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STR 74: The Last One.

STR 74: The Last One.The end of Stalking The Retro has arrived. We have had a lot of fun over the past four years and 74 episodes talking about retro gaming. Thanks to all of our listeners and contributors over the years for all of your support. In this episode we talk about what we have been playing lately, pickups and retro news across the inter-webs.Are you a fan of the Vectrex? Why not listen to an awesome new podcast called Vectrex Radio. Check us out here on...

STR 73: Tempest: Oops Wrong Hole.

STR 73: Tempest: Oops Wrong Hole.In this episode Willie, Socal Mike, and myself Indieseoul talk about that classic game Tempest. We discuss the arcade original, arcade ports, Tempest 2000 and the myriad of clones and knockoffs of this wonderful game. In the Intarivisions segment the boys talk about Atlantis as they compare the different ports on the pre-crash systems. So grab an adult beverage of your choice and watch out for holes as you listen to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro.


STR 72: Too Much Bun For This Meat.

STR 72: Too Much Bun For This Meat.Septic is back from Play Blackpool and he tells us about all the panels he saw and retro gaming gurus he met. Ferg from the 2600 Game by Game Podcast joins us as we do a special top ten Atari VCS space shooters. Then in the Intarivisions segment the boys compare Frogger on all the pre-crash systems. So grab a cold beverage of your choice and have a listen to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro!


STR 66: Hot Curry In My Lap

STR 66: Hot Curry In My LapIn this episode we totally rip off Retro Gaming Roundup (We love that podcast!) by doing our own Top Ten. We decide and vote on what are the top ten games to get hammered to. We talk about our gaming pickups and games we have been playing lately and introduce a new segment called Retro Stalking. In the segment Socal Mike talks to Willie whilst at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo as he searches for some retro goodies. We have the audio from the Jay Smith Panel at...


STR 65: CGE 2K14/HSW Atari Game Over Panel

STR 65: CGE 2K14/HSW Atari Game Over PanelSpecial thanks to Willie for letting us include the audio from the awesome Howard Scott Warshaw Atari Game Over Panel.Willie starts out the episode describing what it was like running the console area at the convention. He describes his pickups, things he saw, and the awesome panels that he went to. Then we get to hear the awesome Howard Scott Warshaw talking about the Atari Game Over film that was screened at CGE. He also talks about his...


STR 64: Happy 125th Nintendo

STR 64: Happy 125th NintendoNintendo turns 125 years old this week. Septic Lemon, Diagamblic and myself discuss the history of Nintendo from it's card game making days up to and including the video game era. Then we discuss the latest and greatest in retro news on another exciting episode of Stalking The Retro. Happy Birthday Nintendo! You don't look a day over 124.


STR 63: Retro Revival 2014

STR 63: Retro Revival 2014In this epic episode the great John Romero has a chat with Septic Lemon, Aidy, and Deon about the past, present, and future of game development. We talk about the Retro Revival gaming convention just held this month in Wolverhampton. Septic and Vipp talk about all the games they played, their pickups, meeting up with fellow retro gamers, the crazy prices of most vendors, and much much more. So grab yourself a nice adult beverage and SUCK IT DOWN! John Romero is...


STR 62: Summer Gaming.

STR 62: Summer Gaming.Summer time is a wonderful and amazing time in a kid's life especially for kids that love gaming. In this episode we discuss our summer gaming memories We talk about some of our favorite games we played during summer vacations including home consoles and of course trips to the arcade. Then we round out the latest in retro news and discuss the games we have been playing lately. So grab a cold summer beverage and sit back and enjoy another exciting episode of Stalking...


STR 61: Retro PC Memories.

STR 61: Retro PC Memories.Do you remember the era when AOL was king and games came with screen savers? This episode is all about old school PC gaming. We discuss some of our favorites from back in the day as well as our impressions of the upcoming GOG Galaxy client. We round up Retro E3 news, talk about some games we are playing now, and much much more.


STR 60: Happy Birthday Gameboy!

STR 60: Happy Birthday Game Boy!The STR crew talks about our favorite Game Boy games as we celebrate 25 years of the most successful portable game console ever made. Scott from RGR joins us as we take a walk down memory lane and discuss some of our favorite games of the system as well as our nostalgic memories of playing the Game Boy. The games we talk about in the episode are: Donkey Kong, Mario Land, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Quix, X, Tail Gator and much much more. So grab your old...


STR 59: I'm a Commodore Junkie!

STR 59: I'm a Commodore Junkie!In this episode we talk about some games for the Commodore 64. We discuss some unusual games such as Rock Band and awesome games like Little Computer People, Druid, Clowns, and many more. Willie talks about his recent gaming pickups and weall discuss the retro games that we have been playing lately. Thanks to the SD2IEC I have become a Commodore Junkie. The only cure is to play tons of C64 games.


