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Tech, games, movies, and pop culture of today, from Albuquerque NM,

Tech, games, movies, and pop culture of today, from Albuquerque NM,


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Tech, games, movies, and pop culture of today, from Albuquerque NM,






Photo Challenge with Jose

co-host Jose joins the Rotpod! woo-hoo! In this episode we discuss and share our opinions on what makes the photographer. Is it the gear or the photographer?! The discussion of the topic is divided between low end camera gear and high end camera gear. Press play! As always, feel free to contact with your questions or opinions!


Record Your TV

Another day here in the lost one hour sleep world! How are you all doing today?! Click on link and press play to the latest on what's going on. Today, I give you some info on what program I am using to watch and record TV and movie episodes! After listening, I would sure like to hear your feedback on what it is you're using! Thanks for listening!


Specs Confirmed or Rumors

PS5 Coming Soon! Are you prepared?! Dedicated website for news and press releases. No price confirmed. CPU GPU comparisons with PS4. PS4 sales decline. Do you know why? Do you really need backward compatibility? Pre-orders coming soon. Pay now or wait. Playstation related news for the week. Visit for more! Thank you for listening!


Holiday Eats

What holiday eats did you grub on over the holidays?! Few tech stories that were saved so I could update you on. Pretty much getting back into groove of podcasting. New year so I got to get it going again and do some Rollin Off Track podcasting around Albuquerque area! Press play and enjoy!



Get excited! Press the play button! You are about hear some insight about Blumhouse! Thursday night, the wife and I watched 'Ma' 2019 movie. It was a good movie. Good enough to recommend and good enough to say, "hmm, Blumhouse Productions movie writers have some imagination!" So I thought I'd make this episode about Blumhouse Productions. Thanks for listening! Any suggestions or comments, send them my way via email or social media! Thanks! Find everything at @rotpod


MK Tour

MK Tour Not Mortal Kombat. Not Micheal Keaton. But Mario Kart Tour! I saw that Nintendo is releasing another game for the smartphone. Yes the smartphone! Do you know how many games they released for the smartphone platform? Do you know how many MK games there are? Press play to hear the answers to these questions, as well as other insight facts about this Mario Kart series! @rotpod


Straight Talk

MrB and Stretch conversation on what is going on. NFL viewing. How we are watching the games this year. Stretch's brother jumping into the podcast conversation. Jesse also jumping into the podcast conversation. Jesse starts talking game night. Game night consisting of board games for the guys. Informing about the 3 vs 3 basketball tournament. @rotpod


Good Busy

This is the weekend we switch from iPhone back to Android! Definitely missing the customization from the Android OS. I hope you all staying healthy. Whether it's eating right or working out. #LittleB and I are still working out and will continue. Still trying to get in touch with Golden Gun Gaming here in #Abq. #Rotpod gaming tournaments to find the best team in different multiplayer games. With the top scorers added from all the tournaments to be sponsored to play in bigger tournaments....


Commute Your Way

Every day you walk out of your home. Everyday you see cars and trucks parked in the driveways, side streets, and parking lots. Everyday you get into your own vehicle and get on with your commute. What if you changed it up a little? What if you wanted something little more exciting. Whether you add the change for excitement or for fitness health purposes. You may have to figure out few minor details to make some changes in your life. But you want to make that change because it excites you!...


Games On Wheels

Business owner, Dominic Colombrito, of Albuquerque Rolling Video Games answers few questions to the #Rotpod listeners. He describes what his business is doing now for the gamers around the Albuquerque area. Not from Albuquerque, not to worry because he caters near and far! #Rotpod hopes to soon do business with Dominic in the coming future and bring more gaming events to all of New Mexico. #Rotpod has ideas brewing and will work to get this done. Click link and press play!...



Recording fail! Check your batteries. Stay positive and overcome. Is it really a good day to be outside. Last giveaway winner! Cobra Kai free. Great to be a subscriber. Motivational quote. Yes to Thor four. Book reading. Borderlands 3. Logic Keanu Reeves Safe organ drone delivery. Stay busy! @rotpod


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Recap previous episode. Dollar menu burgers! The Silence movie. Red Bull or... Future of gaming. Brand name gadgets. Youtube TV. Kindle. Game pass new games Lasagna dinner. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for giveaways! Daily deals on gadgets!


Missed Giveaway

5G Verizon. Social Media posts. Shout outs! Borderlands 3. Black Hole trillions miles away. PS ID change. iPad lockout for over 40 years. Game Pass massive discount! Giveaways! Yay! Looking for fitness clubs in ABQ. @rotpod on Twitter. Follow, comment and answer questions for the giveaways!


Just Do

Samsung S10 5G iPad mini Board Game of 2018 Xbox Elite Controller Nintendo controller with headphone jack Listener participation Google Assistant restaurant reservations Target taking your baby seats Borderlands 3 Joker trailer Listen to the latest for contest updates and also how you can help the podcast! Thank you for pressing play!


Set It Up Daily

128GB flash drive for your smartphone. Bang for your buck on cell carrier. APS 12 day extension. Endgame presale. Xbox Game Pass. Smartphone evolution. Don't forget the daily deals that gets updated. If you're looking for anything, such as Bluetooth headphones, USB C cables, let me know. I may get you a good deal straight from Amazon. Please send feedback or questions. I want the audience to get involved so we can start contests. If you're reading this now, you just missed out on the 'name...


Two Intro Endgame.mp3



Coffee Sub

Coffee Sub Burger King app subscriptions. Stretch, Jayden, and MrA on this episode. Starbucks trying to compete. New movie trailer released! Toy Story 4. Spiderman Spiderverse released! Should you buy the Switch after 2 years? Google Stadia! Yay or Nay? Compact cameras coming up! New iMac! What? 256GB RAM @rotpod Don't forget about the deal items that get updated daily! Any questions, simple email will do!


Hashtag Five A-M Club

Weather elsewhere. Tacos plus car wash! Whaaat? Exactly! Captain Marvel. Now to watch complete Marvel collection. Theories for saving the world after 'the snap'. Any new movie recommendations on Netflix? Gaming controller preferences. Working out and sticking with it. Long distance with calling cards! Website updates! Stay tuned! @rotpod