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The Computer Game Show is a weekly podcast about computer games, hosted by David Turner, Sean Bell, Mat Murray and James Farley. Listen every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. Email or visit to stream every episode, watch our Twitch streams, contact the show and more. Get exclusive content and more by supporting TCGS on Patreon at


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The Computer Game Show is a weekly podcast about computer games, hosted by David Turner, Sean Bell, Mat Murray and James Farley. Listen every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. Email or visit to stream every episode, watch our Twitch streams, contact the show and more. Get exclusive content and more by supporting TCGS on Patreon at




336: I Hate Cuff

Plenty of news to discuss this week, including all the news from last week’s Xbox Developer_Direct, as well as Xbox’s falling revenue, a potential Uncharted game being teased, and are we finally going to see Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp? Game-wise, we’ve all got stealth drop star ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ to discuss, as well as GoldenEye 007, Forspoken and the latest Hitman update. Also: ASMR origins, cultural differences in games, adding cut-scenes to TCGS, and so much more. Games discussed: Hi-Fi...


335: 3D Comfort Pouch

There’s a lot of news this week, but sadly very little of it is positive. Thousands of layoffs in the tech and media sectors, ex-Halo Infinite developers criticising leadership at Microsoft, and Marvel’s Avengers getting cancelled. On the plus side, we hear about PSVR2's full 37-game launch window line-up, and PowerWash Simulator getting Tomb Raider DLC later this month. Sean, James and Mat all talk about their opening hours with Fire Emblem Engage, and David has a Sports Story...


334: The Fall of James

We’re in the DRYYY period of the year, but that isn’t stopping us talking about Ubisoft cancelling games, new game studios, the end of Stadia, and the forthcoming Xbox Direct. We also hear James’ final thoughts on God of War: Ragnarök, Sean gets stuck into Escape Simulator, and David’s played Sports Story. Also: matching drinks and games, what ARE Sony doing with Astro Bot; the state of worldwide internet connectivity, and TCGS moments immortalised in animation. Games discussed: God of...


333: 2023 Gaming Predictions

After 22 long days, we’re back for our first show of 2023. In time-honoured tradition, we start with our gaming predictions. First we listen back to what we predicted would happen in 2022, then we make some fresh and RED HOT predictions for the year ahead. There’s also a tiny smattering of news, but a big ol’ What You Been Playing section with all the games we’ve played over the Christmas break. It’s good to be back! Games discussed: High on Life, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope,...


332: Game of the Year 2022

It’s time to decide our Game of the Year for 2022. Games discussed: Elden Ring, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, NORCO, Signalis, Neon White, God of War Ragnarök, Olli Olli World, Power Wash Simulator, As Dusk Falls, Tinykin, Hindsight, FIFA 23, Citizen Sleeper, Marvel Snap, Vampire Survivors, Pentiment, Trombone Champ, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Sonic Frontiers Contact tcgs.coContact formDiscordTwitterInstagramFacebook...


331: Game of the Year Draft 2022

It's time for the Game of the Year Draft 2022. Games discussed: Pentiment, Vampire Survivors, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Contact tcgs.coContact formDiscordTwitterInstagramFacebook Follow @davidturners@CaptainToss@matmurray@jcafarley Watch TwitchYouTube Listen SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsPocket CastsOvercastacastStitcher Credits


330: Quality Good

Mat’s away, so we’ve got Sarah Dyer aka @pikapies on the show! This week: more Mirosoft acquisition updates, plus Nintendo’s statements about the Smash World Tour cancellation and the state of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and we talk about that new Mario Movie trailer. Game-wise there’s absolutely loads to tuck into, including Need for Speed Unbound, Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Somerville, and mopping up others in the lead up to GOTY season. All that plus football player skins, Christmas...


329: Shave the Dragon

No Sean this week, but there’s still plenty to get our teeth into. There’s more Activision-Blizzard news of course, including Sony revealing Microsoft’s Game Pass numbers! Game-wise, David and Mat have finished God of War and have some final thoughts, and James is getting into it too. Also: The Good Old Days™, Panic gaming, brutality in games with the sound off, VR game recommendations, gaming tattoos, what is best in life, and more! Games discussed: God of War Ragnarök, Sonic Frontiers,...


328: Chat Dump

This week: the life and times of Yuji Naka, Xbox’s Keystone streaming was too expensive, Phil Spencer’s talking about mobile and Call of Duty deals again, Pokémon fans aren’t happy, and Dead or Alive might be coming back. Also: where would the Switch be without its Wii U ports? What would Farley call his social network? TCGS quotes on game boxes, bands playing at weddings, and more! Games discussed: God of War Ragnarök, What The Bat?, Walkabout Mini Golf (Myst DLC), Vampire...


327: Goddy War Special

It’s the God of War/Goddy War special! David and James also have more thoughts on Sonic Frontiers, Sean re-enters the world of Citizen Sleeper, and a Splatfest happened. News-wise, we briefly cover Nintendo's latest Indie World Showcase, Japan’s Animal Crossing numbers, the latest on the Disco Elysium story, FIFA’s new post-EA games, and a Mass Effect update. Also: calming activities, Mat’s Game Pass deals, which of us would be the best dentist; childhood games, and more! Games...


