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Aussie husband and wife duo Brendo and Jem discuss all things gaming!

Aussie husband and wife duo Brendo and Jem discuss all things gaming!




Aussie husband and wife duo Brendo and Jem discuss all things gaming!






State of Bugsnax - The Gaming Lovers Episode 114

Can't get enough of those Bugsnax details! The Gaming Lovers discuss the Playstation State of Play from August 2020, featuring Spelunky 2, Crash Bandicoot 4, Bugsnax and more! Plus in Gaming Goals, Fall Guys makes an impact and why has Dark Souls 2 stolen Brendo's attention?


Xbox Games Showcase - The Gaming Lovers Episode 113

The same week in which a head of Xbox claimed that exclusives go against the spirit of gaming community, Microsoft revealed a bunch of titles coming to Xbox Series X, and some of them are.... you guessed it.... exclusives! In this episode, Brendo and Jem discuss a bunch of games including Halo: Infinite, The Medium and a new Fable game. Plus a chat about the Nintendo Direct Mini, and Brendo's initial thoughts about Ghost of Tsushima.


Fast Forward - The Gaming Lovers Episode 112

The Gaming Lovers review all the latest news from Ubisoft Forward. From actual real gameplay footage of Assassin's Creed Valhalla to Giancarlo Esposito's chilling performance in the cinematic trailer for Far Cry 6. Plus Brendo reveals how he is managing to squeeze in more gaming time, even with a newborn baby!


Smile, Unite, Mix and Snap! - The Gaming Lovers Episode 111

The Last of Us Part Two has arrived and Brendo has his impressions on Naughty Dog's latest game, but it's the announcement of New Pokemon Snap at long last that has Jem out of control with excitement! Nintendo dropped heaps of new and strange game reveals for the Pokemon franchise (Pokemon Smile, what the?!) and some of them well received but not all. Plus, which beloved video game is on it's way to Netflix as an animation?


Player 3 - The Gaming Lovers Episode 110

The Gaming Lovers have levelled up and Player 3 has officially joined the team! Join an extra tired Brendo and Jem as they discuss the recent PS5 news with their new baby boy in the booth. Can you guess which gaming announcement has them both pumped?


Fly Me To The June - The Gaming Lovers Episode 109

It's raining Video Games! As The Summer (or Winter?) of Gaming builds up steam, there will be so many video games launching and gaming events airing in the month of June and beyond! Brendo and Jem chat a little about the hype for The Last of Us Part Two, Sony's plans for revealing some PS5 games very soon, and The Sonic Movie drops on Blu-Ray! Plus in Gaming Goals, The Gaming Lovers enjoy a pleasant few rounds of What The Golf?!


Video Games and Baby Names - The Gaming Lovers Episode 108

It's Heroes versus Villains in this week's episode of The Gaming Lovers podcast. Brendo and Jem have 16 male names from various video games duking it out in a tournament to decide what they will name "Player 3". What could possibly go wrong... Plus, has Jem finally made some progress in gaming goals?


2nd Birthday! - The Gaming Lovers Episode 107

The Gaming Lovers podcast turns 2! Celebrate with Brendo and Jem as they answer some of your questions and take a quick look at the past two years of the podcast. Also, the Aussie duo break down the gameplay footage from Sucker Punch's new title: Ghost of Tsushima. A gameplay trailer with actual gameplay? What a novel idea! Plus reviews of Moving Out and Totally Reliable Delivery Service all jam-packed into this special episode of The Gaming Lovers podcast.


What's in a Game(play) - The Gaming Lovers Episode 106

Fans have hit back after some misleading build-up for the "gameplay" trailer of Assassin's Creed Valhalla was complied of cinematic shots and cutscenes. That wasn't the only mishap during Xbox's recent 'first-look' live stream. Brendo and Jem reflect on the digital event - the good, the bad and the overlooked details.


Assassin's Creed or Ubisoft's Greed? - The Gaming Lovers Episode 105

After the nifty reveal for Assassin's Creed: Valhalla has Brendo and Jem excited for another entry in Ubisoft's long running franchise, The Gaming Lovers take a look back at the entire mainline series. Which one's get the nod of approval from fans? And what major issues caused the fans to lose some interest in the saga? Also in this episode, we find out what games have led Brendo away from fully focusing on Final Fantasy VII: Remake.


