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Why Street Fighter 5 makes you feel so bad, and how we're overcoming it

It's no secret that the latest Street Fighter can invoke a special mix of rage and anxiety when at its worst, but why -exactly- is this the case? We bring on DreamKing to try to hash out the dirty details as well as to talk about Monday's wonderfully successful Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 event. Timestamps01:40 - Setting the stage05:14 - Risk vs. Reward, Offense vs. Defense, and the main issue for SF510:47 - The second strongest defensive mechanic in this game14:37 - The "Blackjack...


Discussing Street Fighter 6 leaks, when FGC offline events are coming back, and five dollar footlongs

Capcom has been hacked and as a result leaks concerning Street Fighter 6 have begun circulating on the interwebs. Catalyst and I discuss the details and see what all else we can deduce about SF6 given recent timelines, statements, and actions made by Capcom employees. Plus, how far off is the FGC from a return to normalcy when it comes to offline events? New vaccine developments are giving us some new hope. And finally, we take a closer look at Punk's recent SF5 tier list. Timestamps01:23 -...


How far off is online play from being 'legit' in the FGC's eyes? PlayStation 5 may have input delay issues, and new Tekken 7 netcode gets huge praise

There's been a lot of progress made when it comes to fighting game network play, and with as many wins as we've seen in recent times in this avenue, it seems a good time to evaluate where the FGC currently sits as far as its feelings toward the legitimacy of network play. Plus, Tekken players really love their franchise, PlayStation 5 might have some input lag woes, and there's a surprising amount of things to say about chip damage. Timestamps00:45 - Indiana Jones02:30 - We've been making...


Do we want more frequent balance updates for future Street Fighter titles? Should we expect Dan and Season 5 to actually begin rolling out in 2020?

We're looking to the future on this week's episode as Catalyst and I consider Capcom's approach to balancing Street Fighter 5 and ask whether or not we'd like to see more frequent adjustments as the standard for future titles. Plus, we're getting closer to the release of Dan and the first batch of Season 5 content, but should we be expecting it to actually happen here in 2020? Timestamps01:49 - When should we be expecting the first batch of Season 5 content?04:03 - Capcom baked in an option...


Seth has emerged as a monster of a character right now in Street Fighter 5 and we explore why, plus discuss SF4 vs. SF5 in 2020

Seth has been popping up more and more and more frequently in Street Fighter 5 competitions as of late naturally leading us to worry that the character is overpowered and too easy to win with, but we're not exactly sure that's the case. In fact, Seth might actually be one of SF5's biggest achievements yet. Plus, Tokido switches to Urien and misses his shot at getting into Capcom Cup, a new Dhalsim player is starting to turn heads, we're revisiting Street Fighter 4 to compare it to Street...


Online tournaments are causing drama in the FGC, are we ready for this new horizon or do we need more time?

The fighting game community has had a few good months now of major online tournaments and things have been... interesting so far. Recent drama with ChrisG and the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour as well as a few issues in 2020 Capcom Pro Tour Online events juxtapose with the fact this medium very well may be the way of the future and leave us asking ourselves whether or not our community is quite ready for online majors or not. Plus Twitch is changing drastically forever and we introduce a...


Why the latest netcode update for Street Fighter 5 might especially benefit PS4 users, how Capcom looks to be evolving the game in Season 5, and more

Street Fighter 5 just got a new netcode update and Catalyst and I have spent some time this morning exploring it directly while also trying to figure out what specific changes we should expect moving forward. Speaking of changes moving forward, Capcom appears to be planning to evolve the game in some significant ways in Season 5. Finally, why does Mortal Kombat's Mileena have such a rabid fan base? We explore a bit of the psychology behind the fandom of this simultaneous sexy bae and...


Street Fighter 5 survived where Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Street Fighter X Tekken died, we discuss why

Capcom's fighting game department has been notoriously bad at launching games in recent years as Street Fighter X Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and Street Fighter 5 all suffered through horrendous early chapters. Why though, did Cross Tekken and Infinite wind up failing entirely while Street Fighter 5 was ultimately able to keep its head above water? We investigate the particulars to find possible answers to this question. Timestamps01:07 - Street Fighter X Tekken's sad story05:56 -...


Akuma's overpowered status in Street Fighter 5 isn't getting enough discussion, here's how we feel Capcom will address him in upcoming balance changes

Believe it or not, we're entering the final months of 2020 and that means a Street Fighter 5 balance patch is likely on the horizon. With that in mind, we're a bit surprised at how little we're hearing in the way of calls for Akuma nerfs and so we're diving in to highlight the specifics of why he's overpowered and how Capcom should go about fixing him. Also, we recently got more information about Season 5's first DLC character, Dan, and it sounds as though there's a chance the joke character...


Gaming is rapidly coming upon crossroads of major change, how might it impact the fighting game community?

With the major reveals that have been rolling out for the next generation of gaming consoles it's becoming quickly apparent that the way we play, pay for, and consume video games is all but certainly about to change in some drastic ways, and so Catalyst and I examine what this might mean for the FGC. Plus we compare what we know about the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, talk about Bandai Namco's expert handling of one of Master Roshi's more sensitive personality points, and talk more Seth in...


Is Street Fighter 5 in a good spot now?

A terrible launch, input lag, unbalanced mechanics, lack of single player modes, and plenty more missteps have put a bad taste in many mouths when it comes to Street Fighter 5, but it's been four and a half years and Capcom has remedied many of these core issues and so we have to ask, is Street Fighter 5 at a good place here in the latter half of 2020? Catalyst and I pick this question apart and try to offer some thoughtful answers. 00:46 - Cuties and Mountain Dew margaritas from Red...


