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Episode 64: Manager Robyn Meisinger & Hollywood’s Most Gifted Wines

As the founder of Madhouse Entertainment (Prisoners, Slender Man), producer/manager Robyn Meisinger deals in her share of gifted wine. And while most of it still sits in a box in the corner of her office, she’s nonetheless an appropriate guest to join in on an exploration of three of the most gifted bottles of wine in Hollywood. As she helps the guys work their way through a Jordan, a Sideways-inspired Hitching Post Pinot Noir, and a Rombauer Chardonnay, Robyn delivers some classic...


Episode 63: Survivor Host Jeff Probst & Blind Wine Tasting Challenge

As the longtime host and executive producer of Survivor, Jeff Probst has presided over his share of epic battles of will. But few have been as suspenseful or delightfully haphazard as this episode’s inaugural Hollywood Uncorked Blind Tasting Challenge! Joining a specially convened competition panel, Probst competes through four rounds of wine-tasting travails—from a blindfolded opening act to a wild finale that involves two players sampling the contents of the infamous dump bucket. Along...


Episode 62: Producer Nick Nantell & Sauternes

Nick Nantell has spent more than a decade working as an executive for producers like Beau Flynn (Skyscraper) and Dan Jinks (American Beauty). Now stepping out as a producer in his own right, Nick stops by the podcast to help drink three bottles of oh-so-sweet Sauternes (paired with cheeses and patés courtesy of guest co-host Arvind Ethan David) as we talk about the wilderness of independent producing, how Nick parlayed a string of college internships into a lasting Hollywood career, and...


Episode 61: Actress Katie Von Till & Portuguese Wine

Actress Katie Von Till is active in front of the camera and behind the scenes in entertainment—as a Los Angeles SAG-AFTRA Boardmember and as a TV mainstay on shows like Mom, Young Sheldon, Conan, and The Big Bang Theory. But she also carries on a rare Hollywood legacy as just the fourth woman in history to be the official voice of Disney’s Snow White. In this episode, she joins us to drink three varietals of Vadio from the Bairrada region of Portugal (provided by Rachel Farah Selections)...


Episode 60: The Expanse’s Wes Chatham & New Zealand Pinot Noir

What actually happens when a show gets canceled on one network and picked up by another? Does fan outcry actually help an axed show’s chances of finding new life? In this episode, the guys get a front-row seat to Amazon’s decision to save science fiction drama The Expanse after it was canceled in May by SyFy—all told by one of its stars, Wes Chatham. As he helps sample three bottles of New Zealand Pinot Noir, Wes also explains how he got his Hollywood start while in the Navy and what...


Episode 59: Manager Ava Jamshidi & Provence Rosé

What should an aspiring screenwriter do to land their first manager or agent? And what’s expected of them if they’re lucky enough to find representation? In this episode, we sit down with Ava Jamshidi, who has been a rep on both sides of the aisle—as a longtime agent at ICM and currently as a literary manager at Industry Entertainment. As she does her part to help with three bottles of Provence rosé—including the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-owned Miraval—Ava discusses her transition from...


Episode 58: Entertainment Lawyer Howard Abramson at the LAYN Wine Event

Drinking free wine is pretty great on its own, but even better when you do it for a good cause. In this episode, Tom and Scott soldier on without an absent Ben as they crash the home of entertainment lawyer Howard Abramson for the L.A. Youth Network wine event supporting local homeless youth. As we sample wines from Chris Blasman of Four Brothers Winery and Geoff Graber of San Se Wines, we talk to Howard about his love of aged wine and how he went from working with Alan Dershowitz at...


Episode 57: Writer-Director Greg Pritikin & Oregon Pinot Noir

Nobody has had a better view of the changes in independent film over the past decade-plus than Greg Pritikin, who began his career by making a $10,000 movie on his credit card, went on to write and direct notable indies like Dummy with Adrien Brody and Milla Jovovich, and has now graduated to Netflix where he has The Last Laugh with Richard Dreyfuss and Andie MacDowell coming out. As he discusses his career and the ups and downs of movie-making, he joins the guys in their second dip into...


Episode 56: Champagne Expert Richard Juhlin & Wines of Effervescence 2018

What better way to gussy up L.A.’s first sparkling wine event than with the vino-swilling freeloaders from Hollywood Uncorked? In this special live episode, Ben, Scott and Tom broadcast from the Hollywood Avalon during the inaugural Effervescence 2018, featuring champagnes and sparkling wines from across California and the world. As the guys sample the fares of Hillersden and Flying Goat Cellars, they interview the three finalists of Effervescence’s Best Sparkling Somm competition, talk to...


Episode 55: Colony’s Sarah Wayne Callies & Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc

We at Hollywood Uncorked wrestle with many of life’s conundrums, but we know this: When actress Sarah Wayne Callies invites you to her hotel room to drink French wine and talk about the recently launched third season of her fantastic science-fiction series Colony, you go! As Sarah helps the guys polish three bottles of Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc, she talks about what she learned about her craft by directing an episode of the new season (Wednesdays 10/9C on USA), the rollercoaster ride that...