STR 58: Anonymous Emailer

STR 58: Anonymous E- mailerSTR gets back in the groove with a full crew for this episode. We discuss games such as Comix Zone, Sonic 3, The Laura Croft series, PaRappa The Rapper, Vib Ribbon, and Ganbare Goemon 2. We discuss various topics such as whether or not Sonic 3 is a good game, games that let you play your own CD soundtracks, Scott's wild arcade party, upcoming retro gaming conventions and much much more. It's hard to believe but STR has been going strong for over two years now!...


STR 57: I Adore My 64.

STR 57: I Adore My 64.In this episode we are joined by Kynrek and talk about the great computer for the masses, the Commodore 64! We discuss the SD2IEC, Jiffy DOS, replacement power supplies, and more. Then we discuss the games we've been playing, retro gaming pickups, controller mods and some retro news. So while you are waiting for a game to load on your Commodore why not listen to the latest episode of Stalking The Retro.By the way there is no version of Kaboom for the C64 but there are...


STR 56: LARPing A Cautionary Tale.

STR 56: LARPing A Cautionary Tale.Happy Year of the Horse everyone! In this episode we talk about M.U.L.E for IOS, retro emulators on I- Phone, the movie Mazes and Monsters, Star Tropics for the NES, Tiny Tank for the PlayStation, William's arcade and gaming trips to NY and Michigan, programming on the Atari 400/800 and much much more!Remember kids Dungeons and Dragons doesn't cause schizophrenia, late night LARPing however most certainly does.


STR 55: Where The Bleep Is Ian?

STR 55: Where The Bleep Is Ian?STR is back for 2014 and we have yet another exciting episode for ya. We talk with prolific Atari 7800 home brewer Robert DeCrescenzo about the many awesome games he has made for this retro system. We discuss our new year gaming pickups, games we are playing now, retro news, Coleco tabletop repairs and much much more. Ian pulls a SoCal Mike and shows up late to the show so of course we give him some grief for it. So grab a nice adult beverage of your choice...


STR 54: Pixel Poetry Games As Art.

STR 54: Pixel Poetry Games As Art.This episode is a bit of a departure from our usual. Instead of talking exclusively about retro games we mainly tackle a more philosophical gaming topic. We talk with Richard Cook, indie game developer, indie film maker, 3D artist, and musician about what it takes to make a game. We also delve into the issue of whether or not games can be considered art and his new film, which he is trying to get funding for, Pixel Poetry: A defining film about the...


STR 53: A Very Christmassy STR.

STR 53: A Very Christmassy STR.Snow is falling, bells are ringing, and Christmas is just around the corner. In this special Christmas episode we talk about our favorite retro Christmas movies, TV shows, Cartoons, and such to make you nostalgic for your childhood. Ian, William, and I discuss some of our fondest Christmas gaming memories, toys such as Scalextric slot cars, Total Control Racing, HO train sets and much much more! So grab yourself a cup of eggnog or a spicy glass of mulled wine...


STR 52: A Lust Letter To Sega.

STR 52: A Lust Letter To Sega.In this episode we discuss our love of Sega. We talk fondly about our first nostalgic memories with the Genesis/Megadrive. William tells us about all of his recent retro gaming pickups. Vipp talks about SplatterHouse 2 on the Megadrive for the This game is F@#ked Up! segment and I read my love letter to Sega which turns dirty real quick. So grab a loved one or a nice beverage and enjoy the latest episode of Stalking The Retro.


STR 51: How Much Is That In Rupees?

STR 51: How Much Is That In Rupees?Kynrek joins us to talk about his recent retro gaming acquisitions which include an awesome ColecoVision and games. He tells us about an awesome Zelda Symphony that he attended, consoles he needs to repair and much much more.William tells us about his recent trip to California to meet up with Socal Mike and Nurmix and I introduce a new segment to STR called: This game is F*cked UP! In this episode I spotlight the game Monster Party for the NES. Septic...


STR 50: Long Live M.U.L.E.

STR 50: Long Live M.U.L.E.To celebrate our 50th episode we talk with Melanie Bunten about her father, the great Dan Bunten, creator of M.U.L.E and many other incredible Ozark SoftScape titles. If that's not awesome enough we also speak with Matt Brudzynski of Comma 8 Studios about the upcoming Mule Returns game for IOS and mobile devices. So if you love M.U.L.E. as much as we do at STR then this is the episode for you!Thanks again to Matt and Melanie for coming on the show and talking with...