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Outriders Revealed From People Can Fly - Multiform Ep. 80

This week we discuss the newly revealed Outriders from People Can Fly, Anthem’s redesign potential, the latest participant departures from E3 2020, Need for Speed franchise changing studios, Disney opening up its franchises to game developers, Xbox & Jordan cross-promotion, Division 2 Warlords of New York details, Call of Duty Warzone battle royale teases, new 2K studio named 31st Union and more...


Notable Departures at The Coalition & Rockstar - Multiform Ep. 79

This week in the news Rod Fergusson left The Coalition, Dan Houser is leaving Rockstar, Xbox Series X mystery port purpose may be revealed, updates on the future potential of Scalebound, Cyberpunk 2077 will have 75 “street stories”, sales milestones for Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Borderlands 3, Ubisoft will release 5 AAA titles in the next 13 months and Activision sees success with Call of Duty removal of loot boxes and season pass.


Disintegration Technical Beta - Multiform Ep. 78

This week we played the Disintegration Technical Beta. In a slow news week, we discuss the most recent Xbox financial performance, new features coming in the February system update, Jedi Fallen Order’s big sales numbers, Rockstar giving out free content in GTA and Red Dead Online, Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Terminator Event, Destiny 2 content on Twitch Prime, Metro Exodus Expansion 2 and the latest from xCloud, Game Pass and Games with Gold.


KOTOR Remake/Sequel Rumors - Multiform Ep. 77

This week in the news: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is rumored to be getting a new game, pictures of the Xbox Series X prototype leaked, Ninja Theory announced Project Mara, Dying Light 2 is the latest game to get delayed, Doom Eternal is twice as long as its predecessor, Mortal Kombat Kollection could be on the way, Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 exclusive content goes multiplatform, Wasteland Remaster has a release date, and some big titles join Project xCloud.


Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed - Multiform Ep. 76

This week in the news Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed to September, Marvel’s The Avengers was also delayed, Playstation is skipping E3 2020, Fornite added streamer skins, Ubisoft is making changes to differentiate their games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare extended season 1 and Quantic Dreams is teasing something for 2020 that could be their first multiplatform game.


AMD CES Oopsie - Multiform Ep. 75

This week AMD accidentally made news by revealing incorrect details about the Xbox Series X via a model not sourced from Microsoft, Phil Spencer revealed the first look at the Xbox Series X processor, Matt Booty revealed that Xbox Exclusives will be cross-generational for a few years, Gollum is coming to Xbox Series X, WB Games Montreal continues to tease their next game, Apex Legends has a new event, Doom (93) and Doom II get 60 fps updates and Sea of Thieves hits 10 million players. Plus...


Games of the Decade - Multiform Ep. 74

This week we discuss our favorite games of the decade. We also discuss the specs that have leaked about the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 so far including details about their GPUs and what their NVMe SSDs might mean for external expandable storage. Plus Vince Zampella is taking over Dice LA in addition to Respawn, Grand Theft Auto V surprise launches into Game Pass and we discuss our opinions on review score scales.


2019 Favorites & 2020 Most Anticipated - Multiform Ep. 73

This week we go through our favorite games that we played in 2019 and look ahead to the games we are anticipating most in 2020. We also discuss what the end of the console generation has meant for games this year and which games missed the mark the most in 2019. Happy New Year!


The Future Of The Witcher - Multiform Ep. 72

This week we discuss the new Netflix The Witcher series and talk about our time with Untitled Goose Game. In the news CD Projekt Red has reached a new deal with the author of The Witcher books, Forza Motorsport 8 is already playable and to be revealed in 2020, Moon Studios appears to be working on an action-RPG, just “Xbox” is the name of the next generation, Wolf Among Us 2 is restarting from scratch, Ubisoft canceled an unknown project, Destiny 3 could be a few years off, full Backwards...


Xbox Series X Revealed At The Game Awards - Multiform Ep. 71

This week we review My Friend Pedro and give our thoughts on the new Eliminator battle royale mode in Forza Horizon 4. In the news, Xbox Project Scarlet was revealed at The Game Awards and is now the Xbox Series X. The console design was also revealed alongside its new controller. Also at The Game Awards, Ninja Theory revealed Senua’s Sage: Hellblade II, Ori and the Will of the Wisps showed a new trailer and a short delay, Gears Tactics was revealed alongside its release date, The Wolf Among...


