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A Podcast from Sonoma, CA featuring experts Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. Taking the stuffiness out of wine every Friday!

A Podcast from Sonoma, CA featuring experts Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. Taking the stuffiness out of wine every Friday!


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A Podcast from Sonoma, CA featuring experts Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. Taking the stuffiness out of wine every Friday!




The Wine Makers – The BBQ Episode

This episode started with Bart entering he and Sam in the 1st. Annual Stemple Creek BBQ Classic. But with careful consideration they decided that maybe instead of being one of ten contestants at the first event maybe they were best suited to be the only podcast to record at this soon to be famous event. Now you might be asking what does the Stemple Creek Ranch, a certified organic ranch raising grass fed cattle, lambs and free range Berkshire cross pigs that are raised in a large grove of...


The Wine Makers – G. W. Lussier, Lussier Wine Co.

We met G.W. in Paso Robles at Hospice de Rhone this year. It wasn’t long into our conversation to realize that the enthusiasm and passion coming from this young man needed to be shared with all of you listeners. And on top of that #GWmakesChenin. [EP238] In his own words it all began back in 2015. After serving seven years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army, two combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, I returned home to the Napa Valley. You never know where or when a job opportunity will...


The Wine Maker – Tom Darling, Darling Wines

The cool blues and relaxing vibes of Tom Darling's new Sonoma Plaza tasting room will draw you in, his exploration of single vineyard wines from extreme coastal California will keep you there. The guys go on-location to Darling Wines and sit down with Tom to find out how a guy from Boston went from serves and volleys and serving wine at yoga events on the Eastern Seaboard to making Pinot Noir from vineyards mere miles from the Pacific Ocean. [EP237]


The Wine Makers – The Wedding Show

The guys sit down at the Sixteen 600 Tasting House to answer listener questions on the eve of Jasmine's wedding. [EP236]


The Wine Makers – Charlie Tolbert, The list is too long!

Charlie Tolbert - we can’t wait for you to hear this show. Charlie has worked 50 harvest, starting off in the early 70’s at Buena Vista. Just sit back and enjoy hearing just a few of the stories he shares with us. The wine industry has changed a lot since then, there is a lot to reflect on for me from this conversation. We hope you enjoy it. [EP235] Cheers


The Wine Makers – Spring Weather Report

All of the guys sit down to talk crops, weather trends, drought and all things wine and Vinytl Sunday. Tune in and enjoy the laughter and fun. Cheers [EP235]


The Wine Makers – Live from Paso Robles, Hospice du Rhone

There was a lot of energy going into this show, not only were we all excited to be back in Paso Robles for Hospice du Rhone but we were also getting to meet our friend M.J. Towler "The Black Wine Guy Experience" IRL Add to the mix The.Grenachista, the one and only Kevin Burns, Jeff Cohn and M.J. brought his good friend Jeremy Leffert from Tooth & Nail Wine Co. If it sounds like a train wreck, well lets just say we all survived. What a great weekend let's all plan on heading to Hospice du...


The Wine Makers – Hospice Du Rhone Recap Pt1

The guys sit down with Podcast guest Roger Randall and discuss the aftermath of Hospice Du Rhone. Lots of fun to be had in discussing who made it to the every-other-year event in Paso. Enjoy and next week tune in for the shared show with MJ and The Black Wine Guy Experience podcast. [EP232]


The Wine Makers – Lang & Reed Wines, John and Reed Skupny

Tracey & John Skupny, started Lang & Reed Napa Valley in 1993 with the goal to explore the distinct charms of Cabernet Franc. Their foundation of our wine experience began working in the restaurant trade in Kansas City. Having attained positions as wine stewards (sommeliers), the lure of vineyards and wineries brought us to California in 1980, settling finally in the Napa Valley by 1984. Named after their two sons, J Reed and Jerzy Lang. When Reed entered the wine business he decided to...


