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Entertainment, education & consumer empowerment; everyday drinking for everyday people. Wine with lunch? Yes please! Wine-Two-Five is an entertaining wine podcast series featuring wine educators who like to drink their homework & have fun teaching. Val and Steph believe in wine with lunch and not punching a clock when pulling a cork. In other words, drinking every day - any time of the day - is acceptable. And classy.




Entertainment, education & consumer empowerment; everyday drinking for everyday people. Wine with lunch? Yes please! Wine-Two-Five is an entertaining wine podcast series featuring wine educators who like to drink their homework & have fun teaching. Val and Steph believe in wine with lunch and not punching a clock when pulling a cork. In other words, drinking every day - any time of the day - is acceptable. And classy.






Episode 201: The W25 Journey - What a Trip! (Finale)

This is the season/series finale of the Wine Two Five Podcast. In this episode we look back, laugh, and look ahead at what's next. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have learned and laughed along with everyone who has been a part of this effort. Cheers ~ Val & Steph


Episode 200: Laura Catena - More than Malbec!

Dr. Laura Catena of Bodega Catena Zapata and the Catena Institute of Wine joins us for some in-depth conversation about Malbec's heritage, Argentine wine, and so much more. [sponsored content] We tasted three of the Catena wines sent to us just for this occasion, and discussed grand cru vineyards, wine culture, and making a difference in the wine world.


Episode 199: Pinotage Grape Gab

Grape Gab about the Pinotage grape, drinking whisky and a whiskey cocktail, and swag.


Episode 198: Coffee Liqueurs

What are coffee liqueurs, how are they made, and what are you supposed to do with them? Beyond breakfast and dessert, a little side trip into the history of liqueurs and coffee, and some brand tasting. Also, a hot tip from a listener and a 200th episode tease.


Episode 197: Breakfast Wines

Breakfast wines extend beyond the Mimosa. Breakfast is just food. Wine goes with food. Whether you're having wine for breakfast or breakfast for dinner, we stand by breakfast with wine - any time. Also, a listener in Scotland knew last week's Pod Quiz & called in to school us on some more Dubonnet facts. Finally, as you all know, it's not five o'clock and we don't care.


Episode 196: Ousia's Kamal Kouiri on Greek Wine

Kamal Kouiri joins us from New York to discuss Greek wines, history, styles, spirits, travel, and a funny frose' wine story. He is the Director of Operations for Ousia restaurant, and an enthusiast and advocate of Greek wines. Also, the new Pod Quiz, a bit about Dubonnet, and a hint at a surprise for our 200th episode releasing in Feb 2019. More at


Episode 195: Bloopers, 2018, and Molasses in our Glasses

Our 4th annual cutting room floor fun and a look back on the podcasting year that was (and what wasn't in the show, for obvious reasons). Also in this episode, a new "Surviving Christmas" cocktail and a cheeky Pod Quiz. Happy 2019 and thank you for listening! Bloopers music: "You Um, I'll Ah" by Doctor Turtle licensed under under the CC 4.0 attribution license. (shortened from original work) More at


Episode 194: High Tech Wine Education

A walking tour of MSU Denver's Hospitality Learning Center with a 4,000 bottle wine cellar, cooking demonstration theater, and sensory analysis lab with Dr. Michael Wray, Restaurant & Beverage Management Professor. Wine, beer, distillation, stemware, and more are all taught at the school, and your hosts were schooled as well. Photos, accompanying video and more at


Episode 193: Grape Gab - Cabernet Franc

Getting frank about cab franc, a grape gab, a pod quiz, and way too much fun! More at


Episode 192: Pét-Nats With Michelle Miller of Reno's Esoteric Wine Bar

Michelle Miller of Reno's Esoteric Wine Bar joins us for some peppy pét-nat chitchat. Pét-nat is short for pétillant naturel, a type of sparkling wine based on an ancient, natural method of capturing the sparkle a bottle of fermenting wine. We also touch on natural wines, Michelle's journey from corporate world to wine bar manager, and a new Pod Quiz! Photos, links, and more at


Episode 191: Grape Gab - Sauvignon Blanc

December's Grape Gab on the sassy Sauvignon Blanc, its color mutations, family members, and styles, history and other fun facts. Wild, and wily, perhaps like the vine itself, this episode is a fun exploration of one of the world's most important varieties. More - including a ridiculous amount of links and resources - at


