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Mahogany Momology is an online dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.

Mahogany Momology is an online dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.
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Mahogany Momology is an online dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.








Episode 27: Black Girl Magic

In recent weeks Instagram star Blac Chyna caused an uproar with her endorsement of a skin lightening cream. Getting paid for promotional products and services can come at a cost to one’s audience and followers. Frequent use of bleach whitening creams can be interpreted as self hate. Replace bleach whitening creams with weaves or having blonde hair, and one can argue the same premise. What long term outcomes do we see with our children (particularly black/brown girls) with the media...


Episode 26: Being Your Child’s Education Advocate

In today’s topic, we will explore advocating for your child’s education. Whether it is academic achievement, social/emotional growth, or even having the best resources for their respective sport, we are discussing what this looks like for the current African American family. Marvelous Mahogany Mom: Phaedra Burton Phaedra Burton is our Mahogany Momologist of the Week. This mother of two showed up and showed out in a video for the...


Episode 25: Impostor Black Mom Syndrome

“Impostor Syndrome” is all about not feeling confident about your accomplishments, skills, or capabilities, especially when you’re setting off to do something new in your career or life. The term was first coined by clinical psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes, in 1978, who described individuals who had a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” This concept has always been a discussion among successful women, and it is gaining more traction as girls outperform boys in the...


Episode 24: Old School vs. New School Parenting

Mahogany Momology was invited to join Tynee Talks to talk about Old School Vs. New School in Black Parenting. Tynee Talks: Continue the Discussion, Download, Subscribe, Rate, Like, Follow Us, and Share on: Twitter: @MMomology Insta: @mahoganymomology FB: @MahoganyMomology Email Us:


Episode 23: Military Wives

Veterans Day is around the corner. We thank our servicemen and women for their sacrifice and dedication to our country. We can imagine being a military spouse can be a life of constant change and isolation. Having a partner on deployment can be saddening and disruptive to a natural routine. We have a military mom and spouse in our studio to discuss her daily routine. Welcome Yvonne Gentry Cottrell. Guest Momologist: Yvonne Gentry Cottrell. Originally from San Diego, California but...


Episode 22: The Effects of Unresolved Trauma on Parenting

Topic: The Effects of Unresolved Trauma on Parenting Parental emotion regulation and coping skills in dealing with stressful events in life have a significant impact on the child’s emotional and social development, especially during infancy and early school years. Children typically learn to regulate their emotions better if their parents manage their own stress well. In contrast, unsupportive, distressed parenting can induce less effort in children to regulate their emotions and use...


Bonus Episode: The Incarcerated Mom Part 2

Mel and Tash decided to not "just scratch the surface" in episode here is the continuation of episode 21, The Incarcerated Mom, the Bonus Episode with Guest Momologist, LaHeather Wilson. Moms Group To Check Out: National Bail Out. The week before Mother’s day organizations in dozens of cities across the country will bail out as many mothers as possible who otherwise would spend Mother’s Day in a cell simply because they cannot afford bail. National Black Mama’s Bail Out Day...


Episode 21: The Incarcerated Mom

Topic: The Incarcerated Mom The number of moms in prisons continue to rise. Of the 220,000 women currently locked up, 60% are being held in jail pretrial, 80% are mothers, and 60% are black.This lasting impact of imprisonment can effect on not only children, but the entire family. Today will discuss enduring motherhood during incarceration with our guest momologist, LaHeather Wilson. Guest Momologist: LaHeather Wilson LaHeather Wilson is native of Longview, Texas. LaHeather is...


Episode 20: Black Moms in Philanthropy

Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. Wealth is directed correlated to he level of giving. Although the level of wealth is far less than the white household, African Americans have a long standing history of providing to philanthropic causes. We (Black/African Americans) don’t consider ourselves as such. Blacks and African Americans actually donated a higher percentage of their incomes to charity...


Episode 19: Surviving Cancer

Research shows that black women are at greater risk than white women of developing or dying from a handful of cancers, including those of the breast, colon/rectum, lungs, and cervix. The American Cancer Society (ACS) reports that there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors living in the U.S. in 2014. From an Ebony Magazine article, according to ACS’s Cancer Facts & Figures for African American’s 2013-2014, approximately 27,060 new breast cancer cases were expected to occur among...


