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Women of a certain age, talking about; growing old disgracefully, riding bikes, mainly off road, in the mud. Writing guide books about the Pennine Bridleway and now Trail Centers throughout the UK, photography, trains, licking rocks and pretty much anything we fancy or can get other folk to talk about...


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Women of a certain age, talking about; growing old disgracefully, riding bikes, mainly off road, in the mud. Writing guide books about the Pennine Bridleway and now Trail Centers throughout the UK, photography, trains, licking rocks and pretty much anything we fancy or can get other folk to talk about...




Episode 11 - Signing the theme tune...

It's been pretty full on recently with us being bundled headfirst into the world of event organising! We chat about how we wrote the theme tune, sang the theme tune and forgot most of the lyrics to the theme tune along the way, whilst learning hands on course building for the UK's National XC Points Series, along with course marker, checking, raking, blowing as well as a bit of commentary... I say a bit, it ended up as two full weekends! It was hard graft, but so much fun and exciting to...


Episode 10 - The difficult second album.

After the success of the Pennine Bridleway guidebook Han has been commissioned by Vertebrate Publishing to revamp the Trail centre guidebook. So episode 10 explores the forth coming 'difficult second album'... Trail centre design has changed immeasurable since the first one was opened in 1996. Their popularity along with privately owned bike parks has exploded. This is not going to be an easy 'second album' but I'm pretty sure we'll have fun along the way. Research includes visiting all...


Episode 9 - Since You've Been Gone...

It's been a while. Joolze has been away working in France for nearly a month following 18 amatuer cyclists tackle the full Tour de France route one week ahead of the pros and Han has a new project she's started. Have a listen as we chat about how Joolze and her trusty camera and drone helped in a small way to raise over a million pounds for an amazing cause whilst Han embraced her inner gnaar, got her rear end out and headed off to play on some trail centres, both near and far... For more...


Episode 8 - Matt Williams - Run & Ride - Shop Owner and Event Organiser.

As we start our journey around the many trail centres in the UK for Han's next Vertebrate Publishing guide book, we popped in to have a chat with Matt Williams owner of Run & Ride, in Milford, Staffs just a stones throw away from Cannock Chase. Matt is also a prolific event organiser for both the MTB and running community, his biggest and most looked forward to event has to be Exposure Twentyfour12, 4 days of a running and riding festival culminating in 24 hours of racing around the...


Episode 7 - Standedge - A journey through time

We celebrate International Trail day on June 5th by heading out to Standedge a section of the Pennines, where the Pennine Way and Bridleway briefly interact before heading off on their respective routes. The Pennines are littered with history and we chat about how man has traversed the Pennines over the millenium and how many of the routes we use today were shaped by our ancestors. So take a moment, slow down, breathe in the air, listen to the bird song and maybe you'll hear the faint...


Episode 6 - Emma Kingston author of the new 'Bikepacking England' book.

In episode 6 we chat to Emma Kingston author of the new 'Bikepacking England' book - jam packed with 20 detailed off road adventures that will inspire and delight. We chat about how Emma became a convert to bikepacking and how this pastime has transformed her apprecition of riding off road and how it inpired her to share this passion in the new guidebook. There's also mention of pies and cakes....


Episode 5 - Hannah Collingridge author of the new Pennine Bridleway Guidebook

In this episode Joolze chats to Hannah about the new Pennine Bridleway Guidebook that she wrote. It's an interesting insight to how the book is much more than just a route guide. It should help you enjoy the ride along the backbone of England, whether you ride it in one go or take your time and ride sections and the loops. Han raves about her encounter with the nicest man in mountain biking - Nick Craig and explains why there is a loop dedicated to the memory of Nick's son, Charlie...


Episode 4 - Nick Smith - Alpkit

It's a lengthy chat with Nick Smith one of Alpkit's founding members, but pretty interesting. Sit back grab a coffee and relax and find out how Alpkit got off the ground, how the brand has grown and kept it's ethos of providing good kit at good prices for everyone to enjoy the outdoors including the development of their own bike brand - Sonder. How they got into bike packing way before it became trendy. Their decision to buck the industry trend and are now committed to providing plus sized...


Episode 3 - How hard can 3 miles be?

Han & Joolze chat about their memories of doing a bivvi a month throughout 2019. Bikepacking is fun and doesn't have to epic. Tea time adventures are a brilliant experience and will leave you with fond memories of laughter and general mucking about on bikes. This episode includes bike riding, a tiny bit of swearing, a little bit of singing and a lot of cackling....


Episode 2 - Going out and not coming back for tea.

In episode 2 Han and Joolze chat about the trend that is bike packing. Do you need a special bike? Certain equipement? Ultra athlete type fitness? Or can you just bob along with what you have enjoying the experience at your own pace. You don't even have to sleep outside...


Episode 1 - Who are we?

WoAcA Division was set up by Hannah & Joolze a couple of years ago. We ride bikes, mainly off road, in mud, whilst chatting and cackling about everything that life throws at us as we grow old kicking and fighting.... So we wondered if you'd like to come along for the ride? In episode one we tell you how it all began...