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The coming drought

Alex’s internet connection was compromised by nazis so he will be unavailable until BJ rescues him, or a new modem arrives, whichever come first. Chance is disappointed in Isle of Dogs, disappointed in the Sombra changes and disappointed in Chamberlain for still not playing any more of Hollow Knight. In his defense, Chamberlain played a game he found fun, Steamwold Dig 2, and a game featuring a predictable but still effective punch in the gut, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Too...


Never learned to share

Was the decade plus wait for The Incredibles 2 worth it? No. Did Chamberlain complete his assignment of returning to Hollow Knight? No, he is a coward and played a Lego game instead. Did Chace play some Overwatch? What kind of a question is that. He even came across the rarest of creatures: a quality console Anna player. Is Alex done with Diablo 3? No. He never will be.


Like a stubborn toddler

The nearly news free void of the week following E3 is filled with one thing: Hollow Knight on the Switch. Alex played some Diablo 3 and Chamberlain sampled a few games but all anyone really wants to talk about is Hollow Knight. It was so good that Chance played it instead of Overwatch and that hasn’t happened in months. Also, never listen to Chamberlain. He is a font of lies and poorly thought out but stubbornly held to opinions.


2018 E3 Spectacular

Welcome to the E3 Spectacular! Sony’s arrogance leads to great games in a poorly paced show. Microsoft’s infinite coffers create a great show full of great games but almost no exclusives. Bethesda wins the day while Square Enix and Nintendo barely came to play. And EA? No expects anything out of EA. And Ubisoft had a dancing panda. Again.


Good times

Is it gamer Christmas yet? No? Fine, we’ll talk about something else. Chamberlain had a good weekend. Solo was the right kind of pandering. Batman: The Enemy Within fixed almost all of the problems of the first season. Alex also had a good weekend. He played with puppies and achieved near god-hood in Dead Cells. Chance continues to bang his head into Wizard and Legend but he also played some Overwatch, which means he had a good time pulse bombing Reinhardts and waving to them after.


Desperate times

It’s Agony day! And it’s terrible. Chamberlain is more frightened by the audio bugs than the Dante-esque environs. Chance returns to Wizard of Legend and plays the first twenty minutes over and over before farming plays of the game in his new Tracer skin. Alex finally puts aside Persona 5 for snack sized portion of a game in Steamworld Dig 2. Fair warning, a little politics talk is present and we make fun of Rosanne. So if you liked the series reboot… Who am I kidding, no one watched past...


The little things

Chamberlain, Chance and Alex pass the time as best they can in the days before E3. Leaks are few but there is always Overwatch news. Chance struggles to enjoy the Switch version of Banner Saga, opting instead for Battle Chasers again and the new pixel art rouge-like, Wizard of Legend. Chamberlain bounces hard off of Kingdom Come Deliverance and Wild Guns Reloaded but lands squarely in the camp of What Remains of Edith Finch and The Turing Test, a game no one else has heard of. And Alex is...


Unreasonable E3 expectations

Chamberlain, Chance and Alex go through their E3 2018 wish list. Some of it is reasonable, even probable, but Chamberlain hoping that Konami sells its IPs to Microsoft is just silly. Chance takes the first exit on the Death Road to Canada in favor of the familiar abuse of Darkest Dungeon. Alex returns for a forth play through of Persona 5 and Chamberlain swears up and down that Ni No Kuni 2 made him happy and no, he wasn’t drinking at the time.


Shared Agony

Chamberlain and Chance attempt movie talk without their movie guy, managing to not spoil Avengers: Infinity War and not think too hard about A Quiet Place, lest they ruin it. Chance rags on Nintendo exclusives that he keeps buying and Chamberlain has found just enough in Ni No Kuni II to keep him playing. They also watch the latest Agony trailer together and it is truly unpleasant for all involved.


God of War spoiler time!

