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E41 - Octopath Traveller, World of Warcraft, Warframe, Uncharted fan film

This week we get to chatting about Octopath Traveller, World of Warcraft, Warframe and the Uncharted fan fillm. Also in the talking points are the release dates for Monster Hunter world on PC and Darksiders 3, and Microsoft to annouce new Xbox hardware at Gamescom!?!


E40 - Wreckfest, PGI, Speedrunning, AI will kill us all.

In this weeks ramblefest; Wreckfest emerges form early access in gloriously bonkers fashion, Ed evengelises the PUBG Invitational, Perry continues to hunt all the Pokemon in London and we discuss the possibility that the end of times may be close at hand thanks to the DOTA2 gaming AI, AND we celebrate the awesomeness of Awesome Games Done Quick!


E39 - Cross-play, God of War, Mario Tennis, Realm Royale, Quake Champions, Pokemon Go

Normal service is resumed this week, as Ed finally digs in to God of War, Az plays far too many games, and Perry wanders off with Pokemon Go. We also address the recent hot topic of cross-platform play, could it really be the future??


E38 - E3 2018: The aftermath

So. Many. Games. We run through every game shown at all of the conferences during E3, which amounts to a whole lot of games. Buckle up, this episode is jam packed!!


E37 - Pre E3 hype and expectations!

It's almost E3!! We dispence with the usual rubbish and go all-in on our expectations for the coming weeks flurry of annoucements and reveals. Amonst the discussion are; Halo 6, new Fable, Rage 2, Elder Scrolls, Kingdom Hearts 3, Death Stranding, Division 2, Assassins Creed Odyssey, The Last of Us Pt2, Metroid Prime 4, Smash Bros, Cyberpunk 2077, Anthem + LOADS MORE. E3 HYPE!!


E36 - Dauntless, Battlefield V, Fallout 76, We Happy Few, Add-ons vs DLC

This week Az and Perry go hunting mons in Dauntless and we run in circles discussing Add-ons vs DLC. This week goes announcement crazy; Battlefield V is officially revealed, Fallout 76 and Pokemon Quest / RPG / Let's Go Pikachu are announced. We Happy Few completes a full 360 back to being a narrative game and "Great or Poo" makes a triumphant return!


E35 - CoD Black Ops 4, Marvel Strike Force, Overwatch Lego!

Ed and Perrry lament the lack of Az, whilst discussing the recent reveal of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Ed's been having mobile fun with Marvel Strike Force and rounds up the weeks Battle Royale news, while Perry gets deep into the stats of Albion Online and praises Microsoft for the new Xbox Adaptive Controller. May contain less swearing than usual.


E34 - Rushed Game Releases, Conan Exiles, Rage 2, Albion Online

This week Perry and Az are left to steer the ship, whilst Ed moves house. MMO fever is running wild, Az goes balls out with Conan Exiles and Perry plays in the sandbox of Albion Online. Elsewhere the boys discuss rushed games development and if it's okay to release "broken" games.


E33 - Console vs. PC! For Honor, Destiny 2 Warmind, Stardew Valley Multiplayer

This week it's chaos in the podcast as we try, and of course fail, to not tangent all over the place whilst discussing the age old question of Console vs. PC. Elsewhere, Ed tries his hand at For Honor and gets stuck into the Destiny 2 Warmind DLC, Perry pulls on his wellies for Stardew Valley multiplayer and Az continues to norse-it-up in Dad of War.


E32 - Guest: Bogdan "Boogie" Carp, PUBG Esports, Fortnite Season 4

This week we had the pleasure of being joined by PUBG caster/presenter/analyst and all round nice bloke Bogdan "Boogie" Carp. During our chat we covered many a topic including but not limited to; working as a caster and the rise of PUBG as an esport, esports against the media, and toxicity in online gaming and how to deal with flamers. We also have a quick skim over the weeks news and generally have a lovely time.


