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The Computer Game Show is a podcast about computer games. Hosted by David Turner, Sean Bell, James Farley and Mat Murray.

The Computer Game Show is a podcast about computer games. Hosted by David Turner, Sean Bell, James Farley and Mat Murray.
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The Computer Game Show is a podcast about computer games. Hosted by David Turner, Sean Bell, James Farley and Mat Murray.




108: E3 2018 Telling Murray

After a week away from the internet avoiding E3 news, Mat is back and David, Sean and James need to tell him everything that happened. Will they be straight with him or will the try and chuck the odd lie in here and there? Find out on episode 108 of The Computer Game Show. Listen Apple Podcasts Spotify Pocket...


107: E3 2018 Predictions

Sean returns from paternity leave and just in time too. The boys kick off their E3 coverage with their prediction show. What will happen on stage? What games will be announced? How many minutes will Nintendo waste on the Splatoon 2 DLC? They chuck their thoughts out there to be recorded and reviewed after the big event. Meanwhile the boys have a big announcement to make. Watch The Computer Game Show LIVE at EGX on Saturday 22nd September 2018. Get your tickets at...


106: A Statement

It’s back to business this week as David has taken notes of the show’s output since he’s been away and within moments the show gets back to normal. There’s a statement that needs to be read out relating the future of the podcast, David has fallen in love with a game, James talks David Cage and Mat gets told some truths in a hope that it might put him back in his box. Listen Apple Podcasts Spotify Pocket...


105: Fair to Share

David and Jon are away AGAIN, so it’s a Mat and James special this week. It’s a serene affair, as the two friends calmly discuss topics such as last week’s Games Media Brit List awards and our EGX live show announcement. There's other stuff to discuss too; from pre-E3 news to questions about contraception, it’s all happening this week. Watch TCGS LIVE at EGX on Saturday 22nd September 2018. Get your tickets at Listen Apple Podcasts Spotify Pocket...


104: Purple Dress

David's unwell and Jon's away, so Mat and James draft in podcast rivals Leon Cox and Darren Gargette from Cane and Rinse for this week's episode. There's a ton of news to get through, with everything from Nintendo's online offering to E3 leaks. Discussion then turns to God of War, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, Moss, Laser League and more. Oh and with David being away, Mat's back to edit this week's show. Funny how David said "Oh you'll never edit this show again!" a few weeks ago, and now...


103: Handing In Our Notice

James returns and although he was happy with the show last week, he’s furious with not getting credit for putting the news together. Mat continues to dream about being his favourite Ghostbuster, Gordon. Jon tries to convince everyone that he isn’t a competitive person and David gets put in his place by someone who isn’t on the show. All this and more on another breathtaking episode of The Computer Game Show. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


102: TGCS

James has to miss out on the show this week as he had work commitments leaving David, Mat and Jon to wonder what his work life must be like. Mat is getting a little too excited for Season 4 of Fortnite while David and Jon make solid progress with God of War as well as coming up with an idea for a new YouTube channel. If you’re confused by all this, why not Google ‘The Computer Game Show Episode 102’? Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


101: Hierarchy

This week the lads have had to decide who the most important people on the show are and some members aren’t happy with the results. They also talk about performing the show live at Rezzed 2018 and the nightmare of a week that followed. There’s the usual chat about the games they’ve played and the answers they’ve got for listener’s questions but less face it, all you lot care about is the drama. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


099: Edited

Tensions rise between all of the hosts as David has a thing or two to say about Mat's editing. The show moves on to talk about why Steam Boxes failed, whether big budget games have to avoid political issues in order to not alienate an audience and despite A Way Out being disappointing, why they would still recommend you play it. But I'll be honest, everyone is on tenterhooks throughout. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


098: Bad Tattooist

This week's show is all about the games: disappointing games, co-op games, Grainger Games, political games and games awards. David's positive about a game with some negative press, Jon's still angry about a game with a mixed response, Mat's largely positive about a game with disappointing press, and James is interested, mostly. Don't forget: we're performing live at Rezzed 2018 on Sunday 15th April. Get your tickets at Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


097: Fred Frezzer

This week Mat lacked the persistence to play Sea of Thieves so David summons the help of James and Jon to talk about it. David could have spoken about it on his own but he really couldn’t be bothered to put all that effort in himself, so instead let the others do it while he sat back and took the credit. Some may think David is a coward for doing this. Actually, most people would. It really shows him up as the sort of person he is. A let down of a man. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


096: Head Heads

Guess why Mat is suddenly into Fortnite. Go on, have a guess. I don’t even need to hear your answer to know that you’re correct. Well done. Celebrate by listening to another entertaining episode of The Computer Game Show in which Jon has to choose between being a parent or killing a boss, David thinks his staff need to take control of their departments and James says that he’s never been negative about a game. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


095: Jackanese

James and David get into another argument but this time they almost end up agreeing. Jon misses out on becoming a pro-gaming champion while Mat finally manages to complete something. All this and more on the what everyone is calling The Greatest Podcast of All Time, Yes Including Ones That Aren’t About Games. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


094: Cutting Into Corrie

Mat tries to make amends for his game show hosting skills with yet another game. James wants to ask Jon a few questions about his attitude during last week's show, David asks Mat to tone it down a bit and Capone Adam has a big announcement to make. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


093: Niche or Cult

James is off with the sniffles this week and Jon can’t be bothered to put the news together. David taps out of Yakuza and has had much more fun finding balloons in Super Mario Odyssey, and Mat explains the differences between niche and cult. To top it all off the boys have another big announcement to make. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


092: Razzed

Jon is off this week and Mat finds an old game put together by Capone Adam for David and James to play. Mat is many things, a meme generator, an optimist, a man with a beard but as the boys are about to find out, he’s no gameshow host. David is still unsure about Yakuza 0 and James attempts to speed run Shadow of the Colossus. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


091: Jolting

Does Mat live in a glass house? Does David take things too easy on Jon? Is James excited about the current price drop for FIFA 18 on the Switch? What's this big announcement that the boys have been teasing on twitter? All these questions and more answered right here on the world's best gaming podcast. The Computer Game Show. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


090: Asleep Like Bedtime

Jon returns and has some feedback of his own for last week's show. He also tells us the inside story in one of the biggest Troll take downs of the year. David has another game to play, Mat wants to shine a little light on his own good deed and James think Mat won't last a fortnight on Monster Hunter World. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


089: Building A Train

While Jon steps out to take in some esports action, Sean Bell returns to his seat to bore everyone with his Monster Hunter World chat. James doesn't want to read the emails but thinks he should be given some praise for his selection of news, David wonders why James has recommended Oxenfree to him and Mat has a heart after all. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...


088: Embargoed In The Repository

This week everyone is excited to talk about Nintendo's new plans with cardboard as well as the games they've been playing. Mat decides to take control of the news while David wonders why he's spent so long editing out any mention of where James lives, meanwhile James got so scared that he almost had a heart attack. Listen Apple Podcasts Pocket...