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Mahogany Momology is an on-line dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.

Mahogany Momology is an on-line dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.


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Mahogany Momology is an on-line dialog pertaining to the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood.








Season 5, Episode 2: The Wine Down

Season 5, Episode 2: The Wine Down About: The wine business is a billion dollar industry with < 3% of black and brown entrepreneurs serving as owners/operators within this setting. We’ll be discussing this sector with Tahiira Habibi, Founder/Sommelier of the Hue Society; Cofounder of the Roots Fund Initiative. Guest Bio: Tahiirah Habibi is an esteemed Sommelier, Founder and Executive Director. In 2012, Tahiirah opened the prestigious St.Regis, Bal Harbour. Her career ventured through many...


Season 5, Episode 1: Farming and Reclaiming the Land

Season 5, Episode 1: Farming and Reclaiming the Land About: Today we are discussing Black Sustainability as it relates to increasing our knowledge about urban gardening with Guest Momomologist Iyeshima Harris-Ouedraogo. Guest Bio: Iyeshima started her journey in the food justice movement over 10 years ago as a Green Guerillas Youth Tiller. A Jamaican native, she struggled with the process of assimilation into a new culture. Through farming she found great comfort in her community....


Season 4: Episode 8: Generational Wealth

Season 4: Episode 8: Generational Wealth Generational Wealth. We hear this term with the connotation devoted to trust funds and inheritances passed down by (white) family members. Can we have thriving Black businesses/communities to pass our level of generational wealth? ..Let’s talk with our guest entrepreneur, Qui Winfield! Qui Winfield, CEO and Founder of Moms Dance Too . She has been an entrepreneur for more than five years now. She started her first business Cool Moms Dance Too!...


Season 4, Episode 7: The Value of Private School

Season 4, Episode 7: The Value of Private School: a look at culture and community Show Sponsor: St. Philips School & Community Center ABOUT THE EPISODE: In Season 2, we discussed school choice, however focusing on all things private school from a prospective parents POV. Today, we will continue this conversation, however, from the side of administration within the private school. Given the outcomes of protests, of education & mask mandates during the...


Season 4, Episode 6: Childhood Obesity

Season 4, Episode 6: Childhood Obesity Child Obesity has been on a steady rise over the last 5 years. Childhood obesity in the Black population in the US has climbed to 22% versus 25.8% in the Latino community. Today, we have a guest Momologist and mother of 2, Vanessa Rissetto, to discuss obesity and more. Meet Vanessa Rissetto Vanessa received her MS in Marketing at NYU and completed her Dietetic Internship at Mount Sinai Hospital where she worked as a Senior Dietitian for five years....


Season 4, Episode 5: Living with Someone with Mental Illness

Topic: Let’s discuss having a partner and/or being the partner who is neurodiverse with two Momologists: a Therapist, and a Mom who has ADHS herself. Guest Momologists: Meet LaTisha Thomas, LCSW-S graduated in 2005 with her Bachelor of Social Work from Texas Woman’s University She then received a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2006. She has worked at the Department of Veteran Affairs as a clinical social worker for 13 years. In April of 2019, she opened...


Season 4, Episode 4: The CROWN Act Part 2

You have heard of the CROWN Act (Listen to Season 2, Episode 22) but why aren't most states passing this law? Have we seen an improvement in the workforce re: perceptions of natural hair? Is the CROWN Act considered political activism 2.0 (1.5-ish)? Black Moms your voice is your vote! Produced By: Great Music and Games Continue the Discussion, Download, Subscribe, Rate, Like, Follow Us, and Share on: Website and Shopping:...


Season 4, Episode 3: Black Moms & PhDs

How does one get the support and clarity, as black women within the higher education culture. We’ll be talking with Dr. Monique Bruner. About Guest Momologist Monique Bruner: Dr. Monique Bruner is completed her doctorate while graduating 2 girls from high school and taking in 2 toddlers. Not to mention she raised her husband's sister...we have 35, 21, 20, 6 & 5 year old children. I’ve been in higher education for over 25 years. Episode Sponsor: Juni...


Season 4, Episode 2: Corporate Diversity

Season 4, Episode 2: Corporate Diversity Mel and Tash discuss how the Black Mom is affected in the new Corporate world of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Episode Sponsor: Juni Essentials Use Code: MOM20 to save 20% in the month of February 2020 This bamboo toothbrush has a handle with a smooth, luxurious finish and soft, tapered bristles that gets in all the hard-to-reach areas. No need to compromise between sustainability and quality-...


