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A weekly video game podcast with two passionate gamers. We cover games we are playing, recent game news and events and even a weekly Kickstarter Campaign that peaks out interest.

A weekly video game podcast with two passionate gamers. We cover games we are playing, recent game news and events and even a weekly Kickstarter Campaign that peaks out interest.
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Vancouver, WA


A weekly video game podcast with two passionate gamers. We cover games we are playing, recent game news and events and even a weekly Kickstarter Campaign that peaks out interest.




Episode 192 - Hanging On 192nd

This week we’re celebrating 192 episodes on 192nd Ave in Vancouver Washington at a Tap Room. This week is a little different as we won’t be clean and proper BUT we love out live recordings. So Tim this week went and saw Deadpool 2, revenge of the mailboxes and breaking into your place of work. Zach on the other hand wantsa to know WTF is your wife doing Tim? Other than that Zach is pretty lame. This week we tried to many beers to count BUT they are mentioned in the show so listen up. Tech...


Episode 191 - All Day Cold Brew

This week first half Tasty Treats brought to us by Founders Brewing. We talk about celebrating our wives on Mothersday and other things we’ve done personally this week. In the news we talk about a new Ouya like propduct and how our ears are different. Tech Talk this week is a throw back to the days of the Arcade and second have we get peachy witrh Riverbend Brewing. We got 4 Steamy Kickstarters for you and a packed set of games we’ve been playing. So subscribe to us on your favorite...


Episode 190 - Moon Milk

This week Zach goes crazy with bark of different kinds in an all out assault to beautify his yard. Tim officialy joins a cult by drinking at an old persons club all the while theives are laughing their way to the bank with stolen goods. Thats just a little run down of our week all the while we talk about Nintendos big announcment and Nvidia along with others. In our TechTalk corner Tim really tries to press us on our coffee skills and in the Kickstarter segment we go from being Hellbound...


Episode 189 - Monkii Zipper

This week we celebrate Zach’s birthday with a surprise party at a local bowling alley and arcade center. Tim hits the movies to check out the latest Avengers and try to save the galaxy. This week in TechTalk we cover a awesome product Zach has subscribed to help cut the cords of cable tv. During KickStarter we of course find several awesome campaigns and talk about some of the past ones as well. We cover the risks of Kickstarter and how it works in case you are unaware. Tim gets deeper...


Episode 188 - French Vacation

This week Tim gets lost in a steam punk world and must escape. Zach heads to a local nursery and adopts a Japanese Maple. Tim Takes his daughter to meet the nice knife man.. or does he? Along with those Tim gets into God of War along with several other amazing titles not to name them all. Zach finds a pair of shorts on Kickstarter that are what he’s been dreaming of while at the beach and Tim finds an amazing Game that should be fun for all! These are just a few topics of discussion this...


Episode 187 - Send Noods

This week on Episode 187 Zach lines up a little death row challenge, Tim talks about his weeks and we get into some news. We talk about the Vita and its possibility to be on the way out of existence. Zach and Tim hang out on Friday and plan to escape “A Way Out”. Zach this weeks picks up several new pieces of tech so we jump down the Zach Tech Talk rabbit hole for this week. As for Tasty treats we have a nice message from Stone Brewing to an impostor and with such we have a Cold Tasty...


Episode 186 - Pigeon Palace

This week Tim goes out to see “A Quiet Place” and Zach racks up a old BB Gun to start a new sport. This weeks tasty treats are brought to us by Heathen Brewing and Bells Brewing and on the News section we’ve got Hulu and Spotify joining forces and Hackers saving us from the back up issues on the Switch. The FTC comes down on PS4, Nintendo for not allowing us to repair or modify our consoles and Google stops selling the Pixel 1st Gen. Zach gets deeper into Zelda while Tim finishes a game...


Episode 185 - Coast to Coast

This week we’re on Vacation! We talk about how our Vacations have gone and our experiences on them. Tim talks about his directionally challenged driving finally paying off and Zach gets hot and bothered with the rays. We discuss who has stepped up to publish the next Hitman game, Astro stepping into the Switch Arena and we revisit the disaster that was the Chicago Pokemon Go show! We talk about how drone postal men maybe aren’t ready just yet and we get into some pretty sweet Kickstarter...


Episode 184 - Three Lions in the Loo

This week Zach is sick right before vacation see if you can tell by his voice. Tim on the other hand goes to an amazing broadway show and raves about it. With Tims new work schedule he was able to attend an event for his son. The guys get in to talking about a revived sitcom, Duke Nukem Movie potentially? and how you only need the first ten or so of Far Cry 5 to officially get credits. This weeks tastey treats are all from the great State of Texas and Tim hits the loo hard with one of his...


