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That Pixel Life is a video game podcast by veteran podcasters who focuses on gaming culture, industry news and opinions from a group of hardcore enthusiasts.

That Pixel Life is a video game podcast by veteran podcasters who focuses on gaming culture, industry news and opinions from a group of hardcore enthusiasts.
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That Pixel Life is a video game podcast by veteran podcasters who focuses on gaming culture, industry news and opinions from a group of hardcore enthusiasts.






Astro Bot & Assassins Creed’s Monitizations: Ep26

This week on the show, we’re having a conversation about Assassins Creed Odyssey’s microtransaction storefront and the controversy surrounding it. Many claim Ubisoft is preying on consumers, while others think its fair. We take a look at the arguments on both side and give our thoughts on all of the drama. We also celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of Playstation VR by discussing how’s it’s performing, the volume of titles releasing for it and its future. Josh gives his review of Astro...


Forza Horizon 4, Mega Man 11 & Life is Strange 2: Ep25

It’s a big week for releases this week, so the gang sits down to talk about everything they’re been playing. We dive into Forza Horizon 4, Mega Man 11, Life is Strange 2, Dragalia Lost and more. The crew also announces their first annual Halloween challenge with the community, so listen for details! Aside from new releases, the four hosts also discuss the success of Insomniac’s Spider-Man and what it could mean for Holiday sales and the future of Marvel properties in gaming. Also, we chat...


Telltale and Sony Shockers: Ep24

Two pretty big announcements happened this week, and the TPL crew are here to discuss them! Telltale Games’ shocking and sudden announcement of the closing of the studio dropped and we discuss what happened here and how this impacts the industry. Also, Sony surprised us all by actually adhering to cross-platform play. Was this a stunt to push them forward next generation or simply a case of doing the right thing? Find out what we think. Also, we discuss the games we’re currently playing...


Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Nintendo Online & iPhone XS: Ep23

This week, the crew welcomes Michael “The Bomb” Grimm to the show to discuss Nintendo’s latest Direct. A lot of goodies were revealed to us last week and we’re breaking down the biggest announcements and giving our thoughts on each of them. Afterwards, we give our take on Nintendo Online launching this week and whether or not we feel this is the online subscription service Nintendo fans deserve. In our Weekly Console-tation segment, Josh and Mike give their impressions of Shadow of the Tomb...


Spider-Man & The Sinister Easter Egg: Ep22

The TPL gang celebrates the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man for Playstation 4 by giving their thoughts and feelings on the game this week. Did Spider-Man live up to the hype? How does it compare to other highly rated superhero titles? Listen to find out! Aside from Spider-Man, the crew also gives their thoughts on the Battlefield V beta, the Mega Man 11 demo and more. For industry buzz this week, we discuss the recent Spider-Man easter egg story revolving around a marriage proposal that...


Shenmue HD & Industry Ups & Downs: Ep21

This week, we dive into a lot of industry buzz that are both positive and negative. First the gang discusses the recent shooting in Jacksonville, Florida at a Madden 19 tournament and it’s impact on eSports and the country. Afterwards, we get more positive by discussing some of the awesome announcements including the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay showcase, Streets of Rage 4 and Onimusha HD. Also, we dive into the Xbox All Access program and whether or not Microsoft will find success in this...


Gamescom Goodies & Path of Exile: Ep20

This week the gang reveals some Gamescom news and our thoughts on it all, including the new NVIDIA RTX graphics cards and a lot of Switch ports. Afterwards we get into a discussion about the plethora of ports being dropped on the Nintendo Switch and whether or not this is a problem for the platform and if it’ll continue. Josh talks about his time with Path of Exile, the PC and Xbox One free-to-play Action RPG that takes him by surprise. Also, Shannon shares his opinions of Dead Cells after...


We Happy Few & Dead Cells: Ep19

This week the gang digs deep into Compulsion Games’ trippy adventure title We Happy Few. Josh isn’t the only person in need of some joy pills after playing this one. We discuss the gameplay mechanics, the narrative and a nasty situation that almost made us give up the game entirely. Is it a complete waste? Listen to find out. Dead Cells is also discussed in length as Josh, Zach and Alaina give their impressions of the Nintendo Switch version of this rogue-like action game that took us all...


Sonic Mania Plus & An IGN Oopsie: Ep18

In this episode, we discuss the controversy surrounding IGN and their accusation of plagiarism for a review of Dead Cells. Was this act a simple case of poor choices or pressure to get timely reviews out to the public? We also discuss the leak that suggests Final Fantasy VII Remake is an action game and not an RPG. Is that want we want out of this remake? Games we discuss this week are: We wrap the show up with some fun ghost stories from the crew. Do we believe in ghosts? Has something...


Shadow of War Post Patch & Quantic Dream Harassment: Ep17

On this week’s episode, the crew sits down to discuss the lawsuit that developer Quantic Dream recently lost against ex-employees who claimed the studio harasses employees. Will people see David Cage and his company in a different light going forward? Will Sony cut ties with them? Come find out our thoughts. We also talk about Arcade1UP’s affordable arcade cabinets launching next month and whether or not they will be successful on the market. Also, we dig into the current gaming retail...


