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A weekly internet radio show and podcast discussing the latest news in video games as told by the gamers themselves. It records LIVE on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network while taking live calls via Skype or a toll free number and including chat room interaction.

A weekly internet radio show and podcast discussing the latest news in video games as told by the gamers themselves. It records LIVE on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network while taking live calls via Skype or a toll free number and including chat room interaction.
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A weekly internet radio show and podcast discussing the latest news in video games as told by the gamers themselves. It records LIVE on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network while taking live calls via Skype or a toll free number and including chat room interaction.




623 - 08/05/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Atari Games in Tesla Cars, Racing Game Microtransactions

I'm going to be moderating SIX PANELS at Dragon Con! I'm still enjoying the No Man's Sky NEXT update, although we've found some interesting syncing issues when trying to play in the same system but not at the same time. Elon Musk announced that Atari games will soon be playable inside actual Tesla cars - I'll translate some of that for you as a Tesla Model S 70D owner since 2015. Turn 10 Studios is removing Prize Packs from Forza Motorsport 7 and the upcoming Forza Horizon 4, and not going...


622 - 07/29/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - No Man's Sky NEXT's Comeback Story

Who would have thought in 2016 that No Man's Sky would be one of the greatest comeback stories in gaming? There's a LOT of talk about early impressions of the NEXT update, and how it has captured my heart, at least in the beginning. Time will tell how long that lasts. Taiko no Tatsujin is coming stateside on both the PS4 and the Switch - but questions about control schemes are abound. Then we take calls about Octopath Traveler and No Man's Sky.


621 - 07/22/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Octopath Traveler Impressions, No Man's Sky NEXT

Octopath Traveler is out, and so far (all of the chapter 1's) it's pretty great. The free NEXT update to No Man's Sky is coming out, and Hello Games' Sean Murray finally started talking to the media again. Then we take calls about No Man's Sky and people's reaction to gaming announcements.


620 - 07/15/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Aliens: Colonial Marines Typo, Unreal Engine Marketplace Changes

I appeared on Tipster Gaming's Twitch and YouTube channels to, hopefully for the last time, discuss my moderating job on the Billy Mitchell panel. Looking forward to moving on. This weekend I attended and spoke at Atlanta Comic Con, a first time convention, about podcasting and streaming media. A typo in an INI configuration file in 2013's Aliens: Colonial Marines made the AI a whole lot better. Epic Games has announced that creators in the Unreal Engine Marketplace (a place for assets...


619 - 07/08/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Amazon Prime New Release Discount, Intellivision Updates

I'm going to be at Atlanta Comic Con this weekend with Charles McFall and Roberto Blake talking about podcasting and social media communities! Amazon Prime has removed their 20% new release discount from games they deem to be "remakes or remasters" - possibly in response to Best Buy eliminating their discount. More information about the upcoming Intellivision reboot has come out, including about the controller. Then we take calls about H-Hour: World's Elite, SOCOM, and current state of the...


618 - 07/01/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - PUBG vs. Fortnite Lawsuit Dropped, Microsoft Stream To Win

Summer Games Done Quick just concluded, raising over $2mil for charity. I want to learn TASBot now. Toys'r'Us may be gone, but the NES Classic is back in stock! PUBG Corp has dropped its lawsuit against Epic Games, makers of Fortnite. Microsoft quietly announced a Stream To Win initiative with Forza Horizon 4, giving in-game rewards for streaming or watching Forza streams on Mixer. Then we take calls about the SNES Classic and Lumines Remastered.


617 - 06/24/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Microsoft and Nintendo Crossplay Marketing, Atari VCS Troubles

Summer Games Done Quick has started, benefiting Doctors Without Borders. The Billy Mitchell panel from Southern Fried Gaming Expo has been posted to YouTube...The comments aren't too bad about my "performance." Microsoft and Nintendo have started promoting crossplay between consoles with their new Minecraft partnership. The new people in charge of the Atari name got mad at UK website The Register for writing a negative article about the VCS, and The Register decided to post the audio of...


616 - 06/17/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - E3 2018 Wrapup, Fortnite Accounts Held Back By Sony

Before we talk about E3, I respond a little bit to the recent Variety article regarding the Billy Mitchell panel I moderated. Hopefully it is the last time we'll be talking about it for a while. E3 was this week! Lots of cinematic experiences from Sony, and games coming in 2019 from everyone else. Fortnite has been released on the Switch, and now people are learning that if they ever linked their Epic account with their PS4, they can not access that account (or their purchases) on the...


615 - 06/10/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - The Billy Mitchell Panel at SFGE, Microsoft at E3

The Southern Fried Gaming Expo was this weekend, and I hosted a newsworthy panel with the former King of Kong, Billy Mitchell. It was later written about in Variety, but the first time I talked about how my moderating time went was on this show from the night after it happened. Microsoft's press conference had already happened when we recorded, so I talked about what they showed, but mostly what they revealed afterwards about Forza Horizon 4.


