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John, Robert, and guests are in search for the scariest game ever made. The group reviews the game and rate it on it's overall scare factor.

John, Robert, and guests are in search for the scariest game ever made. The group reviews the game and rate it on it's overall scare factor.
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John, Robert, and guests are in search for the scariest game ever made. The group reviews the game and rate it on it's overall scare factor.




HP Bonus 4 (Horrific Moments in Non-Horror Games)

John and Robert each pick a non-horror game with a horror moment. The games they choose are not horror games, but each have a moment within the game that turned out to be quite scary.


HP Bonus 2 (IGN's Top Ten)

In the second bonus episode of Horror Play, the HP crew gets together to discuss IGN's Top Ten Horror Games list. Do we agree or disagree? Listen to find out.


Horror Play 54 (Resident Evil 7)

Resident Evil 7 is a true return to horror for Capcom's famous franchise. After three action-based installments, Capcom decided to reign it in and focus solely on the horror aspect of the series. Imagine the first Resident Evil game, but in Lousiana, and replace zombies with monsters. Resident Evil 7 is truly terrifying and we couldn't wait to play. So listen here as John, Adam, Robert, and Amber discuss their likes and dislikes, and decide whether this game belongs in the top ten....


Horror Play 49 (Cry of Fear)

This week we review a game Adam hates and everyone else thinks is okay. Cry of Fear was a mod based off the Half-Life engine. Many seem to think it is one of the scariest games out there, often appearing on Horror Game Top Ten lists. We take our crack at it and see if it holds up as a truly terrifying experience. One day we'll review the sequel Cry Harder. Follow @sharkdropper


Halloween 2016

As usual the Horror Play crew mixes it up for Halloween. Rather than rating another game, Robert, John, Adam, and Amber get together to rerate both Slender: The Arrival and P.T. Both games are tied atop the Horror Play Scariest list and that must finally come to an end. Through general discussion and some point/counter-point arguments, find out which game will be crowned the true winner (so far...) of the scariest games that the HP crew has played.


Horror Play 47 (Ghostbusters)

Some call it the unoffical 3rd movie, some call it a disappointment. We've played the 2009 Ghostbusters video game so you don't have to. How does it stand with the rest of the Ghostbusters titles? Is the game scary? Find out on an all new Horror Play Podcast.


Horror Play 45 (Alan Wake)

A Horror Play in the making for almost as long as the game itself. Well, not quite. Alan Wake from Remdy Entertainment took almost 10 years to make. This Stephen King/Twin Peaks love letter sets you in a rural town in the upper north west. You play Alan Wake, a writer who's is hunted by a mysterous presence in the town known as "the Darkness." Alan suddenly awakens without his memory for the last week, and his wife missing. Find out just how scary this game is as we discuss it on a new...


Horror Play 39 (Five Nights at Freddy's 3)

Good things come in threes, right? Well we put that to the test this week as we review the third installment of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Where does it stack up to the first two? More cheap jump scares, or are there some neuanced horror elements at play? Find out on a new Horror Play Podcast.


Horror Play 27 (Five Nights at Freddy's 2)

Well, here we are, back again. Back at the wonderful Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and yes, the animatronics are still acting up. This time there are no steel doors to give you thatfalse sense of security. We play Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the first true sequel we play for the Horror Play Podcast.


Horror Play 26 (Serena)

The HP crew explores a desolate cabin for their wife serena. Serena is a Kickstarter-funded PC game that brings back the old method of point-and-clicking. Will we find Serena? Why can't we leave the cabin? Why is it so dirty? Find out here!


Horror Play 23 (Imscared)

Imscared: A Pixelated Nightmare is a free to download game where you take control of a character who explores pixelated worlds, but is constantly followed by a scary skeletal face. Consistently breaking the fourth wall, Imscared is a unique gameplay experience that makes you question if the game is playing you. We play this pixelated gem and try to find out whether graphics matter when it comes to playing something truly terrifying.


Horror Play 22 (Year Walk)

Year Walk isn't the easiest game to describe. It's cartoony, it's creepy, it's part side-scroller, it's first-person, it's adventure, it's full of puzzles, it breaks the fourth wall, and to acquire the full back story you must beat the game.If you're looking for a short indie game that's haunting this is the game for you. We play it this week to find out if it's haunting nature is truly scary.


Horror Play 20 (White Noise)

White Noise is a game that sees a player running around a map, looking for eight items. In this game, you look for eight tape recorders. What could be considered a fun Easter egg hunt, is actually much more menacing,since a monster is hiding in the shadows, ready to pounce. We try not to compare this game to the highly regarded Slender series, but it turns out to be tougher than we expect.


Horror Play 19 (Silent Hill)

Harry Mason is searching for his adopted daughter in the creepy, foggy town of Silent Hill. One of the original survival horror games, Silent Hill came out in 1999 on the original Playstation. When people think horror games, Silent Hill is usually one that comes to mind. It has spawned tons of sequels and spin-offs and the franchise continues to thrive to this day. On this podcast we take a look at the one that started it all. Is it as scary as it once was? We'll let you know!


Horror Play 17 (The Stanley Parable)

You are Stanley. You work in an office. You decide to leave the office one day and explore. The narrator helps guide Stanley around, but it's up to you whether you want to listen to the narrator or deviate off course. You end up finding that the office is more than just an office. The Stanley Parable is a popular indie game that some may call more an experience rather than an actual game. There are no wrong choices.We play this experience, and while not truly horrific, we rate it anyway!


Horror Play 16 (Alien: Isolation)

Alien: Isolation is the newest Alien game to hit shelves, and with the Alien franchise having a shitty track record when it comes to videogames, we proceeded cautiously. We took control of Amanda Ripley (Ellen Ripley's daughter) and made her traverse dark hallways full of baddies, from androids to face huggers! But let's not forget the biggest threat: A full-grown Alien! Join us as we dissect what could be the scariest game we've played yet. All aboard the Sevastopol!


Horror Play 14 (Home)

Home can best be described by its subtitle: A unique horror adventure. This is unlike any game we have played. The game could be considered more a mystery than a horror game, but it still has the ability to instill a sense of dread when exploring the different horror-inspired environments. A side-scrolling adventure that sees players taking control of a nameless man who awakens with no recollection of what has happened around him. Finding clues and weapons helps the protagonist draw...


Horror Play 12 (Deadlight)

Like side-scrolling adventure games? What if there were zombies? Deadlight is like a horror Super Mario adventure... Okay maybe not really but you see what I'm getting at. Set in Seattle, in 1986, Deadlight has you taking control of Randall Wayne as he goes searching for his family. I know what you're thinking, side-scrolling games can't be scary! Maybe not, but how will you know for sure unless you listen to our podcast!


Horror Play 11 (Slender: The Arrival)

A somewhat sequel (or better yet, re-imagining) to the free downloadable game of the same name (although this one has a new subtitle). Slender: The Arrival finds you taking control of Lauren, a silent protagonist in search of a missing friend. But these woods and corridors hide more than just the tall monstrous meme known as Slender man. Is this the scariest game we have played so far? Let me put it this way: All four of us played this game together and all four of us screamed at one time...


Horror Play 5 (Outlast)

Kyle can't make it for this episode and Cody has joined the army! Don't worry! John and Robert take the reins and steer this podcast in the right direction with newly-found guest Tyler. So what is Outlast? Miles is a freelance investigative journalist who has just received a tip about some weird experiments being conducted at Mount Massive Asylum. So like any good horror game protagonist, he goes to investigate... ALONE! We take control of Miles in this recently released horror game to see...