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06 Marvel

Still suffering from last weeks episode Cole and Kyle return to the couch in Kyle's mom's basement to discuss all things (that they know) about Marvel. Join in to hear what comics and movies they love and hate.


05 - Drunkcast! Most Anticipated Things!

Cole and Kyle sip their Jameson & Ginger Ales while discussing all things Nerd and Geek. They go through all the Movies, TV shows and Video Games that they are excited for this year while only taking a couple piss breaks. Plus, Kyle learns about the world's first craft beer!


04 - E3 Discussion, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo

Follow us on Twitter @GeekDoublespeak, Contact us at Find out what E3 had in store for us. Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, and EA all discussed.


Wonder Woman Reviewed and What Will Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox Have in Store for Us at E3?

Cole and Kyle meet back at the couch, in Kyle's mom's basement to discuss all things Geek and Nerd. They bumble through their first review for Wonder Woman, speculate on what may be at E3 this year and Kyle learns about bondage and polyamorous relationships. 0:00:00 - 0:08:45 Intro 0:08:45 - 0:24:00 Wonder Woman Non-Spoiler Review 0:24:00 - 0:35:40 Wonder Woman Spoiler Discussion 0:35:40 - 0:49:20 E3 Third Party Speculation 0:49:20 - 0:52:12 E3 Nintendo Speculation 0:52:12 - 0:55:57...


Retro Gaming, NES, SNES, Virtual Reality, VR

Follow us on Twitter @GeekDoublespeak, Contact us at Sitting in my moms basement talking about the classics. Will VR succeed? Have you ever heard of Metroidvania?


Wonder Woman, Prey, A Dark Universe and What is a Podcast?

The boys meet at the couch to talk about all the latest news involving Video Game Review Policies, Music in the Digital Age, Wonder Woman's Diet Bar, and much more!