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Avoiding Misadventures. Part 2. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 32.

Hello Everyone: The title of this episode is Avoiding Misadventures Part 2. In part one, Tobey and I discussed my preparation for a wedding on the coming weekend. I had an itinerary that I had worked out with the couple, but now it was time to contact and confer with the location, food service, and other vendors who I would be working with. To my knowledge at the time, there was no wedding coordinator, and other than meeting with the location manager at the beginning stages of planning, I...


Avoiding Misadventures. Part 1. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 31.

Hello Everyone: The title of this episode is Avoiding Misadventures. Part 1. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 31. Music starts a celebration and continues throughout the event. When working with a couple I create an itinerary sketch that defines the scope of service that I will be providing. This sketch serves many purposes but essentially helps the couple understand their wedding and where music will be needed. On the day of a wedding, many parts come together. And though the couple and I...


Learning from the Royal Wedding Wedding. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 30.

Hello Everyone: The title of this episode is, "Learning from the Royal Wedding" Wedding and Event Podcast Episode 30. We can all learn something from observing other weddings. Simply, find what you like and incorporate that into your own celebration. In this short episode, Tobey and I discuss parts of the royal wedding that we really liked. And now please enjoy Wedding and Event Podcast episode 30; Learning from the Royal Wedding. About Tobey Dodge "Tobey is about as good as you get. She...


Weddings. A Collective Art Form. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 29.

A motion picture is a composition of many art forms; for example, literature, cinematography, acting, costume and set design; each Art form contributes to telling the story. And much like a motion picture, a wedding incorporates many art forms and is certainly an example of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Viewing art, listening to music, even going to the movies is best when shared with another. A party or wedding is a collective experience shared by everyone who attended....


Protocol. Part 2 Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 28

When greeting someone for the first time, one could say that the protocol would be to shake hands. This is an accepted response and invites further communication. The natural progression of getting to know one another has begun. Indeed a wedding reception with a successful grand entrance, for example, is kind of like a handshake. Guests are welcomed and the event is set in motion. In this episode, Tobey posed this question “Is Protocol what happens at a certain time?” Or “is protocol what is...


Protocol. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 27.

There are certain traditions and observances that give guidance to how young women are formally introduced into society. The debutante ball or cotillion are announcements of coming of age and a formal introduction of a young woman to society. Indeed the Jewish Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah or the Spanish Quinceanera are as well announcements and social presentation with ceremonies and traditional observances each with their own protocol. A wedding is the joining of 2 people and by association...


Event Running Late. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 26.

Hosts have a vision for their event. A beautiful itinerary is composed and the stage is set for wonderful things to happen. Events usually go as planned. But things can occur that alter the proposed schedule. I experienced this happening at a recent wedding where I was the DJ/Master of Ceremonies and Pianist. I started seeing the event go off schedule before I had even started. Now it is true that the times of an itinerary are flexible and an event can float 15 minutes in either direction...


Recipe for a Good Wedding. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 25.

Hello everyone: The title of this episode is "Recipe for a Good Wedding." Episode 25. Tobey and I started talking about the importance of choosing high-quality ingredients when preparing a traditional meal for a religious observance and then got to talking about making perfect brownies. And quite naturally, the analogy of cooking and planning a wedding arose. We discussed examples of the responsibility of the bridal party being in support the bride on her wedding day and how this ties into...


No Wedding Coordinator. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 24.

Hello everyone. The title of this episode is “No Wedding Coordinator.” Episode 24. A couple has announced their engagement. Everyone is happy for them. I am sure the mother of the bride of this wedding took great pleasure in helping plan her daughter’s special day. Wedding planning gets you half the way there. After planning, for an event to be successful, there remains execution. It was agreed upon between the bandleader and the mother of the bride that each bridal party couple would enter...


Events Go Well When… Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 23

Hello Everyone: The title of this episode is “Events Go Well When…” Episode 23. I got a "thank you" note from a couple whose wedding I had done several months before. I love receiving these and In reading it it was as if I could hear their voices and sense them in the room with me. It really brought me back to their wedding and how well it went. I started thinking about what it was that made their wedding such a success and I came up with a partial statement “Events go well when…” I started...


Pairing. The Client With The Right Vendor. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 22.

