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The Fallout Divergence Part 1 & New Fallout 76 News

So Gameinformer dropped a whole ton of info on some Fallout 76 details in the news this week along with a Metro interview with Pete Hines. Also some news on the Power Armor edition, Todd & the Apple event as well as Bethesda and Nintendo are getting all buddy buddy. This episode marks the first in a lore series on the Fallout Divergence. Part 1: The Setting & Historical differences. We also cover gameplay, last episode's challenge and read a few listener emails.


Bethesda Does Dallas & Fallout 76 Quakecon Panel

In this episode we chat all about the Fallout 76 panel that happened at Quakecon. There was a ton of new info about CAMP, PVP and the new perk system. We also chat about the new Bethesda Dallas studio, the new used game that Bethesda didn't want sold, and new Fallout 76 videos! There a new scavenger hunt for a challenge, and a few listener emails! Enjoy!


Gone Array In Fallout 3

In this episode more BETA news updates with the Bethesda FAQ update, Fallout 76 and UFC, and what goes perfect with Fallout? Inon Zur of course. We have some gameplay recap & a new challenge. What's with those SatCom Arrays in Fallout 3? Listen to find out. More importantly we have a life or death situation from a fellow Fallout podcast, please listen to the end for the email and how you can help save a fellow Wastelander. Enjoy!


Fallout 76 & The BETA Saga

In this episode of That Fallout Show we chat about the October Fallout 76 BETA release date and what this means for the actual launch of Fallout 76. Todd Howard also did a few interviews which we talk about and after that we chat about non-human NPC's and how this quest system might work. There's an expansion for the Fallout boardgame coming too! Rick was the only one to play Fallout, Shaline get's tactical, and Vendortron. Also don't miss the world premiere of a new Mr. Gee & Bit Trash Riot...


What Say You Todd Howard?

In this exciting episode we talk about some Todd Howard interviews, Bethesda Store Merch, and no cross play for Fallout 76!? There wasn't a ton of new Fallout 76 info but a few little interesting things we chat about like PvP, camp building and more. Also Shaline is still looking for a Fallout 1 or 2 mobile port, Rick is a Minuteman, and Vendortron is here! Listener emails and a challenge recap finish up this packed episode. Enjoy!


Wendingos, Bethesda, Nukapedia Oh My!

On today's episode of That Fallout Show we cover some news, gameplay, and listener emails! Bethesda is suing WB and Behavior Interactive because bugs, and drama in Nukapedia world! We also chat about our gameplay this week, Rick is still looking for those Keller tapes, and a recap of our last challenge. Enjoy!


Some Sunny Day: Fallout 76, E3 & More Fallout News

Welcome to the first episode of That Fallout Show! In this episode there is so much Fallout 76 stuff from E3 to go over. We cover as much current Fallout 76 news as we can, some speculation too. Rick talks about playing Fallout 3 and his never ending quest for those blasted Keller tapes, and Shaline talks about playing Skyrim...on Alexa... Vendor is across the pond! We issue out first ever never done before TFS Challenge AND cover the current lore of Vault 76. A few listener emails and 5...


A Message From President John Henry Eden

Hello America. Our President John Henry Eden has a quick message for us all. Please stand by.