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Episode 12: Special Guest, Mike Vallas (Part 2)

Here we are again! Gaming AM returns with our longest episode EVAR! Clocking in at a MASSIVE 3 hours, I decided to leave this one together rather than split it into a third part. The reason? 'Cause Mike Friggin' Vallas that's why, and you deserve it all at once! We had an absolute blast with Vallas, and we can't thank him enough for taking the time to hang out with us in the multi-million dollar Gaming AM studio. We covered a wide range of subjects over the course of the night, and there's...


Episode 11: Special Guest, Mike Vallas (Part 1)

The greatest podcast in the world just got even greatester! It's our first special guest, Mike Vallas! He's a former EGM editor with many stories to tell, so I'll shut my trap and let him get to it!


Episode 2: Attack of the Jabrones

We present for your consideration, Gaming AM Episode 2. Yes, it seems this is going to be a regular thing despite your belief that we were one-off rage-quitters. We're back again, this one is titled "Attack of the Jabrones", because it's Episode 2, and it sort of rhymes with Attack of the Clones. Why would we want to rhyme with arguably the worst Star Wars movie, which could be further argued that it's the worst "movie" period? Because f*** you that's why. Good news, it's another two-hour...


Episode 1: Where It All Began

After two years of talking about it, we finally did it. It's a Podcast! Gaming AM is here! Here is Episode 1, entitled "Where It All Began", and it's a special two hour premiere event! If you make it to the end, then you are truly ready for what lies ahead in the coming weeks and months... In the first hour we discuss who we are, how we got here, and why were doing this. The second hour we get into our actual topic, which this week is (appropriately) game music. We hope you are...