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Ghost Stories is a podcast series centered around the lore and story surrounding the world of Bungie Studios' Destiny.

Ghost Stories is a podcast series centered around the lore and story surrounding the world of Bungie Studios' Destiny.
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Ghost Stories is a podcast series centered around the lore and story surrounding the world of Bungie Studios' Destiny.




Episode 48: Vaulting the Glass

Episode 48: CosmoVaultlolgy Welcome Guardians! After a bit of a hiatus, we're back! At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 we started down a road to lay the groundwork for future episodes. This is the last one of those episodes as we set the stage for an our epic, in-depth, series exploring the Vault of Glass. This episode is going to introduce some of the Vault's mysteries as well as get some necessary groundwork about the Vex out of the way. This is the last lore-light episode...


Episode 47: Community Artists Interview

Episode 47: Community Artist Interview - JeredB and Matt Oishi Heads up, Guardians, this isn't a lore focused episode! On this episode of Ghost Stories we're thrilled to welcome two Destiny Community Artists, JeredB and Matt Oishi! You may recognize JeredB as the artist who created our one year anniversiary t-shirt, the hilarious Thanotanauts video, and a whole host of other awesome Destiny artwork. Matt Oishi is best known for his silky smooth, anime and pop culture inspired, Destiny...


Episode 46: Fruit of the Garden - Part 2

Episode 46: The Fruit of the Garden - Part 2 Welcome Guardians! We're back for the conclusion of our look into the "Fruit of the Garden" Missions, which serve as a jumping off point for a bunch of future episodes on some pretty big topics. As discussed previously, these missions introduce us to the Vex, the Cabal, Venus, Mars, Clovis Bray, the Black Garden, and a whole lot more. On this show we're picking up right where we left off and following the Guardian to Mars for the first time and...


Special Episode: Merry Vexmas!

Merry Vexmas: A Visit From St. Everis Merry Vexmas and Happy Dawning everyone! Twas the night before Vexmas, when all through the ship, Not a radar was blinking, not even a blip; The vault space was cleared in the Tower with care, In hopes that St. Everis soon would be there; The Risen were nestled, all snug in their beds, While Visions of Confluence flowed through their heads; And I in my Battlecage, Greaves, Grips, and Wrath, Had resigned my brain to a warm, briny bath; When out in the...


Episode 45: Fruit of the Garden - Part 1

Episode 45: The Fruit of the Garden Welcome Guardians! We're back to our reguleraly scheduled programming! This episode is going to be all about a series of Quests and Missions that open the doors to a lot of the topics we're going to cover in 2017. Lots of those shows will be diving deep into subjects that all get their start right here with this Story Mission. So join us as we pick up a thread we left dangling in our Dark Below / Crota's End episodes and diverge into the other main story...


Episode 44: These aren’t ideas, they’re nonsense.

Episode 44: These aren't ideas, they're nonsense. Welcome back, Guardians. Ok, first things first... THIS IS NOT A LORE EPISODE. It's been a month since our last show and as we get back into the swing of things, we felt it was worth spending some time back on the mic together and talk about where we've been, what we've been up to, and the future of Ghost Stories. This is a long, rambly episode, so don't exepct a lot of hardcore Destiny talk. If you want a quick TL:DL, you'll find a link...


Episode 43: Crota’s End - Part 2

Episode 43: Crota's End - Part 2 It's that time again. Your favorite Elder Scrolls podcast is back! This is Episode V and today we're headed to Skyrim! No... wait... that can't be right... can it? It's totally not. This is Ghost Stories and today we're wrapping up our look at The Dark Below with Part 2 of the first expansion Raid, Crota's End. We're short one Xray on this show, so get ready for off topic shenanigans and rambling as we discuss the mechanics and lore behind the final encounter...


Episode 42: Crota’s End - Part 1

Episode 42: Crota's End - Part 1 Happy post-Halloween, Festival of the Lost, Samhain, Dios de Muertos! Last week we wrapped up The Dark Below and stopped right at the edge of the pit. Today... we're jumping in. This episode is Part 1 of our look into Crota's End, The Dark Below's Raid. We're covering the initial descent, the Stills-formerly-known-as-the-Abyss, picking locks, gothic architecture, lots and lots of Moon cheese, s-words, and a ton more. We also check in with First Crota along...


Episode 41: The Dark Below - Part 2

Episode 41: The Dark Below - Pt. 2 Season 2 of Destiny Ghost Stories continues! This week we're finishing our look at Destiny's first major expansion, The Dark Below, but not before we do a full breakdown of all the major Hive Sects and their significance in the game. After that's out of the way we cover the two big TDB post-Mission Quests, "Extermination" and "Urn of Sacrifice", which culminate in a quest that is no longer available in-game, "Ritual of the Forsaken". We've also got the...


