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Episode 50: Ori and the Bad Faith in the Community

This week go on a journey with Screen Looker crew as we talk coffee, geography, Cities Skylines, Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, among other games. We then hop into the news as we talk about why bad faith arguments sunk a developer and why Sony can't catch a break. Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Rebekah Valentine - @duckvalentine Twitter, @revyb Twitch Daniel George - @itsdanielgeorge Twitter, @dgenerator Twitch Matt Rutkowski - @montaworldpeace...


Episode 49: E3 2018 is Death Stranding

The crew runs down their favorite things they watched at home or experienced at E3 2018 including Super Smash Bros. characters they want to see, Sony's impressively weird experiment, Ubisoft showing off The Division 2, Transference, and the fact that somehow, against all odds everything is Death Stranding. Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Rebekah Valentine - @duckvalentine Twitter, @revyb Twitch Nick Tywalk - @nick_tywalk Twitter Matt Rutkowski -...


Episode 048: E3 2018 is Rated P for Please God

Michael Owens is playing Mario Tennis Aces live, Rebekah's voice has gotten deeper, Matt Rutkowski has a big goof, and Martin just sits along for this crazy ride. Also, we sit back and talk about the juicy rumors about E3 and what things we're looking forward to seeing if they're there. Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Michael Owens - @realmikeowens Twitter Rebekah Valentine - @duckvalentine Twitter, @revyb Twitch Matt Rutkowski - @montaworldpeace Twitter,...


Episode 047: Breaking Daddiction

Matt has gotten a Nintendo Switch and broken his World of Warcraft addiction, Daniel is recovering from the Lebron tidal wave through Toronto, and Martin is wondering if there will ever be a Desperate God Wives that follows the drama of the Aesir of God of War. Elsewhere, Destiny might have a battle royale mode & Microsoft engagement keeps growing Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Daniel George - @itsdanielgeorge Twitter, @dgenerator Twitch Matt Rutkowski -...


Episode 46: Shadow of the Tomb Raider's Infinite God of War

Spoilers of Avengers Infinity War conversation from 3:00 - 12:45, skip around if you are trying to avoid conversation. From there, Martin talks how God of War is such a big, great game, Rebekah bakes a cake and plays the worst mobile game ever, then Daniel joins us back from Montreal where he previewed Shadow of the Tomb Raider for App Trigger! Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Daniel George - @itsdanielgeorge Twitter, @dgenerator Twitch Rebekah Valentine -...


Episode 45: Abzu Is Better With Nickelback

So this episode may or may not start with the weirdest declaration ever... Then Martin is playing Abzu and trying to understand how Darksiders is actually pretty good, Rebekah gets a new phone and gets sucked into a pocket camp, and Daniel checks out a game years in the making. Finally, we all talk about achieving Radical Heights, and whether there is anything else to really get out of Bioshock's atmosphere. Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Daniel George -...


Episode 044: Bless Your Heart, Spider-Man

This week Rutkowski admits we were all right and the Warcraft addiction has set in, Rebekah has played a game named Minit, Daniel has hot Simpson's takes, and Martin is somehow the ONLY person who ever played Spyro on this podcast. Elsewhere, we discuss Spider-Man's release date, the PS5 is coming soon, and the future of gaming according to Epic Games Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Daniel George - @itsdanielgeorge Twitter, @dgenerator Twitch Rebekah...


Episode 43: Snailiens vs. Capcom

Sit down with the crew as we discuss the curious case of Snailiens, a lively discussion about video game movies, Street Fighter 2 is getting another tv show. Disney messing with Capcom, the weirdly worded "success" of Sea of Thieves, No Man's Sky, PS Plus and Games With Gold, and Fortnite taking over the world. Guests: Martin Benn - @gotmab21 Twitter, @screenlookerpod Twitch Daniel George - @itsdanielgeorge Twitter, @dgenerator Twitch Michael Owens - @duckvalentine Twitter Intro -...


Never Go Directly Inside Xbox

This week, a fixed episode from the week of 3/16, Daniel makes some questionable decisions, Rebekah has audio issues but WILL NOT BE SILENCED, Eric is not a huge fan of Ni No Kuni 2, and Martin struggles to reign in the chaos as usual.


Episode 041: Eddie Murphy's Death Stranding

Martin is right and Monopoly is the greatest board game, Rebekah ponders what it means to remake a game and what is is in Monta's pocket camp as he expounds upon why video games help humans explore unfamiliar territory, and Michael Owens is a ninja turtle. All these things and more as they try to regulate violence in video games again.


Episode 001: Mass Effect Blandromeda

On Episode 1 of Screen Looker Podcast, we talk how bland is Mass Effect Andromeda and ask if Liam will ever put his shirt back on. We take the conversation to Splatoon 2, betas/testfires, and a Destiny 2 conversation. Then we ask the question, "what makes a game a pirate game?" The answer? Shanties. Intro/Outro Music: "Your Eternity Or Mine (This Fight Is Forever" by Starlight Buffalo - Check out his full soundcloud page at...