Episode 54: TV Writing Team Nora & Lilla Zuckerman and Hot Tub Wines

Nora & Lilla Zuckerman have carved out an amazing career as a sister writing team for high-concept television dramas like Fringe and Suits, and currently serve as co-executive producers on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC. In this episode, we blend their passion for television with one of their choice hobbies: hot tubs, and specifically the act of drinking wine in them. While swigging three low-cost white wines, the Sisters Zuckerman fill us in on the dynamics of being a sibling...


Episode 53: Producer Arvind Ethan David & St.-Estèphe Bordeaux

How did Arvind Ethan David go from Oxford-educated British lawyer to Hollywood producer? It started when he quit his former law firm the day after being selected for the partner track—and he hasn’t looked back since. Arvind joins us for a hilarious unpacking of his career spanning film, TV and theater—while doing his part on three esteemed bottles of St.- Estèphe Bordeaux. Along the way, we get to hear about the cultural fallout of his big-screen British comedy The Infidel, his involvement...


Episode 52: Actress Christina Moore & Bourgueil

Christina Moore has had some diverse chapters in her Hollywood career—from famously replacing the original actress who played Forman’s sister on That ‘70s Show, to being known by kids the world over as the absentee mom on Disney Channel’s Jessie. As she helps the guys get through three bottles of amazing, yet affordable Bourgueil, Christina talks about the things she learned working with Sharon Stone, the fun insanity of being a cast member on MadTV, and her dual role producing and...


Episode 51: TV Writer Mike Lam & Volcan Tequila

As Hollywood adapts to shifts multicultural and digital in nature, Mike Lam has a unique view of both as co-creator of the standout Spanish-language Netflix comedy series, Club de Cuervos. About to shoot its fourth season, the show documents the power struggle that ensues when the owner of a fictional Mexican soccer team dies, passing it on to his squabbling son and daughter. On this episode, Mike talks about the serendipitous origins of the show, the unique challenge of translating comedy...


Episode 50: TV Writer/Podcaster Jessica Gao & Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Hollywood isn’t exactly teeming with Chinese-American writers. So Jessica Gao makes up for it by doing the work of several people: writing on shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley and Comedy Central’s new sitcom Corporate, doing feature rewrite work, and co-hosting the Whiting Wongs podcast alongside Community creator Dan Harmon. While helping us drink Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir, Jessica talks about the time her parents sent her back to China on a plane by herself as a child to learn the...


Episode 49: Jersey Boys' Joseph Leo Bwarie & Sicilian Wines

Having played Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys for a record eight years and more than 2,000 shows, Broadway star Joseph Leo Bwarie amazingly said he never got tired of playing the legendary singer and performing his iconic songs. With this impressive stamina in mind, the guys put him through the Hollywood Uncorked ringer, forcing him to drink three wines from Sicily and to tell numerous stories from his long career in movies, recording, and theater. As a result, Joseph describes his first TV...


Episode 48: Rude Jude Angelini & 2015 Saint-Joseph

On a very special episode of Hollywood Uncorked, we get an unforgettable visit from hip-hop provocateur, Rude Jude Angelini. After finding fame as the in-house insult comic on the Jenny Jones show in the ‘90s, Rude Jude eventually caught the attention of Eminem, who hired him to host the “All Out Show” for his Sirius XM channel, Shade 45. While Scott, Tom and Ben spend the episode sampling 2015 Saint-Joseph, Rude Jude samples his own “chemical of choice” as he spins yarns that range from...


Episode 47: Manager Ashley Berns & Valpolicella and Amarone

How did Ashley Berns go from a desk job in London to becoming a Hollywood manager at management powerhouse Circle of Confusion? In this episode, Ashley tells the whole sordid tale—which began with a simple plan to drive across the country with a friend. While discussing with the panel how Disney’s purchase of Fox will affect the entertainment industry and the spec script market, he also helps sample two lesser-known Italian wines: Valpolicella and Amarone. Meanwhile, we learn how Tom’s New...


Episode 46: Reality Producer Craig Armstrong & Australian Cabernet

Where does reality sit in the entertainment landscape—as its crowd-pleasing future or in its sordid past? We sit down with prolific reality producer Craig Armstrong (The Hero, Fashion Star, King of the Nerds) to talk about how the genre is hard to classify, as it’s got as many tiers and categories as movies and scripted TV. As guest host Gren Wells helps the panel drink three cheap(ish) bottles of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, they discuss the ingredients of a successful reality series,...


Episode 45: Actress Cristen Coppen & Cabernet Franc

With its notorious instability at an all-time high, is Hollywood worth a full-time effort anymore? For actress Cristen Coppen and many others working in the entertainment industry, the answer, increasingly, is no. Despite regular work and appearances on countless TV shows and movies including Road Trip and Hulu’s Casual, Cristen set out from the beginning to complement her entertainment career with outside endeavors like her handmade jewelry company and investments in several John Deere...