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G2B Beer Court Ep. 7: Tears Of My Enemies by Ale Asylum

Ale Asylum Sounds more like an indie band then a brewery but sometimes you have to take that with a grain of salt. Tears of My Enemies faces the searing heat of Wisconsin justice in Beer Court Episode 7. Ale Asylum: Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 307: Retro Games and Systems for Modern Gamers

Everyone has that friend who just doesn’t get why people are still playing games from 1986. This episode is an attempt to find some easy points of entry that will help convert the non believers. Check out Vapemeisters at Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 306: The State of Pocket Gaming 2018

When you have been doing a weekly podcast for a few years sooner or later you are going to end up revisiting a topic or 2 (or 3). This week we return for an update on the state of Pocket gaming in 2018 Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 305: Our Favorite Air Combat Games

Join the Gutter Geeks for a chat with Jim: our local hardcore combat sim expert about the joys of air combat and all the cool flight sticks to enhance your gaming enjoyment! Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 304: Talking Coffee Crisis with Mega Cat Studios

Join the Gutter Geeks as they chat with Mega Cat Studios about Coffee Crisis, Developing on classic game systems and Steam. I think you can guess there is some Beer Court action as well... Coffee Crisis on Steam: Check out the Genesis version at:…/coffee-crisis-sega-genesis Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 303: Beer and Boot Hill Bounties

First I want to personally apologize for the atrocious sound quality of this episode: The built in mic on the recording PC was left on during the stream and was made a sad sad echo throughout. That said what we have here is a discussion with Dave from Experimental Gamer about Boot Hill Bounties: The follow-up to group favorite Boot Hill Heroes. 4 player COUCH CO-OP western RPG for your enjoyment. Check it out at: Also...


G2B Ep. 302: Gaming Lounge Talk with Not Your Parent's Basement!

Not Your Parent's basement returns with a years worth of experiences in the video and board gaming lounge business and an announcement of an upcoming event with none other than the Gutter Geeks! NYPB Website: NYPB Live Stream (during business hours): Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 301: Talking Fire Tower With Runaway Parade

Fire Tower’s successful wildly successful kickstart is still going on so join the Gutter Geeks as they visit with Runaway Parade to find out exactly why playing with matches can be a really, really fun thing.. Check out more on Runaway Parade’s website: There is still time to join the Kickstart: Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 300: Live from Midwest Gaming Classic 2018

The Gutter Geeks Celebrate their 300th episode with live music, a discussion of the worst consoles ever and a typically chaotic interview with Digital Dreams’ Michael Manheim and Mr Boom-Shakalaka himself Tim Kitzrow as they discuss the trials triumphs and tribulations of creating Mutant Football League. This episode was recorded live at Midwest Gaming Classic 2018 Want some Mutant Football? Check it out on Steam: Audio Only Version Below


G2B Beer Court Ep. 6: Reppin' Red Ale by Berghoff Brewery

Join G2B's activist judges as they dispense justice to Reppin' Red Ale by Berghoff Brewery. Check out Berghoff Brewery's website for more! Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 299: Our Desert Island Games 2018 ed.

Join the Gutter Geeks for a long, deep and drunken discussion of the games we would play if stranded on a desert island. No.. not an island you can eat, that is dessert. Yes there is power... It comes from Gilligan... He rides a bike. No, YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEED HIM. Look, Just don't think about it too hard and listen will ya? You can learn a lot about the crew in this episode :) Audio Only Version Below


G2B Beer Court Ep. 5: Chocolate Bunny American Stout by Rhinelander Brewery

Nothing like an Easter treat! This week the Gutter Geeks look at Chocolate Bunny American Stout by Rhinelander Brewery Check them out at Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 298: Sad R Us -- Our Stories of Toys R Us

Toys R Us is not quite dead yet, but it is clearly laying on it's probable death bed. Before the corpse cools off and Geoffrey heads back to the savannas of Africa to resume his former career as a bus boy the Gutter Geeks are going to give the palace of toy stores a grand send off with memories of a better time when Toys R Us was THE PLACE to get video game systems. Audio Only Version Below


G2B Beer Court Ep. 4: Raging Bitch I.P.A. by Flying Dog Brewery

Join G2B's jolly justices for another exciting episode of Beer Court: Where beer is guilty and must be punished... This week Raging Bitch I.P.A. By Flying Dog Brewery is put in the hot seat for it's heinous, heinous crime of being freakin' tasty... You can find out more about this week's defendant at Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 297: All About The Lionheart IndyCar Series

Does your heart-rate jump at the sound of revving engines? When you are alone on a dark highway at night do you feel the almost unstoppable urge to push the accelerator pedal to the floor and make like a rocket? Well then we have got the show for you today. Join the Gutter Geeks as they visit with Lionheart Racing Series founder Jorge Anzaldo about the thrills and chills of virtual racing and all the tech surrounding it. Look no further folks — this episode has it all! Lionheart Racing:...


G2B Ep. 294: The Games We Beat

We have talked about the games we failed at, refuse to complete and the ones we wish we could get back to, but what about the games where we stuck it through to the bitter end? Well that's just what the Gutter Geeks talk about this week! Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 293: Live From Sheboygan Noncon 2018

Join the Gutter Geeks as they play hard and drink harder at NonCon 2018: The worlds friendliest (non) gaming convention! This week's topic: What we've been playing. Facebook 'em here: Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 292: A Chat With Old School Gamer Magazine

Join the Gutter Geeks for a chat with Old School Gamer Magazine about retro gaming and the joy of starting a classic gaming magazine. Audio Only Version Below


G2B Ep. 291: Mod Night Jan 2018: Amiga, Gamboy SP, Handhelds and Show and Tell

There is a whole lot going on in this episode: Modding an Amiga CD32, Gameboy SP, and some vintage handhelds. In Beer Court we have Leinenkugels Grapefruit Shandy. Beer and modding: What could possibly go wrong? Find out this week on Guys Games and Beer! Editor's Note: I completely accurately describe hacking a backlight into an original Gameboy Pocket in this episode. Unfortunately I was talking about the GBA backlight at the time. GBA backlight is a transplant from the GBA SP... Get...


G2B Ep. 290: Mechwarrior Online Played By NOOBS

In today's Beer Court the Gutter Geeks check out Punk Ass Cat IPA by Door Country Brewery, then the madness continues as the try to play Mechwarrior Online once the buzz kicks in... What could possibly go wrong? You can check out Door County Brewing at: Audio Only Version Below