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Episode 029: Jessica Danford & finding her voice through advocacy

About Jessica: Jessica Danford, 34, Toronto Ontario, was propelled into a healthy lifestyle in 2015 after she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Enjoying life as a virtual wellness coach helping you life your best gf life! She shares her positive approach to gluten-free life on her website GfreeWifey.com A passionate advocate for the celiac community with a personal mission to advocate access to safe food for all she created #GFreeWifeyFoodBank. Partnering with local food banks, rescues...


Episode 028: Kole Whitty & seeking alignment in mind, body and soul

About Kole: Kole Whitty is a Bio-Integration Specialist and somatic stress/tension/trauma release expert. Every “Body” has a unique language that, when integrated, becomes an instinctual super power. Kole works closely with her husband Tah and together they have helped hundreds of people to integrate their wellness practice and understand how their subconscious thoughts and patterns become physical manifestations. They know that by FEELing your way into a flow using the nervous system to...


Episode 027: Lynne Hurdle & answering the call to find the opportunities in conflict

About Lynne: Lynne Maureen Hurdle is a communication expert and conflict resolution strategist, facilitator, speaker, and leadership coach with over 35 years of experience in blending the connection between communication, conflict and culture into her unique style of engagement for leaders. She is the author of the best seller, Closing Conflict for Leaders: How to Be a Bold Leader and Develop a Kick-Ass, High-Functioning, Happy AF Team. Prevention, Intervention and Transformational...


Episode 026: Lisa Marie Pepe & receiving tough love from a stranger

About Lisa Marie: Lisa Marie Pepe is The Confidence Coach and Online Visibility Expert for passionate, heart-centered women entrepreneurs, a #1 International best-selling author of The Art of Unlearning: Top Experts Share Conscious Choices for Empowered Living, and a motivational speaker. Trained at the graduate level in both Education and Clinical Psychology and with over three years of experience as a successful virtual assistant and social media manager, Lisa Marie empowers her clients...


Episode 025: Laura Valenti & healing through movement and sound

About Laura: Laura Valenti started dancing with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan - the creators of School of Movement Medicine - in 2009. As soon as she found this form of mindfulness in motion, she fell in love with it and she continued to dance as much as she could even when she had cancer. She is a qualified teacher and facilitator and completed 2 Advanced trainings of the SoMM: 1: Working With The Heart and SEER (Systemic Essential Energy Retrieval), 2: Ritual & Ceremony. Additionally...


Episode 024: Sandy Rocourt & finding joy and purpose after significant loss

About Sandy: Sandy Rocourt is a creative writer, speaker, and strategic transformational educator, who helps clients turn the tragedy of loss & heartbreak into the strength needed to rebuild their lives. Sandy is currently completing her memoir by winter of 2019. After going through multiple traumatic losses in a short 3-year span, Sandy found triumph when she discovered a library of personal development books that her now deceased sister had collected. Her journey of self-discovery led...


Episode 023: Cat Almanzor & making the most of her second chance

About Cat: Cat Almanzor is a transformational life coach for the mind, body, and spirit. Her mission in life is to equip women to transform pain into power. She partners with women after experiencing toxic relationships, traumatic experiences, or severe life stressors. Cat has known defeat, suffering, struggle, and loss, and she has found her way out of those depths. It was a back‐to‐back life tragedy that served as a painful catalyst for Cat to create a life of pure purpose. She is...


Episode 022: Dr. Linda Hurley & honouring all the parts that make her whole

About Dr. Hurley: Dr. Linda Hurley is a certified intuitive chakra energy healer, transformational coach, and founder of Magnetic Moment, LLC. She specializes in helping driven women make purposeful decisions based on the power they have inside. Linda helps women release the feelings of guilt they encounter about all of the things going on in their lives. She uses her unique skills to draw upon science and spirit to transforms women from how they feel today to feeling incredible tomorrow...


Episode 021: Stephanie Pastucha & finding beauty from the inside out

About Stephanie: Stephanie Pastucha is an inspirational speaker and life coach who empowers others to deal with the hardships they are facing, while inspiring them to move forward confidently and lead successful lives. Stephanie’s own journey started after suffering 3rd degree burns from an accident that changed her life forever, propelling her towards her path of helping others change their lives for the better. She also offers one-on-one consulting for those who desire to get on the...


Episode 020: Sarah Thompson & learning to trust her inner wisdom

About Sarah: Sarah is a coach, bodyworker, and founder of Ready For Radiance LLC. She has learned the art and science of support, empowerment, and growth through her own journey out of an abusive relationship and into purposeful living. The journey has included extensive training as a coach with highly skilled teachers, and profound transformation through bodywork and development as a massage therapist. Sarah primarily works with women who feel stuck in patterns that they know are getting...


