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The Balance Between Design & Function. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 14

During the course of our conversations, Tobey has said many quotable things. One of my favorite Tobey Quotes is: “There has to be a balance between design and function.” Now, what’s important to a couple on their wedding day is unique to them. And it is up to the event professional to help the couple achieve their vision. Choosing flowers, for example, is often part of “design.” However, the size of the centerpieces could easily become a barrier to guests across the table and impede their...


Naturally Good at Organization and Delegating Responsibility Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 13

Hello everyone: The title of this episode is “Naturally Good at Organization and Delegating Responsibility.” Being a good judge of character. Choosing the right person to get the job done. Having the certainty that the person chosen will get the job done. These are some of the qualities of a good executive. You want to put a good executive in charge of your wedding. The person chosen could be a co-worker, a best friend, a family member or hired event professional. In this episode, Tobey and...


Prediction & Thinking of Everything. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 12

Hello Everyone: The title of this episode is “Prediction and Thinking of Everything.” Familiarity with the location. Knowing one’s job. Years of experience. These are just some of the things that one hires a professional for. However, situations do arise and can make it difficult for even the best of us. Tobey experienced a traffic problem only blocks away from her home causing her to park her car and walk the rest of the way to her appointment. Time of day and traffic. How long will it take...


Communication and Wedding Planning. Part 2 Episode: 11

Hello everyone. The title of this episode is “Communication and Wedding Planning. Part 2” In this episode, Tobey and I continue our discussion about this important topic. Now “communication” here can be defined as is an interchange of ideas between 2 people who are talking to each other. And this should take place between a couple and their wedding coordinator. More fundamentally the couple should also talk with each other about their ideas. But what about receiving questions that are asked...


Communication and Wedding Planning. Part 1. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 10

In this episode, Tobey and I discuss aspects and quality of communication as it relates to wedding planning. This includes not only questions a client should ask an event professional but also the importance of the reverse, the event professional asking the client questions and the discussion that results. We also touched on a potentially dangerous trend in wedding planning of hiring but not meeting with one's vendors. And now please enjoy “Communication and Wedding Planning." Part 1....


Wedding Planning And Viewpoint – Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 9

“Is it a white shirt with yellow stripes or is it a yellow shirt with white stripes?” Well, that would depend on the viewpoint of the observer. Much can be said about this subject and certainly, poets and philosophers already have, but let’s narrow it down by framing it in the context of planning a wedding or special event. Tobey had just gotten back to town after having attended the Wedding MBA. A trade show for wedding professionals in Las Vegas. I asked her about what she experienced at...


Contributing Factors. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 8

Not everything that contributes to a successful event is a “thing”. Food, lights, gifts, decoration are things. This is quite separate from a "meaningful toast" or a "beautiful poem read". These are intangible but very valuable contributions to an event. In this episode, I relate a story about an anniversary party where the celebrants at the beginning of the planning process categorically forbade any announcements or toasts. It may have been that this couple had had a bad experience in the...


A Place for Everything and Everything In Its Place – Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 7

Hello Everyone: The title of this episode is "Wedding and Event Planning. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place." Usually, a well-planned event goes smoothly. In this (one of our first podcast episodes) Tobey and I discuss real situations and actual events. In some ways this is a behind the scenes look at how a Wedding Coordinator and Master of Ceremonies work together. Ideally, none of this drama is ever perceived by the client. And now please enjoy "Wedding and Event Planning,...


How to Talk with a Wedding Vendor. Part 3. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 6

This episode is part of Planning a Wedding Where to Start. The title is "How to Talk with a Wedding Vendor." Part 3 So far in this topic, we have discussed some of the services needed in putting together a wedding. These include Location, Flowers, and Music as well as the importance of becoming comfortable talking with prospective vendors. In this episode, Tobey addresses the subject of food and catering. I love to cook and I love to eat and I would consider that I am passionate about food....


How to Talk with a Wedding Vendor. Part 2. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 5

Couples planning a wedding go online and get information about services for their wedding; lots of information. In this discussion Tobey covers the importance of the couple making a personal connection with the prospective vendor. We also talked about the vendors responsibility to make options and aspects of their service easily understood so that couples can make informed decisions. In this regard we briefly touched on the subjects of music and flowers and how an unforeseeable situation...


How to Talk with a Wedding Vendor Part 1. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 4

Planning a wedding is a new experience for most couples. Getting comfortable talking with vendors and learning about services is all part of successful wedding planning. Communication between client and vendor is a 2 way street. Using the subject of Photography Tobey addresses both sides of the equation: Client to the Vendor and Vendor to the Client. Eric Zimmermann & Tobey Dodge And now please enjoy "How to talk with a Wedding Vendor." Part 1...


Wedding & Event Planning & Guidance Part 2. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 3

I have discovered when helping a couple plan music for their wedding that one great song leads to another. Planning an event is a very creative activity and becomes more and more exciting as ideas come together. An event is a composition of ideas. Anyone planning their special event has a vision. Part of the job of an event professional is to provide a save environment that allows their client to freely express their ideas. It is then the creative task of the event professional to do what's...


Wedding & Event Planning & Guidance Part 1. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 2

Even for a seasoned event professional with many years of experience planning a major event is a big responsibility. It would be very easy to overwhelm someone new to the planning of such an event. But I think everyone can learn and everyone can grow into the roll of being the creator of a beautiful and successful event. To do this without a guiding hand however, one would experience a very steep learning curve. But please know we are here to help. I believe it is the responsibility of the...


Introduction to Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 1

Hello. My name is Eric Zimmermann. I am a DJ/Master of Ceremonies, Pianist and Bandleader in Los Angeles. Wedding and event planning is a big undertaking and new for most people. An informed buyer makes good decisions when planning their special event that’s why education and experience are so important. The listener of this podcast will benefit from hearing discussions by experienced event professionals. Real situations and issues are addressed and guidance offered. Our purpose is to...