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Every weeknight we take your calls on the issues of the day and visit guests






Bob Hardy Documentary

Bob Hardy was revered as the Walter Cronkite of St. Louis. His 33 year career with St. Louis ended abruptly in April of 1993, but his work and impact to the community lives on today. We hope you enjoy this retrospective of his life. We'll share memories from the KMOX Archives and hear accounts from Bill Wilkerson, Bob Costas, Bob Hamilton, Charlie Brennan, Clint Hasse, Chris Mihill, Kate Bacon, Michael Harrison, Pat White, Sandy Hardy Chin, Tom Langmyer, Wendy Wiese and more.


STL Restaurants, Post Covid Tipping and Where do people leave STL for

Host George Sells opens the hour talking with Holly Fann to discuss the 20 most essential restaurants in St. Louis. Then, George talks with Diane Gottsman on how to tip at restaurants post covid. Finally, George discusses the top places that people leave St. Louis for.


Vaccines, Gun Laws, Work Shortage and NCAA Sports

Host George Sells opens the hour discussing should employers require employees to get vaccinated to be able to work with Dr Clay Dunagan and Jackie Tischler from BJC. Then, George discusses the law suit on the new Missouri gun law with Nick Dunne, a spokesman for the Mayor of St. Louis. Should NCAA athletes get paid for playing? The Supreme Court made a ruling today that will start the trend toward athletes getting paid. George discusses this with KMOX sports analyst, Kevin Wheeler.


Taxes, Prime Day, Staycations and Stadium Food

Host George Sells opens the hour speaking with Amie Kuntz of Reuben Brown CPA firm to discuss taxes and what to do if you have not yet received your tax returns. Then, George talks with Rebecca Gramuglia from topcashback.com about Amazon Prime Day and what deals to look for. What food should St. Louis City SC fans expect at games once the team kicks off the season in 2022? George talks with Chef Gerard Craft gives you the answer to that.


Michael Beran, Mask Confusion & Steve Singer

Host George Sells opens the hour talking with Michael Beran about the Wildlife Command Center's Cash Quest going on in St. Louis starting July 1st. Then, are you confused about where you should wear a mask and where you don't have to worry about it? George touches on this. Then, what to do and not to do when planning a trip to Disney. Finally, former county executive Steve Singer is released from prison early, but should he have been?


Benjamin Singer, Amazon Sidewalks & Restaurants

Host George Sells opens the hour talking with Benjamin Singer about whether or not your vote really matters in Missouri, Then, do you own an Amazon device? If so, you mjight want to look into their new Amazon Sidewalk. Are you comfortable going back to indoor dining at your favortie restaurant?


Rick Hummel, The Muny & Panos Kouvelis

Host George Sells opens the show talking with Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post Dispatch about the St. Louis Cardinals season to this point. George also talks with Panos Kouvelis on whats causing the rising prices of beef across the country. Are you looking forward to going back to the Muny this year?


Orlandez Lewis & Carl Middleman

Orlandez Lewis of Vintage Vinyl joins host Rachel Zimmerman and producer Andrew Stolze to preview the return of National Record Store Day in June and discuss the overall revival of vinyl records. Later, producer Carl Middleman joins the show to chat about movie-going after COVID.


Amy Marxkors, Anthony D’Agostino & Maya Nepos

Amy Marxkors, co-host of The Charlie Brennan Show, joins host Rachel Zimmerman and producer Andrew Stolze to discuss the new warning about hummus and the deadly ultra-marathon in China. Anthony D’Agostino, CEO of St. Patrick Center, shares information regarding homeless services and employment training. Recent Washington University graduate Maya Nepos calls in to share her experience going viral on Tik Tok for a way she helped unhoused St. Louisans.


Abby Llorico & Sue Thomas

Television reporter Abby Llorico of KSDK News Channel 5 joins host Rachel Zimmerman to warn people about the bevy of rental scams suddenly hurting both renters and buyers. Traffic reporter Sue Thomas joins the show to explain what’s going on with the red hot real estate market. Poducers Andrew Stolze and Mike Anderson are also welcomed onto the show.


War, Wuhan, Council & Cream

Host Brad Young explores America‘s involvement in the Israel-Hamas conflict and provides updates on the COVID lab leak story emerging from Wuhan, China. Later, he revisits his earlier interview with St. Louis County Councilman Ernie Trakas regarding code enforcement of problem properties. Last but not least, hear Kevin Killeen’s newest “Whole ‘Nother Story” centered around ice cream flavors.


Johnny Rabbitt & MO Senate

To what extent can school districts control the speech of their students? Host Brad Young examines, and tells you where the Biden Administration stands. Radio legend Johnny Rabbitt joins host Brad Young to explore the glory and demise of St. Louis’ historic Gaslight Square. Next, hear updates regarding Republican Mark McCloskey’s run for Missouri Senate. Later, Young looks at a case from Connecticut involving extremely modernized hate speech.


Ernie Trakas & Charly Jaffe

St. Louis County Councilman Ernie Trakas joins host Brad Young to discuss legislation regarding code enforcement of problem properties. Crisis counselor Charly Jaffe, best-selling author of “Turning Crisis into Success,” joins Young to discuss the mental and physical impact of COVID. Young also breaks down this week’s Supreme Court case regarding confiscating guns without warrants.


Masks, Institutionization and the Church

Host Brad Young opens the hour talking about the updated mask mandate from the CDC and how it impacts the St. Louis area. Brad also replays an interview with Pastor Lucas Miles, author of The Christian Left: How Liberal Thoght has Hijacked the Church. Is America becoming too institutionilized?


Sarah Perry & Masks

Host Brad Young speaks with Sarah Perry, Legal Fellow with the Heritage Foundation, about the Supreme Court case regarding abortion out of Mississippi. Brad also discusses mask mandates and how confusing they are becoming. What are your thoughts on masks?


Lucas Miles

Host Brad Young talks about the updated mask mandates at certain places in St. Louis. Then Brad talks with Pastor Lucas Miles, author of The Christian Left: How LIberal thought has hijacked the church. Brad also discusses Bill Gates' wealth and how did Barack Obama become president off of Star Trek?


Food, Space & Cyber Security

Last hour’s list of the country’s top barbecue cities leads to caller controversy and food challenge talk. Next, host Brad Young explains the modern space race between Russia and… Tom Cruise! Later, he revisits his earlier interview with cyber security expert Nick Powers regarding the basis of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.


Johnny Rabbitt & Dr. Ryan Ogliore

Radio legend Johnny Rabbitt joins host Brad Young to preview his upcoming hour long Zoom presentation in partnership with Oasis that chronicles St. Louis’ rich history of soda, ice cream, dairy, candy and the like. Astrophysicist Dr. Ryan Ogliore, Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology and Assistant Professor of Physics at Washington University in St. Louis, joins Young to discuss space news regarding two recent asteroid stories. Later, Young runs through Trip Advisor’s new list of the best barbecue cities in America.


Nick Powers

Cyber security expert Nick Powers, Vice President of the technology consulting firm UNCOMN, joins host Brad Young to help us understand the basis of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. Young also elaborates on the CDC’s announcement that vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks, minus a few exceptions.


Bears, Cancel Culture and Mothers

Host Brad Young replays his interview with Alan Durshowitz about cancel culture. Brad also discusses the bear that was running loose in Richmond Heights, the Mayor of Washington D.C. not allowing dancing at wedding becuase of COVID-19 and just how much are mothers worth?