Xbox Scarlet Rumors & Captain Spirit: Ep16

This week Shannon sits out due to a family emergency, but Josh, Alaina and Zach are here to discuss the latest rumors surrounding the next generation Xbox from Microsoft. Is a streaming box for gameplay a viable option in two years? Will we buy into game streaming and ditch a traditional console? How do internet speeds play into this? We dive into the rumors. Also, we discuss Nintendo’s latest stab at online ROM sites and the new No Man’s Sky expansion and how it has changed perceptions...


Octopath Traveler, Captain Toad & Ys VIII: Ep15

This week the crew has a lot of games to discuss, so our industry section is lite. We talk about Nathan Fillion’s Uncharted fan film and an Aliens: Colonial Marines discovery that could be one of the reasons why the game was so bad to begin with. In our Weekly Console-tation, we dive into the following titles: Afterwards, we wrap it all up with our off-topic week in review segment where we talk movies, proud husband moments, date nights ruined and more. Grab the episode now via iTunes,...


Biggest Surprises of the Generation: Ep14

In episode 14 of That Pixel Life, the crew look back at the current generation of gaming to share what aspects of Generation 8 surprised them the most. What games were shockingly good? Which business decisions in the industry caught us by surprise? How did loot boxes become such a big thing? We dig into all of that this episode. In news this week we discuss the release date for Darksiders III, the success of Overwatch’s breast cancer charity drive, and Warframe coming to the Nintendo...


Jurassic Park Evolution & Comfort Food Games - Ep13

This week the gang share their favorite games to return to during a release drought in gaming. These are games that we love so much that we can pick back up whenever the need arises and they never get old. These games are what we like to call “comfort food” games. You may be surprised what titles we choose. Also in news we discuss Nintendo’s hint at a possible Nintendo 3DS successor and how that would play into a world where the Nintendo Switch exists. Alaina also goes into details on...


Lumines Remastered, Unravel Two & Next Gen Predictions: Ep12

This week the gang sits down to discuss the potential of the next generation and what trends we’re seeing now that could lead us into certain directions in the industry. Can the Playstation brand continue to be on top even without features like cross-play? Did the Fortnite fiasco put them in a bind? Will Microsoft’s focus on services help them reach the top? Can they pull themselves out of the 1st party drought? We share our predictions. Games we discuss this week are: Lumines...


Hollow Knight, Yoku's Island Express & Addiction Disorder: Ep11

This week we explore the World Health Organization’s decision to classify gaming addiction as a mental disorder. Has there been enough studies on the subject to justify the addition? Are there other factors involved instead of the blame solely on gaming? Find out our thoughts on the matter. In our Weekly Console-tation segment, we discuss Hollow Knight, Yoku’s Island Adventure and Octopath Traveler, all for the Nintendo Switch. Afterwards, we discuss Japanese role-playing games and the...


Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo - E3 2018 Part Two: Ep10

In part two of our E3 2018 impressions we wrap up the rest of the conferences including UbiSoft, Sony and Nintendo. We discuss all of the announcements made at each conference and how we feel each company performed. Also, Josh talks about the latest controversy surrounding Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch. Sony has created a lot of headaches for fans of Epic’s battle royale shoot-em-up and we share our thoughts on the matter. Finally, we wrap the show up with our overall feelings of E3...


EA, Microsoft & Bethesda - E3 2018 Part One: Ep09

We kick off our E3 2018 celebration by delivering part one of our in-depth impressions of this year's press conferences. In this episode we are reunited with Robby Steltenpohl to break down EA Games, Microsoft and Bethesda. First off, the crew takes a look at EA Play 2018 and discuss all of the announcements such as Battlefield V, Anthem and Madden 19. Also, we ponder if EA Games may be wasting their time putting together their own segregated show from the other big players in the...


E3 2018 Predictions with Chris "CJ" Johnston: Ep08

E3 2018 is quickly approaching and the crew welcomes Chris “CJ” Johnston from Player One Podcast and Adult Swim Games to peek into our crystal ball and see if we can predict how each of the big players in the industry will handle themselves. We break down all of the major upcoming conferences and explore what each company needs to accomplish in order to win E3 this year, along with what titles we think could be announced. This video episode will be available exclusively for patrons of That...


Detroit: Become Human, Dark Souls: Remastered and An Epic Lawsuit: Ep07

On this week’s show, we dive deep into Detroit: Become Human, David Cage’s new adventure title for the Playstation 4. Our thoughts may surprise you. Also, we dig into a bit of Dark Souls Remastered and Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Edition as well. Industry buzz this week includes PUBG’s developer Bluehole suing Epic Games over Fortnite and its alleged theft of IP, a slew of new game announcements including Pokemon Let’s GO and Fallout 76, as well as Apple killing off the Steam Link...