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WOFF! Dispatch 14: Hours to Dollars

This week's episode is a Dispatch, where we answer your questions and talk about your requested topic... namely, is it harmful to consider a game's value solely as a function of its length versus its cost? Additionally, we read your responses to February's games, and announce April's titles!


Episode 267: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Preview)

This month's premium Watch Out for Fireballs! is about XCOM: Enemy Unknown (and the Enemy Within expansion). This game is a masterpiece, and we take our time dining on the systems and the way they interlock. The aliens have made contact, and they do not come in peace. So it's time to mount the defensive and take the fight to their doorstep. The structure of this episode is a little strange, we admit, but we hope you're here to hear us geek out over tactics and such. This is the first portion...


Episode 266: Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider

Death of the Outsider is an expansion for Dishonored 2, and the end of the Dishonored story as we know it so far. We control Billie Lurk as she picks up where Daud left off, seeking artifacts and clues to learn where the Outsider is most vulnerable so she can strike him down. The change in focus from assassination to heists, and to a different character with a more restrictive power set, makes this a very unusual entry in the Dishonored franchise, but it's still delightful to dip back into...


Episode 265: Atari Safari

Thanks to friend of the show Doug, Kole and Gary finally tackle Atari. It's history, notable games, its downfall. Join us for this enlightening journey with Kole and Gary, your nutting associates.


Dispatch 13: Ethics in Game Consumption

With all of the information we have about games and their developers, "should I play this game" is a question that isn't easily answered by knowing if it's good or not. We talk about common bad practices of developers and publishers (crunch, exploitative monetization, etc.) and our strategies for coming to grips with what it means to support or not support a game. We also answer your questions and prompts, and read your responses to January's games!


Episode 264: Dragonfall (preview)

This is the preview version of our full episode on the nigh masterpiece Shadowrun: Dragonfall! To hear the full version, become a patron at


Episode 263: The Cat Lady

This game gets pretty rough, so we should start with some content warnings for suicide, mental illness, depression, and murder. The Cat Lady is an independent horror adventure game that stars Susan Ashworth, a woman suffering from trauma and depression, who is pressed into the service of an eldritch being, and tasked with eliminating "Parasites"... indiscriminate killers who surround her. Susan's only hope in this dismal affair is an unexpected new friend with problems of her own. The Cat...


Episode 262: Watch Out For Fireballs 262: DUSK

Folks, this is, as one might say, a good ass game. Kole and Gary discuss this FPS throwback that incorporates modern design sensibilities and a host of diverse influences. GET DUSK.


Episode 261: Hidden Gems and Maligned Classics

Gary and Kole give six old games a second thought, making a case for why they are either hidden gems or unfairly maligned classics. The six games are Alter Ego, Dynamite Headdy, Fallout Tactics, Ghoul School, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, and Ranger X. This is a live episode from the 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, and everyone who backed our Patreon ( and made this possible.


Dispatch 12: Endings

Kole and Gary answer your questions, discuss the importance of endings, and read your responses to December's games


Episode 260: Jade Empire [ Preview]

Our final premium episode for 2019 takes us to a fantasy far East, where Bioware tries out some new stuff that ultimately doesn't work out great. While we find the world interesting and the characters and quests charming, Jade Empire falls down on its two biggest selling points: real time action combat, and a different take on morality systems. Listen in to hear us articulate our specific problems with this transitional game for an important studio. To listen to the full episode, back our...


Episode 259: Tyranny Part 2

Kole and Gary shrug off the yoke of Kyros and have a grand ol time (as long as we're not in the Oldwalls). Hear our discussion of an B+ tier Obsidian game that still manages to be an A- WRPG overall.


Episode 258: Tyranny (Part 1)

This episode is the beginning of our two-part coverage of Tyranny, a CRPG developed by Obsidian in the mold of classic Infinity Engine games. You play as an agent of an evil overlord, sent to the last unconquered region in order to aid the wildly disagreeable armies there to prosecute the conquest. Part 1 covers the ample generalities of the game, and goes through Chapter 1. It should be noted that we are covering the Anarchy path for the show.


WOFF Dispatch Episode 11: Fun?

Kole and Gary answer your questions, discuss the value of games that intentionally engender feelings other than "fun" and read your responses to November's games. We also announce our lineup for January 2020!


Episode 257: Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Preview]

We're big fans of Deus Ex, so there's joy in covering more of the series on the show. Human Revolution came out to a split reaction, which is to be expected. How can you please Deus Ex fans? We're a small sample size, but in our opinion, this is how you please Deus Ex fans. The story is smaller in scale and the jank has been polished away, but this is a fun immersive sim with an engrossing story and a beautiful aesthetic. So we're on board. This episode is about the Director's Cut version of...


Episode 256: The Simpsons: Hit and Run

Is it a GTA clone? Is it a racing game? Is it any good? It is very hard to say! Kole and Gary bandy about Springfield and try to figure out this frustrating but fun title.


Episode 255: The Last Express

The Last Express is more important than it is fun. Jordan Mechner broke the bank creating this rotoscoped Swiss watch of a game about the last run of the Orient Express before World War I broke out. It features a huge cast of well-realized characters, and a plot with plenty of international intrigue. It also features one hell of a crazy ending.


WOFF! Dispatch 10: Horror

This month's Dispatch theme is, appropriately, horror. Or: What makes a scary game scary? We pick apart out favorite horror games and compare them to this month's crop of horror-themed titles. We also answer your questions and prompts, and read your responses to October's games. Next month, we're talking about The Last Express, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In December, we're hitting up Tyranny and Jade Empire.


Episode 254: Alan Wake (Preview)

Alan Wake is a writer, and he reminds you of that a lot. This is Remedy's third person shooter followup to the first two Max Payne games. It dabbles in horror without being terribly scary, and gets extremely metatextual at a time when that wasn't a huge thing in games. It worked at the time, and would probably work on a first playthrough, but we struggle to see through the game's unfortunate design flaws. This is a preview of a premium episode. Click here to see the full episode on Patreon!...


Episode 253: Resident Evil 7 DLC

It's time for another pull on the tonal slot machine as WOFF's weirdest and least scary October continues. Gary and Kole dissect the entire gamut of RE7's downloadable content and extra modes.