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We're just looking for more exposure in new communities.

We're just looking for more exposure in new communities.
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We're just looking for more exposure in new communities.






Ready Gamer One 3x05 - Hyrule Harold

3x05 – Hyrule Harold – On this episode, Noah Glaser returns to Ready Gamer One to discuss The Legend of Zelda with Ben. On this episode, Ben and Noah answer a question from the Knackers in the Breeze podcast, and Ben quizzes Noah on the “10 Hardest Zelda Questions…for Noah.” A discussion of Link’s Awakening for the Switch is had. Music used: “Koholint Island Overworld 16 bit” by Loeder, “Minigame” by Hajime Wakai, “Zelda Cartoon Music” by Martin Anderson, “Termina Field 16 bit” by Jamazon


Ready Gamer One 3x04- Sunnydale

3x04 – Sunnydale – In a special edition episode, Ben flies solo and discusses his love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the week of the shows 20th anniversary. Music used: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Theme” by Nerf Herder, cover by 8-bit Bard, “Cookie Dough” by Robert Duncan, “Tara’s Grave” by Robert Duncan, “The Final Fight” by Robert Duncan, “End Credits (Broom Dance/Grgg Arrgh)” – Joss Whedon and Christophe Beck. We own nothing, and this is used for entertainment purposes only. We also don’t...


Ready Gamer One 3x03 - Laugh Track

3x03 - "Laugh Track" - Josh Kraus returns to Ready Gamer One and Ben and Josh discuss what games they're currently playing, the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nintendo in 2019, and wrap the episode with a list discussion their Top 5 Favorite Comedy Films. Music Used: "Onett Theme 8-bit" by Bulby, "You So Zany" by Audionautix, "Wii Sports Theme 8-bit" by Bulby.


Ready Gamer One 3x02 - Player Two

3x02 – “Player Two” – The third season of READY GAMER ONE continues when host Ben Cornett brings on his fiancé, Ashley Bronkema. Ben and Ashley discuss games they are currently playing and then play a brand-new game to RGO this season full of pop culture references galore. The episode concludes with The List – Favorite Places to Shop. Music Used – “Whipped Cream” by Herb Alpert, “Fluffing A Duck” by Kevin MacLeod, “Groose’s Theme 8-bit” by Loeder, “Take the Plunge” by Heinz Kiessling, “The...


Ready Gamer One 3x01 - All's Wells That Ends Wells

3x01 – “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” – The third season of Ready Gamer One kicks off with Ben and co-host Nicholas Wells. Nick drops by to plug his Christmas EP, “One Little Season,” including samples from the EP. New games, new hijinks, and more! Nick’s music can be found online on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon, among others. More information can be found on his website: Follow Nick on Twitter, @NicholasGWells. Ready Gamer One created by Ben Cornett & Lucas...


Ready Gamer One 2x18 - Comic Conned

2x18 - On this episode of Ready Gamer One, Ben, Branden, and Josh cover a few hot topics from Comic Con, discuss what games they're currently playing and wrap up with the Top 5 Comic Book Films They'd Rather Have Instead of Aquaman. Intro music by Bulby.


Ready Gamer One 2x17 - E3 2018

2x17 - Ben and Josh discuss the full event of E3 2018, covering Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Music used: "Canon" from Pilot Wings 64, Whipped Cream by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, and Yo! Noid Level 1 from Yo! Noid, Yoshi's Wooly World 8 Bit by Bulby.


Ready Gamer One 2x16 - Pumpkin Turds

2x16 – Branden leads a discussion on last minute E3 rumors. List Topic: Best Desserts of All Time. Hilarity ensues. Music used in episode: Super NES Classic Menu 8 Bit Remix by Bulby, Excitebike Arena (8 Bit) by Paulygon, Whipped Cream by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, and Yo! Noid Level 1 from Yo! Noid.


Ready Gamer One 2x12.5 - The Full Tomm-y

2x12.5 - Per your request, here is the full Tomm Polos interview, uninterrupted! Ready Gamer One welcomes satirist Tomm Polos to the show. After a quick news update, Ben and Tomm discuss the Camp Sunshine fundraiser from last year, Tomm's story on Advanced Placement Band (going back to our Nicholas Wells episode), and "Would You Rather: Pi Day Edition" is played. After that Tomm opens up about life, his career, and more. Music used: "On Your Bike Remix" by DavidUngerMusic, "Whipped Cream...


Ready Gamer One 2x15 - Think They'll Have That On The Tour?

