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Video games, Tech and pop culture podcast. It's the conversations we used to have at a L.A.N Party, the things people love and why they love them

Video games, Tech and pop culture podcast. It's the conversations we used to have at a L.A.N Party, the things people love and why they love them




Video games, Tech and pop culture podcast. It's the conversations we used to have at a L.A.N Party, the things people love and why they love them






13: Tenielle From XP Esports - High School League

Doc catches up with Tenille from XP Esports High School League to discuss the amazing program happening in Queensland Schools and hopefully spreading out to the rest of Australia as well. (This is an Audio rip of the video available at )


12: BossLogic Reveals Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Interview

The worldwide announcement of Assassins Creed Valhalla happended overnight and was made in partnership with Australian artist, BossLogic, who created an exclusive digital artwork revealed over an eight-hour livestream via Twitch, Youtube and Facebook . If you don’t know who BossLogic (Kode) is i’m sure you would have seen some of his work. There was a stunning tribute to Kobe Bryant and his daughter, the amazing images of the Australian bushfires that were really close to home in Melbourne...


11: Creator of Blood Breed, Blake McKinnon

Doc catches up with Blake McKinnon who created the new release "Blood Breed" on Nintendo Switch.


10: Eric Chen and Managers from ASUS Conference in Sydney 2019

The ASUS "Wiser Together" 30th Anniversary conference with the launch of the Zenbook Pro Duo in Australia.


9: Emil Daubon - Ghost Recon Breakpoint

I had the honour of chatting with a man who loves his work. Emil Daubon spent almost 15 years in special forces and is a writer and technical advisor on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpont.


8: Anthem, New Dawn and Apex Legends

Is Anthem as bad as they are saying? The boys have played in on Xbox and PC and let you know. Far Cry New Dawn is out, what is it like? The worst RPG game on Switch is the one from the biggest franchise. Apex Legends, is it a Fornite killer?


7: Alien, Pokemon, Spiderman and Superheroes

This episode we talk about the new political themed parody game from Clive Palmer, Why an Alien game should not be on Mobile and ask what B grade Superhero should have a game. Plus reviews of Spiderman, Super Smash Bros and Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu. Oh and we side track into film and tv a bit.


6: Detective Pokemon, Top 5 Cowboy Games and Red Dead Redemption 2

In today's podcast Luke and Doc talk about the new trailer for the Pokemon movie, Nintendo are on the warpath against Rom Sites, Game reviews for Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield V and Diablo on Switch. Ask the question "Are kids still playing Fortnite?" and remember the Top 5 Games about Cowboys. Plus we talk a bit about #movember We are both supporting Movember this year by growing Moustaches and raising money for the cause, specifically for Suicide Prevention and stopping men from dying...


5: The Boy Who Played Fortnite and Lives a Normal Life

There's alway's a lot of bad press around the game Fortnite and what it's doing to "our kids". Well, I decided to chat to a 9 year old boy that manages to play Fortnite and lead a normal life at the same time.. I know right.. Shock Horror!


4: Super Smash Bro, Diablo 4 and What 80's Cartoon should be a game

News of the week follows this weeks Nintendo Direct edition of Super Smash Bro Ultimate for Switch. Big Question this week What 80's Cartoon should be made into modern game


3: Episode 3: Nathan Fillion, Double Dragon and The Superman Game

A podcast about gaming and gamers with News of the week, the games we are playing and want to play and the Classic Game of the week where we take a look at Double Dragon. Join Doc and Luke as they get all "nerdcited" about the thing they love the most. Uncharted Fan Film: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Destiny 2 forsaken:


2: New Pokemon, Fallout 76 and My Classic Games List

Hey there, On my own this week and looking at the news of the week, including what we will see more of at e3 with Bethesda's Fallout Franchise, new Pokemon that popped up on Switch and I look at some classic games that have entertained and inspired me over the years.


1: Disparity Games

In the first ever Super Nun10doe podcast Doc from has a chat with an Australian family of game developers who go under "Disparity Games". They are based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. They talk about the history and future of the company, the games they have worked on in the past and their time with Krome including the work they did on Ty the Tasmanian Tiger oh and a bit of Doctor Who and Broadchurch as well.