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Talking about food we like to eat, and games we love to play!

Talking about food we like to eat, and games we love to play!
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Talking about food we like to eat, and games we love to play!




Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review! Plus the GS Awards Winners!!

Chose your character! This is it! The last episode of 2018 :( But it's a good episode you'll want to listen to! We review Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Announce the winners of the Game Snacks Awards, picked by the GS Community. Thanks for being a part of the awards, for listening to our nerdy banter all year and for supporting this fun, passion project of ours. We look forward to nerding out again with you next year!


The First Ever "Game Snacks Awards" Nominations!

Here it is! We are at the end of 2018 and that means it's time to pay tribute to the best games we played this year! We announce our nominations for the "Game Snacks Awards". Stay active on our group ( this week as we will be posting polls for each category and YOU will be able to vote for the winners. The winning games in our awards show are picked by the Game Snacks community. So join if you haven't and vote if you're already a snacker!


Pokemon Let's Go! plus the 2018 Game Awards Nominees!

It's another exciting week in gaming! First we give our review of the incredibly fun and nostalgic "Pokemon Let's Go". Then we break down all the nominees in this years Game Awards. Let us know who you think should win at ( (@gamesnacksshow) or (twitch "gamesnacksshow")


A Very Thankful Episode! (Plus XO18)

This is our official Game Snacks thanksgiving episode, where we give thanks to all the gaming related content that shaped us as gamers! We also have a special "Snack of the Week" (Thanksgiving Feast Edition). Lastly, we break down XO18 and give you our thoughts on XBOX's fan conference. Don't forget to subscribe and/or follow us on (, Instagram (@gamesnacksshow) or (


Red Dead Review! Plus Blizzcon2018

It's Here! And we are ready to immerse ourselves in the massive western world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and give you our reviews!!! We also go over everything that was announced at Blizzcon2018 including the controversial Diablo Immortal. Be sure to comment and let us know what you think of RDR2 and Blizzards announcements at (, (@gamesnacksshow) or (


Fallout 76 Beta Live! (November Updates)

This week we do a live discussion and stream of the Fallout 76 Beta! We also run down the most notable games your can play this November on your favorite console. We also introduce "Chuckles" as a new host on the show :) Let us know what you're most excited to play this month in the comments or at (, (@gamesnacksshow) or (


Halloween Episode! (Top 5 Horror Games)

It's the first ever, Game Snacks Halloween Episode! What a wonderful time of year :) To go along with this holidays festivities, we break down our top 5 favorite horror games! We also discuss the Fallout 76 Beta and Devil May Cry's outrageously expensive exclusive version. Don't forget to follow us on Twitch (gamesnacksshow) Instagram (@gamesnacksshow) and facebook (


Black Ops 4 Review and IGN's top 100

This week Swaggz gives his review on Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and the 3 game types it includes. We also go through IGN's top 100 games list and discuss what we think of their picks, what should be added and what should be removed. And as always, you get a new and tasty snack of the week. Remember to subscribe is you like the show and follow us on FB (, Instagram (@gamesnacksshow) and Twitch (GameSnacksShow).


Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review and Live Stream!

This week is our first ever Game Review and Live Stream! We review Shadow of the Tomb Raider while Tommy streams the game live on twitch. Although you cant see the stream on the podcast version, the audio of the playthrough and our commentary is just as entertaining. Let us know in the comments or on or @gamesnacksshow what you think of Shadow of the Tomb Raider!


Console Wars!

The battle has begun! In light of the recent news that cross-play is soon to be the future of gaming; we decided to battle it out and try to convince you why you should buy one gaming console over another. Let us know in the comments who got your sale! You can also join us on, @gamesnacksshow or email us at


PS4 Crossplay and October Updates!

It's another monthly updates week! We let you know about all the biggest games to look forward to in october. We also discuss Sony's long overdue decision to give crossplay a try (thanks to fortnight). As always, you finish with our snack of the week pics. Email us at to let us know what you're looking forward to in October or you can message us on FB and Instargram @gamesnacksshow. Follow us to get updates on our live streams every thursday night :)


Playstation Classic and Blackout Beta

This week we discuss the newly announced Playstation Classic and list our top 20 PS1 games we think should be on this retro console. We also talk about the Call of Duty Blackout Beta and now live "Nintendo Online". Don't forget you can now watch the show live on thursday evenings on twitch (gamesnacksshow)!


Spider-Man (Spoiler Free Review)

This week we talk all things Spider-Man; and to help us, we invited very special guest and Spider-Man enthusiast, Josh Perrone! We tell you our favorite moments, suits and abilities as well as a few critiques. Email us at or message us on instagram or facebook and let us know what you thought (@gamesnacksshow/


Top 5 Scifi Games!

This week we count down our Top 5 Favorite SciFi Video Games! It's also our second week streaming the podcast live and included some picks from the viewers. To watch the live video recordings, visit gamesnacksshow on Twitch, Instagram or Facebook Groups. You can also email us at


GS LIVE! (Cyberpunk 2077 and Review Snacks)

For the first time ever, Game Snacks is live! (via Twitch, Facebook and Instagram) You can now watch us record each episode live before the monday release. Get a visual of our ridiculous and stupid shenanigans alond with the audio. We will also be answering questions from the chat feeds live as we record. This week, we discussed the long anticipated gameplay reveal for Cyberpunk 2077 and to say we are all excited is an understatement. We also review (Rick and Morty VR, Dead Cells and We...


Gamescom and September Updates!

This week is Gamescom! We break down and discuss some of our favorite trailers and announcements. We also list off the games you can look forward to in September! And of course, we give you our "Snack of the Week" picks. Be sure to comment and let us know your favorite games from this years gamescom, or email us at


Get Good Games! (What Makes a Game Great)

This week we dive into a heated discussion on why Rickist is always wrong!..... JK! Truthfully, we share our opinions on what qualities great games have that keep us coming back; what makes us want to be a completionist or what gets us hooked on a game from the start. We also have several "Quick Bytes" and of course, Swaggs' relentless and inevitable "Wing of the Week" (eye roll emoji)


So Many Shooters! (Black Ops Beta and Quakecon)

This weeks episode is all about first person shoorters. Swaggz gives us his take on the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta, then Rickist and Tobi discuss their excitement for the Doom and Rage 2 gameplay footage shown at this years Quakecon. If you missed out on last weeks episode, we again reveal the secret password you need to be entered into the drawing for a $15 microsoft giftcard.


Review Snacks! and Giveaway!!!

It's another edition of "Review Snacks"! This week we review the much beloved "Octopath Traveler", the Switch version of "I Am Setsuna" and the Alpha Preview of "Rend". We are also doing a giveaway for a Microsoft gift card! To qualify for the drawing (Download this episode, Subscribe to the podcast and listen for the secret password that we mention in this episode and then tell us the password by emailing us at or sending us a DM on our instagram @gamesnacksshow)!


Gaming on the Go!

Yes, your host, aka "Tommy Swaggz" is back for the newest episode of Game Snacks. Due to Tommy being on vacation and only able game on the go, we felt it appropriate to discuss the current state of portable gaming as well as reminice on our first portable gaming consoles and favorite games we played on them. You also get the latest and greatest overwatch news from Rickist and of course our "Snack of the Week" picks. Email us at to be a part of future podcast episodes...