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Update Upstarts

We are Vendorless tonight and there ain't a ton of news so this one is short and sweet. In the news we have the latest updates in Fallout patches, new raids, some zany Kotaku news, and a bunch of bargains! Shaline tries some other post-apocalyptic games, and we chat about H.P. Lovecraft in Fallout 76! Enjoy!


Episode 27: Meat Sweats

Vendortron was unable to escape the Gun Runner's booth this week, but Rick and Shaline are here with a preview of Patch 12, some really rad booze and a story of involuntary cannibalism. Enjoy! Watch live on Twitch Fridays at 6:30pm MT/8:30pm ET...


So We Meat Again!

In this episode we spam you with meat puns and but is it well packed with info. In the news we have broken updates, meat meat meat, and the latest ballistic bargains. In our gameplay we talk about some non-fallout stuff, the lore is all about getting some strange........meat. Then beating it. With the weapon of the week: The Tenderizor! Yeah... Enjoy!


Our Story So Far Part 4

In this episode Shaline is missing so the boys tackle the most important Fallout news ever, epic amazing gameplay, and just overall the best episode EVER! It's just too bad Shaline missed it. I mean it was super epic. Even Todd Howard stopped by. Do any of you read this? I always wondered. If you do, please tweet Shaline the number 2 with no context. Her twitter is Shalinel. Thanks! Enjoy!


Rickless & Reckless Part 9

In this episode sans Rick, we cover the latest Fallout 76 patch, Pete Hines chats with about savign Fallout 76, and a IRL segment in which we learn if it is possible to remove Uranium from mouse bones? Well we find out the answer to that age old mousehold question in this episode. Also we chat about our gameplay, issues a new challenge and read a few listener emails. Enjoy!


Bonus Content! Special Guest: Andrew Leatherbarrow

In this special bonus episode we have special guest: Andrew Leatherbarrow! Andrew is the author of Chernobyl 01:23:40, a book which we wrote after actually touring Pripyat. Not only did he write a comprehensive book with new information, at the time, about the Chernobyl disaster, he even had a hand in helping with the HBO Chernobyl mini series! Join us for this special IRL episode of That Fallout Show!


That Fallout Show Ep 23: Life After BE3

Shaline is back from E3 and we have a wonderful little debrief about her time at BE3. We also chat about a lot of recent Fallout news including NPC's coming to Appalachia, Fallout 76 Battle Royale, and patch notes. Our gameplay was a little light but that's because we three discuss BE3 at length. Which games we are looking forward to and which ones (mobile) we aren't. Enjoy!


Our Story So Far, Part 3

Well on the cusp of BE3 it happens to be a very light news week but never fear, the trash fire three are here. There's still so much to talk about with the Wild Appalachia road map coming to a close. Because of this we chat about the state of 76 as is. Our fears, our joys, etc etc. We also chat a bit about our gameplay in which Shaline and I find the most cryptid of cryptids. The walking man. Who was he? Where was he going? We may never know.... Enjoy!


Our Story So Far Part 2

This episode is jam packed with goodness like what happens when you accidentally scrap your pipboy in Fallout 76? Is role playing a cannibal bad? And what is inside the latest patch updates? Let's find out and more in today's show. Also we cover the story of Fallout 2 and chat a bit about the lore too. We have our latest gameplay and challenge recap and our listener emails. Enjoy!


Our Story So Far Part 1

In this episode we chat about the latest Fallout 76 updates, Project Arroyo, & some DLC delays. In our lore we chat about the story of the original Fallout, and some stuff that still persists to this day. We have a lot of gameplay to discuss and a brand new segment! Enjoy!


That John Denver’s Full of Ultracite Man

Hey! In this episode we talk about the latest Fallout 76 patch. Rick is excited for more cryptoid fun, and everyone else just cares about bug patches and wishes for more stash space. There's a recap of Bethesda game days at Pax East since we haven't had a chance to chat about it yet and Bethesda finally opens up about the issues at launch. We had so much fun in Fallout 76 together that we wax at length about it. After that we chat about Ultracite and check out a few listener emails! Enjoy!


