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‘The FGC is no more toxic than other communities’ - Ernesto Lopez joins the EventHubs podcast to talk his red hot rise to fame, FGC drama and more

Timestamps 1:09 - How I got started 6:59 - The explosive success of Button Check 24:32 - Focusing on drama in the FGC 38:09 - Is the FGC more toxic than other communities? 44:30 - Bathroom break 45:50 - Button Check is more than just “FGC TMZ”


There’s money on the line, clear out? We discuss if cash should take priority over casuals, and rank SF5’s S3 characters

Do money matches take priority over casual sets? The FGC twitter has been ablaze over this… issue… plus we discuss the infamous EVO grand finals Sonic Fox side switch, our one week impressions of G and Sagat, some important tips on fighting game basics and more. Timestamps 2:14 - Casuals vs. Money Matches policy 10:48 - Lil Majin’s heartbreak and maintaining mental fortitude 16:37 - Side switching, icing opponents and doing push ups against Infiltration 30:19 - G and Sagat, one week...


Who won the EVO reveal war? We go all out recapping the insanity from EVO and recent character reveals

EVO 2018 was amazing with incredible competition, most entertaining drama and one missed opportunity we hope they’ll fix for future years. We talk about all of it plus debate which developer we think ‘won’ EVO with their reveals this year and a whole lot more. Timestamps 1:39 - Experiencing EVO/Vegas firsthand 4:53 - The one drag in my experience 9:52 - Which developer ‘won’ the reveal war at EVO this year? (Negan, G, Sagat) 30:00 - Does Capcom have more in store for Street Fighter 5 in...


What are the central gameplay differences between Street Fighter 5 and Street Fighter 4 and is it fair to call one better than the other?

Plus a closer look at unique entrant EVO numbers, Disney buys Fox for 72 billion, why Dragon Ball FighterZ’s adding more Gokus and Vegetas is actually okay and more. Timestamps 1:24 - Unique EVO entrant numbers 5:28 - More Goku and Vegeta in DBFZ 12:12 - Disney buys Fox… new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite potential? 22:02 - Unwritten rules of fighting games 24:53 - Street Fighter 4 vs. Street Fighter 5


How Darkstalkers died, and what Yoshinori Ono may be attempting to resurrect the franchise

Darkstalkers and Street Fighter 4 have several heavy ties that fans may not be aware of. We explore how these titles are intrinsically linked together, and how one was a large success, while the other has struggled to live up to expectations. The central thread in this story — Yoshinori Ono — has a history of trying to (mostly) unsuccessfully revive the Darkstalkers franchise, which isn’t a secret to most people in the fighting game community.


SF5 Season 3 characters too weak? Daigo wins his first Premier, EVO numbers analysis and more

We produced an article about Street Fighter 5’s Season 3 characters and how they’re not really making the grade, Twitter got mad us and so we have some words to hopefully clarify our point, Plus Daigo wins his first Premier event of 2018, Laura had a surprisingly good weekend and later MajinTenshinhan joins us to talk about EVO numbers and what they potentially mean for each of the fighting games that’ll be at this year’s big dance.


We made a tier list! Both Catalyst and Velociraptor rank the entire cast of Street Fighter 5 from strongest to weakest

Street Fighter 5’s input lag situation is even worse than we thought, plus we respond to some unrest on Twitter about covering smaller scenes and then Catalyst and I try to figure out our SF5 tier lists from the very top to the very bottom. Timestamps 00:00 - On spotlighting local communities 14:19 - Street Fighter 5’s new input lag development 23:12 - Tier list discussion


Was ELEAGUE’s break during grand finals a bad call?

Bryant “Smug” Huggins had a Cinderalla story run at the ELEAGUE finals that saw him make it all the way into the final bout with Tokido. After an impressive 3-0 reset by Smug, the cameras cut to a two minute break that sent the FGC social media world into a frenzy about how unfair this was to Smug and his momentum. Was it really the wrong call?


Crap tier characters aren’t worth the trouble in Street Fighter 5, we examine why; hidden balance changes & what Capcom can do better

The lowest tiers of Street Fighter 5 really do suck, but what exactly is it that makes them so hard to win with? Why doesn’t Capcom tell its players about the secret ninja balance changes that we’ve been seeing as of late? Plus Catalyst and I make our bets for ELEAGUE this Friday as eight of the best players in the world get ready to square off for over 100,000 dollars. Timestamps 00:00 - What makes the low tiers so bad? 13:30 - Why Capcom should be telling us about ninja edit...


We discuss reports of racism in Daytona during CEO 2018; is Cammy becoming a problem in Street Fighter 5? EventHubs Podcast

CEO was great! Daytona… not so much. Multiple reports of racism in the surrounding area have attendees debating their return in coming years to an otherwise stellar event. Plus our very own MajinTenshinhan joins us to talk bracket seeding issues and why he’s not as happy as everyone else about Cody in Street Fighter 5. Also, ten Cammys in top 32? Is it time for the nerf bat yet? Timestamps 0:00 - Intro and special guest MajinTenshinhan talks brackets and Cody 22:00 - CEO and the not so...


How strong is Cody early on? Why playing the ‘right’ way in Street Fighter 5 can be wrong, and how to adjust like a pro

Capcom wins with Cody! The new Mayor of Metro City is now out in Street Fighter 5, people are really liking him and he appears to be really good. Has Capcom finally hammered down how to do this DLC model correctly? Plus learn how to make adjustments like the pros and how to avoid doing yourself the disservice of judging characters, moves and games too quickly. TIMESTAMPS 5:00 - Cody, how good is he? 12:55 - Capcom is becoming more effective with their DLC model 22:30 - When doing the...


Nintendo’s hype levels blow Capcom and the rest of the FGC out of the water for character reveals, and SF5’s small roster size

Though they’ve certainly had some successes, Capcom’s record when it comes to recent character reveals and roster presentations has been spotty at best. Competitors like Super Smash Bros. and Tekken have been hitting home runs left and right, so what needs to happen for the Street Fighter developers to get back on track?


Why we hate Street Fighter 5… but also love it

In episode four of the EventHubs podcast we take a look at why Street Fighter 5 draws out so many extreme emotions from its players, both good and bad. As a game meant to be played more in the mental realm than many others, we look to the examples of up and comers Punk and MenaRD as they struggle to establish a sound mental approach in their already successful journies as pros. Then we examine how Tokido’s use of meditation and healthy life habits have given him a competitive...


DoA 6 risks ditching the risqué, DBFZ gets a world tour, how to avoid learning bad habits online

Dead or Alive 6 takes a risk and dials back the sexy, how to train online without developing bad habits and LevelUp runs into trouble with YouTube


Too early to call Sonic Fox new top DBFZ dog? Does the FGC appear too toxic to the outside world?

Catalyst and Velociraptor examine the Street Fighter 5 community’s tendencies to often write off characters too quickly, discuss Sonic Fox’s monumental Dragon Ball FighterZ win over Go1 at Combo Breaker and take a closer look at how the FGC is being viewed as it moves further into view of the general public.