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Episode 142: Join ‘Em and Phozon

We here at Pie Factory Podcast do not do turkey drops; we do EPISODE drops. There’s more to do in the world than just eat (although, listening to this episode, you’d never know that). We also like to play video games from time to time. So join us!


Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Monster Bash

Just in time for Portland Retro Gaming Expo (kinda), we present episode 141! This time, instead of the usual booing from people listening, the boos we here are from the spooky creatures that come herewith and thereto and therein with two creepy-themed games. Join us for our usual reviews, commentary, and side-splitting hair-raising banter!


Episode 140: Astro Invader (redux) and Astro Fighter

Rumor has it that episode 141 has been released. Well, we’re here to completely dispel that rumor: it’s actually episode 140 that’s been released. But not even a party band outside of Pie Factory Podcast’s south headquarters could prevent Jimmy G from bringing you all the important news about a couple of 40-something-year-old video games, … Continue reading Episode 140: Astro Invader (redux) and Astro Fighter →


Episode 139: Shootin’ the breeze and burning our throats

Summer schedules can be a beast. And believe me, we have tried to alter that beast, but we find ourselves standing in the shadows of that beast. It’s been a while, so we figured we’d better get y’all up to speed as to how our lives have been going, what we’ve been playing, and why … Continue reading Episode 139: Shootin’ the breeze and burning our throats →


Episode 138: Front Line and SubRoc-3D

For the first time EVER, the guys from Pie Factory are back with discussion on the games you see in the title of this episode. A couple of shooty-powy games. One from the earth, one from the water. (They’re trying to get shooty-powy games from the other two ancient elements, too; patience, friends, patience.) If … Continue reading Episode 138: Front Line and SubRoc-3D →


Episode 137: Super Cobra and Silk Worm

Episode 137 is out, so listen to it NOW! Chop-chop! (See what we did there?) Silk Worm, Super Cobra, Midwest Gaming Classic, geography, and other such topics are discussed in this mammoth blockbuster installment of Pie Factory Podcast.


Episode 136: Exerion and Fast Freddie

Happy spring, Pie Factorians! We hope you spring…fast…and, uhh…we can’t make a really bad pun out of Exerion right now, but…well, just listen!


Episode 135: Assault and Vindicators

Welcome to the 2023, they’re calling it this year. Sean and Jim offer up their thoughts and experiences on these particular games because, well, they’re arcade video games. That’s why we’re all here, right? We hope you enjoy this episode. Jim and Sean believe it’s the best episode they’ve produced all year.


Pie Factory Podcast’s Holiday Greetings

As a storm closes in on Pie Factory Headquarters, Jim and Sean are hunkering down, eating razzleberry pie and playing MAME while lying in a manger as visions of Mr. Hot Dog and Mr. Pickle dance in our heads.


Episode 134: Port Man and Arkanoid

A new dawn brings a new day. A new day brings a new episode of Pie Factory Podcast (sometimes). In Episode 134, Jim and Sean discuss an obscure Pac-Man clone and a side-scrolling shoot-’em-up in which you defend the planet against mutant spiders. We hope you enjoy this deep, thoughtful discussion. (Please note: Pie Factory … Continue reading Episode 134: Port Man and Arkanoid →


Episode 133: S.T.U.N. Runner and Hard Drivin’

Jimmy G and Sean introduce a spoooooooky new episode during this spooooooktacular season!! Mwahahaahaahahahaa!!! In this haunting installment they discuss a couple of scaaaaaaaaary spooky games (that is, if you find racing games spooky).


Episode 132: Loco Motion and Amidar

Look, we don’t care that arcadehistory(dot)com and Wikipedia put a hyphen between “Loco” and “Motion.” You know why? ‘Cuz on the marquee there is no hyphen. So we’re not putting one there. Don’t believe us? Look it up! See?…SEE?!?!!?!?


Episode 131: Snake Pit and Wacko

School’s in, kids! It’s time for Sean and Jim to school you on a couple of games from the early-ish ’80s. That is, old-school games. Games that you may have played after school. The only thing more appealing than this episode would be a school of fish. School.


Midwest Gaming Classic 2022 recap

We’re not quite ready yet to present you with what we learned about Wacko and Snake Pit, but in the mean time, here are Sean’s thoughts on this year’s Midwest Gaming Classic. (Jim says hi.)


Episode 130: Pong

If you’re the kind of person who likes stuff, well…you’re in the right place because episode 130 is certainly stuff! This time we stray from our usual format to talk about everybody’s favorite diagonally-scrolling platform shoot-’em-up, the long lost sequel to Dragon Ball Z: a little Atari game called Pong! Nobody will be seated during … Continue reading Episode 130: Pong →


Episode 129: Mr. Driller and Dig Dug II

We at Pie Factory Podcast have been hard at work to bring you a new savory, salty, and potentially sweet episode. So here, for about the 129th time, we present to you…an episode. A pumpful episode. So pump it up! The jam, the volume…if it’s pumpable, you’ll like this one!


Episode 128: Three Stooges and Splat!

Our love goes out to those suffering because of the situation in Ukraine, and in fact, our next Patreon payout will be donated to Doctors Without Borders for their team in Ukraine. (And we thank all of you for making this donation possible.) We hope in these dark times we can bring some enjoyment to … Continue reading Episode 128: Three Stooges and Splat! →


Episode 127: Bad Dudes and Zero Wing

Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja and Zero Wing….ahh, just how Sean likes his fried chicken. Warm yourselves up to the soothing voices of him and Jimmy G with this 127th-ish numbered episode of the series, and first episode of the new year. And move Zig.


Episode 126: the, uhh…new episode

This is indeed a new episode of Pie Factory Podcast. In that it’s a new episode, about 99.44% new material, and it’s Pie Factory Podcast. Only thing is…well, we had to shift the focus a bit for this one time. You’ll get what we mean when you listen.


Episode 125: Pepper II and Cosmic Chasm

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle – a video game sequel that has no corresponding original? Oooh, you’ll have to listen to find out about that! Hear this and more gobbledygook (see what we did there?) as you feast your ears on this very special episode.