Happy Birthday DGS! (No Lore Included)

1 year old?…We cannot believe it!!! This episode was planned and recorded in a matter of a few hours. XRAY and Gabble chat with some of our friends from SLACK, read some reviews and just enjoying what we have been able to give to you. Thanks for being a part of what we do….here’s to many more years to come!


Episode 39: Rise of Hype

Episode 39: Rise of Hype! Incoming Transmission, Guardians! With Rise of Iron less than 24 hours away, this episode is all about recappping what we know so far, posing important questions for what we don't, and taking a look at some of the implications for both. We talk a bit about the #TRANSMISSION event, the major Rise of Iron characters, what the SIVA threat may mean for Humanity, the lore behind critical events that have already happened, and a whole lot more. It's an episode full of...


Episode 38.5: Titan Exotic Armor - Part 2

Episode 38.5: Endotics We did it! It was a monumental undertaking, (we'll talk stats next episode) but we made it to the end of Exotics! This will be the last Exotic focused episode for a good long while, as we have now covered every Exotic weapon and armor in the game... and even some that aren't. This episode is picking right up where the last one left off, covering Titan Helmets and Boots. We discuss the super recent changes to the Mk.44 Stand Asides, the power of Peregrine Greaves, the...


Episode 38: Titan Exotic Armor - Part 1

Episode 38: Traveling to Exotic places, meeting new and exciting aliens, and then murdering them. Well, we’ve come this far. It’s time to end this insanely long run of our look at Exotics with the first of two episodes devoted to Titan Exotics. To help us out with this, we recruited two hardcore Titan mains, dropslash’s clanmates, Nightfork and Crono42. We’re talking Body Armor, Gloves, and Marks this episode so get ready for an Armamentarium love-fest, airborne police acrobatic shenanigans,...


Episode 37.5: Hunter Exotics - Part 2

Another double episode week! We're cranking hard to get every Exotic covered before Rise of Iron, so this week we're bringing another lore master (and the show's #1 fan) onboard to help us finish up Hunter Exotics and to give us a decidedly non-Hunter viewpoint on things. We're so happy to welcome Capt. Kex of the L.ORG Chart project to the show! His keen Warlock mind keeps us on track this episode as we talk about more Dark Souls references, spider biology, hilarious 90's movies, amazing...


Episode 37: Hunter Exotic Armor - Part 1

Episode 37: Êxotic-à-porter What happens when you put three frabjous Hunters on a podcast to talk about Hunter Exotics? Oh, you’re about to find out, oh listener mine. Suffice to say, on this tangent filled episode we’re talking Hunter Exotic Body Armor, Boots, and Cloaks… oh man, THE CLOAKS. Damn, we’re good looking. Ok ok, lets keep this point! (the point of our sweet knives


Episode 36.5: Warlock Exotic Armor - Part 2

Episode 37: Êxotic-à-porter What happens when you put three frabjous Hunters on a podcast to talk about Hunter Exotics? Oh, you're about to find out, oh listener mine. Suffice to say, on this tangent filled episode we're talking Hunter Exotic Body Armor, Boots, and Cloaks... oh man, THE CLOAKS. Damn, we're good looking. Ok ok, lets keep this point! (the point of our sweet knives). Join us as we dig up obscure references to raspberries, do some radiant Italian (blade) dancing, try to figure...


Episode 36: Warlock Exotic Armor - Part 1

Episode 36: Exotic Sandals Vacation MOAR EXOTICS! We’re really jamming to get them all in before Rise of Iron, so we’re moving on to Armor. In what was originally supposed to be a single episode focusing on Warlock Exotics, we somehow managed to drag it out to a 2-parter. We were missing Gabble (our resident Warlock) for this episode, so we hope you like dropslash’s (part time Warlock) voice because you’re going to hear him say “uh” 15,000 times. We chat about creatively naming 3 different...


Episode 35.5: Strength of the Pack

Episode 35.5: Strength of the Pack Well, we made it all the way here. The last of the Exotic Heavy Weapons gets a special show all it’s own. That’s right, this episode is all about Gjallarhorn. Per usual, we’re diving into the history of Gjallarhorn, both in the lore and among the Guardians who wield it, but on this show we also invited our listeners and members of the community to send us their stories. So join us as we tell some truly legendary tales of loss, love, engrams,...


Episode 35: Exotic Particulars

Episode 35 (08/09/2016) - Exotic Particulars We made it! It’s the final Exotic Weapons episode! We’re talking Swords and Rockets this time around… when we can actually stay on topic. We’re all a bit punchy from having a week off, so big thanks to Xray for keeping us in line while we tackle what is maybe the most contentious quest in the game, the best Sword in the game (Bolt-Caster, duh


Episode 34: Bow to No One - Kirsten Potter Interview

Episode 34 (08/04/2016) - Bow To No One We’re kicking off August by taking a break from Exotic Weapons this week to bring you a very special episode. 33! No wait, 34 [...]