to you is more of our favourite board games of all-time! We're only just halfway, so get comfortable in front of the fire, grab an eggnog, and join us for thirty more incredible games. Oh, you got us something too? Ah. Socks. Thanks. 01:45 - Kellen #30 - Splendor 04:38 - Mark #30 - Sol: Last Days of a Star 07:22 - Neilan #30 - Azul 08:54 - Kellen #29 - A Fake Artist Goes to New York 11:06 - Mark #29 - Great Western Trail 12:47 - Neilan #29 - The...


#101: Top 50 Games of All-Time 2019: 40-31

We're shifting up a gear, the stakes are higher, it's all to play for, and a whole host of other cliches, in the second of our five part series on the top fifty games of all time. Thirty(ish) more incredible board games coming at you, and we're not even halfway done yet. 03:36 - Mark #40 - Blue Lagoon 05:58 - Neilan #40 - Panic on Wall Street! 07:01 - Kellen #40 - Dune 08:36 - Mark #39 - Shipyard 10:30 - Neilan #39 - Kemet 11:37 - Kellen #39 - For Sale 13:21 - Mark #38 -...


#100: Top 50 Games of All-Time 2019: 50-41

We made it! The big one-oh-oh. That's a thing people say, right? We're starting a five episodes series, working our way down each of our top fifty games of all time. We'll discuss what might make a game move up or down our list, celebrate the highs that the hobby has to offer, and talk about a heck of a lot of amazing board games. Buckle up! 08:17 – Neilan #50 – Twice As Clever 09:32 – Kellen #50 – Maskmen 11:28 – Mark #50 – Codenames 12:56 – Neilan #49 – Air, Land & Sea 16:03 –...


#99: Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow

It's getting close now, can you feel it? Or are you just feeling sore from the game you just lost? We're talking sore losers and sore winners: people who are hard to be around when they lose or win a game. What can you do to avoid being that person, and what games bring out the worst in us? Before we fight our feelings, we talk about Paris: New Eden, Glory to Rome, and No Swap No Pay. 03:35 - Pipeline 06:29 - Paris: New Eden 14:54 - Glory to Rome 20:36 - Mottainai 22:48 -...


#98: Thanks, Ghost Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We're showing our thanks with a surprise podcast about ... well, maybe we'll just let the episode speak for itself. Gobble gobble. 03:23 - ICECOOL 04:46 - Meeple Circus 06:11 - Root 06:42 - Sheriff of Nottingham 07:47 - Fauna 08:22 - Piepmatz 09:07 - Evolution: Flight 09:56 - Gulo Gulo 11:29 - Zany Penguins 12:07 - Funky Chicken 13:56 - Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn 14:51 - Rook 16:19 - Chess 17:36 - Biblios 19:53 - Scythe Join the discussion at...


#97: Eleven Herbs and Biases

We've all got them, whether we'll care to admit it or not, quirks and and biases that might be irrational, but nevertheless affect our judgement of the games we play. This week we're looking at a few of the little things that might weigh a game in or out of our favour, even if they don't necessarily make much sense. Before we exercise extreme prejudice, we talk about Flamme Rouge, The North, and Ragusa. 02:03 - Cursed Court 02:39 - Flamme Rouge 09:28 - The North 15:43 - Ragusa 24:08 -...