Borrowed Tunes - The Gaming Lovers Episode 104

After Brendo completed one of his many games on his backlog this week, he was inspired by the use of some licensed music throughout the game that was able to bring him to tears! So The Gaming Lovers take a look at some of their favourite songs in video games that weren't created especially for the game. Also, did Jem complete her gaming goal from this past week and get her delicious reward?


Gaming Youtube Channels - The Gaming Lovers Episode 103

After recently discovering and then promptly binge-watching the Girlfriend Reviews YouTube Channel, Brendo and Jem discuss their favourite destinations for gaming fun on the video streaming service. What will make their list? Plus in gaming goals, Brendo defeated one of the remakes he was playing, but which one? Resident Evil 3 or Final Fantasy VII? And what roadblock is causing Jem some issues in her gaming life?


Inside Xbox - The Gaming Lovers Episode 102

As the world continues to adapt to our new normal of working from home, even big gaming companies are broadcasting the latest news from their living rooms. Brendo and Jem look at the highlights of the more casual Inside Xbox digital showcase. Plus, Brendo compares the two recent remakes that are both competing for his attention - Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 3. Is one re-done better than the other?


Commitment Issues - The Gaming Lovers Episode 101

After Brendo finally got around to playing Death Stranding, it didn't take long for new releases to turn his head and distract him from his promised gaming goals. With Aussies getting super early access to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, plus the Resident Evil 3 remake launch - how is a gamer to resist?


100 Questions - The Gaming Lovers Episode 100

Hip Hip Hooray! Brendo and Jem celebrate the 100th episode of The Gaming Lovers Podcast by answering 100 questions about video game genres, memories and preferences! Plus, Nintendo dropped a small Direct Mini this week with a few newsworthy snippets that caught our attention. Also in this super sized episode, our Animal Crossing adventures on Dango Island continue, Brendo shares his progress in Death Stranding, and what game made it into Jem's hot little hands a whole week before launch...


PS5 vs Xbox Series X - The Gaming Lovers Episode 99

The specs are out for the upcoming new generation of consoles - the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. If you couldn't stay awake for the presentations, don't stress! Brendo and Jem have the details (and much higher energy levels) ready to share with you. Looking for some free games to add to your collection during this crazy time? Several stores and even gaming studios have come up with some great deals and freebies to help make isolation more fun. Plus, The Gaming Lovers review Animal...


Isolated Gaming - The Gaming Lovers Episode 98

As much of the world goes into self-isolation or quarantine because of the coronavirus, Brendo and Jem look for a silver lining amidst the chaos. While some are struggling to keep busy and pass the time in lockdown, gamers sure know how to stay indoors for long stretches at a time! The Gaming Lovers are here to help give you some ideas for what games are best suited for isolation. From online games to help you stay in touch with friends from a safe distance to lengthy RPG's that will make...


Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo - The Gaming Lovers Episode 97

There is much speculation about the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII and with the demo that just dropped recently, we have some answers and even more questions. Brendo and Jem both played the demo this week. Brendo compares the experience to the original while Jem enters with fresh eyes, having never played it before. How well does the remake cater to both loyal and new fans alike? Will it be just part of the original story with more time fleshed out in Midgar or have they snuck in more...


Iconic Voice Acting Performances In Video Games - The Gaming Lovers Episode 96

The 4 in Feb challenge is finally complete! But who actually finished four video games in the month of February this year? Plus, it's Jem's birthday week so she gets to choose the main topic for this week's episode of The Gaming Lovers podcast. No surprise here that she wants to gush about the best video game Voice Actors and their most iconic roles to date.


The Sonic Movie: Before and After - The Gaming Lovers Episode 95

It's finally here! As Sonic the Hedgehog arrives in cinemas worldwide, Brendo and Jem share their thoughts, predictions, hopes and fears before visiting the movie theatre! Then after actually watching the movie, The Gaming Lovers give their feedback on the hits and misses of their earlier comments, give a spoiler free review, talk about Jim Carrey's performance as Dr. Robotnik, and so much more! Plus in Gaming Goals, how is the Four in Feb challenge for 2020 shaping up as the month's end...