Episode 019: Brandi Collier & following her calling

About Brandi: Brandi Joi Collier was born June 23, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the third and youngest child of her mother’s children and her father’s first born. From the day one she was not born into love but rather a place of hate. Her parents were in a toxic relationship which ended due lack of trust and infidelity. This negativity followed her from childhood to her adulthood, she never had a healthy relationship with none of the men in her immediate family except for...


Episode 018: Jennifer Pennell & finding fulfillment beyond the American Dream

About Jennifer: Jennifer is a play and meditation specialist sought after for her unique approach to personal growth. She helps women of all ages relearn how to play, as a way to improve vitality, unleash creativity, reduce anxiety and be present in their lives. Her 10 years of intense meditation studies coupled with 15 years as an executive search consultant working with Fortune 500 companies has helped her support over 150 clients reduce stress and anxiety in the bodies. Doing so has...


Episode 017: Amy Johnson & re-evaluating life's purpose

About Amy: Amy Johnson of AmyJ.co, has built her life and business on the belief that your path can be a casualty of your circumstance or championed by your convictions. Staying true to this belief, Amy reaffirms her commitment to her convictions daily. With a structured combination of holistic practice, curated organization, dedicated education and cultivated partnerships – she believes anyone can live a truly balanced and prosperous life. Facebook:...


Episode 016: Bunmi Akinnusotu & rediscovering her worth

About Bunmi: Bunmi Akinnusotu is a first-generation American who spent countless hours listening to her Nigerian relatives argue and debate world politics. Though born and raised in the rebel state of Rhode Island, the idea of a world outside of America has always been part of her consciousness and is the motivation behind her podcast, What in the World. She's got lots of degrees, worked for amazing organizations, and smiles at a dope Excel spreadsheet. Bunmi is a recovering collegiate...


Episode 015: Ashley Rainsbarger & breaking the cycle

About Ashley: Ashley Rainsbarger is The Curvy Happy Healthy Life Coach and creator of The Daily JAM. She helps women stop dieting and start using their inner wisdom to create a happy mind and a healthy body. She has a Master’s Degree in English Pedagogy and is certified in transformational Health and Life Coaching through the Health Coach Institute. Ashley reveals to her clients the power of self-connection and stretches them to go beyond their conceived physical, emotional, mental, and...


Episode 014: Katherine Pomerantz & changing her relationship with money

ABOUT KATHERINE: Katherine Pomerantz, an actress turned accountant, has capitalized on her artistic background to create a signature tax service for non-traditional entrepreneurs. Her financial expertise has been featured by Discover Card, Buzzfeed, and by self-made millionaire, Caitlin Pyle, on her Work At Home Heroes podcast. Katherine’s unique perspective on money allowed her to open her own accounting firm in less than a year with no previous financial experience. Now, her virtual firm...


Episode 013: Alys Sink & returning home for healing

About Alys: At 6am on August 12th, 2017, Alys' mother woke up fully paralyzed by an undiagnosed illness. Having just completed her Master's program, Alys soon found herself returning to her childhood home to care for her newly disabled mother. A survivor of domestic violence in her childhood, caring for her mother in their family home forced Alys to face the trauma of her past and the reality of her present. Six months later, scared but radically determined, Alys started her small business...


Episode 012: Amber Doll & moving forward no matter what

ABOUT AMBER: At 12 years old, Amber Doll's world changed when her mother passed away. The struggle to process the loss of her mother and to care for her family, led Amber to abusive relationships, sexual assaults, a teenage pregnancy, her daughter being taken away from her, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite these challenges, she remains positive that she and each of us can actively build our best life. You can find Amber using the following links: Facebook:...


Episode 011: Samary Polnett & growing up in the midst of chaos

Samary is a children's author, speaker and coach. She is the owner of Path 2 Purpose + founder of Beauty is You, INC. Samary is a confidence + Mindset coach to moms, wives and other nurturing women of the world. She helps her clients achieve their goals + live a more fulfilled life without guilt. Through Beauty is You, INC. Samary is able empower, inspire + educate young girls, teens + women in the community to be more confident, connect with community leaders and learn to find happiness...


Episode 010: Heather Cameron & shifting gears in her career

Heather Cameron’s passion is to helps women entrepreneurs over 40, step into their entrepreneurial spirits and have thriving businesses. Heather’s practical approach helps women find their confidence and focus so they manage their time, maximize profitability, and achieve more by doing less. Heather is an engaging powerhouse who gives her audience a sense of confidence that “Yes I can Do It!” Heather is a Certified Executive/Business Coach and an expert facilitator. Heather has been self...