614 - 06/03/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Just Shapes & Beats Impressions, Intellivision Returns

The Southern Fried Gaming Expo is THIS WEEKEND and I'm hosting the "Road To Redemption" panel with Billy Mitchell and Walter Day, and kind of freaking out over what to ask. Just Shapes & Beats has finally come out on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, and it's a really fun frustrating game you can dance to. I tried the Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner PSVR demo for a listener, and I can't really say I recommend it as a VR experience. Video Games Live founder Tommy Tallarico has taken over...


613 - 05/27/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Steam Link App on Android, but not iPhone

VOG is sponsoring the Southern Fried Gaming Expo on June 8-10, and I will be moderating a panel with Billy Mitchell and Walter Day! Mike Fahey from Kotaku has been in the hospital for several months. He should be returning to us soon, though. Valve has released a Steam Link app for smartphones, which allow you to play games from your PC on your Android phone. Apple, unfortunately, has rejected the iPhone app due to "business conflicts with app guidelines." Then we take calls about getting...


612 - 05/20/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Microsoft Adaptive Controller, Vita Carts Discontinued

The Southern Fried Gaming Expo is June 8-10 in Atlanta, and I've been asked to moderate the most explosive panel at the event, and they aren't limiting me to questions about hot sauce. Microsoft has announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a fully customizable controller designed for the disabled. Sony has announced that physical cartridges for the Vita will cease production. Then we take calls about the Vintage Computer Festival East, and my home theater.


611 - 05/13/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Beat Saber Impressions, Pinball Arcade Bally/Williams Delisting

Thanks for coming back after the two week hiatus! While I was on my honeymoon, I got to play Mario Kart Arcade DX, which has a very interesting Namco character as a playable racer. When I got back, I played the viral sensation Beat Saber on the HTC Vive,'s really good. I wound up streaming it on Twitch later that night. Nintendo announced Nintendo Online for a very low price, and also included a subscription service to play NES games online instead of paying for them individually....


610 - 04/22/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0, Voiding Warranties

I exhibited at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 this weekend, and got to see the upcoming Computer Museum of America while there. Nintendo CEO Howard Lincoln once told Congress that Night Trap would never appear on a Nintendo console... The FTC has warned several companies - including console manufacturers - that you can't void the warranty just because a consumer uses their own devices on it. Then we talk a little bit more about my home theater and how Mr. Awesome might have...


609 - 04/08/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Ready Player One, ESA vs. Net Neutrality

I will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 in Roswell, GA on April 21-22nd, showing off some 90's era DOS stuff! ADMISSION IS FREE!!!! Come say hi! The Ready Player One movie has now been out for a while, so let's talk about how I feel it's actually better than the book. The ESA has joined the battle against Net Neutrality - and I'll tell you why that could be important. It's not about throttling bandwidth. Then we take calls about Rocket League tournaments and video game...


608 - 04/01/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Microsoft TOS Update, Unreal Engine Live Rendering

I will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 in Roswell, GA on April 21-22, showing off my 90's era DOS machine with high end sound equipment like a Roland MT-32 and Gravis Ultrasound! At GDC, Blockchain was apparently the big thing, but it really did nothing to improve games, just allows gamers to make money while playing. Also at GDC, Epic showed off new rendering technology in Unreal Engine that allows for real-time motion capture. Microsoft updated its Terms of Service to...


607 - 03/18/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Moss (PSVR) Impressions, Toys'R'Us Going Out Of Business

I will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 in Roswell, GA, on April 21st and 22nd, showing the same games I stream on Twitch. I played Moss, and I think it's the best exclusive game for PSVR, and a very well made VR game in general. Toys'R'Us is going out of business, but not for the reason you think. The International Olympic Committee has stated that they'd be open to esports being in the Olympics - as long as the games aren't violent. Then we take calls about Kirby Star...


606 - 03/11/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Interview with Aaron Greenberg of Holistic Design about Space RTS Noble Armada: Lost World

We have a LIVE interview with Aaron Greenberg of Holistic Design about his Space RTS Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, currently on Kickstarter! We discuss the game as well as the growing game development scene in Georgia. After the interview, I talk a little bit about The Day The Oculus Rifts Stood Still, and what actually caused every Rift in the world to stop working for a day. Then we talk to OLR about the Nintendo Direct, but who really cares because It's Not Melee.


605 - 03/04/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - PS Plus Dropping Older Consoles, Oculus Demo Controversy

The Final Fantasy XV Windows Demo was out, and it messed with my sound settings...And Windows 10 also finally got me with a forced update. Sony will be removing PS3 and Vita titles form the PlayStation Plus free games lineup in 2019. Oculus has been showing the Epic Games "Bullet Train" demo at trade shows for over three years - after this past weekend, maybe they should have a replacement. Live event runner ReedPOP (PAX) has acquired Gamer Network, a media network with sites like...


604 - 02/25/18 Bobby Blackwolf Show - System Shock Kickstarter, Steam Review Astroturfing

I'm now a Twitch Affiliate, so that means now I can take your bits and subscriptions! Super Multitasking was released on Steam, and it's definitely worth your $5. I'm not biased. Maltese publisher Insel Games allegedly persuaded their employees to leave positive reviews of their games on Steam, which caused Valve to kick them off the storefront. The System Shock Remake Kickstarter has used up all of its funds, and has decided to make a new game instead of remaking the original. Then we...