Episode 190: Smokin' Hot Burning Wine Question Edition

This episode is all about answering questions you all have sent in about everything from how this podcast got started, finding (or starting) a tasting group, and ideas for new tasting room attendants. Wino Radar gives way to a Whiskey Radar, and we draw the November winner for a WTSO gift card. Happy 40th Birthday to our smokin' hot co-host, Steph! More (including a surprise for Steph in this week's blog) at


Episode 189: Thanksgiving, Sipping Jordan and Wino Radar

The Wine Two Five ladies are offering listeners a small token of of gratitude this week, as well as some Wino Radar edutainment finds. We also managed to finally open the wines from Jordan that were sent to us last year, and they are drinking so fine. And with that we raise our glasses to all our listeners. We will return next week with burning wine questions! Cheers ~ [sponsored content] Links and more at


Episode 188: Behind the Bottles With WTSO's Justin Kite

This week we are chatting with Wines 'Til Sold Out (WTSO) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Justin Kite. Not only is WTSO a relationship-based retailer, they have educational aspects of their business. Full disclosure: they are this show's sponsor, and we wanted to learn more about WTSO, Weekly Tasting, and how to navigate their offerings. Justin was kind enough to entertain our many (many) questions and preview the just-released Holiday Portal for us! [sponsored content] More at


Episode 187: Regional Rap - Wines of Israel (featuring Golan Heights Winery)

The November Regional Rap features the wines of Golan Heights Winery by Victor Schoenfeld. These brands include Mount Herman, Gilgal, and Yarden. Many thanks to our friends at Gregory + Vine for sending them! Also in this week's episode: the difference between kosher and mevushal wine, and an animated account of thousands of years of grape growing and wine making. Show notes and more at Wines of Israel featuring Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, & Gilgal (sponsored content).


Episode 186: Jessie "JABS" Birschbach, Managing Editor, The Somm Journal

This week we are chatting with The Somm Journal's Managing Editor, Jessie Birschbach, known as JABS. She is also the Senior Wine Editor at both The Tasting Panel and The Clever Root publications. JABS joins us from LA, and brings wit from her comedy background, knowledge from her Sommelier days, and her pups Ripley and Coyote. We talk everything from beer and Cicerone training to the emerging cannabis scene, to busting a move with Beyoncé and JayZ ... while pouring champagne. Show notes, links & more at


W25LoCo1 - Bonacquisti Winery, Denver

This is the 1st episode of the W25 LoCo (Local Colorado) Edition! We are chatting with Paul Bonacquisti of Bonacquisti Winery in Denver, and Cha Cha Chavez, a broadcast industry veteran and Paul's partner in Denver Wine Radio podcast fun. Interview with Paul Bonacquisti & Cha Cha Chavez, Denver, September 2018


Episode 185: Grape Gab - Teroldego

We are talking Teroldego in October's Grape Gab. You may know it's an Italian original, but where else is it doing well? The answer may surprise you. It did us. We also draw the October winner of our monthly drawing for a WTSO gift card (sponsored by WTSO, thank you!), and have a new #W25Challenge update. Finally we dish on our new #W25LoCo mini-show, launching this week. Links, show notes, vids & more at Grape Gab, Teroldego, Wine Education, WTSO Sponsored montlhy drawing, Italy, Wine Podcasts


Episode 184: Master the World With Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein

A W25 exclusive! Evan Goldstein, MS, chats with us about his hottest new venture, Master the World, subscription-based and curated blind tasting kits. He is the President and Chief Education Officer of Full Circle Wine Solutions, and just the guy to explain ... where has this been all of our wine tasting lives?! Photos, links, vids and more at Master the World, Evan Goldstein, MS, Full Circle Wine Solutions, Wine Education, Wine Tasting, Wine Service, Crowdfunding


Episode 183: A Punch of Fall

This is our annual celebration of all that is fall! We talk flavors that find themselves into nearly all we eat and, yes, drink! Also, we toast #MerlotMe month, discuss post harvest winery activities, and fall cocktails. A potpourri of fall favorites, flavors and fun. Seasonal sips and entertaining tips. [ad] Photos, links & more at