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A podcast focusing on wedding professionals around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Hear their stories and learn about why they joined the ever-growing and always fun wedding community! Find the video version of the podcast here - Support the podcast at -

A podcast focusing on wedding professionals around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Hear their stories and learn about why they joined the ever-growing and always fun wedding community! Find the video version of the podcast here - Support the podcast at -


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A podcast focusing on wedding professionals around the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Hear their stories and learn about why they joined the ever-growing and always fun wedding community! Find the video version of the podcast here - Support the podcast at -






Episode 136 (Lacey Larsen, Evergreen Weddings)

Hear from Lacey Larsen, owner of Evergreen Weddings. "Planning and coordinating weddings was never my lifelong dream, but owning my own business was. At first it was a bakery, then a restaurant, then a piano studio, then a home decor boutique, and then I finally landed here. After planning & designing my own wedding, I was both utterly exhausted yet completely full of life, wanting to do it all over again [with the same husband, of course!]. When a good friend graciously allowed me to do a...


Episode 135 (Ernesto Lara, Big Ern Productions)

Hear from Ernesto Lara, of Big Ern Productions. "Ernesto Lara Jr aka “Big Ern” has been in the entertainment industry since 2000. He began his journey in music as a substitute karaoke host at a Washington State venue. He immediately fell in love with creating a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Over the next 10 years he continued to work a primary job and host karaoke/DJ. He then transitioned to only DJing and hosting karaoke as a career. Today, he specializes in DJing weddings,...


Episode 134 (Jeff Evans, Amazement Productions)

Hear from Jeff Evans of Amazement Productions. "From a simple birthday party to an elaborate corporate banquet, event planners have the same goal; to give their guests a great experience. How often do you hear anyone talk about the food, or the decorations, or the DJ for days or even weeks after an event? Not too often. But…performances by Amazement Productions routinely create “buzz” for a very long time after your event. Exactly the result you...


Episode 133 (Christina and Ashley, It's Your Day Events)

Hear from Christina and Ashley from It's Your Day Events. "We provide wedding planning, design, and coordination services, and what we do is at times difficult to picture because the services we offer are intangible. When you are scrolling through beautiful photos, with stunning flowers, and amazing cohesive design; the magic behind that is the planning, design, and coordination." . .


Episode 132 (Jackie Harbour, A Standard of Grace Events)

Hear from Jackie Harbour, owner of A Standard of Grace Events. "Event planning is my passion. It enables me to use my organizational skills and attention to detail while taking stress away from folks who should be enjoying a memorable and special occasion. I pride myself in tackling each event with an even-keel attitude and positivity to keep my clients calm and confident and enjoying the anticipation and realization of their big day. I also love talking to people and having fun - so not...


Episode 131 (Gina Thresher, From the Ground Up Floral)

Hear from Gina Thresher, owner of From the Ground Up Floral. "I was that DIY crazy bride, the one that doesn’t really notice she’s spending a fortune to ruin her nails and causing her family to panic when she doesn’t have the boutonnieres done at 3am the morning of the wedding. Cheesy as it sounds I gained two loves that day. I married my best friend, and gained a whole new addicting career. I was hooked. I took classes, got certifications. Nationally and internationally. I was featured and...


Episode 130 (Nathan Allan, Swantown Inn & Spa)

Hear from Nathan Allan, co-owner of Swantown In & Spa. "The Swantown Inn & Spa, an Olympia Bed and Breakfast, is an 1887 Queen Anne/Eastlake Victorian Mansion listed on both the city and state historical registers. Although historic it features modern amenities such as room controlled heat and air conditioning, tesla and electric car charging, and great WiFi. Located in a quiet neighborhood in the heart of Olympia, Washington, the Inn can be your headquarters for exploring the Puget Sound...


Episode 129 (Quyen Huynh, Song River Monroe)

Hear from Quyen Huynh, co-owner of Song River Monroe. "Song River started as a vision of owner Quyen Huynh, who saw a way to transform this beautiful space and bring more vibrancy to the community of downtown Monroe. With the hope to build on and build up other women entrepreneurs, Quyen works with exceptional women to create a foundation for Song River." . .


Episode 128 (Carey Rayburn, Good Co Music)

Hear from Carey Rayburn, bandleader of Good Co Music. "Seattle six-piece Good Co is the United States' first live Electro Swing Band. That new old sound, Electro Swing combines the era of illicit booze, jitterbugging flappers, and underground speakeasies with the funky beats and the electric sound of today's dance music. At Good Co performances it's quite common for such things as onstage dance parties, 20 foot-long conga lines, and crowd sing-alongs to spontaneously break...


