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The Gamers’ Inn is a weekly podcast focused on all things video games! Each week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss what they’re playing, go over industry related news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.

The Gamers’ Inn is a weekly podcast focused on all things video games! Each week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss what they’re playing, go over industry related news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.




The Gamers’ Inn is a weekly podcast focused on all things video games! Each week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss what they’re playing, go over industry related news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.




TGI 458 – Ya Buncha Yell Breathers!

Ryan received his PlayStation 5 and proceeded to watch progress bars for a few days as he moved into the next generation of PlayStation. But eventually, he got to play some games with Miles Morales and Astro's Playroom. TGI has upgraded and we're now fully capable of covering the next generation of consoles (when new games come out). We've got plenty of news from the latest State of Play and Pokemon Presents announcements. There's also a good chunk of info out of Bioware with Anthem Next...


TGI 457 – Little Bit of Nightmare Controls

After a surprise PlayStation 5 update from both inn keepers, Ryan shares his thoughts on playing through Little Nightmares I and II. The sequel was actually played on Google Stadia, so Ryan chats about his experience with the game streaming technology. Jocelyn has been on a bit of viking kick in 2021, which continues with Valheim. Moving over to the news, Mortal Kombat is back for another run at theatres (this time with an R rating), Nintendo had a Direct, and BlizzConline brought the...


TGI 456 – Last One In Is A Blue Toad

The Nintendo Switch has received yet another Wii U classic with the arrival of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. We spend some time discussing the new addition of online co-op to the base game, plus early thoughts on the Bowser's Fury expansion. In the news, we discuss a bit of video game movie magic with the release date confirmation for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Then we speculate on what could be announced later on in the week at BlizzConline, and the first Nintendo Direct in over a year.


TGI 455 – Set Spoilers to Medium

We're back to discussing The Medium, this time focusing on the story. We spoil the general story path, and discuss the ending. If you're interested in playing The Medium without being spoiled, you'll want to revisit this discussion at a later date. We conclude the show with the latest news, looking at Blizzard Activision having multiple Warcraft mobile games in advanced development, Gearbox is now a part of Embracer, and the ESA is planning an all digital E3 2021.


TGI 454 – A Tale of Two Mediums

Ryan provides an update on his weird journey to try and buy a PlayStation 5. Both Jocelyn and Ryan played The Medium, but one on the Xbox Series X and the other on PC. Finally, Ryan wraps up his time (for now) with Cyberpunk 2077. We discuss the various endings, but in vague terms, in an attempt to keep things spoiler free. If you want to go in to the endings absolutely spoiler free, feel free to skip the discussion. We close out the show with various news stories, including that whole...


TGI 453 – Just Play Torchlight II

Ryan unfortunately did not enjoy his time with Torchlight III, but has some tips for securing years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a minimal cost. Jocelyn takes up medieval cemetery management with Graveyard Keeper. Ryan is ready to pick up a PlayStation 5, but are electronic stores ready? We go a little long in What We're Playing, but take some time to discuss the latest news out of Blizzard, with Vicarious Visions merging with Team 3 to work on a Diablo II remake.


TGI 452 – Deep Dive Into The Deep

We return after finishing Call of the Sea, and are ready to discuss the puzzles, the story, the setting, and of course... SPOILERS! We keep spoilers pretty light for the majority of our conversation, but begin a chat about the ending around the thirty minute mark. If you're looking to enjoy this game for yourself, from a story perspective, best to skip forward ten minutes to the news. Speaking of news! Ubisoft gets in on the Star Wars fun, and Pokemon will be celebrating 25 years in 2021....


TGI 451 – Talking to Myself on a Mysterious Island

Addressing the Old Man Murph in the room, Ryan played a lot of PC games over the last week (and promises to limit his complaining). These PC games include Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Both Joce and Ryan got a chance to check out Call of the Sea, a puzzle exploration game on Xbox Game Pass. In the news, Bowser gets furious in a new trailer for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, and Lucasfilm Games announces a new Indiana Jones game from Machine Games and Bethesda.


TGI 450 – Leave Your Goop Behind

We're back for 2021 with this milestone, yet totally normal, episode of TGI! We kick things off with the most missed TGI Game of 2020, Hades. Ryan picked it up on Nintendo Switch, after the planets aligned with cloud sync, an eShop sale, and some eShop credit from Christmas. Jocelyn couched it up with some Assassin's Creed Valhalla over the holidays. Finally, Ryan played Super Meat Boy Forever on Nintendo Switch, which sees a change up to the classic Super Meat Boy formula in Ryan's favour...


