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Borderlands 3 Impressions + Gears 5 Ending - Multiform Ep. 58

This week we discuss our initial Borderlands 3 impressions and we end the episode with a big SPOILER FILLED discussion on Gears 5 and it’s ending. In the news this week Game Stop is closing stores, a new Batman game might finally be coming, Project Resistance was revealed, Phil Spencer has played Scarlett games, EA begins beta testing their streaming service, Gears 5 revealed it’s post-launch plans, Elden Ring may have revealed its release window, DragonBall Z Kakarot got a release date, the...


Gears 5 is Here - Multiform Ep. 57

This week we discuss the release of Gears 5, Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta and year 1 content pass thoughts, Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer and change to first-person cutscenes, Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville Founders Edition, October Xbox One system update details, Konami new console IP in the works, Madden 20 Superstar KO mode and more...


Speedrunning (Special Guest Cameron Brock) - Multiform Ep. 56

This week we’re joined by special guest, speedrunner and professional Ultimate player Cameron Brock. We discuss the speedrunning community, the recent launch of World of Warcraft Classic and all Xbox news of the week including Telltale Games lives again if only in name, Gears 5 moves up the early access launch, Xbox released an Every Xbox One Controller Ever Made video, Age of Empires may be coming to console, Mixer announced a new way to support partners, more DragonBall Z Kakarot details...


Gamescom 2019 Recap - Multiform Ep. 55

This week we review all the news coming out of Gamescom 2019 including Gears 5 Horde and Campaign reveals, new Game Pass games, Age of Empires II Definitive Edition release date, Gears POP! release, new controller designs, PUBG cross-play, Ghost Recon Breakpoint 4v4 Ghost War PVP, Empire of Sin game announcement, Metro Exodus’ first DLC, Need for Speed Heat trailers and customization, why Toyota doesn’t want their cars in racing games, a new drone racing game from THQ Nordic, new game...


Saints Row Lives - Multiform Ep. 54

This week we share our thoughts on new release PC Building Simulator. In the news Saints Row is finally confirmed to be getting a new game! THQ Nordic has 3 unannounced games coming to Gamescom and has acquired two additional studios. Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack is canceled. Splinter Cell might not be returning how we would want it to. Call of Duty 2020 has a fresh round of rumors and leaks. Need for Speed Heat has been formally announced. Bioware ‘s Anthem producer left the studio....


Disclosing Loot Box Odds - Multiform Ep. 53

This week the ESA announced that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are introducing policies to require loot boxes to disclose their odds starting sometime in 2020. Rocket League also announced that they would be removing loot crates by the end of this year with more details to come. Apex Legends is getting a limited-time event that offers solo play. Gamescom is coming up and we know some of the publishers making announcements of some sort. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is going to have dedicated...


Ninja joins Mixer - Multiform Ep. 52

This week Multiform turns 1 year old! Plus impressions on the new features in Madden 20, more Lego Forza Horizon 4 discussion, Blazing Chrome scratches a Contra itch, Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes is here and a lot of discussion on what’s off with Wolfenstein Youngblood. In the news Ninja made a big move to stream exclusively on Mixer. The Halo Infinite E3 trailer had a hidden audio message. Call of Duty Modern Warfare revealed multiplayer gameplay and details including the gunsmith,...


Wolfenstein Youngblood - Multiform Ep. 51

This week we give our thoughts on Ghost Recon Wildlands Mercenaries and new release Wolfenstein Youngblood. A preview of what’s new in Madden 20 before its release next week. News from Quakecon Year of Doom, Cuphead is coming to Tesla cars in August, Xbox financial health and performance, the next Xbox update is changing the home screen UI and removing Cortana, Mixer is making changes to help keep communities friendly and support streamers including enabling monetization for all, Rainbow Six...


Gears 5 Tech Test - Multiform Ep. 50

This week Fate of Atlantis finally wrapped up in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and we got to play the Gears 5 Tech Test including Arcade Versus, Escalation and Tour of Duty. Plus we discuss a few details of Marvel’s Avengers that trickled out of SDCC. Ghost Recon Wildlands got a big update with a robust new mode ahead of its sequel releasing this fall. GameStop is experimenting with new store designs. The Xbox Super Game Sale is here with deals on games, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and the Hyperkin...


Gods Monsters and Gunfights - Multiform Ep. 49

This week Treyarch revealed a new mode for Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer, some details have been revealed about Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters, Ubisoft is clamping down on misuse of Story Creator Mode for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Amazon Game Studios is working on a Lord of the Rings Free to Play MMO, Division 2’s first expansion is coming soon and adding raid matchmaking, Xbox Germany mistakenly said Final Fantasy 7 remake was coming to Xbox, the July Xbox System Update is out now,...


