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2019 Hype List

It’s time for the 2019 hype list! These are the game that we are excited about for this year. This is not a promise that they will be good, or that they will even come out in the next twelve months, it is just an anticipatory list, a way to build our expectations up to an unreasonable degree. Too many big words, never mind, just GET HYPE!


Back in the habit

Welcome to season 4! There is much to catch up on after the holiday break. Chamberlain spent an embarrassing about of time Assassin’s Creed Odyssey before playing Mega Man 11 and remembering that his child-like reflexes left him several decades ago. Alex is playing Borderland 2. Again. And Chance spent precious little time on his Switch, and when he did he wished he was playing something else. Something with ‘Over’ in the title.


Games of the year 2018

Prepare yourself for the best games of 2018. Don’t listen to the VGAs. Pay no attention to all those critics who are compensated for sharing their opinions. Chamberlain, Chance and Alex have the honest, selfish truth for you and, in a first, agree on something very, very important. See you in 2019.


Hype list 2018 recap

Sometimes we get almost everything right, like Chance did for his picks of games to look forward to in 2018. Sometimes two out of three ain't bad, like Alex's picks for what to look forward to in 2018. And sometimes a game is so embarrassing that it taints the rest of the list. All the Red Dead Redemptions 2s and God of Wars in the world cannot scrub Agony from Chamberlain's list. There's always next year.


Like a warm blanket

Only three episodes left this year! This week Alex ties up some loose ends in Diablo 3 with seasonal characters. Chamberlain starts his third open world game in a row and wonders how much sleep he really needs to get by and Chance finds a new way to play Overwatch: on tiny screens centimeters from his eyes. Also work sucks, we need to find a way to get paid to play games.


An untamed wilderness of spoilers

It’s spoiler time on the Chamberlain and Chance podcast! All parts of Red Dead Redemption 2 are fair game, from the opening snow to the second epilogue. Sure, the game accomplishes what it set out to do, but is that good enough? Also this week: Chamberlain does what a spider can, Alex does what a Hollow Knight can and Chance slaughters a sacred Nintendo cow.


Red Dead Reactions (minimal spoilers)

Chamberlain has finished Red Dead Redemption 2 but Chance and Alex have not. Reactions and small spoilers this week, no mercy on the spoiler front next. Alex didn’t finish RDR2 because he took a break to play Symphony of the Night. Chance didn’t finish it because his Arthur was busy romancing a widow who lived alone in the mountains or hunting caribou, looking for a perfect pelt. Well, that or Overwatch.


Addicted to the wilderness

There are games other than Red Dead Redemption 2. Chamberlain was forced to play Spider-Man thanks to an Xbox Live outage and sampled The Tetris Effect. Alex bought Destiny 2 again in a valiant attempt to keep Activision from selling and/or closing Bungie. And Chance played through most of Diablo 3 on the switch. But all anyone thought about was collecting bounties, rustling horses and robbing banks. There is no escape from Rockstar’s dusty monster.


Fancy hats and dirty chaps

Welcome yall to the Red Dead Redemption 2 episode. Of the three stars of the podcast, two of them are more than willing to overlook the game’s faults and live in its world. The third compares it to a stinky bus with very clean windows. The rest of the industry doesn’t stop just because Rockstar released a game so there is still time for Destiny 2, headlines, and just a little bit of Overwatch.


Not as scary as you remember

It’s almost Halloween so Chamberlain ambushes Chance and Alex, forcing them to pick their favorite horror games. Anything to provide a distraction from all of the terrible games he has been playing while not playing Spider-Man. Alex has returned to X-Com 2 and Chance has sampled a wide range of games, from welcome remakes on hand held systems to games that have grown more fugly with age. Everyone is just passing the time until Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out.


Night time visitors

This week: Chamberlain survives a visit from a long dead author bent on hideous revenge. He also finished Shadow of the Tomb Raider and likes Lara much more when she is being very, very bad. Chance’s honeymoon with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is over and he is not nearly as in love with it as he used to be. And Alex is busy stacking monsters by descending size in a Final Fantasy game that was less than half the price and more than twice the fun as driving through the desert with a bunch of bros...


Not the target audience

This week, 100% fewer sad pet stories. Instead Chamberlain declares that Forza Horizon 4 is the Destiny 2 of open world driving games. He also starts Shadow of the Tomb Raider and really wishes that Jonah is the main character instead of Lara. Chance remember that he does like ancient Greece and is actually enjoying an Assassin’s Creed game for the first time since Black Flag. It’s almost enough to get him over how much Blizzard hates Tracer and everyone who mains her.


Little boy blue and the man on the moon

There’s a new cat on the podcast! Sure, other things happen – Chamberlain spent 65 hours on Dragon Quest XI just to come up a few hours short, Alex had enough of Destiny 2 and is giving Assassin’s Creed Origins another try, and Chance did not play all that much of anything but he did get a new cat, which is the most important thing. Well, that, and he was right about The Messenger.


Put a ring on it

Warning, minor Dragon Quest XI spoilers in this episode! Chamberlain has not finished it but there are some specific plot points covered. Chance loves Spider-Man so much the he would propose were he not already betrothed to Overwatch. Alex is back on the Destiny 2 train, as they have fixed most of his complaints. Plus it was just someone’s birthday!


Quiet story time

It’s a quiet week at the Chamberlain and Chance podcast. Chamberlain is still working on Dragon Quest XI, though ‘working on’ is a bit generous. More like experiencing in a calm, relaxed manner. Chance still has not finished Spider-Man but he did fire up Okami on the Switch just because he wanted to play a classic. And Alex is missing. Not really missing, the hurricane left him alone, he just has better things to do.


Swing swing swing

This week Spider-Chance does whatever a Spider-Chance can, namely not play Overwatch in favor of Spider-Man. Alex has rolled back his take on Dragon Quest XI from really, really good to just pretty good and it only took him fifty hours to get there. Chamberlain finished more of We Happy Few than 98% of the people who started it and wishes he didn’t.


Metroidvania Mania

There’s a new JRPG in town and it is more than cute enough to garner Alex’s affections. Hopefully the good feelings for Dragon Quest XI last longer than they did for Ni No Kuni 2. Chance has added another Metroid-vania to his list, pushing Chamberlain’s beloved Guacamelee down a notch in favor of The Messenger. Chamberlain has played more We Happy Few than anyone else in the entire world and it hurts.


Bring me a mask and some spandex

A rare event: Chamberlain, Chance and Alex have all played Guacamelee 2. Chamberlain loves it more than is healthy, Alex has some reasonable criticisms and Chance simply enjoys pile driving skeletons with a chicken. A spire has been slain, Kratos still has it where it counts and someone is still playing Overwatch (it’s Chance).


Unwanted changes

Chamberlain comes prepared with a list of changes that would make Dead Cells enjoyable for old, cranky people. Chance counters with cruel facts and some very harsh words about Castlevania: Symphony of the Night being overrated. Feeling may have been hurt. Alex is still in love with Diablo 3 and may or may not have been sober at the time of recording.


Just the three of us

Just when you thought the podcast was finally safe Chamberlain comes back. He has played a lot while he was away, including pushing his boundaries with Slay the Spire and Enter the Gungeon. He also started and is not sure how much he is enjoying Octopath Traveler. Chance and Alex are still playing Dead Cells, though Chance is not as in love with it as he was last week. And did you see that Doom trailer? RIP AND TEAR.