The Longest Episode Yet with Dave from Vault Boys Podcast!

First off this episode is long! Secondly we had a few audio issues and we apologize for it sounding a little weird. This episode we have some Fallout news, a TON of Fallout 76 gameplay and Dave from Vault Boys podcast! We talk West Virginia, how he plays Fallout and he treats us to a game of WV Jeopardy! It goes about as well as you'd expect from us. Enjoy!


Don’t Let The Cazador Hit Ya Where The Good Lord Split Ya!

The next update in Fallout 76 is quite the phonetic phenomenon but we are excited about it none-the-less. It's packed with bug fixes, ner content and Fallout 76's first seasonal event. In other news we talk about a possible Fallout 76 secret ending (no spoils), an Atom Shop clearance sale weirdly, and the upcoming tabletop RPG. Also, what in the world was that mysterious Amazon listing? In our gameplay I take on Fallout 76 a bit, and Shaline does the same. We study Cazadors in our lore...


Special Guest: Robot from Fallout Lorecast!

In this episode the robot's try and take over the world as Robot from Lorecast schemes with Vendor to kill us all. Not really, though they'd like that. He does however help us host this show which is full of news, gameplay and more! Bethesda releases a new road map which has us all quite excited, Shaline says sec'wet (secret) & Robot tells us about a theory who fired first. There's so much in this episode so stop reading! Get listening! Enjoy.


That Fallout Show Episode 15: It's a Big Lore Gerfuffle

The Lore segment was guest-written by long time listener Gerfuffle! We also run through the fortnight's news and do a deep dive into a discussion about Bethesda as a publisher, Bethesda Game Studios as a studio, and the job they are doing understanding and communicating with the fans. Watch live on Twitch Fridays at 6:30pm MT/8:30pm ET...



We're back as the mighty three with all the Fallout news and lore you can handle in one episode. In the news we have more lawsuits with Bethesda, the Fallout 3 in Fallout 4 engine mod is back on & is that new leather jacket from Bethesda any good? Find out in this episode! The Prydwen is featured in this episode's lore segment and we find out all about it's creation. Keeping with the BoS theme is our weapon of the week; what is it? How do you get it? Listen to find out! Enjoy!


The Final Divergence

We're back and boy howdy aren't we glad to be! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday so far. In this episode we cover all the latest Fallout news including the good and the bad. We chat about our latest Fallout 76 gameplay and our experiences with the latest set of updates. Our final Fallout Divergence lore segment is all about the tech weapons of the Fallout timeline vs. our IRL timeline. Finally a few listener emails and that's a wrap for 2018! Have a great new year and enjoy!


Fallout Seventy Fix

Well this episode we dig deep into the murky waters and issues surrounding the rocky release of Fallout 76. We take an honest look at the nylon bag from first hand experience, the bugs inherit in the system, and the silence from Bethesda. There's some other news too but let's be honest, we are all here for Fallout 76 stuffs. Some exciting gameplay stories, listener emails & a challenge recap! Also our friends from ASAPodcasting are hosting their annual Cystic Fibrosis charity drive so stay...


One For My Beta

So this episode is the last one before Fallout 76 releases. We give our review on the Fallout 76 BETA and there's some good, some bad, and some in between. In our news the BETA deletes itself, Bethesda releases some patch notes, and Atoms cost is revealed! We have our gameplay recap and a few listener emails. Enjoy!


Fallout 76 BETA, TwitchCon & More!

We took a break from the norm to focus on all this Fallout 76 news and BETA gameplay experience. Don't worry, no spoilers to be found here, also Rick is missing..... Anyway in the news we got Bethesda teasing factions, TwitchCon, and stress test leakers get their comeuppance. Game play wise Shaline takes us through her time during the Xbox BETA so stay tuned to get her take on Fallout 76. Enjoy!