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We are a 2 hour weekly podcast, brodcasting live on Monday nights at UMSL (University of St. Louis) from 9-11p Central. We talk about video game news, review, interviews and more. Come join our IRC chat during live streaming times and interact with the show! Bang Howdy!

We are a 2 hour weekly podcast, brodcasting live on Monday nights at UMSL (University of St. Louis) from 9-11p Central. We talk about video game news, review, interviews and more. Come join our IRC chat during live streaming times and interact with the show! Bang Howdy!
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St. Louis, MO


We are a 2 hour weekly podcast, brodcasting live on Monday nights at UMSL (University of St. Louis) from 9-11p Central. We talk about video game news, review, interviews and more. Come join our IRC chat during live streaming times and interact with the show! Bang Howdy!




VGS Show 550 - Addy Almost Gets Tossed (4.10.18)

It is rare that you can pinpoint a moment where someone says something so outlandish that you can actually hear in the silence the collective think "well, this person needs to go." This happens on this episode, and Addy said the thing. Join Rich, Addy and Matt as they cover emails and very limited amount of gaming related news. We resume our movie conversation as well as talk Adult Swim, TV in general, Rich gives thoughts on Wrestlemania, Matt organizes his music, and Addy says the thing...


VGS Show 549 - What's the Basis, Kenneth? (3.27.18)

The whole gang is seated for an all new VGS. We are back to focusing on the world of video games this week as there was actual gaming related things to discuss. We cover emails, some new release announcements, the Atari VCS, Game Informer's Top 300 issues, and more.


VGS Show 548 - Bombed Out Radio Returns!!! (3.13.18)

We've been threatening it for some time, but it finally happened. Yes, in a two week period the world of video games gave us nothing, so rather than do no show or a short show, we brought back the tradition of the Bombed Out Radio podcast and instead talked about whatever we wanted. While movies definitely dominated the episode, we also touch on fast food, TV, our childhoods, and yes, even video games crept into the room. Join Rich, Matt, Bob and Addy for a bunch of random talk, or as we...


VGS Show 547 - The Episode Where Many Things Dropped (2.27.18)

So, this is one of those episodes that we have now and again. We have a plan to talk just video games, yet we kept going onto side roads, off topic rants, local geography, and so on. These are always fun ones. Don't worry, there is still plenty of video game talk along with so many odd turns. Enjoy!


VGS Show 546 - Kings of Wishful Gaming (2.13.18)

The extended holiday break has come to an end and the VGS crew has a new home base! Join Rich, Matt, Bob & Jake on a brand new episode of VGS. Along with your emails, the guys discuss many things from is there an oversaturation of the "limited" game market, the Super NT and other new gaming tech, Jake's latest YouTube project, Matt being an optimist, and something to do with cardboard. Please note there is a change in audio towards the one hour, three minute mark where our main recorder...


VGS Show 545 - An Otter in the Breakfast Nook (1.9.18)

After the holiday break, the VGS crew returns for the first episode of 2018. The crew (Rich, Matt, Bob, Addy & special guest Anthony) discuss Christmas, video game addiction, Switch sales, Jake's collection, and have a live tasting of the new Super Mario Cereal.


VGS Show 544 - All I Want for Christmas is [Insert Beauty Pageantesque Answer Here] (12.12.17)

Oh yes, the holiday season is here. Good news is that we put more of an effort into doing a Christmas show this year. We start out with some emails, talk about Nintendo Switch sales, the 2017 Game Awards, Mega Man 11, and much more. Finally, we wrap things up with Christmas wishes. On behalf of the VGS crew, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you all in 2018!


VGS Show 543 - All Hail Corey, He Brought the Food! (11.28.17)

Yes indeed, all hail Corey, he brought the food. Truly an unsung hero of the VGS crew. But enough of that, we have a new show. Rich, Bob, Jake, Addy & Matt read emails, discuss Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Bob discusses new fatherhood, Matt tries out a Switch, Rich snaps on Capcom, Addy has a new career, and Jake...well...Jake tells a story. I'll leave it at that.


VGS Show 542 - Addy Explains It All (11.14.17)

We are back, back again. Yeah, new episode time! Rich, Matt, Jake and Addy got together and made a new episode. Woot woot! Anyway, the crew discusses many topics including Black Friday deals, EA purchasing Respawn, Matt's feelings on the Switch, Addy explains the modern slang to the old men, and so much more.


