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4 Dudes shout at each other over the latest BS to hit the industry

4 Dudes shout at each other over the latest BS to hit the industry
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4 Dudes shout at each other over the latest BS to hit the industry






Weekly DADCast #26 - ChuChu's Bizarre Adventure

James and Skylar desperately fight off the need to attack children while Claude and George are away. Fan Questions Weeks Waifucast: Persona! Mob Psycho 100's 2nd Season gets a new trailer The Promised Neverland's cast revealed! LIVE-ACTION SONIC MOVIE'S HORRIFIC POSTERS Discord undercuts Steam and Epic Games' stores with a 90/10 split for developers Metro Exodus goes gold; releases February 15th Dead-or-Alive 6 shows off new characters; Brad and Eliot Nier: Automata's 2B joins Soul...


Weekly DADCast #25 - Put Down that CP and Read Manga

Studies show that reading manga actively prevents the distribution of CP (unless you're Nobuhiro Watsuki) Fan Questions Shonen Jump introduces new subscription plan FUNimation now partnering with Hulu New Ghost in the Shell anime coming 2020 Avengers: Endgame trailer (RONIN AND SCARECROW THANOS) Epic Games Store launched Subhuman gets new vocal track Everyone's not buying Battlefield V Sony says its PS4 censorship policies are to protect the kids Playstation Classic isn't worth it!...


Weekly DADCast #24 - Why Are You Serving This Little Girl Poop + Gurren Lagann Spoilercast

Fan Questions Weeks Waifucast GOGETA IS CANON Netflix gets rights to several anime; redubbing confirmed for Evangelion #SpikeIsShinji Bladerunner anime coming to Crunchyroll and Adult Swim CG Lion King trailer Netflix' Daredevil cancelled Netflix confirms 10-episode live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop Sony announces "Spider-Women"; all-female sequel to "Into the Spiderverse" ALL of Smash Bros. Ultimate posted online; GIANT leaks Law firm investigating Bethesda due to refusal to...


Weekly DADCast #23 - You Become a Mega-Man When You Get Old

Fan Questions Weeks Waifucast News "All Might Rising" manga receives animated short in MHA: Two Heroes BD release Gkids/Fathom brings "Modest Heroes" anthology to the west; in theaters January 2019 Dragon Ball Super to have 1-hour TV special on December 2nd Dr. Stone anime adaptation in Summer 2019 Takeshi 6ix9ine facing jail time; will definitely snitch DC asks fans if they'd rewrite Jason Todd's fate from "A Death in the Family" Once Upon A Deadpool exists Dead or Alive:...


Weekly DADCast #22 - James is Numb to Animal Suffering

Wew, this is the bad one. Don't share this episode with your friends. Fire Force is getting an anime My Sister, My Writer staff is in serious trouble Viz Media brings 2013 HxH movie to the west Stan Lee is fucking dead Detective Pikachu is real Black Hawk Down 2: Monster Hunter is also real Nintendo Russia is just like real Russia, but Mario is your boss Sony will not be participating in E3 2019 Learning with James: Sonic the Hedgehog Big Discuss: Most Disappointing Games


Weekly DADCast #21 - A Bitch Named Lunafreya

Claude and Skylar desperately try to escape the podcast, while James runs out the clock. Konosuba movie! Studio BONES announces new anime: Carole and Tuesday Dorohedoro gets an anime! DBS: Broly's final trailer is hype Brie Larson says "Hey, a Metroid movie would be neat" Star Wars: Rogue One prequel TV series being made 1:1 remake of P.T. has been released Konosuba getting an RPG! PUBG comes to PS4 Final Fantasy XV's second round of DLC cancelled Nomura is being Nomura....


Weekly DADCast #20 - I don't think loli-stomping causes audio distortion

Masaaki Yuasa (Walk On, Girl) announces new film Goku gets a balloon at the Macy Day Parade Hollywood is taking a crack at live-action Attack on Titan Legend of Zelda show in the works Red Dead Redemption 2 has the biggest opening weekend in entertainment history MedieEvil remake is coming back to PS4 PlayStation Classic reveals games Diablo Immortal announced. People aren't happy UNDERTALE developer releases DELTARUNE Bandai-Namco cracking down on explicit custom characters for...


Weekly DADCast #19 - Shin Weebcast: 2.0 You Are (Not) A Weeb

It's dead; Live-action My Hero Academia film by Legendary Pictures Simpsons potentially getting rid of Apu DMCV's $8000 collector's edition 2B IS IN SOUL CALIBER GameStop switches it up with a new trade-in: Switch in your Switch for a new Switch Spider-Man finally has the puddles we were promised PSN name changes come with strings attached Weebcast Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶ Twitter ▶...


