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Died From Dissin' Terry : Plague Games and More Yakuza

There's a lot of games out there that deal with deadly viruses, most of them turning people into monsters or super villains that can throw sunglasses, shift, and catch them in mid air. We talk about 11 of our favorites! Meanwhile, we discuss news stories like Animal Crossing, Pax East and more, as well as playing games like UNICLR, Rage 2, Touryst, Darksiders Genesis, Final Fantasy XV, Yakuza (again) and Fire Emblem. Thanks for listening! Check out our Patreon page www.patreon.com/expcast...


RPG-Cast Bonus Episode with Meghan Sullivan from History N' Games

What is an RPG? Pat, Josh, Stoy and Meghan meet up on a cold winter's night to discuss what kinds of Role Playing Games are there, what defines them, and how the genre has blurred its' way into other genres. We even get a history lesson on the origins of role playing games. We talk about differences between the JRPG, WRPG, what games should be considered RPGs but aren't, and vice versa. Make sure to follow Meghan Sullivan at her podcast History N Games.


Wilhelm Screaming in Tall Grass : Darksiders Genesis and Metro Exodus

Josh Pat and Stoy complain a lot about some of the worst cliches in video games today, like hiding in tall grass, open world games that don't need to be open world games, long games that don't need to be long, and color coded loot systems that well, don't need to be color coded. Meanwhile, they gush over how good the Sonic movie was, and played games like Darksiders Genesis, Division 2, Yakuza, Metro Exodus: Sam's Story DLC and Jet Li's Rise to Honor. Thanks for listening! Check out our...


Brandon and Alexsei from CM Games, Into the Radius VR

Stoy sits down with Brandon and Alexsei from CM Games to talk about their Early Access title Into the Radius, a mysterious exploration game that takes place in a derelict Soviet mining town where a strange anomaly happened, and it's your role to navigate the strange town and all of its' mysteries. It was a great interview, and we talked about their experiences developing mobile games, and making the jump to the VR space, as well as interacting with the Early Access players. Enjoy the...


The Scalper's Edition; Expensive Video Games, Walking Dead VR and Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Josh leads the way in this episode talking about what was the most you ever spent on a video game, and the video game collecting world overpricing games. Meanwhile, everyone but Stoy is excited for the remaster of Wonderful 101, Dan plays Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Pat plays Journey to the Savage Planet, Stoy loves Walking Dead Saints and Sinners and watches the Netflix Marvel street heroes shows, and Josh has opinions on 198x. Thanks for listening! Check out our Patreon page...


Mario Kart Tournament in a Movie Theater

Josh, Dan and Stoy are joined by Matt and Aleks, the winners of the Mario Kart tournament in Wauwatosa, WI at the Rosebud Cinema. Sponsored by Tier 1 Gaming Lounge. We talk about some tips on how to "get gud", hopes and wishes for the next Mario Kart installment, and some of our fondest Mario Kart memories. Thanks for listening! Check out our Patreon page www.patreon.com/expcast and consider donating to our podcast! The funds will go directly into the podcast to fund equipment upgrades and...


Top Chickens in Video Games, DragonBallZ and YouTube Shenanigans

Ever Google yourself? Don't. Otherwise, in this episode we talk about video game development, YouTube getting the rights to Activision Blizzard esports leagues, and playing games like Switch and Shoot, Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind, 198x, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Judgment and Dragon Valor. Probably one of our weirdest discussions, we talk about some of the best and most iconic chickens in video games. Like Yakuza, Legend of Zelda, Rocky, Mort the Chicken, Final Fantasy, and more! Thanks for...


Villain Redemption: Hentai in a Half Shell, Hardcore Mecha and Tokyo Mirage Sessions

We start out with a weird trend revolving around soy sauce, but I promise we do talk about video games in this one. Pat, Josh, Dan and Stoy talk about all the recent video game delays, Smash Bros updates, The Witcher Netflix series, and playing games like Last Guardian, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, To The Moon, Hardcore Mecha, Sniper Contracts, Fade to Silence and more! We finish things off with a deep dive of villains; can they be redeemable, and which ones have in the past? We go through Far...


Horror Video Gaming Podcast? Yes Please. with JD from The Loser Podcast

Want to know more lore and character profiles from some of your favorite horror games? Follow JD from The Loser Podcast, where the premise is him going into a deep dive of the story, lore, and characters in some of our favorite horror video games. As of now he's in his first season, talking about Outlast, but he has MORE to cover in the future. We talk about horror games in general, some of our favorite scary moments, and more! Check out The Loser Podcast anywhere you consume...


2020 Video Game Predictions, And Creating Armies of Fish

The crew is back together to talk about what we think is going to happen in the video game world in 2020, while looking back on if what we predicted in 2019 came true or not. In the meantime, we discuss Assassin's Creed rumors, the new Pokemon Direct, and playing games like Tomb Raider, Wattam, Greedfall, Borderlands 3, Life is Strange 2, Control, and Ace of Seafood. Thanks for listening! Check out our Patreon page www.patreon.com/expcast and consider donating to our podcast! The funds will...