Episode 18: Regretting Mom Life

Parenting is one of the hardest thing anyone with children can go through in life. Motherhood can be wonderful, but it can also be full of hurt, shame, longing and guilt sometimes. Mothers sacrifice a lot when the responsibility falls on caring for another tiny human. It's a heavy weight and you've dedicated a large portion of your life to that. We are all human it's normal even though many don't want to talk about those moments. In today’s episode, we will discuss the taboo topic of...


Episode 17: Black Moms in the Movement Part 2

Episode 17: Black Moms in the Movement Part 2 Topic: If you listened to Episode 16 you had the opportunity to learn about you can get involved as a candidate. This week we are going to look at the perspective in being apart of a PAC and being a spouse of a candidate in our Black Moms in the Movement series. Disclaimer: Our guest was invited by your show hosts and did not pay for this airtime. Sponsor: DFW Parents looking for childcare check out the Arlington DFW Child Care Professionals...


Episode 16: Black Moms in the Movement

Episode 16: Black Moms in the Movement If you are one to follow politics and social media, you’ve heard the term #blackwomenlead. If you are NOT into politics, now would be the time to do so--your life and body literally depends on it. We are seeing an uptick of black women running (and winning) their respective campaigns. Well, that’s because black women show up, and do the job is asked of us. Come listen to our guest momologist that will dive into why you need to run for an office and...


Episode 15: The Black Midlife Crisis

Episode 15: The Black Mom Midlife Crisis/Moment Research suggest and age difference between the genders. For men, the ‘crisis’ begins roughly late 40’s-early 50’s, while women start their internal struggle between 35-44. What does the struggle consist of?--is it a feeling of being stuck, personally and professionally? Today we will explore this and what this looks like for black women/mothers. Even the term ‘crisis’ will be explored too. Examples of Midlife characteristics: Here are...


Episode 14: Beyond Baby Birth

Episode 14: Beyond Baby Birth Postpartum health is just as important (if not more important) as prenatal health for new and expectant mothers, especially for Black women. If you listened to our 3rd episode, entitled, The Black Maternal Birthing Experience, with our guest, Jen Sarduy, we discussed many factors contributing to the disparities of healthcare among black women during pregnancy. This serves as the second part from our Black Maternal Health episode. According to Psychology Today,...


Episode 13: Successful Co-Parenting

Episode 13: Successful Co-Parenting, Can’t We All Just Get Along The life changing event of divorce or separation from a partner is mentally taxing on the individuals involved. When children are in this equation, custody battles have the potential to muddy the turbulent situation. Today we will discuss successful co-parenting post-divorce or separation with Guest Momologist, Amye Thompson Hollins Guest Momologist Bio: Amye Thompson Hollins is the mother of one daughter, Ava Hollins (5)....


Episode 12: Adopting While Black

Episode 12: Adopting While Black From 1999-2017, the total number of adoptions in the United States totaled 271,831, with most adoptions being from birth up to 2 years old, and more girls being adopted than boys. In 2016, 9988 Black or African American children were adopted in the US, compared to 27776 children identifying as White. Over a 13-year period, from 2009-2012, Texas remained one of the top 5 states for adoption, having 13920 adoptees. In 2017, the number of adoptees in Texas was...


Episode 11: No New Friends

Episode 11: No New Friends It’s been said as we age, it is more difficult to find and sustain friendships. Today, we will discuss the thinking behind the terminology of “No New Friends” and why this is perpetuated among Black women. Brand Partner: Yara Imani This podcast is sponsored in part by Yara Imani, an online boutique for African inspired apparel, accessories, and more. Looking for a new style for your professional headshot, family photo or a night on the town, check out their...


Episode 10: Black Surrogacy- Redefining the Norms

Episode 10: Black Surrogacy- Redefining the Norms Surrogacy first went public in the US during the late 1970's. The surrogacy didn’t involve a financial compensation, otherwise known as traditional surrogacy. A team made up of Noel Keane and Dr. Ringold introduced the first surrogacy clinic — Infertility Center — making history with artificial insemination. Surrogate pregnancies have doubled since 2015. We most often hear of other ethnicities becoming surrogates, and seldom in the AA...


Episode 9: Black Families and Homeschooling

Episode 9: Black Families and Homeschooling In the last 15 years, the number of black children in homeschool has doubled from 103,000 to about 220,000. Black parents cite a number of reasons for homeschooling children, including concern over peer pressure and drugs at school -- but increasingly, they are also citing school-related racism as a reason to keep students at home (PBS News April 2018). Mel and Tash will chat with an African-American Mom on how she is balancing homeschool,...