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Talking about food we like to eat, and games we love to play!

Talking about food we like to eat, and games we love to play!
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Talking about food we like to eat, and games we love to play!




Ep 21 - June Updates Y'all!

E3 is on the horizon, but until then, we run down the list of games you can look forward to in June. We also discuss the changes revealed about Call of Duty Black Ops and give you the scoop on Nintendo's upcoming Online service "Nintendo Online". Again, we are announcing our new segment "Fan Snacks", so be sure to check out the details on that and email us at to be a part of the show!


Ep 20 - All Your E3 Are Belong To Us!

E3 is almost here! In preparation for our favorite event of the year; we go through the event dates and conference times, list off all the confirmed and rumored games to be shown at E3 and discuss our most anticipated games, hopefuls and favorite moments from previous E3s! We also give you our E3 themed "Snack of the Week", "Overwatch Update" and announce a new segment called "Fan Snacks!" which will give you (our amazing listeners) a chance at the spotlight :)


Ep 19 - Buy... Rent... Destroy!

This week is a unique and fun episode. We created a game based on our old review system, mixed with the popular and mostly immature game known as "Kill/Screw/Marry". We compiled a list of some of our top 5 favorite games of all time and pit them up against each other. We then each took a turn deciding which game we would Buy (Play forever), Rent (Play once) or Destroy (Never play)! This resulted in some tough decisions, fun banter and friendly arguments. Hope you enjoy! Let us know in the...


Ep 18 - God of War is Fire!

It's finally here! Our epic review of the long anticipated "God of War"! Plus, we reveal our new "Snack" related rating system and give you a "Quick Bytes" update on what to look forward to at E3 2018! Let us know in the comments what you hope to see at E3 this year.


Ep 17 - May Updates and Why Fortnite?

It's time for another monthly update. We let you know what you can blow your paycheck on in may. We also talk about Fortnite and discuss its rampant popularity. Is it justified? Then, in GameSnacks form, we give you our "Snack of the Week" and "Overwatch Updates".


Ep 16 - Top 5 Open World Goodness!

It's another top 5 episode! With the recent release of Far Cry 5 and Red Dead 2 on its way, we each make a list of our Top 5 Favorite Open World Video Games Ever!! List are so much fun :) We also give you our open world "Snack of the Week" and give you a "Quick Bytes" update. Let us know if the comments what your top 5 list is or if we missed any you think deserve to be on top.


Ep. 11 - Hollywood! Where Games Go To Die

It's another sad day for video games in movies :( In light of the upcoming Tomb Raider film, we dive into a discussion about the history of games in cinema, what they're doing wrong and who got it right, if any. We also give you an update of the amazing Nintendo Direct News! Check it out and let us know what your favorite game to movie adaptions are.


Ep. 9 - GS March Madness!

Its time for a monthly update again. In this episode we go over what to expect from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in March 2018. We also establish that Nintendo is king :) And of course, we top is all off with our "Snack of the Week" pics and the "Overwatch Update"!


Ep. 7 - Night of the Pirate But Whole (Part 1)

This time we had so much incredible content filled with awesomeness and hilarity, we were forced to split Episode 7 into two parts! This week (Part 1) check out the first half where we discuss our "Snack of the Week" picks, the super bowl, some surprise Nintendo announcements and give our review for "Night In The Woods". Stay tuned for (Part 2) to be released next week when we reveal our "Sea of Thieves" beta review and finally our spoiler filled review of "South Park: The Fractured But...


Ep. 6 - GS February Update

To begin the month of February, the Game Snacks crew breaks down what each console has to offer this month and what they're looking forward to playing, watching and binging the most. Also, they would never forget to bring you your weekly dose of Rickist's Overwatch Update and their Snack of the Week picks!


Ep. 5 - Games, Tournaments, and Beer OH MY

In episode five, we give Rickist an intervention on his poor "Snack of the Week" pics; then chat about modern gaming communities and public tournaments. Are they helping bring gamers together and do they have a promising future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Ep. 4 - Multiplayer Pros and Woes

Check it out! The Game Snacks crew discusses all things multiplayer in episode 4. We take a stroll down memory lane and debate the pros and cons of offline, split-screen and online multiplayer gaming. We reveal, yet another, delicious "Snack of the Week" that Swaggz may have taken too far! We also introduce a new segment, brought to you by our overwatch expert (Rickist) called "Overwatch League Update with Rickist"!


Ep. 2 - Out With the Old, In With the New

This week we wrap up a year of gaming in 2017 by discussing a few of our favorite releases as well as mentioning a few games to look forward to in 2018. As always, we have our SNACK OF THE WEEK! picks and the addition of our favorite holiday treats. Let us know your favorite 2017 gaming memories and 2018 most anticipated picks in the comments or at


Ep. 1 - Snack Wars: A New Podcast

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Game Snacks! For our first topic, we will discuss Star Wars in gaming. We dive into what the franchise means to us, our top 5 Star Wars games of all time and our very first picks for "Snack of the Week". Please feel free to comment or email us at ( with your top 5 star wars games or snack of the week. We may discuss your picks or try your snack on future episodes. Thanks for listening!