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The IGN UK team discuss the latest news from the world of gaming, movies, tech, and entertainment. Expect some informed chat, plenty of inane ramblings, and the occasional piece of podcast gold from Alex, Chris, Krupa, Luke, Rich and Stu.

The IGN UK team discuss the latest news from the world of gaming, movies, tech, and entertainment. Expect some informed chat, plenty of inane ramblings, and the occasional piece of podcast gold from Alex, Chris, Krupa, Luke, Rich and Stu.
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The IGN UK team discuss the latest news from the world of gaming, movies, tech, and entertainment. Expect some informed chat, plenty of inane ramblings, and the occasional piece of podcast gold from Alex, Chris, Krupa, Luke, Rich and Stu.




IGN UK Podcast 431: And Another Thing... Dinosaurs!

We've got Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom theories, discussion of brilliant new cartoon-Zelda game Swords of Ditto, and Cardy's problematic breakaway project that Gav definitely didn't make up. Plus, Keyword Countdown gets spicy with a close-fought showdown.


IGN UK Podcast 430: God of War After Dark

This week Krupa's been playing that new God of War, but to be honest that bit mainly ends up being about the canonical status of what happened in Hollyoaks Afer Dark. If you don't know what that is, it's like naughty Hollyoaks. If you don't know what Hollyoaks is – well, there's no helping you. We've seen a little bit of Infinity War, but can't talk about it, so enjoy that. And enjoy the really, really hard Keyword Countdown.


IGN UK Podcast 429: A Nice Quiet Place for a Chat With John Krasinski

This week we're joined by possibly the nicest man to grace this earth, John Krasinski. Krazzers was in town to talk about his new film A Quiet Place and was patient enough with Gav to talk about The Office, auditioning for Captain America and The Prestige. We also hear about Alysia's recent trip to the Games Developer Conference and Rory's been playing the new Dark Souls Remastered. Get in touch: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com


IGN UK Podcast #428: Two Boys' Ghost Stories

Two boys, two films. Krupa and Joe cover Ready Player One and brilliant new horror anthology Ghost Stories before, like all the best horror films, we pull the rug right out from under you. Krupa sat down with Ghost Stories' creators, Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson to talk through adapting their play as a movie, how it uses conjuring to frighten you, and the rise of anthology stories. Enjoy!


IGN UK Podcast #427: Evan Pettiwhisker, God of War

We've played games, games, games this week. God of War, A Way Out and Ni No Kuni 2 make up the big hitters, before good old Football Manager comes around again, this time even in quiz form. Also: will someone please watch Wild Wild Country so that Joe can talk about it with another human? He looks ill.


IGN UK Podcast #426: Love Annihilation

Krupa, Skrebels and Cardy discuss our unexpected new lunchtime obsession, the beguiling weirdness of Annihilation, the weirdly beguiling Love, and a discussion of the words in a Swedish folk song. And forget Keyword Countdown, because this week you've got 'Bottom or Wrestler' to enjoy. It's more innocent than it sounds.


IGN UK Podcast #425: Super Smashing Boys

Nintendo Direct took a big old dump of awesome games on us this week so Rory, Krupa & Gav go absolutely mad on Dark Souls Amiibo, Rory's Smash Bros. skills and there's a lovely embarrassing story about Priyanka Chopra. We've also got some awesome feedback and an absolutely epic round of Keyword Countdown.


IGN UK Podcast #424: And the Oscar Goes to...Joel Edgerton!

Who wants a podcast where the hosts predict the big winners of the 2018 Oscars, interview the amazingly funny and talented Joel Edgerton AND talk for far too long about taking over managerial duties at Bayer Leverkusen? Well, ladies n gents - we might just have your sweaty little butts covered! Mr. Edgerton stops by the podcast to talk about his new sexy spy thriller Red Sparrow and is very patient whilst reading out some strange Star Wars fan-ficton Gav came up with. Red Sparrow is in...


