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Mahogany Momology is an online dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.

Mahogany Momology is an online dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.
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Mahogany Momology is an online dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.








Episode 13: Successful Co-Parenting

Episode 13: Successful Co-Parenting, Can’t We All Just Get Along The life changing event of divorce or separation from a partner is mentally taxing on the individuals involved. When children are in this equation, custody battles have the potential to muddy the turbulent situation. Today we will discuss successful co-parenting post-divorce or separation with Guest Momologist, Amye Thompson Hollins Guest Momologist Bio: Amye Thompson Hollins is the mother of one daughter, Ava Hollins (5)....


Episode 12: Adopting While Black

Episode 12: Adopting While Black From 1999-2017, the total number of adoptions in the United States totaled 271,831, with most adoptions being from birth up to 2 years old, and more girls being adopted than boys. In 2016, 9988 Black or African American children were adopted in the US, compared to 27776 children identifying as White. Over a 13-year period, from 2009-2012, Texas remained one of the top 5 states for adoption, having 13920 adoptees. In 2017, the number of adoptees in Texas was...


Episode 11: No New Friends

Episode 11: No New Friends It’s been said as we age, it is more difficult to find and sustain friendships. Today, we will discuss the thinking behind the terminology of “No New Friends” and why this is perpetuated among Black women. Brand Partner: Yara Imani This podcast is sponsored in part by Yara Imani, an online boutique for African inspired apparel, accessories, and more. Looking for a new style for your professional headshot, family photo or a night on the town, check out their...


Episode 10: Black Surrogacy- Redefining the Norms

Episode 10: Black Surrogacy- Redefining the Norms Surrogacy first went public in the US during the late 1970's. The surrogacy didn’t involve a financial compensation, otherwise known as traditional surrogacy. A team made up of Noel Keane and Dr. Ringold introduced the first surrogacy clinic — Infertility Center — making history with artificial insemination. Surrogate pregnancies have doubled since 2015. We most often hear of other ethnicities becoming surrogates, and seldom in the AA...


Episode 9: Black Families and Homeschooling

Episode 9: Black Families and Homeschooling In the last 15 years, the number of black children in homeschool has doubled from 103,000 to about 220,000. Black parents cite a number of reasons for homeschooling children, including concern over peer pressure and drugs at school -- but increasingly, they are also citing school-related racism as a reason to keep students at home (PBS News April 2018). Mel and Tash will chat with an African-American Mom on how she is balancing homeschool,...


Episode 8: The Rise of Black Women and Gun Ownership

Episode 8: The Rise of Black Women and Gun Ownership Upon the inauguration of President Trump, we have seen an obvious surge in African American gun owners, and one can question if the increase we’ve noticed has been trending upward over the last 30 years. The most dramatic increase we’ve seen are those of women. Black women are among the higher rated individuals of gun ownership. In addition to political uncertainty, there are other reasons behind an individual owning a gun, from...


Episode 7: Raising Boys in the #MeToo Movement

In the age of social technology, sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein, R.Kelly and Bill Cosby are no longer hiding their "Hollywood celebrity insider” behavior. It’s disgusting and has been acceptable behavior. Women are now more empowered about themselves, and their future to hold men accountable for their behavior. Mel and Tash will discuss how they plan to hold their sons and the men in their lives accountable. Sources: Bowen, Alison (23 January 2018) Raising Boys Who Respect Women....


Episode 6: Free Range Parenting

Episode 6: Free Range Parenting Remember the days where you use to play in the park unsupervised? Now we call it Free Range Parenting. What are your thoughts on this parenting style vs. being a Helicopter Mom? Sources: Berger, L.M, et al. (2006) How does race influence judgements about parenting? Focus, 24 (2), 24-30. Retrieved from: Coleman, Korva (2018 April 1) Utah’s ‘Free Range’ Parenting Law Protects Parents So Kids...


Episode 5: Mars V. Venus: Who is Stressed Out More

Episode 5: Mel and Tash will discuss the topic of stress between partners. A recent discussion suggest husbands stress women out more than their children. Areas we will cover: Do you find this to be true? why/why not?Identifying the roles/dynamics of husband and wife in the family.What characteristics are increasing the likelihood of a mom becoming stressed?Did you know?-- Men are reporting an increase in stress levels similar to their spouses. What’s contributing to this...


Episode 4: Re-Establishing Parent Relationships

Episode 4: This broad topic encompasses strained relationships between black mothers & daughters, and suggestions in moving forward in developing positive relationships with our own children and possibly mending our parental relationships (if we can). Sources: Everet, J.E., et al (2016) A Qualitative Study of the Black Mother-Daughter Relationship: Lessons Learned About Self-Esteem, Coping, and Resilience, Journal of Black Studies (47)4, 334-350 The Strained Relationship Between Black...


Episode 3: Maternal Healthcare for Black Mothers

Episode 3 Topic: Mel and Tash will be joined by Jennifer Sarduy, Board President of Birth Texas on Maternal Healthcare Among Black Women. Hear about how you can change your birth experience and what we as mothers can do to change and challenge the narrative for black women to reduce the mortality rate in the black birth experience. About Birth Texas & Birth Texas Convention: Birth Texas is a 501c3 non-profit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to reducing maternal and infant...


Episode 2: How Abuse Affects Black Moms and Our Children

Episode 2 Topic: Mel and Tash will talk with Sh'Niqua Alford, LCSW, Owner/Therapist of Restoring Serenity Counseling Center, PLLC on how to talk to your children and identifying the signs among partners. Momologist Discussion Points: Find a local domestic violence shelter: About Restoring Serenity Counseling Center, PLLC Sh'Niqua Alford is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Texas (license #41470). She holds a Master of Social Work -...


Episode 1: Black Mom Myths

Welcome to our first episode of Mahogany Momology, an on-line daily dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood. Episode 1 Topic: Mel and Tash will talk about Black Mom Myths and how do we debunk them? Some myths people have about black moms are full time mothers don't spend enough time with their children, Pregnancy is time NOT to be seen or heard: how many times people have said or alluding to ' just sit down somewhere'. eg "why are you working out?",...