Major balance changes coming to Street Fighter 5 just before Capcom Cup will have a significant impact, how will the community react to them?

Capcom Cup looks to be scheduled somewhat soon after a major balance update that includes the implementation of a brand new mechanic in Street Fighter 5, we have to wonder how well this'll go over with both players and fans. Plus, I'm back to learning many 101 lessons as I explore Seth and share some of my important findings thus far, and we get into some dangerous frames of mind you'll want to be sure to avoid. Timestamps00:00 - Intro and Jon's trash duties01:10 - Major changes coming to...


Is Street Fighter 5's latest character the standard we should see for future DLC releases? Is Dragon Ball FighterZ's new rage quit penalty too harsh?

Has Capcom found the right recipe for DLC character design in Street Fighter 5's Seth? Plus Dragon Ball FighterZ comes down hard on rage quitters, NVIDIA announces tech that might mean significant reduction in input delay for future titles, and Tokyo Game Show will bring with it some kind of Street Fighter announcement at the end of this month. Timestamps01:10 - Raptor picked up Seth02:31 - Should Seth be the new standard for DLC character tier strength moving forward?23:50 - What might...


Biggest changes we'd like to see in Street Fighter 5's upcoming patch, turbulence at Lab Zero, and how to maintain control in intense situations

We know a new balance patch is coming for Street Fighter 5 almost certainly in December, so what kind of changes could do the game the most good? Plus, employees at Lab Zero have been on something of a exodus alleging consistently unprofessional behaviors from owner Mike Z as the reason why. We discuss all this plus how to maintain better control and stop doing stupid stuff in high stakes situations. Timestamps01:14 - Lab Zero employees leave the company, allegations of unprofessional...


What's the most likely new mechanic coming to Street Fighter 5? Plus how the latest Capcom Pro Tour event shook up the game's tiers

There's a new battle mechanic en route for Street Fighter 5, but we currently have no idea what it is. Catalyst and I speculate on this likely game changer, then get into the results of the weekend's Capcom Pro Tour Online North America including the bit of controversy surrounding Punk and lag. We also discuss the reveal of Master Roshi for Dragon Ball FighterZ and talk about our personal experiences playing in a major online event. Timestamps00:45 - What might the new SF5 mechanic be?...


Is the PlayStation 4 heavily responsible for people thinking Street Fighter 5's online experience is trash? Thoughts on Ono's departure from Capcom

DreamKing and I built our own PCs and Street Fighter 5 turned into an entirely different experience, he joins us to share particulars. Plus, Yoshinori Ono has announced that he'll be leaving Capcom after almost 27 years with the company, Catalyst and I react to and discuss this end of an era scenario. Timestamps00:50 - PlayStation 4 to PC experience comparison12:25 - Playing in ranked19:01 - How much of online play woes are due to PS4 hardware?21:59 - Comparing specs on the hardware/this...


What today's Street Fighter 5 announcements mean for the future of the game

Capcom just revealed a whole mess of new content for Street Fighter 5... but we're going to have to wait a while for all of it to come out. We offer our thoughts on the incoming DLC and discuss the future of Street Fighter 5 and beyond. Timestamps00:54 - "This is what not rushing Street Fighter 6 looks like" Gut reactions09:17 - What this tells us about where the community is at right now20:20 - Was Dan a good call?28:23 - Thoughts on Rose30:42 - Thoughts on Oro34:26 - Thoughts on Akira


What reveals are en route from Capcom for Street Fighter 5 in the coming days?

Capcom has announced that we're on the verge of some major Street Fighter 5 reveals and so we discuss what's most likely to be shown during this Friday's roundtable and next Wednesday's live stream events. We also get into the results of the very exciting CPT Online Asia East, talk about how Daigo is able to pull off such immaculate footsies, and consider the current state of balancing fighting games amid the backdrop of eSports. Timestamps01:37 - Street Fighter 5 reveals are right around...


Who are the top 20 characters in Season 5 of Street Fighter 5? EventHubs composite tier list part two

We discussed our way through the bottom 20 Street Fighter 5 Season 5 characters on last week's episode and are now tackling the top 20 of our composite EventHubs tier list. Timestamps01:50 - Necalli11:28 - Abigail19:44 - Dhalsim29:27 - Menat37:49 - Laura43:17 - R. Mika50:08 - Seth55:12 - Cammy1:00:17 - Ibuki1:07:10 - Zeku1:13:14 - Kolin1:17:58 - Guile1:21:39 - Chun-Li1:28:24 - Poison1:32:52 - Rashid1:39:47 - M. Bison1:45:18 - Karin1:51:49 - G1:58:12 - Urien2:04:14- Akuma


Who are the bottom 20 characters in Season 5 of Street Fighter 5? EventHubs composite tier list part one

It's time to kick off the EventHubs Season 5 tier list discussion as four of us here on the site have ordered personal tier lists the entire Street Fighter 5 roster. We then averaged those four together and will be discussing characters 40-21 on this week's episode. 1:05 - General Criteria07:34 - Alex12:58 - Falke18:33 - F.A.N.G22:06 - Nash27:47 - Juri32:07 - Ryu 38:38 - Ed43:22 - Vega47:40 - E. Honda57:17 - Blanka1:02:26 - Cody1:07:45 - Sagat1:12:21 - Ken1:16:03 - Lucia1:21:05 -...