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Follow the Occupy Wall Street movement as it develops through our collection of coverage and reactions from around the world.

Follow the Occupy Wall Street movement as it develops through our collection of coverage and reactions from around the world.
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World News


Follow the Occupy Wall Street movement as it develops through our collection of coverage and reactions from around the world.




Spain's Ruling Conservatives Suffer Local Election Losses

Among the new winners were members of a left-wing grassroots party that grew out of Spain's Occupy Movement. They won seats in regional governments across Spain, and Barcelona's city hall.


Friday News Roundup - International

Hundreds of pro-government demonstrators in Hong Kong clashed with supporters of the Occupy movement. Now, protesters are threatening to cut off talks with government officials. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended plans for Jewish homes in East Jerusalem. Turkey voted to authorize military force against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with President Barack Obama at the White House. And new Afghan president, Ashraf Ghani, signed a...


Now You Can Buy Your Occupy Wall Street Poster From Walmart

Walmart, one of the country's largest corporation, is selling Occupy Wall Street posters online. The company has itself been the target of occupy demonstrations advocating for higher wages. On sale are large, panoramic posters of protesters camped out at Zucotti Park in New York City, where the movement started in 2011.


The Occupy Movement At 2: Many Voices, Many Messages

Demonstrators packed lower Manhattan on Tuesday, two years after the launch of the Occupy Wall Street movement. While Occupy's prominence has faded since becoming a household name in 2011, its supporters say the group's concerns have helped prompt a national conversation about income inequality.


And The Symbol Of The Year Is ...

Host Scott Simon talks to Weekend Edition Math Guy Keith Devlin about a new award being handed out at Stanford University. The winner is the percent sign, which appeared repeatedly in headlines in 2012, from Occupy Wall Street to the presidential campaign.


Arab Spring Protests Inspire Latest Flobots Album

Members of the alternative rock and rap band Flobots say their new album was inspired by the Arab Spring protests and the U.S. Occupy movement. Circles of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square gave them the idea for the title song, "The Circle in the Square." Three group members talk to host Michel Martin about the intersection of art and politics.


Journalist John Nichols

Long time friend and colleague of Bob, John Nichols joins Bob this Sunday.His most recent book, Uprising, captures the protest movement that captivated the nation and paved the path for Occupy Wall Street. More than 100,000 public employees, teachers, students, and their allies descended on the capital in Madison, Wisconsin after Governor Scott Walker announced his plan to eliminate the right of public sector employees to unionize. Uprising provides an anatomy of the event and its...

A Year On, What Did 'Occupy' Accomplish?

The Occupy Wall Street movement marks its first anniversary this week. Its supporters argue that it elevated the issue of economic inequality, but others say it made more noise than change. Host Michel Martin discusses the movement with author Debra Dickerson, who is still participating in protests and writes about them for Slate.com.


John Lewis: "Across That Bridge: Life Lessons And A Vision For Change"

The American Civil Rights Movement has inspired people across the world to stand up for social justice. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia was one of the leaders of that movement in the 1960s. He was arrested more than 40 times, physically attacked and jailed in the fight for desegregation. But he says "there is a unique hostility today that almost seems worse" than what he experienced. He calls on the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring and other grassroots leaders to focus on the nonviolent...

Occupy Syracuse on The Campbell Conversations

What drives those who have invested their time in the Occupy Wall Street movement, and what message is at the movements core? In this edition of the Campbell Conversations, three Syracuse activists who had been camping at the Occupy Syracuse site prior to being evicted by the city tell their stories and make their case.

Shifts In Police Tactics To Handle Crowds

Occupy Wall Street protests around the country have raised questions about the role of the police. Norm Stamper, Seattle's former police chief, Philadelphia police commissioner Charles Ramsey and Brooklyn College sociologist Alex Vitale talk about the evolution of crowd control tactics.

The Daily Wrap with Michael Castner, Nov. 24, 2011

A special 'Best-Of' show for Thanksgiving featuring a look at the #Occupy movement; the kind of electorate the candidates face this year; the problems we face with credit and credit scores and a chat with the boys of Hanson and an in-studio performance.

Coverage Of OWS Protests Puts Site In Tough Spot

One company is benefiting from the Occupy Wall Street movement: Livestream.com. The site has attracted 11 million unique viewers to the 80 or so Occupy-themed channels set up by organizers to broadcast raw footage of protests from around the world. But it made for an uncomfortable fit between advertisers and the Occupy audience.

Concern Grows Over Student Debt

Occupy Wall Street makes some bold demands, including forgiveness of student debt. It's not likely to happen, but there is growing concern that student debt is out of hand. Is the government doing all it can to keep debt problems at a minimum?

Beat the Press Audio Podcast: Nov. 18, 2011

WGBH's Greater Boston presents Beat the Press - a look at media issues in Boston and beyond. Topics this week: reporters covering the Occupy Wall Street movement say NYPD treated them like protesters; why was the national media slow to pick up the Penn State sex abuse scandal?; Chelsea Clinton lands an on-air gig at NBC News; and panel rants and raves.

Slate: The “Reply All” Gabfest

Slate's Political Gabfest, featuring John Dickerson, David Plotz, and Emily Bazelon. This week: The eviction of Occupy Wall Street, the Supreme Court agrees to hear arguments about the Obama Administrations Affordable Care Act, and Michele Bachmans shout-out to John Dickerson

The Daily Wrap with Michael Castner, Nov 17, 2011

How reporters were injured covering Occupy Wall Street; perspective on the movement with Roland Martin; the graphic images we'll face during the 2012 election season and Adrian Grenier (Vinnie Chase) talks about the move to eco-consciousness.

Occupy Protests Spread Across College Campuses

The Occupy Wall Street movement is planning a series of strikes and protests on college campuses Thursday. The movement and its encampments are proving to be a challenge for administrators at some schools.

Occupy Wall Streeters: Spoiled, Wealthy, Privileged Thugs

Michael wonders if the Occupy movement is about to be dismantled, tent by tent.

Protesters Evicted While New York Park Is Cleaned

Police temporarily cleared Zuccotti Park early Tuesday so that sanitation crews could clean the site Occupy Wall Street protesters have inhabited for two months. About 70 protesters were arrested including some who chained themselves together.