Xbox Lockhart Rumors Live On - Multiform Ep. 70

This week in the news Xbox Lockhart rumors are swirling again about a cheaper digital-only next-generation system option, Remedy’s Control may or may not be coming to Game Pass, Resident Evil 3 Remake has been leaked ahead of an imminent reveal, Vanquish and Bayonetta 10th anniversary editions coming soon, Forza Horizon 4 is giving away free cars via December advent calendar, Phil Spencer has taken his Scarlett console home, Battlefront 2 is getting a new version ahead of Star Wars Episode...


Batman Arkham Legacy Rumors - Multiform Ep. 69

This week we discuss the recent rumors that the next Batman game is titled Batman Arkham Legacy and will be revealed at The Game Awards. Plus Tony Hawk may be coming back as a remaster or a sequel, Xbox boss confirms Scarlett will not have VR, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be shorter than the Witcher 3, Call of Duty dumped its biggest free content drop ever, Codemasters acquired a rival racing developer and Halo Reach MCC is almost upon us.


Toyota Returns to Forza - Multiform Ep. 68

This week we talk more about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and xCloud. In the news Toyota is coming back to Forza, Assassin’s Creed Ragnarok rumors sound massive, Saints Row 5 is coming, Amazon may try game streaming, Scarlett is coming to xCloud and Logitech announces kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


X019 Inside Xbox - Multiform Ep. 67

This week we discuss our initial impressions of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. In the news, we go over all the announcements from Inside Xbox at X019 including Everwild from Rare, Grounded from Obsidian, new game Tell Me Why, release dates for several Xbox Game Studios titles (including Halo Reach in MCC, Bleeding Edge, Minecraft Dungeons and Wasteland 3), what’s next for xCloud, world premiers for a handful of third-party titles including the stylish West of Dead and the console release of...


Elite Series 2 Impressions - Multiform Ep. 66

This week we discuss our impressions of Afterparty and the new Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller. In the news, XO19 is coming soon with potential new game reveals, achievement design strategy, Call of Duty Modern Warfare gets its first free content expansion, the Outer Worlds fixes its font sizes, Hitman 3 is well underway, GTA V hits a gigantic new sales milestone, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a community survey out for future improvements and more...


Overwatch 2 is Overwatch 1.5 - Multiform Ep. 65

This week we discuss the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign. In the news Blizzard announced Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon, Ghost Recon Breakpoint promises fixes, Xbox Console Streaming begins testing, Battlefield 6 is not coming soon, Ubisoft adding cross-play, delayed Ubisoft games will be cross-generational, Dragon Age 4 is a long way off, EA canceled their NBA game again and XO19 is coming soon.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Fallout 1st - Multiform Ep. 64

This week we discuss a handful of recent releases including Call of Duty Modern Warfare, The Outer Worlds, The Return of Obra Dinn and Sole. In the news Fallout 76 got a paid subscription, Ubisoft delays 3 of their upcoming titles, The Last of Us 2 was delayed, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is underperforming, Crystal Dynamics revealed how loot will work in Marvel’s Avengers, Shroud moves to Mixer and Mike Ybarra takes a key position at Blizzard.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Marketing Stunt - Multiform Ep. 63

This week Fornite Chapter 2 launched, Modern Warfare detailed their post-launch plans, League of Legends is expanding to consoles, Game Pass revealed some stats, Xbox adds text filters, Gears 5 got new characters, Fallout 76 delayed their NPC update, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition was announced and we look ahead to a big release week next week.


The One About PlayStation 5 - Multiform Ep. 62

This week we discuss the reception of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, details that were recently revealed about the Playstation 5 and its controller, Doom Eternal being delayed, Microsoft Flight Simulator previews, Playground Games RPG timing, Apex Legends Halloween event, the October Xbox One system update, IO Interactive working on a new game with WB and the Hyperkin accessory Gus and Spencer crave.


Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (Special Guest HoosierBoy) - Multiform Ep. 61

This week we are joined by friend of the show, Mixer streamer and special guest HoosierBoy. We discuss the Mixer platform and his background as a gamer. Plus he joins us to share our thoughts on the newly released Destiny 2: Shadowkeep story and all the improvements to Destiny 2 that came along with it. We also discuss Apex Legends Season 3 and the state of the battle royale genre. In the news, Bungie is setting their sights beyond Destiny, Jessica Blevins reveals details behind Ninja’s move...