The Future of Alan Wake - Multiform Ep. 48

This week in the news we discuss Remedy acquiring the publishing rights to Alan Wake, Potential Sony studio acquisition, Gears 5 tech test details announced, Netflix The Witcher first images, Halo Reach PC insider test was leaked, CD Projekt Red has 3 teams working on Cyberpunk 2077, Losing Progress in Games, Call of Duty Modern Warfare is adding reload while aiming, July additions and subtractions to Game Pass and Xbox Lockhart may live after all.


The Open World Call of Duty That Almost Was - Multiform Ep. 47

This week in the news we discuss Halo Infinite confirmed details, Jedi Fallen Order gameplay details, details on the development of Black Ops 3 and 4 at Treyarch, Battlefield V finger guns, PUBG announced a new studio and game, Forza Horizon 4 is adding another Lego car, unskippable ads in NBA 2K19, Crackdown 3 received new DLC, EA executives gave up their bonuses, Gears Tactics is likely coming to Xbox in addition to PC, details on Apex Legends Season 2 and 343 is migrating custom content...


Podcast Surprise Mechanics - Multiform Ep. 46

This week we’re playing Kingdom Come Deliverance, Mortal Kombat 11, Wolfenstein 2 and Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions. In the news we discuss new tidbits about Cyberpunk 2077, EA defending loot boxes, Microsoft may have cancelled the 2nd console codenamed Lockhart, Gears 5 monetization and movie details, Fortnite could have been cancelled, EA claims Anthem isn’t dead yet, Dragons in Apex Legends, Story Creator Mode in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and more hints at a Playground Games RPG.


E3 2019 Super Show - Multiform Ep. 45

This week we discuss all the big announcements and trailers from E3 2019! Including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a studio acquisition, a new internal studio, the next console (Project Scarlet), xCloud, a new series 2 Elite controller, Battletoads, Bleeding Edge, Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, DragonBall Z Kakarot, Elden Ring, Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions, Gears 5, Halo Infinite, Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Minecraft Dungeons, Ori and the Will of the...


Call of Duty Modern Warfare & E3 Most Anticipated - Multiform Ep. 44

This week we go over what we hope to see at E3 and what our most anticipated games of are including Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs 3, Marvel’s Avengers, Saints Row 5, Xbox Scarlet Specs, NCAA Sports Titles, Halo Infinite, Fable, Batman Arkham and Gears 5. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was officially unveiled. Xbox Game Studios is going to have 14 games at E3. xCloud will play any Xbox One compatible game. Crackdown 3 got some free DLC. The...


American Fugitive and pre-E3 Rumbles - Multiform Ep. 43

This week we talk about the new classic GTA style game American Fugitive. Plus Spencer revisits Saints Row 2 and ponders the future of the Saints Row franchise. We discuss Phil Spencer’s blog on gaming for everyone and some of the community improvements they are working on. CD Projekt Red has confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 will not be playable at E3. THQ Nordic is announcing at least 2 games at E3 but also teased 4 new projects from named studios in their earnings call. George RR Martin may...


Call of Duty 2020 Shuffle - Multiform Ep. 42

This week we discuss the new partnership between Microsoft and Sony on cloud gaming and Azure. Plus we discuss the report of a change in development for 2020’s Call of Duty entry and what it might mean for the future of the franchise. Ubisoft says 4 AAA games are coming out in the next 9 months so we discuss potential options. Rockstar bought a studio from struggling Starbreeze. Metro Exodus story expansions are coming. The latest Xbox system update is out. Minecraft Earth was announced and...


Ghost Recon Breakpoint Reveal - Multiform Ep. 41

This week Ghost Recon Breakpoint was revealed so we discuss all the new features and details. EA also revealed some upcoming games on their financial earnings call. Forza adds new content tying into the Indianapolis 500. Deep Silver may be teasing an upcoming Saints Row reveal. Xbox filed a patent related to accessibility. Gameloft will be the first to bring Xbox Live features to mobile gaming.


Borderlands 3 Gameplay Revealed - Multiform Ep. 40

This week Gearbox revealed Borderlands 3’s gameplay. Epic Games acquired Psyonix. Ubisoft is teasing a new Ghost Recon announcement that ties into the recent Operation Oracle in Wildlands. A voice actor teased something Metal Gear related coming. Halo The Master Chief Collection is getting cross-progression between PC and Xbox. Project xCloud has reached a new internal milestone at Microsoft. Xbox donated Adaptive Controllers to VA rehabilitation centers. Lastly, new additions to Game Pass,...


Mortal Kombat 11 - Multiform Ep. 39

This week we discuss new releases Mortal Kombat 11 and World of Warships Legends. In the news, Epic Games is the latest studio to be the center of a major article about toxic studio culture. Titanfall games are put on hold for a while. Anthem delays most of their post-launch content after taking a few tiny steps forward. Microsoft detailed the next Xbox system update. Cyberpunk 2077’s release date may have leaked. Playground Games definitely has an RPG in the works. Gears 5 multiplayer...