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91: How to Showcase Your Game at Events with Kelly Wallick from IndieMEGABOOTH

On Game Dev Loadout, we discuss how IndieMEGABOOTH was started, how to showcase your game at events, and the cost of inaction. Kelly Wallick is the founder of Indie Megabooth which mission is to bring indie games to the forefront of the gaming community. Game devs go to this event to network with fans, colleagues, and even publishers. She also is an IGF(indie games festival) chairman and co-organizer of BitSummit. Items Mentioned: Kelly TwitterEmailcontact@indiemegabooth.comIndie...


90: Seek Comfortability to Increase Productivity with Katharine Neil

We discuss the importance of being comfortable, why crunch needs to be avoided, and how her old office was full of holes. Katharine Neil has 19 plus years of experience in the game industry working on a variety of genres including racing games, third-person shooters, management sims, and more. She blogs and speaks at GDC. Currently, she is the narrative designer for Nyam Nyam Games currently working on a project called Astrologaster. Items Mentioned: KatharineTwitterKatharineEmailKatharine...


89: Change Your Life with an Aeron Chair, Cliff Harris from Positech Games

On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, join Cliff Harris from Positech Games as we discuss AI programming, interpersonal skills, buying a great chair for comfort, and much more. He is an indie game developer from the UK, behind strategy and sim games such as Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles. His company also published games such as Big Pharma and Political Animals. Cliff is a big blogger writing about game development and his thoughts on the game industry. Items...


88: Join a Great Community for Inspiration with Jason Canam from Household Games

On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, join Jason Canam from Household Games Incorporation as we discuss making games accessible, taking timeline seriously, benefits of being in a community, and much more. He found his company in 2016 which is focused on creating high-quality and stylized original IP content for consoles and PC. He used to be the game designer for DrinkBox Studios working on Guacamelee! Championship Edition and now his current game The Way of the Passive Fist is out now. Items...


87: Going Indie with Jake Birkett of Grey Alien Games

“To do anything decent in life, you have to stick at it.” Jake Birkett has been an indie developer since 2005 for his company Grey Alien Games. HIs work includes Shadowhand and Regency Solitaire. He also writes blogs about his experience. Join us as we discuss making games faster, how he took the huge risk of going indie, and much more. Items Mentioned: WebsiteTwitterFacebookinfo@greyaliengames.comShadowhandRegency SolitaireSteve Pavlina: Cultivating Burning DesireBlitzBasic Unity...


86: Game Development is a Process, Identity, and Marketing Term with Nick Culbertson of Moby Pixel

On the Game Dev Loadout podcast, join Nick Culbertson of Moby Pixel as we discuss the importance of updating your game as technology advances, turning negative experiences into positive, the meaning of game dev, and much more. He is the host of a new game developer podcast called Game Dev Deconstructed where he explores the process of game development providing you with an in-depth, tactical blueprint for navigating the game industry. He is also an indie developer and the founder of Moby...


85: The Benefits of Having a Game Consultant with Tommy Roekkum of Trym Studios

We discuss the benefits of having a game consultant, his experience of hiring a freelancer, how he got a publisher, and much more. Tommy is the Project lead and CEO of Trym Studios, hailing out of Norway, currently working on their first game, a 17th century trade sim! Tommy, coming from the oil industry made a big transition from a safe and well paid job over to creating his own game studio and going for a very ambitions game, getting a publisher at the start of development and funds to...


84: What Makes People Buy Games with Dan Schoenbaum of Cooladata

We discuss the importance of gathering data on your audience, High LTV customers, CAC, and much more. Dan Schoenbaum is the CEO of Cooladata which specializes in helping clients understand their customer’s journey from discovery and conversion to retention and growth. Essentially they analyze customer behavior analytics to help you figure out what your audience is doing with your game and how you can optimize it. Items Mentioned: Dan Website


83: Toolsmith, Rendering Gods, and Revision Control System with Blair Leggett of One More Story Games

"So too how a mountaineer has their safety line, a game team has their revision control system. If codes get messed up or something goes fubar, you have a RCS like a GitHub or Perforce that will help you recover NOT IF accidents happen but when IT happens especially as you start to scale up in development." Blair Leggett leads a small indie studio with his wife called One More Story Games. With over 20 plus years in the game industry, they have built their own game engine specifically for...


82: Information Distribution, Cooperative Communication Mechanics, and HCI with Zachary Toups of New Mexico State University

"One of the key measures for when teams are communicating well is that their proactive in sharing information with each other. They don’t waste too much time asking each other questions. They proactively tell people what they need to know when they need to know it." Zachary O. Toups is an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at New Mexico State University in the areas of game design and human-computer interaction. His research develops gameplay through which participants...