Be warned, God of War spoilers are present all through this episode! It was a great game, not a perfect game, and there is some real disappointment to talk about. Chance has since started another rogue-like Zelda-like in Swords of Ditto. Chamberlain tries to figure out why Ni No Kuni 2 opens with an unprovoked nuclear attack and Alex is playing Mass Effect Andromeda again. I thought he hated that game.


God of no spoilers

This is the spoiler free God of War episode. We make no such promises regarding next week! For the first time Chamberlain, Chance and Alex are all playing the same thing at the same time and are all, for the most part, enjoying themselves. There is matter of Chamberlain hating Minit that must be taken care of and there is a certain Tracer nerf that Chance hates. Aside from those everyone is in a pretty good mood.


The waiting drove us mad

God of War is only two days away and dominates the conversation. Chamberlain and Chance try to talk about other things, like Overwatch and Minit and getting kicked in the balls by the end of Life Is Strange Before the Store, but it’s no use. The Dad of War demands all of the attention, so much so that Alex is missing this week, working his fingers to the bone so he can afford to both eat and kill Norse monsters in incredibly graphic ways. Sacrifices must be made.


It's the end of the world as we know it

Chamberlain and Chance combine their powers and take Far Cry 5 down a peg or three. Warning, both endings are spoiled in the last fifteen minutes of this episode! Alex revisits Mass Effect Andromeda and, big surprise, the combat is still good and everything else is terrible. Chance hates Torb even though he gets multiple plays of the game with him and Chamberlain is annoyed with sixteen year old girls who for some reason lack time manipulation powers.


Disappointing agreement

For the first time in many months Chamberlain and Chance are playing the same thing at the same time and share a similar opinion, namely that Far Cry 5 is good when it isn’t terrible and that is a true shame that it is not a whole lot better. Alex rebels against them both and declares Ni No Kuni 2 a bore, threatening to desert it for more time with the Final Fantasy XII remake. And one of them played some Overwatch. You’ll never guess who.


A safe place

Chamberlain is annoyed that he isn’t playing Far Cry 5 so he complains about Need for Speed Payback and Metal Gear Survive. That helps. A little. Alex and Chance have both started the warm, soft blanket that is Ni No Kuni II, though only one of them has a chance of finishing it. And Tracer finally has a counter, which makes Chance sad, but he plays more Overwatch anyway.


57 and 2

Chance had a very good game of Overwatch and wants everyone to know about it. He also is more excited by Iconolasts than he has been about a game since Sundered. Chamberlain achieves a new emotional low after attempting, and failing, to complete chapter 4 of Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Alex is hurting so bad for something good to play he has turned to superbly narrated nature documentaries for solace.


Undocumented nerfs

This week Alex takes a deep dive into Dungeon of the Endless, a roguelike dungeon defense game that he has been returning to on a regular basis for years. Chamberlain comes to a tentative agreement with Shadow of War and confesses to playing just a little but too much of a free to pay mobile game. Chance buys Mister Shifty twice, plays it once, and then mourns an undocumented Overwatch nerf.


Hype List 2018

Chamberlain, Chance and Alex make wild but educated guesses at what is going to be great in 2018. Some of the games wont come out. At least one will probably be terrible. But there is no denying the impending greatness of Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Civilization 6 Rise and Fall. Chamberlain plays a mediocre South Park game followed by a so so Star Wars game followed by an average Lord of the Rings game. Alex is still working on Titan Quest and Chance stops playing Overwatch long...


The spark of hope

Welcome back! Chamberlain, Chance and Alex return from the holiday break to spoil the crap out of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Seriously, no spoiler goes unspoiled in the last thirty minutes. Chamberlain plays, and enjoys, a Mario game for the first time in around a decade. Alex falls in love with an old classic and Chance spins a tale of Tracer, Zarya, their ults and a big bang before jumping back into the stressful embrace of Darkest Dungeon.


Best of the year 2017

There is joy, gushing, some argument and brief consternation over Chamberlain, Chance and Alex's lists of their favorite games of 2017. There are indy darlings, triple A masterpieces, conspicuous absences and even a surprise or two. In the end it was a very good year for games and they have few complaints.