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Join Pat, Stephanie and Stoy as they sit down to talk about everything and anything video games; like the video games they've been playing, news, reviews, interviews, good conversation and fun!


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Join Pat, Stephanie and Stoy as they sit down to talk about everything and anything video games; like the video games they've been playing, news, reviews, interviews, good conversation and fun!








How To Get Into RPGs in 2023 - With Orbalology

Pat loves RPGs, and he brought on Emily (Orbalology) to the podcast to try and convince Stoy and Stephanie on what RPGs they need to play, and which ones they would be most interested in according to their play styles and interests. We start our episode off with a short interview with Emily, a cool show and tell with some of our pick ups, and then dive into what games we've been playing, like Lonesome Village, Fire Emblem Engage, A Space For The Unbound, and Haunting Ground for the PS2. Our...


Our 2023 Video Game Predictions, And The Games We've Beaten

Pat, Steph and Stoy reconvene to talk about all the games they've beaten recently, as well as diving into some new ones like Ghost Song, ExZodiac, Lonesome Village, Eastward, Sports Story, FFVII Crisis Core, Vengeful Guardian Moonrider, and Plague Tale Requiem. We wrap up the show with our bold 2023 predictions for video games. Find out which one thinks Xbox is going to release a handheld system this year, or who thinks the Microsoft/Activision merger will go through! Here's what's coming...


The EXPCast-ies: 2022 Video Game Awards Show

We brought back some special people for this episode! Josh and Dan are back and join Stoy, Steph and Pat to share their best games of 2022. We give awards to categories like Best Action/Adventure, Best Worst Game, Best Tool/Nerd, Game of the Year, and many MANY more categories, and fight over who wins. Not only do we share our choices, we also share the picks from our team at the Boss Rush Network! Welcome to 2023 everyone, this is gonna be a big year for video games. Hopefully. We are part...


The Story Of Kirby, Saving Christmas

Do you want to hear the timeless tale on how Kirby fought xenomorphs, necromorphs, found himself a maiden, and rode on the back of a motorcycle in order to save Christmas? Well, sit down by the ol yule log and roast a fire up, and drink some egg nog or whatever you want and have a look and listen to this story about Kirby, the boy wonder who saved Christmas. Leron, Steph, Pat and Stoy whip up a tale like buttermilk, so enjoy! See you all in 2023! We are part of the Boss Rush Network, a...


We're High On Life: Final Fantasy Crisis Core and River City Girls too

Short episode, and one of our last episodes of 2022, Stoy, Pat and Steph are joined by Leron from The Cross Roads Podcast, a podcast within the Boss Rush Network of podcasts! All we really talk about in this episode are the Final Fantasy XVI collectors editions, preordering the Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remasters, and playing games like Pokémon, High on Life, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Callisto Protocol, and River City Girls 2. Enjoy the episode! We are part of the Boss Rush Network, a...


The Game Awards Recap: Gungrave, Choo Choo Charles, Dragon Quest Treasures Bill Clinton Edition

Stoy, Steph and Pat start about debating what a shacket is. Weird. Other than that, we share news stories like the FTC suing over the Microsoft/Activision merger, Yuji Naka getting arrested AGAIN, and everything that happened at the game awards; the announcements, the winners, the stars and the duds. Steph plays more Pokémon Scarlet and Choo Choo Charles, Pat plays some Dragon Quest Treasures, Chained Echoes, and his impressions of the Forspoken demo, while Stoy talks about Gungrave G.O.R.E...


When Is Princess Peach Going To Rise Up?

Stephanie wrote an editorial recently about Princess Peach maybe getting her time in the lime light with the new Super Mario Bros movie, and why we haven't seen more of her in the past. The three of us talk about what we want to her more in, what kind of game she should have, her history and the history of female roles in video games. We get deep with this one bro. Here's the article:...


Last of Us Super Mario Bros Trailer Hype, Callisto Protocol and Need for Speed Unbound Yo

The trio are back to talk about that survey we put up last week, and BOY do we have some interesting answers, and not in the organized and productive way. Otherwise, we share our hype of the new Super Mario Bros movie trailer, the Last of Us series trailer, and talk about games like God of War (Steph finally plays it), Pokemon Scarlet, Soccer Story, Front Mission Remake, Callisto Protocol and NFS Unbound. Enjoy the episode! If you're honest, fill out our survey here:...


Pokemon Refunds, Callisto Protocol Death Scenes, Evil West and JoJoSiwa??

Be sure to fill out our survey and let us know how we're doing, and offer us your open and honest suggestions about how we're doing. You'll get a chance to win a $20 gift card if you fill it out by 12/14/2022. Survey is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfGntAZRGpM0L7wcLbKMJnW276ALwvXJZ0ShFOwnXioaw_n_w/viewform?usp=sf_link The trio talks about how to order a McFlurry at McDonalds without being judged, and Stoy tries to explain the World Cup like you're five. Besides that, we...


Pokemon Scarlet Woes And The Video Game Awards Nominees

Steph, Pat and Stoy dissect most everything that was revealed for the Video Game Awards happening this December 8th. We go through most of the categories and share discussions. Besides that we talk about Pokémon Scarlet, Finding Paradise, Sonic Fronters, Somerville, and Pentiment. Here's what's coming out this week!: We are part of the Boss Rush Network, a network of like minded podcasts and content creators. Follow them on their bossrush.net, Twitter, and Discord. We have a room in the...