History In Games with Mehgan Sullivan (from History 'N Games Podcast)

Pat and Stoy sit down in this older Patreon-exclusive episode with Meghan Sullivan, a former IGN editor and a history buff that also loves video games! She runs the History 'N Games podcast where she takes a deep dive into a lot of the history and lore in video games that correlates with real world history. You can find her podcast on any music streaming platform, and be sure to follow her on Twitter @Meghan_IGN and Instagram @celtic_queen_meg. To listen to these episodes early, consider...


Our Backlogs, Most Anticipated Games of 2020, and Weird Commercials

We kick off the year 2020 with a taste testing of the Argonian Ale Stoy made (check out our YouTube page to see how). It's a Belgian Witbier that turned out just the way Stoy intended! Besides that, we talk about cross dressing in Final Fantasy VII Remake, playing games like Shenmue 3, Metal Storm, Life is Strange 2, and more! We also talk about our backlog of games that we need to complete, hopefully soon, and our most anticipated games of 2020. Thanks for listening! Check out our...


Outtakes and Funny Bits

This is a recap of some of the funniest bits from our 2019 season of podcasts. We had a lot of fun it seems. Or is that pain behind out voices? Thanks for listening! Check out our Patreon page www.patreon.com/expcast and consider donating to our podcast! The funds will go directly into the podcast to fund equipment upgrades and bonus content. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @EXPCast to join in on the conversation and interact with us! You can listen to new episodes every Monday...


LIVE with Jordan and Ace at a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

The crew sits down with Jordan from the Tier 1 Gaming Lounge, and Ace, who works for the theater group that owns the Rosebud Cinema where they hosted ( one of hopefully many more to come) a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament! They talk to us about their trials and tribulations, technical troubleshooting, and bringing a community of gamers together to compete and have fun. It was a fun episode, and we hope to see more from these guys in the future. Thanks for listening! Check out our...


Gamergirldelux - Women in Video Games, and Being Unapologetically You

Stoy sits down with Karen, also known as gamergirldelux on Instagram and Mixer, to talk about women in video games; from being a "girl gamer" and all the stereotypes and toxicity that comes with it, to the portrayals of women in video games, like Hellblade, Tomb Raider, and World of Warcraft. Karen is a bastion of positivity for women, especially on social media and streaming online. Her message of being "unapologetically you" shows how just being yourself and being who you are as a person...


The GAMERS! EXPCast 2019 Video Game Awards

The four of us debate hotly at times over the best games of the year, but we're still friends as of this episode posting! Awards for Best Action Game, Best Adventure/Open World, Best Indie, Best Music, Best VR title, Game of the Year and so on are given out, congratulations to all the winners! Before then, we talk about the Video Game Awards hosted by Goeff Keighly, and playing games like Shovel Knight King of Cards, Disco Elysium, and Tekken 7. Have a great holiday season, see you in...


Christmas Themes In Video Games, Silent Hill and Resident Evil Rumors and Arise

Stoy unsuccessfully tries to get Siri to recognize our podcast, but it doesn't stop us from having a good episode! In this episode we talk about the new Bioshock game announcement, and the leak for Resident Evil 3 Remake, as well as a heavy rumor about Kojima coming back to develop a new Silent Hill game. Dan plays Kohlat, Pat plays Arise and Life is Strange 2, and Stoy plays Vader Immortal and Halo Reach. We celebrate the "16 Days Till Christmas" by talking about the Top 16 Christmas themes...


EXPCast Interview: Jordan from Tier 1 Gaming Lounge

In this exclusive episode, Stoy sits down with Jordan, the owner of Tier 1 Gaming Lounge in Milwaukee, WI. Tier 1 Gaming Lounge is a is a modern day arcade, with high end PCs and current gen home consoles, as well as PC VR headsets to rent by the hour. It's a one of a kind place here in Milwaukee that's seen a lot of success over the last few years. In this interview, Jordan goes through a bit of his history, in life as an aspiring pro gamer, to deciding one day to open up a gaming lounge in...


Top 10 Games of the Decade, Death Stranding and Need For Speed

It's a full house today as Josh, Dan, Pat and Stoy share their personal Top 10 Games of the Decade; games like Death Stranding, Mass Effect 2, Persona 4, Monster Hunter World, Last of Us, and more! Before that we talk about some recent developer studio acquisitions, and playing games like Death Stranding, Jedi Fallen Order, Pokemon Shield, and Diablo 3. Thanks for listening! Check out our Patreon page www.patreon.com/expcast and consider donating to our podcast! The funds will go directly...


Top 15 Video Game Trends of the Decade, Terminator Resistance and Half Life

Josh, Dan and Stoy kick back and talk about being hungover in a Gamestop, and Google Stadia and Half Life: Alyx, as well as playing games like Terminator Resistance, Espire VR Operative, Pokemon Sword and Outer Worlds. Seeing as how the 2010s are coming to a close, we decided to reminisce about some of the top video game trends of the decade. Some were good, like big open world games and stories, pixel game revivals and VR, to infamous trends like battle royal games, gaming toxicity and loot...