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Call of Duty 2020 Shuffle - Multiform Ep. 42

This week we discuss the new partnership between Microsoft and Sony on cloud gaming and Azure. Plus we discuss the report of a change in development for 2020’s Call of Duty entry and what it might mean for the future of the franchise. Ubisoft says 4 AAA games are coming out in the next 9 months so we discuss potential options. Rockstar bought a studio from struggling Starbreeze. Metro Exodus story expansions are coming. The latest Xbox system update is out. Minecraft Earth was announced and...


Ghost Recon Breakpoint Reveal - Multiform Ep. 41

This week Ghost Recon Breakpoint was revealed so we discuss all the new features and details. EA also revealed some upcoming games on their financial earnings call. Forza adds new content tying into the Indianapolis 500. Deep Silver may be teasing an upcoming Saints Row reveal. Xbox filed a patent related to accessibility. Gameloft will be the first to bring Xbox Live features to mobile gaming.


Borderlands 3 Gameplay Revealed - Multiform Ep. 40

This week Gearbox revealed Borderlands 3’s gameplay. Epic Games acquired Psyonix. Ubisoft is teasing a new Ghost Recon announcement that ties into the recent Operation Oracle in Wildlands. A voice actor teased something Metal Gear related coming. Halo The Master Chief Collection is getting cross-progression between PC and Xbox. Project xCloud has reached a new internal milestone at Microsoft. Xbox donated Adaptive Controllers to VA rehabilitation centers. Lastly, new additions to Game Pass,...


Mortal Kombat 11 - Multiform Ep. 39

This week we discuss new releases Mortal Kombat 11 and World of Warships Legends. In the news, Epic Games is the latest studio to be the center of a major article about toxic studio culture. Titanfall games are put on hold for a while. Anthem delays most of their post-launch content after taking a few tiny steps forward. Microsoft detailed the next Xbox system update. Cyberpunk 2077’s release date may have leaked. Playground Games definitely has an RPG in the works. Gears 5 multiplayer...


Next Generation PlayStation - Multiform Ep. 38

This week Sony revealed some of the details of the next generation PlayStation so we discuss what it might mean for the Xbox Scarlet. This week Microsoft revealed their E3 plans. April’s Inside Xbox confirmed several rumors we had discussed in the last few months. What will the next generation Xbox’s official name be? Sony might have killed cross progression in Destiny 2. Yet another rumor has surfaced about the future of the Batman Arkham franchise. The April system update is here. Showtime...


Jedi Fallen Order Revealed - Multiform Ep. 37

This week we discuss the reveal of Jedi Fallen Order and what we thought of what was shown and revealed about the game. Plus the future of the Dragon Age franchise and how live-service games and microtransactions might fit in. The next Inside Xbox is coming up soon and will reveal details of Microsoft’s E3 plans plus potentially details on the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Age of Empire might be coming to Game Pass, Xbox or both. The Xbox Spring Sale on digital games is live. Sniper Elite...


Anthem Troubled Development - Multiform Ep. 36

This week we discuss the recent bombshell revelations about Anthem’s troubled development including mismanagement by leadership, trouble with the Frostbite engine and lengthy failed pre-production. We also discuss the future of BioWare for Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Anthem in the coming years. Borderlands 3 announced a release date and cross-play might be a possibility. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is rumored to bundle Game Pass with Xbox Live Gold. The next Assassin’s Creed game is set in...


Borderlands 3 Revealed - Multiform Ep. 35

This week we discuss our playtime in The Division 2’s endgame, Metro Exodus and Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered. Wolfenstein: Youngblood released a new story trailer with the release date. Borderlands 3 was finally officially revealed. A narrative Lord of the Rings Gollum game is coming. The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield will not be mentioned at E3 this year. EA is laying off some of its staff and focusing on the quality of its games. Metro Exodus got a big update. Ubisoft confirmed their...


The Division 2 - Multiform Ep. 34

This week we discuss our time so far with The Division 2, Metro Exodus and a few other recent releases. We got our first look at what the disc-less Xbox One S might look like through a leak. Bethesda confirmed their E3 Showcase and Playstation is doing a live stream soon. We discuss Google Stadia and the state of game streaming options in 2019. Cuphead is headed to Switch potentially with Xbox Live features soon. CD Projekt Red has 2 big games coming by 2021. Control has a release date. Xbox...


Halo MCC on PC - Multiform Ep. 33

This week we discuss the latest news from the March episode of Inside Xbox including Halo The Master Chief Collection coming to PC and Steam and Halo Reach being added to MCC on Xbox and PC. Plus a few nuggets about Project xCloud and advancements to spatial sound options on Xbox One. Rebellion announced two Sniper Elite games for Xbox One. Turn 10 begins work on the next Forza. Remedy’s Control has a launch window. Battlefield V Firestorm is almost here. Microsoft announced new developer...