The Wine Makers – Sam’s Spring Releases

The guys sit down on a blustery day to talk about Sam's Sixteen600 Spring Releases. Besides the awesome wines there was Lots of laughter and fun follows. Enjoy our humour please! [EP230]


The Wine Makers – Todd Jolly

The guys sit down and talk weather, field and wine updates with Todd Jolly, Sonoma's Best Somm. It's always fun to sit down with the The Oregon Ducks Biggest Fan, Todd. Enjoy [EP229]


The Wine Makers – Ricky Taylor

Take a Sonoma County boy and transplant him high in Texas where he can grow grapes and make Texas Wine. Ricky Taylor has some great stories about the trials and tribulations of trying to grow his dreams in the high country of Texas at 5400ft elevation. Needless to say we had fun. Enjoy [EP228] Alta Marfa @altamarfa


The Wine Makers – Maya Dalla Valle

The guys head into the eastern hills of Napa's Oakville District. Second generation winemaker Maya Dalla Valle let Brian, Sam and John behind the curtains of her family's esteemed Dalla Valle Vineyards estate, where there are no public tastings and there's a waiting list to get the wines. Maya talks about growing up in Napa, the legend of her namesake wine and her path back to the family business. The wines are fantastic and corgi content is top-notch! [EP227]


The Wine Makers – Bob Cabral

I don't think there's another guest I quite so enjoy having on the show than Bob Cabral. Back in the days of "Heard it through the Grapevine" Radio show on KSVY I had Bob as a regular guest. And he or Three Sticks have been on The Wine Makers podcast several times. He's just that much fun to talk with. Talk about somebody with a clear definition of what life should be like, Bob's own line Bob Cabral Wines is a beautiful and complete full circle. He set out to achieve this and he is doing so....


The Wine Makers – Ownroot Collective & Idle Cellars

This week we sit down with “TJ” from Ownroot Collective, a wine club that shines a light on small producers, most of which have other jobs that support their passion. Terra showcases two wine makers each month and offers their wines to her subscribers. Then they do a Zoom where they are able to meet the wine maker and ask questions. This is a very unique business model and the wines are carefully selected, each bottle we tried was amazing. Our friend Ben Larks from Idle Cellars, a small wine...


The Wine Makers – Philosophy Winery & Vineyard

This week Kimberly T. Johnson from Philosophy Winery & Vineyard located in Baltimore City Maryland joins us on the podcast. Kimberly, winemaker started Philosophy wines along with her friend and partner Sommelier Denise Roles Matthews in 2018. Working in the Maryland wine industry for over a decade, in many capacities she discovered that wine was her passion. She had finally found her purpose, exploring distinct agriculture (land & soil) and producing high quality wine that highlights...


The Wine Makers – Rebekah Wineburg, Post and Vine

Rebekah’s passion for winemaking began when she visited Napa Valley with her parents at just 16, being from Washington DC she didn't grow up around wineries but that trip and a friend of her fathers explaining winemaking and wine tasting to Rebekah piqued her interest. The discussions from that visit left such a lasting impression that she went on to pursue a dual degree in chemistry and biology at Macalester college with the dream of becoming a winemaker. When she started gaining practical...


The Wine Makers Summer Spectacular

Pushing 80 degrees on a February day at the tasting house wondering if we're just plunging headlong into Summer. Good lord! Jasmine Egan joins Sam, Bart, Brian and John for a Spring Release Dane Cellars party and they cover all thing wine for you organic listeners. Enjoy [EP222]


The Wine Makers – Jake Neustadt, Soleras Del Pacifico

Viticulturist Jake Neustadt is a bay area native who was attending UC Davis, studying journalism and international relations. Like other stories that we have heard he discovered viticulture and winemaking and how that maybe this was to be his career path. Starting at Rock Wall Winery, some time in New Zealand and then to Ridge winery where he dove deep into old vines. But it's his time at Bedrock that has brought him to the podcast. What likely started out as a conversation about the Old...


The Wine Makers – Randy Hester of C.L. Butaud

Randy Hester, creator of the Lightning wine brand, has taken over Austin Texas by storm. With his family name carried on with the C.L. Butaud line and Frenchy's Rose, Randy and Brooke made the leap from Sonoma to Austin and did it right. 100% Texas wines is obviously a Really good thing in Austin and Randy tells all of the stories on this week's show. We sampled lots of great wines and heard and told lots of old friend stories. Enjoy. Facebook @clbutaud Instagram @clbutaud...