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TGI 321 – Connor Bot, Roll Out

This week, Ryan continues his adventures through Warmind, the new Destiny 2 expansion. That being said, I’m not sure how much more we can scrap out of that one folks… The Year 2 content can’t get revealed soon enough. Both Jocelyn and Ryan checked out the demo for Detroit: Become Human, a new game from […]


TGI 320 – A Whole New Warmind

Jocelyn transports us to a whole new rogue-like game called City of Brass, a first person procedurally generated game where you seek treasure in a city once buried under the sand. Ryan ventures back in to Destiny after a five month hiatus to check out Warmind, the latest “expansion” for the first person shoot MMO. […]


TGI 319 – Monsterous Pursuits

It’s a cold medicine in your coffee type of week as Joce and Ryan gather to talk about the latest games they’re playing. Ryan continues his Father and Son adventures in God of War (Kayden isn’t playing with him, so save your emails). He also jumps back in to Hearthstone for a little Monster Hunting. […]


TGI 318 – Keeping The Heat On

Spring is in the air, but winter is still alive and well in our video games. Ryan goes on a Norse adventure alongside Kratos in God of War, while Jocelyn keeps the heat on in Frostpunk. In the news, Netflix gives us more details on their new The Witcher series, arriving at some point in […]


TGI 317 – Micromanaging Your Limbs

We record one day early to discuss some more streaming adventures, the new orc slicing game Extinction, and go over our new Community Channel coming to our Discord. First off, with streaming adventures we chat about making code requests and the various methods to do so. Including,, and the good old fashioned direct […]


TGI 316 – Sounds Like Anima

With new games to talk about, and plenty of news in the doc, we have a bonus length Gamers’ Inn for you! Kicking things off, we return to Hope County to liberate the south-western region from John in Far Cry 5. While Joce and Ryan continue to enjoy the open world shenanigans, some of the […]


TGI 315 – Cliff Driving in Hope County

Jocelyn and Ryan leave Hope County to update everyone on their initial adventures in Far Cry 5. While they did some solo questing, they also got a chance to experience each other’s unique driving skills with the drop in/drop out co-op. In the news we cover the beginning barrage of PAX East news with the […]


TGI 314 – The Game Pass Voyage

We’ve got more Sea of Thieves to chat about as Ryan has made his way on to the high seas for some pirating adventures. Alongside those Game Pass voyages, he checked out Rime and brought Kayden along for the ride. Jocelyn booted up Planet Coaster again, this time with some fresh DLC: the Studios Pack! […]


TGI 313 – The Council of Thieves

Arrr! Welcome to Shipwre… Wait, no, welcome to The Gamers’ Inn! We kick off the show by talking a bit about Sea of Thieves, but leave the bulk of the details to Shipwrecks and Shanties. While Ryan didn’t get a chance to hit the high seas, he did dabble with Game Pass, which opens up […]


TGI 312 – The Toothbrush Commitment

Well, Ryan did it, he got Jocelyn to play Life is Strange again… The bonus episode for Life is Strange: Before the Storm just launched, so Ryan and Jocelyn take one last look at the lives of Max and Chloe in “Farewell”. After those fun times, Joce has been keeping Sims alive in The Sims […]


TGI 311 – Roadside Nintendo Direct Burger

What’s this? A Gamers’ Inn on a Monday?!? Your feed isn’t telling a lie, as Jocelyn has just returned from HCT Toronto and we’re ready to record. Ryan has an update from his Streaming Adventures which includes streaming a selection of Nintendo Switch games like Breath of the Wild, Fire Emblem Warriors, and a demo […]


TGI 310 – The Finch Building Code Curse

In Streaming Adventures, Ryan has achieved Twitch Affiliate status! Whoo! Ryan ended up streaming Minecraft this week and had a surprisingly good time. Consider that skeptic converted. Also, Ryan played through What Remains of Edith Finch, and does his best to dance around spoilers for the sub 2 hour game. Jocelyn on the other hand […]


TGI 309 – Nazis Made of Jam

We have more Streaming Adventures with Ryan this week as we discuss the 50 follower milestone, working on those average viewer counts, and more Stream Elements implementation. Speaking of streaming, Ryan played Wolfenstein II to completion and has great things to say about the “what if” history shooter romp. Jocelyn on the other hand has […]


TGI 308 – The Gandhi Civ Sub

Another jam packed Gamers’ Inn is here and we kick things off with the launch of a new TGI Presents project titled Shipwrecks and Shanties: A Sea of Thieves Podcast. The new show is hosted by Jocelyn Moffett and Siv, but be sure to listen to the new show to find out Siv’s real name […]


TGI 307 – Underwater Wonderland

The first episode from Summoner’s Call is here, check it out! Ryan shares more stories from his streaming adventures, including listener questions about hardware recommendations. Ryan has also been playing Iconoclasts and more Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Jocelyn has dived DEEP in to Subnautica to conquer her fear of underwater exploration. In the […]


TGI 306 – Teenage Drama Before the Storm

Off the top of the show we announce our departure from Amove TV to expand on The Gamers’ Inn with new spin-off and serial projects. We break down our first two The Gamers’ Inn Presents projects, focusing on Fire Emblem Heroes and Sea of Thieves. You can expect Summoner’s Call: A Fire Emblem Heroes Podcast […]


TGI 305 – Treasure On The Open Sea

We kick off the show with more streaming talk as Ryan continues his adventures over at Twitch.TV/RyanMurphyCA. He did a bit of console streaming, and ventured into OBS, so we talk shop for a bit. After the bitrate chat we move over to games with a stacked show! Both Ryan and Jocelyn played Squids from […]


TGI 304 – Cardboard Robot, Roll Out

January keeps on rolling and we have games to talk about! Jocelyn played some Vanishing of Ethan Carter, but it turns out that game is creepier than Ryan recalled on previous episodes. As for Ryan, he jumped back into Paladins for the first time in years (since beta launch before Overwatch launched). Also, while traveling […]


TGI 303 – What’s In The Cards For 2018

Ryan looks at the cards and decides to finally play Hand of Fate 2, a fun card battler with real time arena combat to resolve encounters. A really cool combo that you should certainly check out. Also, Ryan continues his adventures in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch. For our topic, Jocelyn and Ryan list […]


TGI 302 – Many Zombies Handle It

We’re all about the games on our first episode of 2018! Jocelyn picked up They Are Billions during the Steam Winter Sale and had good fun sorting out how to defend her city from the zombie hordes. Ryan jumped into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 over the holidays and has had a blast with the layers of […]


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