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TV Writer Glenn Farrington & Mount Etna Wines

Glenn Farrington has lived a lot of lives—from street cop to stand-up comedian to successful digital entrepreneur. Of course, the only sensible step after such a seemingly scatalogical career path was to add an even more random title to his professional stable: TV writer. As Glenn helps the guys heartily quaff three bottles of red wine from Italy’s Mount Etna region, he talks about how entering a screenwriting competition got his foot in the door in Hollywood, the importance of staying...


Screenwriter Karen McCullah & Reims Champagne

If you’re a studio executive looking to bring some hard-core humor to a female-centric comedy script, there’s a good chance Karen McCullough is at the top of your list of potential writers. After all, she wrote 10 Things I Hate About You, The House Bunny, and Legally Blonde (along with its upcoming sequel) alongside her writing partner Kirsten Smith. Meanwhile, her solo work includes the draft that got Girls Trip made—as well as countless other rewrites and feature scripts. As she helps Ben,...


Actor John Ducey & Last-Minute Dinner Wines

You may recognize actor John Ducey from his countless TV appearances and as the suspiciously young dad of the Jonas Brothers on the Disney TV show that launched them. Or maybe you don’t recognize him from that. Frankly, we don’t know what you’re into. But you should definitely tune into this episode as the guys sit down with John to test whether it’s really better getting that last-minute wine at an actual wine shop instead of the grocery store. While drinking through three stellar but...


Manager Bob Sobhani & Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines

Being a screenwriter isn’t for the faint of heart. There are the years of solitary work, the frustrating script notes, rejections—and, even in success, absolutely no guarantee of a long career. The lucky writers, however, have a manager like Bob Sobhani of Authentic Management on their side. In this episode, he and the Hollywood Uncorked panel sample three wines from Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2018 and get down to brass tacks on the business of screenwriting—from how new content...


Production Executive Lisa Crnic & Marne Valley Champagne

As the young Head of Development for producer Jordan Kerner (The Smurfs and The Mighty Ducks franchises), Lisa Crnic is only a short time removed from the universal Hollywood experience of being an assistant. As the guys follow up their New Year’s Eve Champagne episode with an exploration of bubbly from France’s Marne Valley, Lisa walks us through the transition from assistant to exec—from her terrifying first day as an agency newbie at CAA, what it takes to “work a desk” for an agent, and...


Actor/Writer Conrad Goode & NYE Champagne

Hollywood Uncorked closes out 2018 with a bang as the guys crank through four stellar New Year’s Eve champagnes while listening to a slew of epic tales from veteran actor/writer Conrad Goode (Me Myself & Irene, The Longest Yard) about his journey from the NFL to Hollywood. While the panel works up from a Korbel to a 2009 Dom Perignon, Conrad discusses how he and the rest of the cast of Con Air killed time while shooting in the Nevada desert, writing and producing the movie Watercolor...


Manager/Producer Eddie Gamarra & Merlot

In the new Hollywood, popular books are worth their weight in gold as the intellectual property powering countless franchises in movies and TV—from Crazy, Rich Asians to The Devil Wears Prada. As co-head of the book department at The Gotham Group, Edward Gamarra is responsible for finding the manuscripts and published works that could become the next blockbuster or breakout series—exactly what he did with The Maze Runner and its sequels, which he executive produced. In this episode, Eddie...


Screenwriter/Actor Damon Jones & Holiday Party Wines

A veteran of LA’s improv scene, actor-writer Damon Jones (Life of The Party) has had success across the entertainment spectrum, from creating sitcoms like USA’s Benched and Comedy Central’s Halfway Home to writing the script and music for the upcoming Melissa McCarthy movie Margie Claus. In this episode, he helps the Hollywood Uncorked panel select wines for the perfect holiday party as he discusses coming up in the famed Groundlings comedy troupe, how he landed a role in an infamous...


Augmented Reality Producer Mike Cohen & Wine Makeovers

Everybody has that go-to wine they drink by when nobody else is around. The kind that’s cheap, tasty enough and gets the job done. But are we doing ourselves a disservice when we settle for “good enough” wine? Is there actually a better option out there for the same amount of coin if we just took the time to find it? In this episode, the panel puts that premise to the test as each member brings a bottle of their favorite house wine while letting the professionals at K&L Wines suggest an...


Actor/Model Spencer Hill & Ben’s Cellar Wines

Ever been in a mall and wondered about the ridiculously good-looking people staring back at you from kiosk ads and clothing store bags? Well, wonder no more! Actor/model Spencer Hill joins our new episode to talk about his career, which includes being the face of Aveda’s men’s grooming line and appearing in countless commercials and TV shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood and CSI:NY. Joined by guest co-host Gren Wells, Spencer helps drink three bottles of wine from Ben’s personal...


