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Nindies Showcase Impressions & what is Nintendo's "Eclair City" | EP6

In this episode we discuss Nintendo's recent Nindies Showcase and if it was enough to tidy us all over for some. Maybe we're spoiled from this time last year with the launch, but this definitely feels like the calm before the E3 storm! There was also a small revision to the Switch's Tegra processor potentially hinting at upcoming hardware changes, will it be efficiency tweaks or could it be something bigger? With E3 2018 right around the corner the mind boggles! STARRING: Mike Macdermid |...


Nintendo Direct Impressions | EP5

The Nintendo Direct for March 2018 has come and gone, with some surprises, updates to current games and even included a Super Smash Bros for Switch announcement. We break it all down in this weeks podcast with our thoughts and impressions on some of those announcements! STARRING: Mike Macdermid, Shaun Paul Johnston, Anton Winters, Catriona MacDonald Thanks for listening! Also available on Apple Podcasts: If you enjoyed the show a big thumbs up would be appreciated and if you...


Switch had one of the best launches EVER & Outlast jumpscares onto the eShop | EP4

It's Episode 4 of The Nintendo Switch Podcast! Ever since the Nintendo Switch released, gamers have been wondering if we'll see a Switch Mini Or Switch XL at some stage soon, however Nintendo pretty much knocked down those ideas, at least for now, saying they're focussing on improving manufacturing to met the incredible demand. We guess with 17m sold in it's first year and over 400 games, it would be a bit premature to replace it with newer models. What's your thoughts, do you want a new...


Mega Man Legacy Collections arriving on Switch & DOOM gets a welcome update | EP3

It's Episode 3 of The Nintendo Switch Podcast! We learned Mega Man Legacy Collections are heading to Nintendo Switch on May 22, and you'll be able to get all ten of the classic action platforming games in two bundles. Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 includes games 1-6 costing $15 as a digital download and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will includes games 7-10 costing $20. Unsure of UK pricing for now but either way do you think this is something you'll be getting when it releases? Lets us know...


Nintendo LABO gets even cooler & loads of Switch updates | EP2

We're back with Episode 2 of The Nintendo Switch Podcast. This week we settle back into the groove with loads of Switch related content. Nintendo released some new videos showing off the depth of Nintendo LABO and as long as Nintendo support it after release, it could be a winner. However not everyone's convinced and they may struggle with the price or perceived value of the product, especially when it's cardboard! Bayonetta 1 & 2 ports released on the Switch this week and both have been...