TGI 449 – Games of the Year 2020

Ryan and Jocelyn close out the year THAT WAS 2020 and chat about all their favourite video game experiences. We kick things off with our personal Top 5 (in no particular order), with a few Nintendo overlaps. After a good jolly chat about some great games, we continue talking about great games with our Honourable Mentions. What were your favourite games of 2020? Be sure to join the conversation in Discord. Thank you to all that supported The Gamers' Inn over the last year, and in previous...


TGI 448 – Compartmentalating

We've got plenty to say about Cyberpunk 2077, but before that we get an update on Ryan's adventures in Bugsnax and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. When it comes to Cyberpunk 2077, Ryan is playing on Xbox One X and Joce is playing on Xbox Series X (check out this great performance comparison by Digital Foundry). We chat about what we like about the game, the bugs we've encountered, the terrible performance issues on base PS4 and Xbox One, and of course all the refund madness (including the...


TGI 447 – The Game Commercials

Joce and Ryan delay their recording this week to chat all about The Game Awards 2020! There were plenty of game announcements to get excited about, including creepy Vin Diesel AND a new Mass Effect. Also Perfect Dark is back! Some fun surprises, some cool indie games, and a few awards given out as well. Tune in for our GOTY episode in just a few weeks, until then happy gaming!


TGI 446 – Time to Viking It Up

Jocelyn's Xbox Series X was not a mirage (or a box filled with rocks), so she was able to jump into Assassin's Creed Valhalla on the next gen system. We talk a whole bunch about the new viking adventure, so get your raiding axes ready. Afterwards, we wrap up our chats on Bugsnax, and dip our toes into Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Jackbox Games Trivia Murder Party 2.


TGI 445 – The Phantom Xbox

Jocelyn was able to get her Xbox Series X order in, but the quest was not an easy one, and some have her convinced it's an empty box? We shall see next week! While Joce waits for her Xbox, she has started her adventures in the Shadowlands for the new World of Warcraft expansion. Ryan promises to join her soon, but has been busy with Miles Morales and Bugsnax. That's right, we're talking about MORE Bugsnax! (Joce's Note: BUNGER, BUNGER, BUNGER, BUNGER)


TGI 444 – Talking About Bugsnax (and Spider-Man)

We continue the conversation of not having next generation consoles, and our moments of weakness in trying to break from the PLAN. As promised, Ryan has been playing Spider-Man Miles Morales and takes some time to discuss his thoughts on why the game is a REALLY good cross generation game (be sure to check out IGN's Performance Review for Miles Morales). Jocelyn is talking about Bugsnax, because she has played Bugsnax. Light news week, what with the launch of TWO new consoles, but we take...


TGI 443 – I Am Afraid Of Those Ghosts

With our official Extra Life Game Day behind us, we go over the successes from the day where we managed to raise $4500 to date as a team! We relive our experiences in Phasmophobia thanks the lovely community helping us hit our $1500 raised for each of us. Then we calm things down with a discussion of our time in Raft. In the news, we get hopeful about the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy, but still wary about the promise of Bioware taking another stab at the franchise with a new...


TGI 442 – Witch Sticks

Both Ryan and Jocelyn played and finished Little Hope through co-op. We actually streamed the whole thing and you can check it out if you'd like (Ryan's Perspective / Joce's Perspective). We spend the first chunk of the show sharing our thoughts on the first 3/4 of the game and how Supermassive Games constructed an excellent and tense experience featuring a good chunk of Witch Trials lore. We take a break with the news where the Tomb Raider movie sequel has been delayed indefinitely,...


TGI 441 – Respect Your Sanity (And Your Matches)

Ryan played a bunch of Amnesia Rebirth, the brand new horror game from Frictional Games. He also streamed the first three hours, so be sure to check that out! Ryan has also officially played more Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate than he has played Minecraft in Minecraft. That's right, Steve and company are here as DLC for Smash! We have a bunch of news this week which includes our first look at Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, Google wants you to know they don't agree with that Alex guy,...


TGI 440 – The Haunting of VR Headsets

After some deep thoughts about how old TGI is, we get down to business with more Genshin Impact. Jocelyn has been playing Phasmophobia by proxy and is getting ready to jump in herself (and possibly bringing Ryan along for Extra Life). We muse a bit about what it would take for us both to play and stream the game for Extra Life, so if you're interested, be sure to donate and mention it in your comment. Moving into the news, PlayStation is collecting feedback on their new voice chat reporting...


TGI 439 – Genshin Makes an Impact

After the Thanksgiving long weekend, Jocelyn and Ryan return to discuss their long weekend and their daily return to Animal Crossing during the Halloween event. Jocelyn backed that Frostpunk board game Kickstarter. Ryan followed the Discord's passion for Genshin Impact and dove into the free-to-play BOTW-like. Moving into the news, Microsoft has a plan to bring xCloud to iOS, Sony details backwards compatibility on PS5, Amazon pulls the plug on Crucible, and TMNT is coming to SMITE in...