Writers Simon Racioppa and Tanis Rideout & Canadian Wines

In this episode, the guys take a thematic trip north of the border to encounter two true rarities: Canadian wine and one of that country’s most prolific married writing couples: New York Times best-selling author Tanis Rideout (Above All Things) and Simon Racioppa, showrunner for the upcoming Amazon series Invincible based on the comic books of The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman. While sampling three unique wine offerings from Prince Edward Country, Ontario, Rideout talks about how...


Actor Adam Campbell & English Sparkling Wines

Adam Campbell might be the first classically trained English actor to break into Hollywood by headlining back-to-back spoof movies, with leading roles in both Date Movie and Epic Movie in the mid-2000s. Since then, he has stayed true to the comedic path, with credits ranging from The Five-Year Engagement to Hello Ladies, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and as a series regular on the Tina Fey-produced sitcom Great News. Adam joins today’s episode to dip into the largely unknown world of English...


Manager Robyn Meisinger & Hollywood’s Most Gifted Wines

As the founder of Madhouse Entertainment (Prisoners, Slender Man), producer/manager Robyn Meisinger deals in her share of gifted wine. And while most of it still sits in a box in the corner of her office, she’s nonetheless an appropriate guest to join in on an exploration of three of the most gifted bottles of wine in Hollywood. As she helps the guys work their way through a Jordan, a Sideways-inspired Hitching Post Pinot Noir, and a Rombauer Chardonnay, Robyn delivers some classic industry...


Survivor Host Jeff Probst & Blind Wine Tasting Challenge

As the longtime host and executive producer of Survivor, Jeff Probst has presided over his share of epic battles of will. But few have been as suspenseful or delightfully haphazard as this episode’s inaugural Hollywood Uncorked Blind Tasting Challenge! Joining a specially convened competition panel, Probst competes through four rounds of wine-tasting travails—from a blindfolded opening act to a wild finale that involves two players sampling the contents of the infamous dump bucket. Along the...


Producer Nick Nantell & Sauternes

Nick Nantell has spent more than a decade working as an executive for producers like Beau Flynn (Skyscraper) and Dan Jinks (American Beauty). Now stepping out as a producer in his own right, Nick stops by the podcast to help drink three bottles of oh-so-sweet Sauternes (paired with cheeses and patés courtesy of guest co-host Arvind Ethan David) as we talk about the wilderness of independent producing, how Nick parlayed a string of college internships into a lasting Hollywood career, and last...


Actress Katie Von Till & Portuguese Wine

Actress Katie Von Till is active in front of the camera and behind the scenes in entertainment—as a Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA Boardmember and as a TV mainstay on shows like Mom, Young Sheldon, Conan, and The Big Bang Theory. But she also carries on a rare Hollywood legacy as just the fourth woman in history to be the official voice of Disney’s Snow White. In this episode, she joins us to drink three varietals of Vadio from the Bairrada region of Portugal (provided by Rachel Farah Selections) as...


Wes Chatham of The Expanse & New Zealand Pinot Noir

What actually happens when a show gets canceled on one network and picked up by another? Does fan outcry actually help an axed show’s chances of finding new life? In this episode, the guys get a front-row seat to Amazon’s decision to save science fiction drama The Expanse after it was canceled in May by SyFy—all told by one of its stars, Wes Chatham. As he helps sample three bottles of New Zealand Pinot Noir, Wes also explains how he got his Hollywood start while in the Navy and what he got...


Manager Ava Jamshidi & Provence Rose

What should an aspiring screenwriter do to land their first manager or agent? And what’s expected of them if they’re lucky enough to find representation? In this episode, we sit down with Ava Jamshidi, who has been a rep on both sides of the aisle—as a longtime agent at ICM and currently as a literary manager at Industry Entertainment. As she does her part to help with three bottles of Provence rosé—including the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-owned Miraval—Ava discusses her transition from...


Entertainment Lawyer Howard Abramson at the LAYN Wine Event

Drinking free wine is pretty great on its own, but even better when you do it for a good cause. In this episode, Tom and Scott soldier on without an absent Ben as they crash the home of entertainment lawyer Howard Abramson for the L.A. Youth Network wine event supporting local homeless youth. As we sample wines from Chris Blasman of Four Brothers Winery and Geoff Graber of San Se Wines, we talk to Howard about his love of aged wine and how he went from working with Alan Dershowitz at Harvard...


Writer-Director Greg Pritikin & Oregon Pinot Noir

Nobody has had a better view of the changes in independent film over the past decade-plus than Greg Pritikin, who began his career by making a $10,000 movie on his credit card, went on to write and direct notable indies like Dummy with Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich, and has now graduated to Netflix where he has The Last Laugh with Richard Dreyfuss and Andie MacDowell coming out. As he discusses his career and the ups and downs of movie-making, he joins the guys in their second dip into...