326: Classic Runner’s Mistake

Lots of PSVR 2 discussion this week after Sony finally confirmed the release date, the price, and some of the launch titles for its upcoming headset. Microsoft is still insisting that CoD will remain on PlayStation, PlayStation Plus subscriber numbers are down, and apparently Microsoft loses up to $200 on each Xbox console sold(!!) Game-wise, James and David have the hottest takes after their first hour with Sonic Frontiers and Mat’s loving Signalis. Also: unique controllers, in-game...


325: Thin Like A Coaster

Microsoft misses Xbox Game Pass growth targets for second year running, Meta’s profits dive sharply, Naughty Dog is apparently co-developing new project in "beloved franchise”, and that Sega “Super Game” is coming in 2026. Also: more Modern Warfare II, Mat has an Elden Ring update, Marvel Snap has been played a lot, and were the Xbox Blades ever any good? All that plus: can James Farley ever go to bed?, favourite cheeses, working on the tills, and should you wait for post-launch...


324: I Like Cheese Too Much

James is back! And he has feedback on last week’s incredible Capone Adam edit. News-wise, the Bayonetta story keeps going, apparently some developers aren’t happy with the Series S, we discuss everything that was announced in Konami's Silent Hill October 2022 showcase, and Sony finally reveals the price of the DualSense Edge. Also, Modern Warfare II, Vampire Survivors, limiting game time, why are in-game economies so silly, and so much more. Games discussed: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare...


323: Ahead of its Time

Ladies and gentlemen… Adam Capone. Games discussed: Elden Ring, Moonbreaker, Splatoon 3, FIFA 23, Paw Patrol Grand Prix, Pilotwings 64. WATCH LIVE Don't forget to watch us record The Computer Game Show every Monday night, live on Twitch! Follow us on so you don’t miss a thing. SUPPORT PatreonTCGS Store CONTACT tcgs.coContact formDiscordTwitterInstagramFacebook FOLLOW @davidturners@CaptainToss@matmurray@jcafarley WATCH TwitchYouTube LISTEN SpotifyApple...


322: Big Dog

Hello you. On the show this week: the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer, Fandom buying everyone, CD Projekt Red confirming tons of new games, no more naughty games on Nintendo Switch, and Overwatch 2 suffering DDoS attacks at launch. All that plus Sean’s new Steam Deck, James finishing Elden Ring, Overwatch 2, perfect screen sizes, gaming guides, killing games, bad soundtracks, and more! Games discussed: Overwatch 2, Steam Deck, Elden Ring, Tunic, FIFA 23. WATCH LIVE Don't forget to watch...


321: Geoff Keighley’s Summer Business

The Newsman returns, and he’s brought a boat load of news to discuss. Stadia is dead! It’s finally happened, so naturally we discuss what went wrong and what this means for James Farley moving forward. We also discuss the Disco Elysium devs that have reportedly ‘involuntarily’ exited the sequel, E3 2023 plans, PlayStation Stars and what’s this? Sony is remastering a five year old game? You bet it is. Game-wise, David and Mat have THOUGHTS on FIFA 23, Sean’s playing all sorts (including...


320: Derek Explosion

James is away, but the news doesn’t stop. There’s an update on last week’s GTA hack, Twitch keeps stepping on garden rakes, YouTubers are making moves, and we’re about to see a sneak peak of the new Mario movie. Sean went to EGX last week, so we have a report from him with some thoughts on expo and the games he played, including Sonic Frontiers. Also, Mat’s played Return to Monkey Island, David and Sean are playing Hardspace: Shipbreaker, the boys plan a stag do for James, and so much...


319: Punching and Stuff

It’s a news special! There’s not much in the way of new releases, so we cover everything that’s happened over the past week, including: that massive GTA 6 leak, layoffs in games media, the Nintendo Direct, the PlayStation State of Play, the RGG Summit, PSVR 2 not being backwards-compatible, and loads more. There’s also a little bit of what we’ve been playing, plus podcast games, OLED Switch devices, James’ notes, Steam Decks and more. Games discussed: Splatoon 3, Metal: Hellsinger, You...

318: Egg on Face

Note: Due to technical issues on Monday's stream, there's no video version this week. Sorry! This week: Splatoon 3, Elden Ring, and Death Stranding. Ubisoft announces further changes to company culture (and unveils a bunch of new games), Jim Ryan is furious with Phil Spencer, Switch games are selling well, and there’s a teaser trailer for Amy Henning’s new game. Splatoon 3 dominates the game chat this week, and we also talk about old Pokemon games, things to do in London, Marvel movies...

317: James Newsman

We’re all back! Yes, all four of us! This week: Call of Duty on Game Pass, more Halo Infinite delays, Sony and Tencent acquiring stakes in FromSoftware, and is that Silent Hill 2 remake finally happening? It’s also a big week for releases, and we have a lot to say about IMMORALITY, Tinykin, The Last of Us Part 1 and more. Also: Mat gets called out over episode titles; should ageing in games be more realistic; there’s another intervention; and what is James watching, reading and drinking...