Episode 127 (Jay Curry, DJ Jay Curry)

Hear from Jay Curry, owner of DJ Jay Curry. "I'm a Seattle based Mobile DJ and this is my passion. I'm super thankful to finally share it with you all. I played my first wedding in 2013 and have since DJed and Emceed 20+ school dances, a handful of corporate events, and roughly 50 weddings all over the Puget Sound area. What I bring to the table is fun, energetic, professionalism that will take your event to the next level of enjoyment. Planning the entertainment for an event can seem like a...


Episode 126 (Kevin Mikolajczak, Bellevue Lighting)

Hear from Kevin Mikolajczak, co-owner of Bellevue Lighting. “With our combined design experience, we can do just about anything to fit your needs with extensive offerings in lighting, audio, video, and special effects. With years of experience in designing for events, performances, conferences, videos, and social gatherings, we can tackle any type of project you have in mind.” . .


Episode 125 (Rich Kaalaas, Rein Fire Ranch)

Hear from Rich Kaalaas, owner of Rein Fire Ranch. "Nestled within the serene Sugarloaf Mountain Valley, and only 45 minutes from downtown Seattle and Tacoma, Rein Fire Ranch is a uniquely beautiful wedding and special event center. Whether you are looking to stage your own event, or a full service team to do it for you, at Rein Fire Ranch we strive to exceed your expectations." . .


Episode 124 (Kelsey Knutson, Gather + Grow)

Hear from Kelsey Knutson of Gather + Grow. “You love your business but you’re struggling to catch a breath. I remember those days. Hustling multiple jobs, working late hours, and praying I'd have enough for rent. I’m here to tell you that you deserve better. So here’s your life raft, catch your breath because we’re going on a new adventure. And this time, you’re not doing it alone.” . .


Episode 123 (Cydney and Jason, Lavender Bouquet Photography)

Hear from Cydney and Jason of Lavender Bouquet Photography. "As wedding photographers, we are not just capturing portraits–we are also photojournalists, commercial photographers, product photographers, stress relievers, candid-moment-capture and sometimes a wedding day coordinator: as wedding photographers, we are a lot of things. We are required to work smart, fast and intuitive and to minimize uncertainty. We’re responsible for the time that we have been given on your wedding day, the...


Episode 122 (Greg Lowder, Affairs to Remember)

Hear from Greg Lowder, owner of Affairs to Remember. "I believe celebrations are all about love, laughter, and dancing, and it’s my passion to ensure your party is memorable from beginning to end. Collaborating with you, I carefully prepare for every detail and seamless transition, and together we create an incredible playlist that will keep your party bumpin’. Tell me the music you like, and I’ll put together sets that no one could ever sit for. Just enjoy yourself while I get your family...


Episode 121 (Corey Besmer, Soul Original Media)

Hear from Cory Besmer, owner of Soul Original Media. “I’ve been filming weddings since 2013. I love being able to capture people's biggest day of their lives for them to relive over and over again. I am also firm believer that businesses should be creating an incredibly engaging and exciting experience for their target audience. I help accomplish this with video!” . .


Episode 120 (Grace MacLeod, Wedding Officiant)

Hear from Grace MacLeod, wedding officiant. “My wish is to support you in being truly prepared and present for this most important step you are taking in celebrating your love for one another and committing to your lives together. I offer pre marriage counseling to give you the core skills for a conscious relationship and to help you live your love as a daily practice of being fully connected to your self, your source and each other. The path of committed relationship is one of the most...


Episode 119 (Anne Timss and Kat St. John)

Today is a double trouble, two for the price of one kind of day, as we catch up with both Anne Timss AND Kat St. John! These Seattle makeup experts share some funny stories, talk about their years-long friendship, how challenging it was for them to “break into” the Seattle makeup industry and how/why they are trying to change that for other emerging makeup artists. It’s a great listen for sure!! . Check out the video version of the podcast for even more fun!!! -...


Episode 118 (Mason Joel, Mason Joel Photography)

Hear from Mason Joel of Mason Joel Photography. “I try not to take myself too seriously when I am working. Part of my job is keeping the mood light and enjoyable. If it's your wedding day, I am going to be your guy to get stuff done when it needs to get done. You need me to wrangle grandma and grandpa to see the cake cutting? I'll do it. Need some water? I got you. Want me to get a quick picture of you with the in-laws you might actually hate but know you will never live it down if you don't...


Episode 117 (Amy Soper and Bronwen Houck)

Hear from Amy Soper and Bronwen Houck. Our first DOUBLE guest episode of the podcast features two best friends who love taking photos of all sorts of amazing wedding couples whether they are working together or on their own. Check out the video version of this podcast ( for even MORE laughs with these two lovelies, this is NOT one to miss!!!