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21. We Talk FRIENDS

The One Where The Guys Talk About Friends! Alberto and Andrew are joined once again by Sean O' Shea and they talk about the most iconic group of TV Friends. What kind of impact did the show have on pop-culture? What's the big deal with Ross and Rachel? Are they all really that great, or are they just the worst? Throw in some musical breaks, some awkward tangents, and a Friends Quiz and you have a great episode! Where to follow everyone: Hold Up A Sec: @holdupasec Alberto:...


20. We Talk Pokemon

We did it! We made it to 20 episodes! And what better way to celebrate than to talk about the juggernaut franchise that is Pokemon!? Andrew and Alberto are joined by former guest hosts Colin and Patrick to talk about the cultural phenomenon. The guys cover favorite games, starters, Pokemon, spin-off games, and memories! Throw in some musical breaks, a Pokemon quiz, and some interesting life stories and you have a great 20th episode! Give the episode a listen, subscribe, and leave us a...


Special: Nerd Quiz Death Match!

Thanks to an accident on the day they were supposed to record Andrew had to go to the hospital (he's fine, just stitches!) and the guys had to bump their big episode 20 plans but don't you fret! To hold you over we have our first ever Nerd Quiz Death Match! Two former guest hosts enter, one leaves with the coveted prize... a chance to choose a topic on a future episode of HUAS! Former guest hosts Colin Albanese and Tom Moretti answer a gauntlet of nerd based pop-culture questions put...


19. We Talk Halloween And Other Horror Movies

Alberto is back again and this time he is married! Andrew and his newlywed partner get into the essence of the season and are joined by Tom Moretti as they talk about one of the most iconic horror franchises of all time, Halloween. Tom teaches Alberto and Andrew the differences in the timelines, his expectations on the new one, and a litany of other behind the scenes facts. They also scratch the surface on other horror movies and their iconic killers. If you enjoy the podcast don't forget to...


18. We Talk Rotten Tomatoes And Have A RT Quiz!

This just in everyone, Hold Up A Sec is Certified Fresh! Andrew is joined by Sarah Dixey and Colin Albanese to talk all about the movie critic juggernaut. Is it good or bad for pop-culture? How much weight should we put into the ratings? Andrew also pits Sarah and Colin against each other in HUAS's first ever Rotten Tomatoes quiz! And for the grand finale Andrew and Sarah give a RT score to Alberto's wedding! Spoiler... it was amazing. So tune in and join the conversation! Hold Up A Sec-...


17. We Talk Spider-Man

Andrew and Alberto are reunited! And this time they talk about Alberto's all-time favorite superhero, the beloved avenger we all know as Spider-Man. The guys are joined by FLX and talk movies, comics, and video games involving your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The guys talk about the best and worst moments the web-slinger was involved in, you all know what we're talking about... Twitter and Instagram: Podcast- @HoldUpASecPod Alberto- albietha1nonly Andrew- @AndrewJDV FLX- @FLXHitList


16. We Talk How I Met Your Mother

The guys (well guy... we missed you, Alberto...) talk about the wildly popular comedy How I Met Your Mother! Andrew is joined by guest hosts Sean O'Shea and Colin Albanese and talk about pop cultures most quotable group of friends. They also try and perfect their acapella skills...tune in!


15. We Talk Nintendo 64

It's episode 15 so you know what that means! We bring in an extra guest host! The guys bring in two of the biggest video game fans they know! Garret from Split Screen Synics and Alex from Sal and Barry Productions! The guys cover the video system that changed a generation! They cover all your favorites. Best games, worst games.... the DK rap..... Join the conversation and remember, stay passionate!


14. We Talk Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible: Fallout is currently crushing it so the guys decided to dive into the franchise, preferably by dangling by a wire over the floor... They are joined by former co-host and MI super fan Chris Dlando and talk everything from the movies, to the N64 Game, to who would they prefer Ethan Hunt or James Bond? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is enjoy this episode.


13. We Talk Thundercats

With the announcement of a new Thundercats series a few weeks ago the guys got together to talk about the long-running franchise. They are joined by for guest host Colin Albanese for this nostalgic trip. They talk all three series, how they feel about Snarf, and one of the guys really doesn't like the series as much as the others... enjoy and stay passionate!


Catch-Up Special! The Guys Talk E3, Ring of Honor, The World Cup, Star Wars, and more!