Season 4, Episode 1: 2020 - The Year of the Black Woman

Season 4, Episode 1: 2020 - The Year of the Black Woman 2020 wasn't all that bad was it? Rest In Power: Afiah Bey Produced By: Great Music and Games Continue the Discussion, Download, Subscribe, Rate, Like, Follow Us, and Share on: Website: Twitter: @MMomology Insta: @mahoganymomology FB: @MahoganyMomology FB Group:...


Season 3, Episode 21: The New Educational Wealth Gap

Season 3, Episode 21: The New Educational Wealth Gap We'll discuss one of those factors that *may* contribute to the decisions OUR families are making--the wealth gap of education. Thanks to social media, not only have we heard the about the expansion of ‘learning pods’, we also hearing of other options like concierge-type teaching where teachers come to their homes. Guest Momologist: Talitha V. Anyabwele is the Founding Director of RISE (Raising Imhotep Scholars of Excellence) Educational...


Season 3, Episode 20: On the Couch During the Pandemic

Topic: We’ve covered a lot of topics during this pandemic, but we’ve never really sat down with ourselves to check in with how the black mother is doing...feeling...surviving during the pandemic. It’s time to schedule an appointment, sit on the couch and make sense of it all with our therapist, Dr. Dahomey Abanishe. About Dr. Dahomey Abanishe Dr. Dahomey Abanishe is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Florida. She has practiced as a psychologist for over 10 years in...


Season 3, Episode 19: School Choice During COVID-19

Topic: With a little over a month away from school reopening, parents are expressing concerns about the protocols for safe social distancing, sanitation practices, and teacher training. Let’s discuss the education options and concerns during COVID-19. Resources: Kentucky Department of Education (2020 May 15) COVID-19 Considerations for Reopening Schools: Initial Guidance for Schools and Districts. Retrieved: ...


Season 3, Episode 18: When its US bullying US

Topic: When Black women are the token minority in the workforce, we attempt to seek out other Black women co-workers within the office environment. We give the extra inner ‘black fist’ when she is in a higher, executive position. But what happens when that sense of pride and #blackgirlmagic turns to misery and dread the hands of said Black woman? Recently, a collective group of women, called #BlackFemaleAnonymous, wrote a piece in Medium entitled, “The Truth About Essence”, in which they...


Season 3, Episode 17: Researching Your Roots

Last episode we spoke with Awete Tyehimba, owner of Pan African Connection, about reconnecting with our roots...the inspiration behind the reconnecting. One question we asked was where do we begin. It can be quite an overwhelming and daunting task. We’ll be talking about the process of researching your roots with our guest momologist, Bernetta Knighten of BernettaStyle. Guest Momologist Bio: Bernetta Knighten, is a certified Life Coach who helps motivate women in developing a blueprint to...


Season 3, Episode 16: Return to Your Roots

Season 3, Episode 16: Return to Your Roots Many of us are revamping conversations that we had in 2016 about leaving the United States… Going back to Africa… Reconnecting with our roots. What does that process look like? Where would we begin? We’ll be discussing this with our guest momologist, Aweke Tyehimba. Guest Momologist, Aweke Tyehimba. Bookstore owner Akwete Tyehimba was born on April 3, 1963 in Waco, Texas to Oblee Monroe and Isiah Monroe. She graduated from Richfield High School in...


Season 3, Episode 15:The Brown Mama’s Mindset

Topic: The Brown Mama’s Mindset A little self-care is warranted during this time for our black mothers nationwide. Not self-care in terms of deflecting your feelings and concerns (or maybe that might be true, for the moment, as well), but maybe a sense of reflection of who you are and how you can move forward?? how to prioritize your time for thoughtful conversation in positive mobilization?...or maybe reflect on your personality as a black mother and the tribe you wish to exist in? Bio:...


Season 3, Episode 14: Buy Black

Topic: Buy Black Data from the Small Business Administration indicates that just over 19 million businesses, or 70.9 percent of all U.S. businesses, are white-owned. Blacks own about 2.6 million businesses or 9.5 percent of all U.S. businesses, and Latinos own 3.3 million businesses or 12.2 percent of all American businesses. Obvious questions include: Why the disproportion is fund disbursement? Is buying black more important today than 70 years ago? Why? Why not? We’ll get into if and...


Season 3, Episode 13: Sexual Liberation

Topic: Mel and Tash have a deeper conversation on how hip hop, tv, and shopping has shaped us as we were growing up and how it may have affected our...


2nd Anniversary: Season 3/Episode 12: The Mindful Mom

Topic: Have you ever heard of mindfulness meditation? We think it’s fitting to discuss this during these difficult times. According to Wikipedia, Mindfulness is the psychological process of purposely bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, which one develops through the practice of meditation and through other training. Mindfulness meditation asks us to suspend judgment and unleash our natural curiosity about the workings of the mind,...