2x15 – Hold on to your butts! This week Ben is joined by the legendary Noah Glaser and they dissect everything Jurassic Park. From the novels, the films, the toys, and the games, nothing is safe. The List segment returns as Ben and Noah list their favorite dinosaurs. Mild language warning. There may or may not be spoilers? Depends on how sensitive you are. Audio clips from “Jurassic Park,” owned by Universal Studios. Music: “The Docks and Ship” from the NES Jurassic Park game from Universal...


Ready Gamer One 2x14 - Pre Three

2x14 – On this episode, Ben and Josh start the episode with a Gamelust news brief, followed by discussion on Nintendo keeping the 3DS around, as well as the federal government investigating Nintendo. Ben gives his predictions (wish list) for Nintendo at E3, then Josh and Ben wrap the episode up with The List – Five Places We Want to See Before We Die. Episode Music: “What If…Mega Drive Classic” by Turret 3471, “Super Mario 3D World theme (Yoshi’s Island SNES remix)” by Jimmy52905, "Whipped...


Ready Gamer One 2x13 - Tommegranate Juice (Part 2)

2x13 - Part 2 of 2 - In the second episode of our two-parter, Tomm Polos is back to answer more questions about acting gigs he's had, the best advice he has received and given, and two List topics. Music used: "On Your Bike Remix" by DavidUngerMusic, "Goofy Movie - Eye to Eye - 8-Bit Remix" by GWaveProductions, "Stage 1" from Yo! Noid, "Hallelujah Chorus" by Handel. More Tomm Polos: Twitter: @tomm YouTube: Home:


Ready Gamer One 2x12 - Tommo Polos (Part 1)

2x12 - Part 1 of 2 - In our first two-part episode, Ready Gamer One welcomes satirist Tomm Polos to the show. In the first episode, there is a quick news update covering a Nintendo Direct from March, discuss our Camp Sunshine fundraiser from last year, Tomm's story on Advanced Placement Band (going back to our Nicholas Wells episode), and "Would You Rather: Pi Day Edition" is played. Music used: "On Your Bike Remix" by DavidUngerMusic, "Whipped Cream (Anthony Marinelli Remix) (feat....


Ready Gamer One 2x11 - MK Noire

2x11 - On this episode, Ben, Branden, and Josh discuss LA Noire on the Nintendo Switch, along with the newly rumored Metroid Prime Federation Force HD, Destiny 3, and more!


Ready Gamer One 2x10 - Downward Facing Diagon Alley

2x10 - Mid-Season finale episode. Josh joins Ben on a directionless episode full of wit and banter. Topics covered: Josh's Podcast - One Like = One Prayer, Star Wars The Force Unleashed, The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, and the McRib! Episode music: "Super Smash Bros. Melee Theme 8 Bit Remix" by Bulby, and "Blip Stream" by Kevin MacLeod.


Ready Gamer One 2x09 - Count Bakula

2x09 – On this episode of Ready Gamer One, Branden offers a review of Persona 5 and Ben gives the rundown of Nintendo cleaning house at the D.I.C.E. Awards. The episode concludes with The List: 5 Video Game Places You’d Like to Visit. Episode music from Bulby and Nintendo.


Ready Gamer One 2x08 - Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

2x08 - Our Valentine's episode kicks off with a news update regarding Metroid Prime 4, Ubisoft's relationship with Nintendo, and is Disney breaking up with EA?!? We then discuss what games our friends at Nintendoholics want to see make their way to the Switch. The episode concludes with the return of The List - this week's topic: How to Woo Your Player 2. Music: "On Your Bike" remix by DavidUngerMusic, "Battle Theme" by Koji Kondo, "Nostalgic Pull" by Asher Fulero, "Java" by Al Hirt,...


Ready Gamer One 2x07 - Ready Player One

2x07 - Ready Player One - On this episode, Ben and Branden discuss the upcoming video game related films such as Tomb Raider, Detective Pikachu, Super Mario Bros., and our namesake, Ready Player One. Intro music: "Shrek {Smash Mouth} - All Star [Chiptune Version]" by Lichtträger. Outro music: Onett 8-bit by Bulby.


Ready Gamer One 2x06 - Cardbored

2x06 – Cardbored – Ben and Branden are back and give a quick news update about Miitomo closing, Far Cry 5, Mario Kart on Android and iOS, and GameLust’s upcoming giveaway! Ben gives his review of Sea of Thieves, and Branden leads the discussion on Nintendo’s newest Switch game and gimmick: Nintendo Labo. Ben also reveals the secret to making gold in World of Warcraft. Music from Sea of Thieves, Nintendo, Paulygon, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.


Ready Gamer One 2x05 - Classic, Classic

2x05 - Ben and Josh are back and start 2018 off with a discussion on the future of the Nintendo Classic line. Will there be a GameBoy Classic or a N64 Classic? ----- Intro & Outro Music by Bulby