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12. We Talk Bad Movies

You love them, you hate them, you scratch your head and wonder how anyone could have greenlit them, they are bad movies! The guys are back and they talk about some of the worst movies ever made. They are joined by inaugural guest host Patrick Reidy and they address the movies the world hates and some of their cinematic guilty pleasures. Add in some impromptu musical performances, Alberto and Andrew attempting to guess what movies are about strictly on titles, and Jake the Intern's dog? You...


11. We talk about the Brits invading

The British are coming! The British are coming! Hold Up a Sec gets invaded by guest host Tom Burns Scully, and we talk about a plethora of things British and pop culture. It's no surprise that our pop culture was influenced by our neighbors across the pond and we dive into our favorite aspects of music, TV, games, and other things British and fancy. Break out the Marmite and pour yourself a pint as we undoubtedly offend some with our accents (at least I think we tried to do accents) in this...


10. We talk Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What's green (and blue and red and purple and yellow), uses awesome ninja weapons and loves pizza? If you answered anything other than the Ninja Turtles then I don't know what to tell you (I mean we gave you the answer in the first line). We dive into all the things we like about these characters and sometimes go off on tangents like we usually do. It's fun, it's insightful and there may be a ninja rap in there somewhere. Join Hold Up a Sec and guest costs Garrett Dalton and Chris D'Lando...


SPECIAL - We talk (and are at) PAX East

Hold Up a Sec hits Boston to check the annual PAX East video game convention. This is Andrew's first time to PAX so we have to make sure to show him a good time so that he wants to come back next year. We talk about our expectations for the show in the first half of the episode in very hushed tones because there signs are posted everywhere in our AirBnB about keeping it down after 10, but our friend Knob Creek helps us forget that in the latter half of the show. This is a more loose...