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A podcast for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it. Our goal is to share our observations and make wine easy, accessible, and interesting to people who like it.

A podcast for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it. Our goal is to share our observations and make wine easy, accessible, and interesting to people who like it.
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A podcast for people who like wine but not the snobbery that goes with it. Our goal is to share our observations and make wine easy, accessible, and interesting to people who like it.




Ep 242: Suzanne Kendrick of, the Democratizer of Wine Shopping

In this podcast I have a fascinating conversation with the head of Global Growth for, Suzanne Kendrick. The company is based in New Zealand and they are the ultimate intersection between tech and wine -- essentially the Google of wine prices. From their site, "The Wine-Searcher database and search engine bring together wines and prices from merchants around the world. It was created in 1999, and is now used by millions to locate, compare and purchase wines. The...


Ep 241: Albariño -- The White Gem of Spain

We share the story of Spain's Albariño/ Portugal's Alvarinho. From ancient fame, to near extinction, and then triumphant resurrection, this grape is one of our favorites -- aromatic, acidic, complex yet delicious! It's a must in your wine rotation. We also discuss Underground Wine Events, Washington D.C. on November 3. Go to to get your tickets before we sell out! $59 per person! Here are the show notes: Albariño/Alvarinho History Spain Portugal –...


Ep 240: The Reds of Austria --the Pinot Noir alternatives

Austria Overview: Austria reds -- growing region overview The Grapes: Blaufränkisch: Origins:In the vineyard:Flavors:Key AreasSüdburgenland:Eisenberg DACLeithaberg DACNeusiedlersee St. Laurent Origin:In the vineyardFlavors:Key Areas: Zweigelt Origin:In the vineyard:Flavors:Key Areas: Pinot Noir _________________________________________ Thank you to our sponsors this week who make the podcast possible: YOU! The podcast supporters on Patreon, who are helping us to make the...


Ep 239: Field Blends with Bill Nachbur of ACORN Winery

Blends are growing in popularity and this week we have the master of blends that are made in the vineyard: Bill Nachbur of ACORN Winery in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma, CA. If you are curious about old-school viticulture, this is a must-listen. Here are some of the topics we address: Visit: for the stuff we address on the podcast and to order Bill's outstanding wines! _____________________________________________________ Thank you to our...


Ep 238: All About Wine Bottles

After more hairy details on our crazy and delayed move, and a shout out to UNC Business School, our alma mater for helping when things got tough, we discuss the topic: Glass bottles, which are the most common container for finished wine and their evolution is fascinating! History Glass making and glass size The Marketing behind bottles… _____________________________________________________ Thank you to our sponsors this week: YOU! The podcast supporters on Patreon, who...


Ep 237: The Grape Miniseries - Grenache/Garnacha

This week, we focus on this splendid grape that has come into its own. From obscure blender to a star varietal, Grenache or Garnacha is a total crowd-pleaser and can be a delicious wine in its simplest and most complex formats. We give the lowdown on it -- from red to white to "furry" Grenache, I'm positive you'll hear about some wine in this podcast that will make you want to run out and get it! Here are the show notes: Grape Overview Grape character: We discuss Grenache Blanc (one...


Ep 236: All About Cork with João Rui Ferreira of the Portuguese Cork Association

This week I am joined by João Rui Ferreira, the Chairman of APCOR, the Portuguese Cork Association. Established in 1956, the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) exists to promote natural cork and its products. We discuss everything from the environmental impacts of cork to why it's such a great closure for wine. Cork is a vital part of the wine industry and this podcast is a great way to learn about it! João is a fascinating guy! Here are the show notes. We...


Ep 235: The Rebirth of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with Simone Madden-Grey

Simone Madden-Grey, the Happy Wine Woman, is our guest host this week on a great topic! New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has become either a staple or a joke (it's often called Mrs. Supermarket wine or Soccer Mom wine). But there is more to this category than just Marlborough's mass brands. It's time to take another look & get excited about this multifaceted wine that New Zealand does better than nearly any country. Here are the show notes: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: the stats: Where...


Ep 234: The Greats -- Barbaresco and Barolo

This week: The Greats Barolo and Barbaresco of Piedmont, Italy. These two wines are both 100% Nebbiolo, and are fragrant, tannic, acidic, and outstanding. We cover the similarities and key differences between these greats and why each is a force in its own right. Here are some key show notes: Barolo The Barolo wars: Traditionalist v Modern Modern: Traditionalist: Barolo wine aromas/flavors: Barolo Chinato -- digestif BARBARESCO BarbarescoCommunes: BarbarescoAsili,...


Ep 233: Wine and Cheese with Cheese Master Jill Davis

Wine and cheese are perfect partners and knowing more about each will help you go from good to great with pairings! Cheese Master Jill Davis of Murray's Cheese tells us all about cheese and we discuss how best to pair certain types of cheese with wine! Here are the notes: Thanks to Jill Davis for her time and deep knowledge and to our sponsors this week! _____________________________________________________ Thank you to our sponsors this week: YOU! The podcast supporters on Patreon,...