Hello everyone: The title of this episode is “Pairing. The Client With The Right Vendor.” Episode 22. Someone new to planning a wedding or event would not have a clue about how to evaluate the extent and quality of services offered by event professionals. By researching Pinterest a couple designing their wedding can collect references of what they like. This is a good start but there is so much more to it than that. When a wedding coordinator refers their client to a vendor it has to be the...


I’m All Done with Wedding Planning. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 21.

The title of this episode is: “I’m all Done With Wedding Planning.” In a previous discussion, Tobey had briefly described a bride who thought she was all done with planning her wedding but in fact was only half the way there. I admire someone who is motivated, creative and a self-starter. I think it’s great that this bride being in the television industry was kind of a “do it yourself person” who had very specific ideas. Being a performer and an artist this individual was able to communicate...


New Information & New Responsibilities. Part 2. Learning from experience. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 20.

Solo Harp @ Villa del Sol d'Oro The title of this episode is New Information and New Responsibilities Part 2. Learning from experience. It should be obvious that “one doesn’t know” “what one doesn’t know.” The person is just not experienced in the area. As an example: If one is trying to produce an event with no prior experience, they will certainly learn a lot however it could happen that they will encounter things that they don’t know and improvising to fill in the blanks, pour choices...


Wedding & Event Planning. New Information & New Responsibilities. Part 1. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 19

Family Gathering Villa del Sol d'Oro Sierra Madre, CA As a good story develops it gets more and more interesting. The participants are captivated by a game that twists and turns as revelation fuels action and drama. I think planning a wedding or special event is just as fun as performing for one... but it is not without surprises. It is indeed an adventure of discovery where new information is obtained or an unforeseen situation develops provoking decision and action. Though challenged those...


Relatability. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 18

Paris and Peter in Venice, Italy Hello everyone. The title of this episode is: Relatability (Relate Ability) Part of an event planner’s job would be knowing their client and paring them with the right vendors. In this episode, Tobey relates a story about recommending 2 different photographers to a client who had expressed a desire for certain qualities in their photographer. This story illustrates several attributes to consider when choosing someone to work with. Tobey calls this “the...


Factors to Consider When Planning an Event. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 17

Hello Everyone. The title of this episode is “Factors to Consider When Planning an Event.” In this episode, Tobey and I discuss factors to consider that contribute to the atmosphere of an event. In addition to the location and lighting, this would include having an agreed upon itinerary to guide the natural progression of the event from one activity to the next. We touched on conducting a wine dinner and the importance of understanding the food service protocol of the location or the caterer...


Planning Wedding Ceremony Music and Coordinating a Wedding Ceremony. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 16

Hello Everyone. The title of this episode is “Planning Wedding Ceremony Music” and “Coordinating a Wedding Ceremony”. A wedding ceremony can be one of the most beautiful parts of a wedding celebration. In this episode, Tobey and I discuss the factors that might cause a wedding ceremony program to change on the day of the wedding. And how, an experienced wedding coordinator can tighten the reigns and bring the wedding ceremony processionals under control. And ultimately, help with the pacing...


Discovery & Understanding. Your Wedding & the Level of Service you will receive. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 15

Hello Everyone. The title of this episode is Discovery and Understanding. Your Wedding and the Level of Service you will receive. Tobey and I Started off talking about Organ Music and Piano Music and Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven... During this conversation, I got a call from a bride who I was expecting to hear from. She wanted a price. However, this was before we had had a chance to actually speak. Just the price alone is only a number and really doesn’t reflect the extent or value of...


The Balance Between Design & Function. Wedding & Event Podcast Episode: 14

During the course of our conversations, Tobey has said many quotable things. One of my favorite Tobey Quotes is: “There has to be a balance between design and function.” Now, what’s important to a couple on their wedding day is unique to them. And it is up to the event professional to help the couple achieve their vision. Choosing flowers, for example, is often part of “design.” However, the size of the centerpieces could easily become a barrier to guests across the table and impede their...


Naturally Good at Organization and Delegating Responsibility Wedding & Event Podcast Episode 13

Hello everyone: The title of this episode is “Naturally Good at Organization and Delegating Responsibility.” Being a good judge of character. Choosing the right person to get the job done. Having the certainty that the person chosen will get the job done. These are some of the qualities of a good executive. You want to put a good executive in charge of your wedding. The person chosen could be a co-worker, a best friend, a family member or hired event professional. In this episode, Tobey and...