Weekly DADCast #18 - Young Skylar was not prepared for the body horror

Waifucast FUNimation ends liscense pact with Crunchyroll And VRV. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Light novel gets an anime MegaMan Cartoon canceled (in America) Live-Action Tom & Jerry movie in the works Rockstar desperately trying to defend itself over work conditions claims TotalBiscuit added to the eSports Hall of Fame Discord store is now up 4 corpse party games coming to PC this winter Learning with James: Mighty No. 9 Spooktober Big Discuss #2:...


Weekly DADCast #17 - A Sudden Wash of the Feeling of Terror

This week, Skylar and James just ramble on, because nothing really happened this week. Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶ Twitter ▶ Twitch ▶ iTunes ▶ Patreon ▶ Subscribe ▶


Weekly DADCast #16 - Widely-known fat man + JoJo's Bizarre Adventure SpoilerCast

The gang discusses all of JoJo, while James struggles to remember Star Wars. Fan Questions Final MHA Waifucast DBS: Broly Trailer reveals new details MHA Season 4 confirmed Isekai Cinematic Universe Ikuhara's (Utena) new show gets a PV Yuru Camp gets a second season Summer Anime Retrospective Harley Quinn gets her own animated TV show YO MYSTERIO IS HERE DMCV - New weapons revealed Witcher Author demands $16 million, threatens lawsuit PG|Infiltration spousal abuse...


Weekly DADCast #15 - He was really about the gums + MHA: Two Heroes SPOILERCast

George is committing atrocities at Halloween Horror Nights, so the guys decide to have a SpoilerCast about My Hero Academia's first feature film. Sentai Filmworks announces 3 bluray sets for January Dark Phoenix Trailer Nintendo wins 10 million yen lawsuit Death Stranding trailer Sony enables Fortnite Crossplay Bowsette makes Nintendo a more valuable company TellTale faces class-action lawsuit for violating WARN act Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶...


Weekly DADCast #14 - The Time James Forgot He Didn't Cough

For the time being, James will be absent from the DADCast, so he's being extra stupid today. Captain Marvel trailer Dragonball Super Broly movie gets official Western release date Last Airbender live action show on Netflix Sony announces the PlayStation mini EA decision to stand against loot box law in Belgium backfires Dead Rising studio (Capcom Vancouver) shut down Telltale Files for Bankruptcy Android 17 announced for DBFZ DMC5 details from TGS DMC5 Fan Questions ▶...


DADCast After Dark #11 - My Eulogy is Just a Warning for Everyone

James, Claude, Skylar, George, and Stewie discuss their eventual deaths, and how useless the Spirit Bomb is. Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶ Twitter ▶ Twitch ▶ iTunes ▶ Patreon ▶ Subscribe ▶


Weekly DADCast #13 - You Smell for Malicious Reasons

The gang joins together to talk about how James forced them together. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina; Teenage Witch gone dark MonMusume on hiatus, author sick YuYu Hakusho anime details/screening Gintama ending soon; moved to Jump Giga Romance in AssCreed: Odyssey is kinda bad 2K tries to save lootboxes Battlefield V has a weird censor list Spider-Cop troubles Spider-Man's sad proposal Playstation LineUp Tour Nintendo Direct Nintendo's Online Service sucks Fan Questions ▶...


DADCast After Dark #10 - The RoastCast

The gang gangs up on each other. James is missing, but his presence lingers, like a pile of garbage left in his Bad Room. Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶ Twitter ▶ Twitch ▶ iTunes ▶ Patreon ▶ Click Here to Subscribe ▶


Weekly DADCast #12 - I laughed so hard when you said he died at a party

James' brain continues to lie to him as Skylar and Claude desperately try to find a way to usurp him. Sony too good for cross-play Red Dead Redemption 2 demo turns people to sleep Bautista may not be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Splatoon 2 datamine may predict Nintendo Direct date Nintendo cites lack of cloud saving support will reduce cheating BlazBlue Cross-Tag Patch Notes PlayStation 2 Postmortem Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶...


DADCast After Dark #9 - It Might As Well Have Happened + Naruto Spoilercast

The guys have a conversation about Naruto that goes on for way longer than it needed to. Also, Bleach, I guess. Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶ Twitter ▶ Twitch ▶ iTunes ▶ Patreon ▶ Click Here to Subscribe ▶


Weekly DADCast #11 - I can't wait to stick my hand out and shoot at people

James returns from the grave, only to start a rant on Xaolin Showdown. Batman: TAS delays Blu-Ray release to add special features Dragon Ball FighterZ' Cooler breakdown Insomniac Games reveals post-launch DLC for Spiderman Overwatch disables lootboxes in Belgium CYBERPUNK 2077 GAMEPLAY Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶ Twitter ▶ Twitch ▶ iTunes ▶...


Weekly DADCast #10 - Shin Weebcast + Walk On Girl Spoilercast

James' pneumonia returned, and George is stuck fighting Skulker in the GHOST ZONE to reclaim what's left of James' soul. Skylar and Claude cope by being huge weebs. Fan Questions ▶ Download ▶ Twitter ▶ Twitch ▶ iTunes ▶ Patreon ▶ Click Here to Subscribe ▶