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John, Robert, and guests are in search for the scariest game ever made. The group reviews the game and rate it on it's overall scare factor.

John, Robert, and guests are in search for the scariest game ever made. The group reviews the game and rate it on it's overall scare factor.
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St. Petersburg, FL


John, Robert, and guests are in search for the scariest game ever made. The group reviews the game and rate it on it's overall scare factor.




HP Bonus 4 (Horrific Moments in Non-Horror Games)

John and Robert each pick a non-horror game with a horror moment. The games they choose are not horror games, but each have a moment within the game that turned out to be quite scary.


Horror Play 56 (The Park)

How scary are abandoned amusement parks? In this game, quite scary. On this episode of the Horror Play podcast, we review the indie horror game The Park, and search for our son as we ride scary swan rides, flashback to eletro-shock therapy, and talk to a weird demon dude. Follow @sharkdropper


HP Bonus 3 (Guests)

At the time of this recording the HP crew had played 47 games. If you're a frequent listener of Horror Play you know there are four reviewers per game, but the reviewers aren't always the same. On this bonus episode, John and Robert get together to discuss the amount of guests that have appeared to help rate the horrific games of Horror Play. Follow @sharkdropper


Horror Play 55 (Firewatch)

The HP crew gets together this week to discuss and rate the indie lookout game Firewatch. Not a horror game persay, Firewatch still packs on some tension throughout its short narrative campaign as the lead character Henry uncovers the mysteries of the surrounding Wyoming woods.


HP Bonus 2 (IGN's Top Ten)

In the second bonus episode of Horror Play, the HP crew gets together to discuss IGN's Top Ten Horror Games list. Do we agree or disagree? Listen to find out.


Horror Play 54 (Resident Evil 7)

Resident Evil 7 is a true return to horror for Capcom's famous franchise. After three action-based installments, Capcom decided to reign it in and focus solely on the horror aspect of the series. Imagine the first Resident Evil game, but in Lousiana, and replace zombies with monsters. Resident Evil 7 is truly terrifying and we couldn't wait to play. So listen here as John, Adam, Robert, and Amber discuss their likes and dislikes, and decide whether this game belongs in the top ten. WARNING!...


HP Bonus 1 (Intro)

On the inagural episode of Horror Play Bonus, John, Robert, and Adam sit down to discuss what will become of the newly released bonus episodes. In an effort to release more content, expect more episodes with reviews, horror game topics, trailers, playthroughs, discussions, and erratic banter. Don't forget to rate and review on iTunes. If you would like to help donate you can do so on our website www.sharkdropper.com, or through Patreon. Just search Shark Dropper Studios. Enjoy!!


Horror Play 53 (Emily Wants to Play)

Emily wants to play with her creepy dolls, and she wants us to play with her creepy dolls as well. For this episode of the Horror Play podcast, John, Robert, Adam, and Amber review Emily Wants to Play, a hide and seek, spot the clown, run from dummies, type of horror game. Follow @sharkdropper


Horror Play 52 (Siren)

Ever hear of the Playstation Classic Siren? No? Us either... until it was recommended by a fan. We decided to try our luck against the evil gun-toting monsters as we try to solve puzzles..? Siren is a game that's hard to classify and we go to great depths trying to figure out exactly what type of game it is. Some may think that having 10+ main characters would be confusing, but luckily Siren comes with a handy spreadsheet before every chapter!


Horror Play 51 (Layers of Fear)

What is it about mansions that make them so creepy? For this episode of Horror Play, the HP crew gets together to discuss a game that goes a little mad. Winding corridors, blood splattered paintings, and a room full of crazy dolls are just some horrific things they experience. This is a game like no other. Follow us: @sharkdropper www.sharkdropper.com


Horror Play 50 (Notes of Obsession)

We play a mom haunted by her legless monster kid in the Swedish school project known as Notes of Obsession. It may be a short game, but the HP crew has a lot to talk about including the amazing graphics, the grotesque monster, and whether blueberry Redbull is the best flavor of Redbull out there. Also! This is our 50th review!!!!! Follow @sharkdropper


Horror Play 49 (Cry of Fear)

This week we review a game Adam hates and everyone else thinks is okay. Cry of Fear was a mod based off the Half-Life engine. Many seem to think it is one of the scariest games out there, often appearing on Horror Game Top Ten lists. We take our crack at it and see if it holds up as a truly terrifying experience. One day we'll review the sequel Cry Harder. Follow @sharkdropper


Halloween 2016

As usual the Horror Play crew mixes it up for Halloween. Rather than rating another game, Robert, John, Adam, and Amber get together to rerate both Slender: The Arrival and P.T. Both games are tied atop the Horror Play Scariest list and that must finally come to an end. Through general discussion and some point/counter-point arguments, find out which game will be crowned the true winner (so far...) of the scariest games that the HP crew has played.


Horror Play 48 (Left 4 Dead 2)

Zombies, everyone loves them! Well at least everyone in 2009 did. Value brings up the sequal to the successful Left 4 Dead franchise. Where does it stack up to the original? Is the a quality sequal or just another re-skin of the original? How does the Source engine hold up to this day? Find out on an all new HORROR PLAY. www.lootcrate.com/shark promo code: SHARKDROPPER


Horror Play 47 (Ghostbusters)

Some call it the unoffical 3rd movie, some call it a disappointment. We've played the 2009 Ghostbusters video game so you don't have to. How does it stand with the rest of the Ghostbusters titles? Is the game scary? Find out on an all new Horror Play Podcast.


Horror Play 46 (Dino Crisis)

Welcome to dinosaur island! This week we sit down and discuss the newest game on the roster-- Dino Crisis! It's like Resident Evil, but with raptors. We take control of Regina, the red-haired protagonist, as she explores a creepy facility that's been overrun with big-ass lizards. This ain't no walk in the park. Let's see how it ranks against some of the great survival horror games. Tune in to see!


Horror Play 45 (Alan Wake)

A Horror Play in the making for almost as long as the game itself. Well, not quite. Alan Wake from Remdy Entertainment took almost 10 years to make. This Stephen King/Twin Peaks love letter sets you in a rural town in the upper north west. You play Alan Wake, a writer who's is hunted by a mysterous presence in the town known as "the Darkness." Alan suddenly awakens without his memory for the last week, and his wife missing. Find out just how scary this game is as we discuss it on a new...


Horror Play 44 (Claire)

Historically 16 bit games have not fared well on Sharkdropper. We know that a lot can be done with a little technology but, not every game can pull this off. This week we look at an offering from Hailstorm Games, Claire. Claire tells the story of a young woman who wakes up alone in a hospital. From there its up to the player to decypher why she is there, and more importantly how to get out of there. Where does the game stack up for us? Find out on a new Horror Play Podcast....


Horror Play 43 (The Evil Within)

The Evil Within was supposed to bring horror back to its roots. This was the game that was supposed to be for fans of the original Resident Evil games; a game for fans of true survival horror. John, Robert, Adam, and Amber sit down to discuss their likes and dislikes for the game. Spoiler alert: There are more dislikes. But listen in to find out if they thought the Evil was Within or Without.


Horror Play 42 (Limbo)

Limbo may not be a true horror game, but it definitely has moments that exude creepiness and tension. We play as the lost boy looking for his sister, exploring the forest, mines, and broken-down buildings. Is this the scariest game we've played so far? Is it supposed to be scary? Listen and find out what we think!!