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AX82! - Bleeding Edge Beta Impressions and Dan Houser leaves Rockstar

Corey, Jesse, and Ray discuss the Bleeding Edge Beta, Anthem's major overhaul, Dan Houser leaving Rockstar, and more. You can download Arsenal X every Wednesdays on your podcast service of choice or stream it on Spotify, iHeart Radio, and YouTube. Make sure you rate and review us on your service of choice, subscribe to us on YouTube, and join us live on Mixer and Twitch Sunday nights for Sunday Night Arsenal at 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific.


AX 81 - The Initiative's New Game and Modern Warfare's Season 2

Arsenal X: The Xbox Podcast is back, now part of the Boss Rush Games podcast network. Corey and Jesse discuss Modern Warfare Season 2, The Initiative possibly working on Perfect Dark, the Xbox Series X's memory expansion slot, and more. Arsenal X is back. Throw up the X! You can download Arsenal X every Wednesdays on your podcast service of choice or stream it on Spotify, iHeart Radio, and YouTube. Make sure you rate and review us on...


Arsenal X New Remixed Theme Song. New Incarnation Starts Wednesday, February 12!

Arsenal X New Remixed Theme Song. New Incarnation Starts Wednesday, February 12!


169! - Extra Extra (Life)!

Lee joins Matt, Moose, and Corey in an effort to talk about Extra Life, their favorite spooky themed games, balancing gaming with every day life, The Outer Worlds, and more. Check out all of our content on and follow us on social media!


168! - We Had a Take 2

After some technical difficulties with the originally recorded episode, Corey must fly solo on this episode to talk about Gears 5, Destiny 2, Control, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, getting out of a gaming comfort zone, if we would ever know if words were misspelled in the dictionary, Metroid Prime, and more.


167! - Technical Difficulties Never Stopped Us Before, And It Won't Now!

Matt, Moose, and Corey discuss the current happenings at Blizzard, the way China has affected the way businesses do business, next generation, the launch games, and of course, the games they are currently playing. Remember you can win Modern Warfare! Email us a screenshot of your subscription on any of our video or audio platforms plus your rating and review, and you could win Monday night!


166! - Remnant From The Ashes Platinum and Gears 5

Matt, Moose, and Corey are back to talk about Matt's Remnant Platinum, Moose playing some cool Switch games, Gears 5, the charm of Untitled Goose Game, Single Player Experiences, how this generation will be remembered, replaying games, and more.


165! - Subscribe to the Idea, Man

In this episode of Nerds Gone Rogue, Matt, Moose, and Corey discuss the amount of services they subscribe to and how it affects consumers and the developers, how they support developers regardless of their leadership, Troy Baker vs. Gearbox, the games they're playing, and more!


164! - Moose Shaved His Face

Matt and Corey are joined by special guest "Brian" to talk about Borderlands 3, Link's Awakening, Nintendo 64 games, The Last of Us Part II, Remakes, and people they admire in the games industry. nerdsgonerogue,com


163! The RGB Navarro Effect

Lee Navarro joins Matt, Moose, and Corey to talk WoW Classic, Gears 5, naming next generation systems, entertainment outside of games, GameStop's closing of 200 stores, and more.


162! - Gears 5 and How We Want Nerds Gone Rogue to Be Remembered

The guys get together this week to discuss the games they've been playing, favorite console and game launches, the Nintendo Direct, industry crunch, and how they want Nerds Gone Rogue to be remembered when all is said and done.


161! - Phantom From The Ashes

Jesse Douglas joins the crew to talk about his album, Remnant: From the Ashes, 8K resolution, keeping up as a live show, and how they've seemed to cultivate a diverse audience.


160! - A Double Dipper

Matt, Corey, and Moose are back to talk about double dipping on games for different consoles, the Game Informer layoffs, GameStop's shelf life, cosplay, and choosing the perfect drink for a game night.


159! - We Had To Learn How To Discord

In this episode of Nerds Gone Rogue, you can actually see all the hosts at the same time! It's crazy! On top of that, you can hear them talk about Twitch vs. Mixer, what shows they're watching, how you start making a podcast, moods and games, and way more. Also we're giving away Astral Chain! So be in the chat to find out if you won! Discord:


158! - Astral Chain Giveaway! - New Phone, Who Dis?

This episode (the video version anyway) is a hot mess because Matt, Corey, and Moose have procrastinated again! There's no more Google Hangouts, but that doesn't stop them from coming together to talk about Fire Emblem Three Houses, The Binding of Isaac, the Philly Hangout, Corey's vacation, and more. Subscribe, Share, Rate, and Review!


157! - Astral Chain Giveaway! A Fireside Chat with Matt and Corey

Matt and Corey have a fireside chat this week as they discuss Fire Emblem Three Houses, The Binding of Isaac, Destiny 2, Wolfenstein Youngblood, collecting games, playing instruments, and more.


156! - Astral Chain Giveaway! - Double Legend's New Groove

This week on Nerds Gone Rogue, Matt, Corey, and Moose discuss The Division 2, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2, Mutant Year Zero on Switch, Wolfenstein Youngblood, and more.


155! - Astral Chain Giveaway! - Nuts Up Words? It's Gerds Ron Gogue!

The guys are back in the metaphorical saddle to talk some more games! This week, the crew talks Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, The Division 2, Super Mario Maker 2, video game story twists, what music they're listening to, and the first games they remember playing. Also, Matt freezes sometimes in this episode so sorry for some of the audio issues and Corey and Moose trying to cover for him! This is Nerds Gone Rogue after all. Oh yeah, we're giving away Astral Chain on Switch. Details at the...


154! - Cinascope Smellovision in IMAX

Matt, Corey, and Moose are back to discuss some Super Mario Maker 2, what changed from the first game, the probability of Old McDonald's cow being served to him at his local McDonalds, Burger King's tacos, GamerGirl Bath Water, and balancing a budget around the games they want.


153! - Can't Get Out From Under The Exhaustion

Matt, Corey, and Moose are joined by Ray "El Capitan" Osorio to discuss streaming, games they've been playing, Super Mario Maker 2, weird ticks when playing games, and the games they hate that everyone loves.