Yes HUAS listeners it's been awhile! Thanks to Andrew moving the guy's schedules have been totally messed up, but it's time to get back on track. Next week you will get the postponed Thundercats episode but before that, catch up with the dynamic duo! Alberto and Andrew meet to get back into the swing of things and they talk Alberto's trip to E3, Andrew's trip to Baltimore for a Ring of Honor Show, their terribly wrong predictions for the World Cup, the future of Star Wars and much more! Tune...


12. We Talk Bad Movies

You love them, you hate them, you scratch your head and wonder how anyone could have greenlit them, they are bad movies! The guys are back and they talk about some of the worst movies ever made. They are joined by inaugural guest host Patrick Reidy and they address the movies the world hates and some of their cinematic guilty pleasures. Add in some impromptu musical performances, Alberto and Andrew attempting to guess what movies are about strictly on titles, and Jake the Intern's dog? You...


11. We talk about the Brits invading

The British are coming! The British are coming! Hold Up a Sec gets invaded by guest host Tom Burns Scully, and we talk about a plethora of things British and pop culture. It's no surprise that our pop culture was influenced by our neighbors across the pond and we dive into our favorite aspects of music, TV, games, and other things British and fancy. Break out the Marmite and pour yourself a pint as we undoubtedly offend some with our accents (at least I think we tried to do accents) in this...


10. We talk Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What's green (and blue and red and purple and yellow), uses awesome ninja weapons and loves pizza? If you answered anything other than the Ninja Turtles then I don't know what to tell you (I mean we gave you the answer in the first line). We dive into all the things we like about these characters and sometimes go off on tangents like we usually do. It's fun, it's insightful and there may be a ninja rap in there somewhere. Join Hold Up a Sec and guest costs Garrett Dalton and Chris D'Lando as...


SPECIAL - We talk (and are at) PAX East

Hold Up a Sec hits Boston to check the annual PAX East video game convention. This is Andrew's first time to PAX so we have to make sure to show him a good time so that he wants to come back next year. We talk about our expectations for the show in the first half of the episode in very hushed tones because there signs are posted everywhere in our AirBnB about keeping it down after 10, but our friend Knob Creek helps us forget that in the latter half of the show. This is a more loose episode...


9. We talk Dragon Ball Z

Do you remember what it was like when you watched Goku turn Super Saiyan for the first time? Do you remember how awesome it was to finally see the pay off for all you had to watch for this moment? Do you also remember how Toonami would then reset back to the beginning of the Saiyan Saga just as you were ready to see Goku wail on Freeza? Thanks Toonami!!! The guys at Hold Up a Sec are joined once more by Alex Henske to talk all things related to the world of Dragonball. We share memories of...


8. We Talk Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

The team at Hold Up a Sec talks magic and fantasy again for the first time in this latest episode for your listening pleasure. Special guest Colin Albanese joins us as we talk about how revolutionary the books and movies were for Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and where we stand on which is better. Spoilers - we prefer the movies of one series, and the books of another. Don't agree with us? Fights us...no but really don't. You can just email us and let us know your thoughts. We also...


7. We Talk Super Mario

Who's everyone's favorite mustachioed plumber who loves to jump on turtles and eat mushrooms and flowers? That's right, it's Mario Mario! The guys from Hold Up a Sec are joined by our favorite streamer Garrett to talk about an Italian plumber from Brooklyn by way of Japan. We try not to get too sidetracked, but we're only human and when the company you have is as good as Garrett you just need to let the conversation flow before bringing it back to the main topic, like why does Bowser keep...


SPECIAL - We talk Power Couples for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is more than just a day when you have to go out and buy flowers and chocolates for your loved ones because that's what one does. It's also a day to talk about pop culture power couples and which one reigns supreme over all others. The guys at Hold Up a Sec are joined by the always lovely Sarah Dixey and talk about just that. We give our power couple picks and rank them. Previous guest hosts also provide their picks for power couple of pop culture-ness and we see if they can...


6. We Talk Prequels vs. Originals

We officially introduce 'What am I drinking?' as its own fuil fledged segment and what better way to kick it off than by sharing some Natty while discussing the merits of the Star Wars Prequels vs the majesty of the original trilogy. The Cheep Show's very own Levi joins us for this night of gentlemanly discussion of why Jar Jar Binks ruins what many of us hoped would be totally awesome...in all fairness Darth Maul's double saber was bad ass. In thumbs up/thumbs down Berto talks Nintendo,...