IGN UK Podcast #423: What Remains of Alex Garland

This week is an absolute banger! Not only do we have Alysia, Rory & Gav chatting about Fortnite, a new VR game called Seed and the fact that some of us have only just got around to playing What Remains of Edith Finch BUT we also have a big exciting interview with Alex Garland. The Ex Machina director talks about his brand new film, Annihilation. He's also a ridiculously dedicated gamer and loves any opportunity to talk about Dark Souls. Lovely. Drop us a line: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com


IGN UK Podcast #422: Fifty Shades of Funko Pops

Joe and Gav have just got back from Tokyo and bring with them the finest stories yen could buy. Simon's not sure how he feels about Altered Carbon and he's fallen out with Mick McCarthy (in Football Manager). There's also a THRILLING round of Keyword Countdown. Get that in you. Get in touch with us: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com


IGN UK Podcast #421: Black Panthers and Sexy Witches

There's been a ridiculous amount of trailers dropping this week, so we thought we'd get stuck into them. Solo, Deadpool, Venom, you name 'em we've watched 'em. Also, Cardy's verdict on Black Panther is in, Alysia has been going back to school and Rory has been flirting with a witch on a Switch.


IGN UK Podcast #420: P.T. Anderson's Big Monster Hunt

This week we've got Paul Thomas Anderson on the brain after watching two of his films in a week, not to mention a chat about the 10/10 reviewed Celeste, Cardy's newly-named Roverwatch, and the tensest Keyword Countdown all year (probably). Joe's also been away hunting real-life monsters in Devon, and made an entire half-hour radio documentary about the experience - wait until the end of the podcast for that. Get in touch with us: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com


IGN UK Podcast #419: The 'Lot But Big' Boys

We've got a monster of a podcast for this week. Simon's had his head up a Hornetaur in Monster Hunter: World, Krupa's been going off in Shadow of the Colossus and Gav's been have a lovely time watching naughty German dramas and playing Crossing Souls. We've also got an absolute banger of a Keyword Countdown and Sidekick Simon's Football Manager Update - would you be happy with a 49% win-rate? Because Gav's not. Get in touch with us: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com


IGN UK Podcast #418: The Nintendo Dube

This week we get all excited about Nintendo Labo and it's possible future. Rory is all giddy about Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dale (for some reason) is banging on about former Coventry City legend, Dion Dublin and Cardy returns with his now infamous Football Manager updates (We still need a better title). Also, after getting so much good feedback, we decided make the email section twice as long this week. There's some great questions and frankly, a mixed bag of responses... Get in touch...


IGN UK Podcast #417: Tonya Harding's Dark Soul

Awards seasons has got hold of the IGN UK team and they went off to see a flurry of worthy films this week. Gav is bang into I, Tonya, Rory's feeling Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Simon's running lukewarm on The Shape of Water and they all stepped out to the premiere of The Post. There's also sexy times to be had with a Nintendo Direct and the announcement that we'll be going back to Lordran when Dark Souls comes to the Switch. That's not all! There's a dramatic Keyword...


IGN UK Podcast #416: Kung Fu Kenny's Black Mirror

New Year, Old Us. Of course we start by trying to discuss shiny new things like Black Mirror and Bright, but we just can't help ourselves falling into talking about Jonathan Creek, Football Manager and, yes, The Prestige. But we've also got a round-up of the games we caught up on over Christmas, the maddest film of last year, plus there's a recipe for a chicken meal at the very end for some reason.


Big Fat 2018 Preview

Nursing a New Year hangover? Listen to us waffle about the things we're most looking forward to watched, playing, and doing in the New Year.


IGN UK Podcast #415: Best of 2017 Awards

Look, we're not going to cover the regular stuff - we've got a place for that already - but in this episode you'll find out some of the more niche pursuits the UK office has been enjoying this year. Join Joe, Rory and Simon as we cover everything from our favourite Netflix Originals and the Games That Made Us Want to Punch One Another, to the greatest meal deal snack and our coveted Beer of the Year title.


Keyword Countdown Christmas Special 2017

It's that time of year where it's okay to really indulge yourself. So here we are: a Keyword Countdown Christmas Special. Merry Christmas!


IGN UK Podcast #414 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Special

Hold on to your butts. Wrong film. Anyway, here it is: a spoiler-filled discussion of Episode VIII and why it's proved to be one of the most divisive blockbusters ever. Punch it! (Now that's Star Wars.)


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