Xbox Maverick Rumors - Multiform Ep. 32

This week we discuss fresh rumors about Xbox Maverick discless Xbox One and Halo Infinite platforms. Plus a double-dose of Forza rumors. Apex Legends hits another milestone. Game Pass might be coming to more than just PC and Switch. Watch Dogs 3 in 2019. EA skipping E3 press conference this year. We also discuss our thoughts on how well Stellaris has been translated to console and other games we have been playing lately.


The Outer Worlds Release Timing - Multiform Ep. 31

This week we discuss the console release of Stellaris from Paradox Interactive. We also revisit Anthem after having spent a lot more time with the game. Plus we discuss all the big games that have fallen flat over the last few years. Anthem released a patch to address problems with loot inscriptions. The latest details on Halo Infinite were revealed in an interview with Bonnie Ross. Cyberpunk 2077 confirms it will be at E3. We discuss our thoughts on what Gearbox could be announcing at PAX...


Anthem Release - Multiform Ep. 30

This week we discuss our impressions of the newly released Anthem as well as other games we are currently playing. Rumors abound this week so we also share our thoughts on the latest about Xbox’s E3, next generation console timing and Halo Infinite. Xbox Games Pass might be coming to Nintendo Switch using Microsoft’s xCloud technology. Plus we vent our frustration with Activision for adding more monetization into Call of Duty Black Ops 4. A Bethesda placeholder game popped up on Amazon with...


Crackdown 3 and Far Cry New Dawn - Multiform Ep. 29

This week we discuss all the big releases of the week including Crackdown 3, Far Cry New Dawn, Anthem, Jump Force and Metro Exodus. Obsidian teased the length of The Outer Worlds. Apex Legends hits it big in their first week. Bioware says they are not done with Mass Effect. THQ Nordic bought another studio. Plus we discuss a bunch of news from the Activision quarterly investors call including recent layoffs, the separation with Bungie and details on Call of Duty 2019. Submit your thoughts...


Apex Legends Surprise Launch - Multiform Ep. 28

This week we discuss the surprise new release Apex Legends and all the new things it brings to the battle royale genre that make us like it so much. From the EA investor call, we learned some tidbits about Jedi Fallen Order, Plants vs Zombies and Need for Speed. Plus Xbox Live is coming to Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch in the future, Microsoft Studios gets a new name, Assassin’s Creed 3 remastered has a release date, Division 2 Private Beta early impressions, 2K is opening a new studio...


Titanfall Battle Royale Rumor - Multiform Ep. 27

Shadow of the Tomb RaiderTitanfall Apex Legends Battle RoyaleAnthem Demo ImpressionsFallout 76 Patch Reverts ProgressXbox hired a new Head of PortfolioQuantic Dream goes multiplatformUbisoft retracting an insensitive Division 2 emailInside Xbox returning in FebruaryNew Backwards Compatible GamesFebruary Games with GoldNew Game Pass GamesForza Horizon 3 adds new achievements


Anthem Demo is Here - Multiform Ep. 26

This week we discuss: What we’ve been playing Xbox One outsold PS4 in December Halo Master Chief Collection announcement coming The Initiative hires another Senior Designer from a big franchise Far Cry New Dawn has RPG elements Anthem VIP demo issues Fallout 76 Correction Fallout 76 Survival Mode New Backwards Compatible Games and more…


Another Cancelled Star Wars Game - Multiform Ep. 25

This week we discuss: EA canceling another Star Wars game Ubisoft canceling “Pioneer” Present Day Assassin’s Creed Fallout 76 Item Duping Fallout 76 Pacifist Mode Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Caused Delays Anthem Matchmaking & Lack of PVP The Division 2 Dark Zone The Division 2 Private Bete Forza Horizon 4 adds Mitsubishi for Free Forza Horizon 4 pulls 2 emotes out of the game Rocket League Cross-Play IO Interactive Opens 2nd Studio Game Pass Additions Backward Compatibility...


Bungie & Activision Split (Special Guest Patrick Maka) - Multiform Ep. 24

This week: Interview with Maka91 Bungie split with Activision Will the Anthem Demo help or hurt sales Metro Exodus Photo Mode Assassin’s Creed Odyssey January Update Razer hints at future Xbox Mouse & Keyboard games Borderlands 1 GOTY might be coming to Xbox One Remaster Pricing Telltale’s The Walking Dead The Final Season New Games Pass Games Aftercharge More Backwards Compatible Titles and more… Check out...


Anthem Is Coming - Multiform Ep. 23

This week we discuss: What We’ve Been Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 100% completion discussion Fallout 76 New Year, New Bugs Halo TV Update The Mad Box Console Console VR discussion Guacamelee 2 release date Hitman HD Enhanced Collection announced Anthem Gameplay Anthem Open Demo Backwards Compatible Additions January Game Pass Additions January Games with Gold and more…