81: Follow the Three P’s Principle When Choosing a Job with Richard Ludlow of Hexany Audio

Three P’s Principle “You can take a project if it has any one of these three P’s. Great Project if you think it’s really neat and you love the work. Great People if you are working with awesome people and building great relationships. Great Payment if it pays well. It’s amazing if you get two of the three.” Join Richard Ludlow of Hexany Audio as we discuss the importance of not writing overbearing scripts, learning to say “NO,” following the three ‘P’s when choosing a project to work on,...


80: Art Materials, Megascan, and Workflow with Teddy Bergsman of Quixel

Teddy Bergsman - “I never seen a single person being fired over a tool helping them out or making their work faster. Not a single time and I work with gaming companies and filming companies in the world. And that just doesn’t happen and I think that’s what scares people to shy away from revolutionary type of tools. Embrace it, adopt it early as you can, get ahead of the curve.” Join Teddy Bergsman as he discusses how megascans work and why it’s important, his obsession to help me the game...


79: How Lawyers are Helping us Game Developers Stay Safe and Creative with Gary Nissenbaum

Gary D. Nissenbaum - “Have you created a three-dimensional world in which the interaction of these characters is so unique that it’s really not copying that of the other games, and have you created designs and elements that are so different than what’s come before? That’s where the rubber meets the road when it comes to the legal issues.” Gary D. Nissenbaum is the managing attorney of the Nissenbaum Law Group, a law firm that represents a wide range of business clients, from single person...


78: Human-Computer Interaction and Game Design with Lennart Nacke from the University of Waterloo

We discuss the importance of backing up your data, getting in the game industry with a unique degree, the benefits of identifying human emotions, and much more. Lennart Nacke is an associate professor and research director for the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Games Group at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He focuses on evaluating our physiological signals while we play games. His research include gamification, user experience, health and wellness, and affective...


77: Always be Kind to your Audience and Embracing Limitation with Wing Cho

Wing Cho - “You should really have a dialogue. Always talk because if you don’t then you will have a big issue and it’s going to take more time to deal with it when you could of dealt with it immediately. He is a Ex-Nintendo and ex-Rockstar lead game designer with 20 years of experience. With over 17 shipped titles and selling over 12 million units, his work include the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, Midnight Club 2, Red Dead Revolver, and more. Currently he is the senior game designer at...


76: Hiring a Composer, Universal lawyer, and Being Honest with Duncan Watt of Fastestmanintheworld Media

Duncan Watt - “The fastest way to work someone to break the ice and get the ball rolling, it’s just be honest. Be honest, be excited, and tell the truth.” Duncan Watt is the founder of the Fastestmanintheworld Media which provides custom scoring, audio outsourcing and consulting for the digital games industry. His work include Bioshock Infinite and League of Legends which is one of the biggest game in the world. He also speak at events such as GDC and teaches on the side at Berklee...


75: What is the Main Focus of Your Animation with Sebastien Dussault

Sebastien Dussault - “It’s really rare that we just sit down and think about what we do and just try to do one thing at a time, even it’s for 15 minutes, those 15 minutes can count” Sebastien Dussault is the lead animator at Meduzart and was originally working at Ubisoft. He focuses on gameplay animations, scripted events and cinematics, and testing animation systems. His work include For Honor and Assassin Creed. Key points: Don’t move rapidly into production until everyone is on the...


74: Follow these Core Values to Compose Great Music with Matthew Carl Earl of Hexany Audio

Join Matthew Carl Earl as he discusses the six core values of his company, letting composers be early in the process of the game idea, making bold moves, and so much more. He is the lead composer at Hexany Audio which specializes in original music, sound, and voice over for games, VR, and interactive media. They have developed audio for both Triple-A and indie titles such as Moonlight Blade, Iron Knight, King’s Quest, and more. Connect: FacebookEmail: mearl@hexanyaudio.comHexany...


73: How to Make Indie Games with a Low Budget with Oded Sharon

Oded Sharon - “You need to use your strengths as a creative person and not necessarily as a production company. If you are a small team, buy pre made assets from the assets store that are within your scope. Don’t waste time building everything.” Oded Sharon is the founder and ceo of two companies, Corbomite Games and Adventure Mob. With over 18 years of experience, he made games such as Zbang, Cocktail Run, and Bolt Riley. He is also the head of Israeli IGDA and give GDC talks. We...


72: Gamification, Professor Game Podcast, and Reading with Rob Alvarez

Rob Alvarez - “Every action you take has to help you build toward the objective, maybe not directly but even if it’s indirectly, you have to see a path. Whatever you are including, whatever you are introducing is helping your player feel some way so that you can achieve your business objective, or your fun objective, or your learning objective.” Rob Alvarez studies gamification design for learning experience at the IE Business School which is a graduate school over at Spain. He also host...


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