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The IGN UK team discuss the latest news from the world of gaming, movies, tech, and entertainment. Expect some informed chat, plenty of inane ramblings, and the occasional piece of podcast gold from Alex, Chris, Krupa, Luke, Rich and Stu.

The IGN UK team discuss the latest news from the world of gaming, movies, tech, and entertainment. Expect some informed chat, plenty of inane ramblings, and the occasional piece of podcast gold from Alex, Chris, Krupa, Luke, Rich and Stu.
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The IGN UK team discuss the latest news from the world of gaming, movies, tech, and entertainment. Expect some informed chat, plenty of inane ramblings, and the occasional piece of podcast gold from Alex, Chris, Krupa, Luke, Rich and Stu.




IGN UK Podcast #453: Big Head Redemption

You've probably heard enough of Alex and Joe banging on about Red Dead Redemption 2, but if not they talk more about Rockstar's upcoming Western - and answer your questions - on this week's episode. There's also chat about WWE 2K19 and its weirdest modes, plus the PSone games we'd like to see on the PlayStation Classic.


IGN UK Podcast #452: Beware the Boat People

Don't go near the water. Sage advice, whether you live on an island surrounded by sharks or, worse still, live in Manhattan. Have you seen the freaks on the boats in Marvel's Spider-Man? It's enough to give anyone nightmares.


IGN UK Podcast #451: Jabba's Face is Well Expensive

It's double quiz week on the UK podcast. Why? Because Cardy had already written Boss Keyword Countdown before we realised a massive prop auction might make good quiz content. You're welcome. Also: American Vandal, Hollow Knight, and all the celebrities you people live near and watch on the daily.


IGN UK Podcast #450: Getting Lost Again

Look, we could talk about Shenmue, or Succession, or any of the new stuff we've been indulging in this week, but Gav's bang back into Lost and he's got a bone to pick with a temple. Plus, why flashbacks are bad film-making, if playing cards other than the Queen are female, and Keyword Countdown.


IGN UK Podcast #449: Gamescom 2018 Special

It's been a very long week, but three intrepid podcasters made it back to the office to do a little special podcast. Those brave boys are Krupa, Rory, and Simon, and they're here to tell you about their favourite games they've played this week, as well as what takeaway they're ordering a recovery treat, not to mention all the augments they'd riddle their bodies with given half the chance.


IGN UK Podcast #448: Yankee Doodle Dandies

We stretch the truthfulness of our podcast's name this week, as Joe and Cardy are joined by Tina and Andrew from the IGN San Francisco office. We talk all things Gamescom, hear a lovely story about Final Fantasy X, and feel the looming jeopardy of our US bosses realising just what it is we're up to over here, before shutting this all down. Plus, a new and exciting all-American Boss Keyword Countdown!


IGN UK Podcast #447: Shawshank the Pig

Join us on a not-so dark tour of contemporary popular entertainment. Marvel at our informed discussion of Red Dead 2! Wonder at just how Castle Rock is squeezing so much of Stephen King's big-faced glory into one TV series! Gasp at the fact Cardy can't clap! Plus: Boss Keyword Countdown!


IGN UK Podcast #446: Manipulating Dale's Terrain

Joe's played Spider-Man, Krupa is in love with the way Venom says pancreas, and Dale's been recreating LOST somewhere in the universe.


IGN UK Podcast #445: Mission: Impossible Special

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is out this week. So we take a look back at the series so far, speak to Simon Pegg and Christopher McQuarrie about the new one, and do a little spoilercast too. **All spoilers are in the second half of the show.**


IGN UK Podcast #444: Jeff Goldblum's Massive Nips

What do you get if you cross a rapper with a chicken that can poop bombs and a giant statue of Jeff Goldblum? Give up? It's this week's podcast, ya numpty! Krupa's been playing Bomb Chicken, Gav's been watching The Defiant Ones and everyone's been enjoying a giant Jurassic Park statue. Thanks to everyone that sponsored us for our 10k, it was HARD. You can still chuck in some pennies if you're up for that: http://bit.ly/RunIGN Also get in touch with us: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com


IGN UK Podcast #443: Naughty Balloons

On the surface, you'd think we'd gone all professional this week. We cover Fortnite Season 5, Captain Toad, We Happy Few and GLOW - classic fare. So how did Cardy, Joe and Rory get onto illicit 3DS photography, drugs and absolutely ruined jokes? We don't know, and we can only apologise. Please also sponsor us for running the British 10k this weekend. It's all going to the incredible Special Effect, so give as much as you can!


IGN UK Podcast #442: The Incredible Freak's Rubbish Puns

On this week's podcast Rory and Gav have just got back from acting like damn fools in Athens, Cardy's been watching The Incredibles 2 and we have a brand new (possibly reoccurring feature) "Michael Giacchino needs to calm the f**k down!" Please also sponsor us for running the British 10k next week. We're so close to our target now: http://bit.ly/RunIGN Get in touch with us: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com


IGN UK Podcast #441: Hammy the Hamster

Despite our brief opening talk about YouTuber beefs, we actually talk some Overwatch this week including the brand new hero, The Wrecking Ball, Hammond and Rory's live Overwatch League experience. We've also all got strong opinions on the new Predator and Mandy trailers and of course, another delicious game of Keyword Countdown. Oh! And please sponsor us for the Special Effect 10K run we're doing - it's for an amazing cause.


IGN UK Podcast #440: Cyberpunk Skid Kids

E3 might be over, but we somehow still aren't sick of talking about it. Joe's got all the behind-the-scenes deets (and slightly contrarian opinions) on Cyberpunk 2077, Dale and Simon have been on a romantic little Forza holiday to a Bond lair, and we talk our way through the latest Mario Tennis. Also, there's a bit where Joe goes mad because they're putting Neanderthal brain bits into crab robots. Plus, the return of Boss Keyword Countdown, even though Rory isn't here. Oh! And please...


IGN UK Podcast #439: The E3 Banger

E3, the biggest event in the gaming calendar, just took place in LA. There's a lot to get through. Gav, Cardy, and Krupa dish out the unofficial IGN awards from back here in London, while we've got Joe, Rory, and Dale on the ground in LA to tell you the best of what they actually got to play.


IGN UK Podcast #438: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Special with J.A. Bayona

Gav and Krupa sit down with director J.A. Bayona to discuss his new take on the Jurassic series, and Simon dresses up as a big egg.


IGN UK Podcast #437: E3 2018 Predictions

This week Joe, Simon, and Krupa look ahead to E3 and make some very insightful predictions that almost certainly will be true.


IGN UK Podcast #436: Benny the Blade Runner

Early in the 21st Century, THE IGN CORPORATION advanced podcasters into the nexus phase – a podcaster virtually identical to an idiot – known as a Benny.


IGN UK Podcast #435: Deadpool 2 Special with Josh Brolin

To celebrate the release of Deadpool 2 we've gone mutant MAD and run down some of the weirdest mutant powers from the X-Men comics. We've also got Josh Brolin aka Cable aka the man with the naughtiest finger click in the galaxy for a big old interview where he does impressions of Marvel head Kevin Feige, questions Gav's British credentials and tells us about lies he's told. There's also one of the highest scoring Keyword Countdown's we've had in ages. Let us know what you think of the...


IGN UK Podcast #434: Late for a Prawn

Gav's been hanging out with dinosaurs in Cambridge. Bit far-fetched, etc., etc. Krupa's been goggling at the new Predator trailer. And Simon, well, Simon's fuming about something...