VGS Show 541 - Fresh Straws for Ryan Knight (10.17.17)

Sorry for the 3 weeks between episodes, but schedules suck. After a bit of a longer gap, the crew (Rich, Jake, Addy, Matt & Bob) are back and have plenty to discuss. Between emails, talking SNES Classic, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, IGN buying Humble Bundle, Bob not into modern games, what putting ESRB ratings on Limited Run Games could mean for GameStop, and so much more.


VGS Show 540 - Jake, the Broker (9.26.17)

Lots of laughs and a bit of sadness on this week's episode of VGS. Rich, Bob, Matt, Addy and Jake read emails and discuss a variety of topics including Nintendo says don't buy NES or SNES Classics on eBay, Toys R Us declaring bankruptcy, VS Nintendo games coming to Switch, Limited Run Games getting ESRB ratings, Jake being the most interesting speculator of all, and so much more.


VGS Show 539 - South Park Fills in for PewDiePie. You're Welcome. (9.12.17)

VGS is famous for going off topic. Tonight features one of the oddest (and longest) examples of going super off topic in the middle of a story. Join Rich, Bob, Matt & Addy and see where the ride takes you. Other items covered include Nintendo producing more NES Classics, Malaysia blocks Steam usage, Nintendo branded Western Digital SD cards coming soon, Sonic Mania on PC must have an Internet connection to play, Matt and Rich talk Destiny 2, and Bob unboxes some packages he got on the way...


VGS Show 537 - MO Game Con II Preview Show Special (8.8.17)

Hard to believe after so many weeks of updates and short rounds of discussion, MO Game Con II is finally happening this weekend (August 12 & 13). On this episode Rich, Chuck, Jake and Bob sit down and preview everything that will be happening at the con. For full details and tickets, go to Hope to see you all there! And if you can't make it, not to worry, the episode is still highly entertaining (and Jake's appropriateness continues to be...yeah...not there) and we...


Uncle Cid's Story Time Podcast - Ep 3 - Final Fantasy TCG Opus 1 Wind Review

Chuck, PJ, and Kevin review the opus 1 wind cards from the Final Fantasy trading card game.


Uncle Cid's Story Time Podcast - Ep 2 - Final Fantasy TCG Opus 1 Ice Review

Chuck, PJ & Kevin are back to discuss more Final Fantasy TCG. This time around the guys focus on PJ's favorite card time, Ice. Remember that there will be Final Fantasy TCG tournaments happening both days of MO Game Con (August 12 & 13, Come out and play this awesome game and meet the guys from Uncle Cid's Story Time Podcast live!


Uncle Cid's Story Time Podcast - Ep 1 - Final Fantasy TCG Opus 1 Fire Review

Welcome to the new podcast from the world of VGS. Uncle Cid's Story Time Podcast, hosted by Chuck, PJ & Kevin, takes listeners into the world of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. This first episode discusses the Fire cards of the Opus 1 set. If you're an experienced player or new to the game, let the guys provide both advice and entertainment on the next big TCG.


VGS Show 536 - Umm...Well...It Got Weird (8.1.17)

The crew is back in full affect this week for a new VGS. With MO Game Con II hot on their heels (August 12-13, the guys discuss con updates, the Atari Box & Retron 77, SNES Mini pre-order nightmare (looking at you Walmart) and what Nintendo says it is going to do to make things better, a sealed, hang tab copy of Super Mario Bros sells for $30K on eBay, Limited Run Games big upcoming releases, Destiny 2 beta, Matt reports back from the Nickelback show, and a major...


VGS Show 535 - Auntie Keep Your Mouth Shut (7.11.17)

Major thanks goes to the listeners, as always, but especially this episode for making the episode possible. Yes, apparently the game industry got lazy on us and there was like no news to report. Thankfully your emails kept Rich, Chuck, Jake & Bob afloat this week. In addition to that, hear the latest about MO Game Con II, GameStop insane trade credit offer (now over), and other random topics that pop-up along the way.


VGS Show 534 - Uncle Shush Shush (6.27.17)

What can I say here...really, what can I say? We almost didn't have a show this week due to lack of news, but then the SNES Classic got announced and we were all like "yeah, we can do this." Then things got a bit out-of-hand, some inappropriate things were said (Jake), we heard about someone's creepy uncle (Jake), animals were touched inappropriately (Jake) and, well, yeah...Happy 4th of July!!!


VGS Show 533 - E3 2017 Post Match Report (6.13.17)

This is a special episode. How special? Super special. First, it is our annual E3 special wrap up show, and second, we are recording from a hotel suite because we be fancy. Join Rich, Chuck, Matt and Bob as we break down all the E3 press conferences and discuss what we liked, disliked, and are super psyched for in the coming year(s).


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