Indie World Showcase, Sonic on the Frontier of Ragnarok with Kratos and Prism Crystals

What a title huh? Apologies for the technical difficulty in the beginning of the episode, a few things happened that caused us to lose 15 minutes of recording, so we start with the news RIGHT AWAY. We talk about the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Prince of Persia Remake canceling preorders, the Dragon Age anime coming soon, and the Mick Gordon/Doom Eternal OST fiasco that we just hope works itself out and we won't pick sides on. Anyway, besides that we played games like Procession to...


Kojima's Projects, PSVR2, And Our Extra Life Campaign For Charity!

Steph is in the building with us today, recording this episode IN PERSON as she visits the crew in Milwaukee during Extra Life weekend. We talk about the PSVR2 price and release date, everything Kojima is working on, and not working on, and every bit of news about Final Fantasy 16 up to this point! Steph plays Procession to Calvary, Concrete Genie, and Mario + Rabbids, Pat plays Plague Tale Requiem, Yomawari, Harvestella and Star Ocean, and Stoy plays Gotham Knights, Resident Evil Village...


What Are Some Good and/or Bad Collector's Editions of Video Games?

Steph is going a bit crazy buying collectors editions for video games and she needs to talk about it. Today her and Stoy share some of their favorite collector's editions, and what they feel is worth dropping almost a couple hundred dollars for. Video games are expensive... We are part of the Boss Rush Network, a network of like minded podcasts and content creators. Follow them on their website, Twitter, and Discord. We have a room in the Discord, so come say hi! Where can you follow...


We Got Games: The Gang Plays A LOT Of Games In This Episode

There wasn't much in the way of news this week, despite Stoy claiming he actually enjoys doing yard work now. Weirdo. Anyway, Dragon Age Dreadwolf is now in alpha stage, Calisto Protocol is not going to pass a ratings board in Japan, and the first Witcher video game is getting a full remake, thank god. Steph finished Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, and has struggles with Monster Hunter on the Steam Deck, Pat is disturbed by Yomawari: Lost in the Dark, but enjoys Star Ocean: The Divine...


Silent Hill Vs. Resident Evil, Gotham Knights, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope 300,000 Rats Edition

Steph, Pat and Stoy debate over whether we really need waifu VR games to kick this episode off. I don't think we reached a decision on that. We talk about the Silent Hill and Resident Evil showcases, and which series we should be more excited for, and the Bayonetta 3 controversy again. Steph plays Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and beats Ikai begrudgingly, Pat plays A Plague Tale Requiem, New Tales From The Borderlands, and Stoy plays Gotham Knights. LOT of games we played this week! Enjoy...


Everything's Shutting Down: Ikai, Scorn, and Asterigos

Disclaimers: There's some audio quality issues in this episode, as well as the last 20 minutes of the episode (and the first few seconds) we mention penises A LOT. Sorry about that. Anyway, Steph, Pat and Stoy get together to talk about a SILENT HILL SHOWCASE OH MY GOD, Hellena Taylor being upset with Bayonetta 3, and Final Fantasy First Soldier, Babylon Falls, and G4 shutting down. We share a HUGE list of upcoming games coming out this week, as well as talking about what we've been playing,...


EXPCast Comeback Stories: What Games Need For a Comeback

Stoy, Steph and Pat chill and talk about what games need that comeback story, and what it would take for these games to be revitalized. We talk about games like Mighty No. 9 (why??), Batman Arkham Knight, Mass Effect Andromeda, Saints Row, and Celebrity Deathmatch! Enjoy the episode, exclusive to Patreon members! We appreciate your contributions and support. We are part of the Boss Rush Network, a network of like minded podcasts and content creators. Follow them on their website, Twitter,...


CD Projekt RED's Roadmap, Movie and Game Trailers, Kirby, and Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo: Laryngitis Edition

Just Step and Stoy on this week's episode, feelin the fall sickness but still pumping out another great episode (at least we say so...). Today we talk about the Dead Space trailer, the Mario movie trailer, and others as well like Pokemon, Need for Speed to name a few. Apparently Nintendo is censoring "boob nudity" in Hot Tentacles Shooter, and we also go over CD Projekt RED's roadmap for the next ten years; a bunch of new Witcher titles as well as a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel. Steph beats Kirby...


Get Equipped For Fall Games: Valkyrie Elysium, Castlevania, and Kirby

Steph runs a kid's video-game themed party and almost burns the place down. Besides that, the gang pays homage to the legacy that WAS the Google Stadia (lolol), and the speculation about Playstation Rewards giving you a boost in customer service. We also dive into what's expected to come out over these next couple of months, and we hope your wallet's ready. Steph plays Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, Pat plays Valkyrie Elysium and Trails from Zero, and Stoy finishes Assassin's Creed Valhalla...

EXPCast Remake: GTA 6 Leaks, Monster Hunter Stories, and Return to Monkey Island

NO, we are not turning into a Journey podcast. Anyway, Stoy is back and kicking things off again with the crew Steph and Pat. We talk about the upcoming Super Mario movie trailer, the Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks and arrests, a Splinter Cell remake, and the Cyberpunk 2077 comeback story. Steph has a weekend full of selling her books (check out all of her content HERE), Pat plays Return to Monkey Island, The Diofield Chronicle, and Saints Row, while Stoy gets back into Assassin's Creed Valhalla...