Episode 183 - Birthday Escape

This week we celebrate Tims birthday! So with that out of the way Tim celebrates his birthday with friends and family. We go through his day and all the fun things his family had planned for him. Zach spends a day finishing up power washing his new property. We dive in to Vivendi selling Ubisoft stock and the unsurprising corporate over lord that bought some of it. Further in the news we revisit a Kickstarter Campaign that is now under heat for copyright infringement. And we discuss WTF is...


Episode 181 - Library Adventure

This week the guys fail an attempt of recording live in Portland. Tim talks about missing his wife and what Crunch time means to his family. Surprisingly Tim gets a good shock at a local GameStop and recommends a TV show to Zach. Zach on the other hand has been feeling the California love over the past week and even brings us a tasty treat from a Cali based tasty treat producer aka brewery. We get into Trump talking about video games shockingly something he knows nothing about. Nintendo...


Episode 180 - Tinkering Pirates

This week Zach gets Tim into the role of his favorite Video Game mini game. Along with fulfilling Tims dreams Zach also takes us on a blast from the past memory joyride with clips and little highlights of Plug and Play Podcast then Vs. Now. Tim on the other hand explains all the new Tech he’s been accumulating and over the previous. Zach continues with Comics and prepares for a extremely long work week. Other than that The guys talk Sega and the Yakuza 6 disaster. The guys get into the...


Episode 179 - Black Panther Date Night

Hello and welcome back. I’ll be your host this episode to help guide you through your Black Panther Date Night. This episode you can expect Tim and Zach to talk Valentines, Comics and Snow. Tim obviously is the one who say the movie this week. Or is he? Zach talks about the annoying aspect of PC gaming. They both realize a fun mobile game is getting a sequel and maybe just maybe the first half has to be re recorded. As the new usual we have 4 kickstarters some AMAZING some so so and some a...


Episode 178 - Oops It’s Valentines

This week guys we are back and have a lot to talk about. Over the weekend we went to the first ILikeComicCon held here in our home state of Washington. Put on by a awesome comic book shop called… you guessed it I Like Comics. Also this year Valentines day fell on a recording night and we both totally over looked that fact. oops. While at ILikeComicCon we ended up buying a new board game called “Drinkers Hell” which we live streamed that very night so head over to our facebook channel to...


Episode 177 - Hallmark Cinemax Special

This week we try out our new recording setup. As you might think our new toys are also our tech talk of the week. In the news we cover another Elon Musk accomplishment with the Falcon launch. We discuss Shadow of the Colossuss remake and a mysterious new collectable that has been seen that seems to do nothing in game. Of course we have our tasty treat, this week it’s a special 2016 rare release from Epic Brewing. We continue our new shows format and cover twice as many kickstarters as we...


Episode 176 - Blood Blue Moon

This week we let loose a new format after 175 episodes so let us know what you think! Tim heads out for a guys night and tries to stay safe during the blood blue giant super thingy. Zach gets into Shameless and other topics around why the podcast format is changing. In the news this week we talk about a man being bludgeoned with the Master Sword prop, Flamethrowers that Zach thinks is torch, Tinder getting the boot and much more. On Kickstarter we also nail it with a new variation of this...


Episode 175 - iTunes Giveaway

This week Tim joins the high society with a fancy dinner and more fancy broadway show. While he may have joined the classy society he still looks out of his bro Zach and goes on a cereal hunt and finds his coin. On the other hand Zach is called in when a pipe bursts at Tims house. Tim finishes two of the seven game we previously spoke about and Zach gets a full day and night in on JackBox Party Pack. Mixed in with the Gaming Zach also gets this awesome show finally back on iTunes and to...


Episode 174 - Wild One

This week Tim gets back to work and the PlayStation StayCation is over! But not all things are bad, Tim meets up with a friend for coffee and gets to go back to Church with his family. Zach on the other hand scrambles to get things ready for his son first birthday and holds a game night after it. Zach also gets to rep some SnakeByte products and gets some good love in return from SnakeByte. Tim however continues on his quest to finish games such as Mario Odyssey, Night in the Woods,...


Plug and Play Ep.173 - Playstation Staycation

This week Tim gets a much needed vacation and plans on covering many titles and wrapping several up. Other than talking about what he plans Tim also gets into it with Pyre, a game set in a crazy post civilization world? I’m not sure but he explains it to Zach this week. Along with that Tim also tries getting back into PSVR with Resident Evil and Last Guardian. Zach brings back a game he looked at during PAX West 2017 called Nine Parchments and talks about how the mechanincs in this game...


Plug and Play Ep. 172 - We Got Big Buttons

This week we get jump into 2018 fully and talk about how we kicked off the new year. Tim heads out to a Adventure Time Tuesday with his wife since the kids were back in school. Zach talks about being sick for so long, a full day playing nothing but games of sorts and then finally getting a chicken dinner. Tim gets in some decent game time in a strange way. In this weeks tech talk we cover Nintendo Switch accessories from SnakeByte who we thank for supplying this weeks tech talk. If you’re...


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