E31 - Favourite Game Characters, God of War, Oddmar, Dauntless

This week we chat about our favourite game characters and the reasons why they have embedded themselves in our memory. Elsewhere Az is having a lovely time with God of War and talks Nintendo Switch hacking, Ed goes mobile with 2D platformer Oddmar and does his best to round up the weeks Battle Royale news, and Perry gets hot and flustered for the upcoming Dauntless open beta.


E30 - Guest Ben 'BigBen' Chapman; Hearthstone, Tera, Steamworld Dig 2

This week we're joined by Ben 'BigBen' Chapman, of MnM Gaming, to chat about the new 'Witchwood' Hearthstone expansion and what it feels like to compete on stage at pro level tournaments. Elsewhere Ed and Perry have been playing Tera, on different platforms, Ben educates us on Steamword Dig 2 and Rocket League and Perry kicks off his 'RNG of the week' segment...


E29 - RAMPAGE (no spoilers), Ghost Recon Wildlands, Red Dead Redemption in 4k!

This week we got all fancy at the premiere of The Rocks new movie, RAMPAGE. Ed and Az both arrive late to the party with Ghost Recon Wildlands. In the news... Red Dead Redemption gets a 4k overhaul, Radical heights appears out of nowhere, God of War is making people happy and Splinter Cell is back! ...kind of.


E28 - Shadowgun Legends, April Fools, GDC, Favourite Controllers

This week Perry is sick! So Az and Ed hold down the fort. Ed gives us the lowdown on the new mobile looter shooter "Shadowgun Legends" and Az vents on some frustrations with Far Cry 5. Elsewhere the boys are talking GDC, the new PUBG 4x4 map, Spider-Man getting a release date, and with the re-release of the classic Xbox "Duke" pad we disccuss our favourite gaming controllers!


Minisode: Ready Player One Spoiler Chat

In our first ever 'minisode' we get down and dirty in a spoiler filled discussion of the Ready Player One movie, and answer the ever important question of who wins the debate over the trailer, Az or Perry. Tune in to find out!


E27 - Ready Player One, Far Cry 5, A Way Out

This week we're all very excited for the release of Ready Player One, Spielbergs latest, and a love letter to online gaming and pop culture of the 80s and beyond. Elsewhere Az proclaims A Way Out to have one of the best game endings EVER, and goes all redneck in Far Cry 5.


E26 - Guest: Rich Atkinson, Vermintide 2, Superhot, Splatoon

This week we're joined by reviewer Rich Atkinson, who gives us a taste of life as a games journalist. Elsewhere Ed gets Superhot and Az gets 'ratty' with Vermintide 2. We also whizz through the weeks news and releases, including; Sea of Thieves, A Way Out, Ni No Kuni 2 and Assassins Creed 2019 rumours.


E25 - First gaming loves ft. Sonic, Dune 2, Mario 64, Halo, Zelda: A link to the Past, WoW

This week we take a full on nostalgia trip as we remember the games that opened our eyes to the world of gaming and made us the players we are today. Ed recalls his formative years playing Sonic and Dune 2, Az gets misty eyed for Mario 64 and Halo, and Perry talks about Runescape (plus Zelda: A link to the past and World of Warcraft). Elsewhere the Darwin Project hits early access, The Division 2 is officially annouced and Twitch Prime starts giving you loads of free games every month!


E24 - Fortnite Battle Royale, CoD WWII, Happy Birthday Nintendo Switch!

This week we officially welcome Az to the GPG team! Ed tries out Fortnite BR in comparision to PUBG, Az is late to the party in CoD WWII and we celebrate an amazing first year for Nintendo's Switch. Plus news round-up including Monster Hunter World, Far Cry 5 and Warframe.


E23 - More PUBG, more Divinity OS2, not much Runescape (yay!)

After last weeks fun and games, Ed continues the quest for his first chicken dinner and Perry re-evaluates Divinity Original Sin 2. Elsewhere, Blizzard annouce the Year of the Raven for Hearthstone and Overwatch gets a new Hero...