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EP4: MOAB 2018 Bolt Action - Dan & Rex go off to war

Come along with us as we go off to battle in the premier Sydney miniature wargaming event of 2018. Spending the weekend at MOAB "Mother Of All Battles" (not to be confused with a mother who constantly asks about your homework or Mother-In-Law) Will Dan's tropical Fallschirmjäger flown in from Sicily and Rex's Fallschirmjäger hurried redeployed from off the line from defending against operation overlord save the day. Will the fuhrers fire brigade prove up to the task or will they be pushed...


EP3b: The Battle for Primosole Bridge

We return- in this, the second instalment of a two part history-to wargame special- to Sicily 1943 and the Battle for Primosole Bridge. This second part continues the story of the bloody fight for the control of the bridge between the British and German paratroopers. We also discuss some wargaming ideas around this historical action and how you, like us!, can get some ideas to play this as a scenario in your WW2 wargames.


EP3a: Operation Fustian

In this episode, the first of a two part history-to-wargame special, we discuss the build up for a key WW2 operation in Sicily, 1943. Operation Fustian was the British airborne operation to seize and Hold Primosole Bridge, a strategically important gateway to the Catania Plain and vital for the advance of the Allies and the success of the Sicilian campaign. Facing the British paratroopers were their deadly adversaries; the veteran German airborne troops of the 1st Fallshirmjager Division.....


EP2: Conquering ‘Tournament Fear’

Episode 2: Conquering ‘Tournament Fear’ Welcome back! In This episode we present some info for the first -time attendee of any wargame event/tournament, so you can be well prepared to be able to feel relaxed, roll some dice, and have plenty of fun! This is set against a backdrop of us taking our first steps to preparing for The Bolt Action 2 Day event at MOAB 2018 in Sydney, Australia in September. We hope you enjoy it and find it most useful!! Rex and Dan.


EP1: Brothers in Arms

In this episode we introduce ourselves to you, o faithful listener! In addition we talk about wargaming in WW2 with Bolt Action , our transition into the game system , and what weve found to be our challenges and what we've enjoyed most within the game and the hobby in Bolt Action also. We hope this provides the extra ' nudge' forward into this great game for anyone considering it. At the end we talk about our plans for future episodes. Music in this episode is in short interludes: 'Rotte...