Ep 232: Loire's Central Vineyards (Sancerre, Pouilly Fume and more!)

It's a small part of the wine world but one you should know: the Central Vineyards of the Loire Valley, which include Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Menetou-Salon & others. Great Sauvignon Blanc, up and coming Pinot Noir, and fantastic rosé. History, soils and dorkiness abound in this podcast, which will make your mouth water and have you running out to get these wines ASAP! The Central Loire Vineyards: Overview Appellations Sancerre Producers: Pouilly-Fumé and Pouilly-sur-Loire...


Ep 231: How to Improve Wine Notes with Ian Renwick

Wine notes run the gamut -- from detailed and esoteric (meat blood? Madagascar vanilla?) to cute-sy and dumb (like sunshine and deliciousness!). But are they useful to us as wine drinkers? What's the goal of a note? What SHOULD it say for it to be meaningful? Ian and I discuss the state of notes and what we think could make them better. You'll let us know if we're on to something... Here's an outline of what we discuss: 1. The purpose of a tasting note 2. Communication in wine and...


Ep 230: The Biz of Small Wineries with Jim Morris and Oded Shakked of Longboard

Why have I devoted so many recent podcasts to interviewing small Sonoma wineries? Why did my partner, Laura, and I do an event featuring them and will do more in the future? And why do I regularly release the Big List: wineries owned by the huge, hulking wineries? This podcast pulls it all together! After a quick intro from me and Laura, I hold the first roundtable/discussion. Jim, Oded, and I talk about... We hope you can see why the issue is so dear to our hearts and I hope you can see...


Ep 229: The Grape Miniseries, Barbera

A grape that MUST be in your arsenal, especially if you like Italian food, Barbera is diverse, food friendly, and darn tasty. The trick to the grape is to figure out the style you like and the place it's made. In this podcast we cover it all! Overview: About the Grape The Wine Appellations Italy Other regions: California Other US:Australia:Argentina:Greece, Israel, Uruguay Thank you to our sponsors this week: YOU! The podcast supporters on Patreon, who are helping us...


Ep 228: The Greats - Châteauneuf-du-Pape

We begin a new series on the great wines of the world. Every so often we will profile one of the greatest wines on earth, talking about the history, the terroir, and why these wines are so special. We begin with the Southern Rhône gem: Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Here are some of the notes from the show: The Greats: Chateauneuf du Pape Châteauneuf-du-Pape: Location History: “Pope’s new castle” is translation Grapes The Land: Variation – soils, mix of grapes, mesoclimates, differences...


Ep 226: Derek Van Dam, CNN Weatherman on Weather and Wine

Famous CNN weatherman and meteorologist, Derek Van Dam, comes on to school us about how weather and climate work and we discusstheir effects on vineyards and regions the world 'round. A fun, lively show with a great friend and smart guy! Follow Derek on Social Media!!! @VanDamCNNFacebookInstagram Here are some of the topics we discuss: 1. The difference between weather and climate 2. What is climate change? How many years of data do we use to predict or confirm it? What is climate...


Ep 226: Bucher Vineyards, true farmers in Russian River Valley of Sonoma, CA

In one of our final in the series spotlighting small Sonoma producers, we meet Diane and John Bucher of Bucher Vineyards and Bucher Farms. This is a podcast truly about terroir and farming, when you get down to it --John Bucher is a fourth generation farmer, and this show is unique because his perspective is so focused on the land and on farming. It's fantastic! Bucher Vineyards and Farms is not just a grape growing and winemaking concern. It's an organic dairy farm with over 400 cows AND...


Ep 225: Kathleen Inman, Pinot Noir Goddess of Inman Family Wines, Sonoma, CA

This week, we are honored to have Kathleen Inman – winegrower, winemaker, forklift driver, salesperson – of Inman Family Wines. She started Inman with the 2000 planting of a plot of land - Olivet Grange Vineyard (OGV), on the corner of Piner Road and Olivet Lane in the Russian River valley. A little over 10 acres, it’s mostly Pinot noir with some Pinot gris, but we’ll talk about 3 acres or so for vegetables and herbs, which seems so relevant and important to Kathleen’s story, and all the...


Ep 224: Ana Keller of Keller Estate in the brand new Petaluma Gap AVA of Sonoma, CA

Continuing the Women in Wine series for Women's History Month 2018, I speak with Ana Keller of Keller Estate. She helped establish the Petaluma Gap American Viticultural Area (AVA), which is Sonoma's newest cool climate appellation making excellent Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. Ana is one of the only women of Mexican heritage running a wine estate, and she is simply amazing. Here are some of the notes from our conversation: Please support our (delicious) sponsor, HelloFresh: A...


Ep 223: North Canterbury, New Zealand's Hidden Gem with Simone Madden-Grey

Fresh off an amazing trip to the North Canterbury region, just north of Christchurch on the South Island of her homeland, New Zealand, Simone Madden-Grey let's us in on a little known region that we all need to try (and visit): North Canterbury. Here are some quick notes from the show: Wineries and Vineyards of North Canterbury and Waipara Bell Hill Vineyard – Bellbird Spring – Black Estate –...